Talking After-Death Contact with Leslie Kean

This week we are speaking to investigative journalist, writer and producer Leslie Kean. Leslie is the author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record and the recently released Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. It’s a fantastic discussion. Leslie’s latest book is likely the best assembly of the […]

St George and the Sorcerer

St George’s Day. Interesting choice for a French election given the saint’s widespread patronage in areas I surmised in my Archaeology of Dragons presentation as being known for revolting peasants. His experience with the dragon is covered in Pieces of Eight and the reasoning for and antiquity of is explored in Star.Ships. This year, in an hagiographic […]

Empires of Farsight

“I’m the motherfuckin’ Queen… Lizabeth” -Nicki Minaj Daytime drinking in my local, the oldest pub in Australia. It has a crest. It’s named after a colonial governor. At the bar, I roll the Australian currency around in my hand. Yep. That’s her. As of this week, now both Britain’s oldest reigning and longest reigning monarch. […]

Talking Off-Grid Living with Lucy AitkenRead

This week we are speaking to Lucy AitkenRead. Lucy is a writer, video blogger and off-grid homesteader. She is the author of several books, including 30 days of Rewilding and is the first guest to record an episode of the podcast from inside a yurt! Good stuff. Download the episode directly here or listen along on […]

Meditation on Sacrifice

One of the things the Christian apologists had to contend with while debating their new system into legitimacy was the extreme antiquity of the divine sacrifice motif. Indeed, it’s probably right up there on the great cosmic tree of human belief. A divine being’s sacrifice (and typically dismemberment) being integral to the proper function of […]

Storm of the Century

Given the recent Buffy anniversary, the return of Twin Peaks, the reboot of It and so on, Chris Knowles and I were discussing nineties television, which turned to a discussion of Stephen King movies and mini-series, which reminded me that I have Storm of the Century somewhere on DVD in the garage. It’s quite a […]