Talking Ayahuasca with Dr Beatriz Labate

This week we are speaking to Dr Beatriz Labate. Bia is an anthropologist and author or editor of dozens of books and academic papers on psychedelics. She is one of the world’s leading experts on ayahuasca culture and indigeneity. I have been trying to get our calendars to line up for most of this year […]

Life Comes At You Fast

Perhaps I should have expected my one year Australoversary would manifest behaviourally before it did consciously. Perhaps that is why, in early June, I found myself doing odd things like watching super boring YouTube videos of my old bus route. At the time I put it down to sympathy with the fact London can’t even […]

A Visit to Zaytuna Farm

Even when you see something new, you inevitably bring your own eyes with you. The new thing we saw was Zaytuna Farm -the world’s premier permaculture demonstration site and home to Geoff Lawton. My eyes, however, were also still seeing the premium member grimoire course that was winding up and -whenever we got back to […]