Cure Boredom With Sigils (It’s Cheaper Than Booze)

Cure Boredom With Sigils (It’s Cheaper Than Booze)

If you are very lucky and hardworking, there will come a few moments in your life where -whisper it- you don’t really have anything you need to use magic for. You may find yourself in love, in a happy home, in good health and with plenty of money (or at least enough to stop you messing with it magically on the off chance something goes wrong).

As it happens, the above paragraph describes my life at the moment. Now, this has less to do with any sense of perceived personal awesomeness and more to do with a -how do I say- more “Oprah” way of looking at the world. I’m happily ensconced in a six year relationship, I like living in London, I like working in my field and I’m okay for money. Myself and my family are as healthy as you seriously expect any modern westerners to be.

So, yay me.

The trouble is I also really like magic. It’s not only how I see the world, it’s also my hobby. You know… Not to trivialise it, or anything.

You may be in a similarly fortunate situation… You may be in the exact opposite situation where “proper” spells can’t help you for some reason. (In my head I am picturing you in prison where money magic spells are pointless and sex magic spells are at your own risk.)

What do you do if you have a sorcerous itch to scratch and no immediate outlet? You could (pun alert) cast around your circle of friends and start sticking your nose in other people’s business… Everyone knows at least one single person. How bout a love spell?

Nah… Who needs the karma? (The metaphoric karma. I’m deeply suspicious of literal karma.)

Here’s my solution:

Frivolous Sigil Magic

  1. Get a notebook and pen and sit somewhere new. For me this was a nearby pub I hadn’t been to before. (Which I thought was impossible but my bus into town has been on diversion due to roadwork for the last six weeks and it goes past at least five pubs I didn’t even know were within walking distance.)
  2. Make a list of seemingly harmless things that would improve your life… But also that you wouldn’t miss if they didn’t happen. This makes the ‘forget immediately afterwards’ part of sigil magic especially easy.
  3. Examples that I used were:
  • “Befriending a celebrity.”
  • “Free tickets to music events.”
  • “Inspiration for a new creative project.”
  • “Uncommon kindness from strangers.”

Write up and boil down at least three sigils from frivolous statements of desire. Then launch them all at once when, where and how works best for you. When I did this, I genuinely couldn’t recall which sigil was for which desire. Now, I know that’s widely regarded as best practice when it comes to sigil magic but it never happens to me… Usually because I’m only firing off one at a time.

The Trick To Frivolous Sigil Magic

The trick to it is to pick things that are very easily forgotten but -when they manifest- are so out of the ordinary that you sit up and go “huh. Guess that worked.” For instance, you would notice at the end of a night on the town that you not only met Tina Fey but she invited you into her book club. And if you live in London, like I do, you will certainly notice any uncommon kindness from strangers. It’s just not that kind of place.

You can record the results in your boring-ass magical diary if you like, but if you’ve done this right then the real value of the exercise is just in the practice… This is hardly a giant leap in your quest for enlightenment.

But it’s fun, it keeps the skills sharp and at the very least you will have some amusing, celebrity-filled anecdotes for your friends.

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