Talking Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan

This week we speak to professional astrologer, educator and fellow podcaster, Chris Brennan. Chris hosts The Astrology Podcast and is the author of the recently released book Hellenistic Astrology. As you would expect, our wide ranging chat covers astrology’s Babylonian and Egyptian origins, how it was used in the ancient world, how previous cultures conceived of […]

Gordon back on ‘Where Did The Road Go?’

Second time around on Where Did the Road Go? As always, a top conversation. I’m flat-out putting slides together for the Premium Member quarterly course in grimoires so this is conveniently timed. I can get a post out in moments! Technically, we were supposed to be talking about Pieces of Eight per our previous discussion on Where Did […]

Immaterial Gains

José is playing a blinder of late. If you’ve been following his Patreon updates, you’ll know he’s been Johnny Depping his way through Portugal’s libraries and bookstores on the trail of everyone’s favourite sorcerer saint. He’s also got an imminent follow-up with Hadean Press mentioned on the podcast last year. And now this. The Immaterial […]

Review: Alien Covenant

I’ll have more to say about the film in due course but rest assured there are NO SPOILERS below if you’ve already seen at least one of the trailers. In some sense it’s gratifying to get your ‘swing for the fences’ analysis verified. My solve for Prometheus remains the best I have read and I […]

A Boatload of Drugs

The last couple of days I have read about a Central Oregon county attempting to court-order the largest organic, non-GMO food distributor in the US to use Roundup on a 2,000 acre site in Sherman County and the appearance of glyphosate in five separate vaccine tests. Regarding the former, it’s not as if Monsanto is […]