Are Your Money Spells Doomed From The Start?

Are Your Money Spells Doomed From The Start?

Some spells seem to work more consistently than others. I’m thinking of weather magic, sex spells, healing/pain relief magic, small scale telepathy and simple luck spells.

And then there are some categories that consistently don’t work.

Regardless of whether or not you find any use for magical models, a category discrepancy shouldn’t appear. If magic works -and I think we can all agree that it does- then it should work. Probability enhancement is probability enhancement.

So what’s up with money magic?

For a long while, I operated under the assumption that the widespread failure of money spells was down to all of us speaking to the wrong spirits about it. Comme ça:

Some Common Problems

  • Voodoo/Hoodoo seems to be the backbone of the most commonly used money spells in the West. This is a pantheon of spirits recently ripped from a largely non-monetary economy (West Africa) and dropped in a monetary one in which the majority of its adherents weren’t actually being paid. Not for nothing are these spells often targeted to finding enough money to eat a meal that night. I think ‘scaling up’ these spells presents me with difficulties.
  • We seem to pick from pantheons not known for accumulating wealth. Contrast that with the enormous, tacky, all-beige, suburban McMansion of your everyday televangelist. Damn him and his possibly more wealth-friendly pantheon!

Then I read Strategic Sorcery. In fact, it was at this point in the book (page 126) that I realised I might just be onto a winner with this Jason Miller guy. He had solved something that had been troubling me for years: Why does money magic fail so often?

Broadly -and terribly paraphrased- Jason’s theory is this: Even if you are unemployed in a first world economy you appear ludicrously wealthy to a spirit that is more accustomed to an Iron Age quality of life. You perform a spell that says “make me rich” and the spirit says “well, you already are. Shit, that was easy. Yay me.”

A much more complete interpretation, non? So you see, I was kinda close with my own theory but I made the mistake of blaming the spirits’ lack of understanding rather than our (my) lack of understanding about what constitutes wealth.

Some Easy Solutions

  • Move your focus from ‘money’ to ‘earning power’. As in “it is my will to triple my financial earning power before the Autumnal Equinox”. These are real numbers with real metrics rather than vague notions of “having some more money, please”.
  • Have someone else do it for you. He of the Thoughtful Theories of Wealth Magic has some new kit for sale. Didn’t think I could get one of these  Financial Hands into the Eurozone but -if you’ll check the comments- you will see this is yet another thing I am mistaken about.
  • Double-barrel an ‘earning power’ spell with a ‘stop being so fucking lazy’ charm. Be honest, you know this is part of it. It certainly is for me.
  • Manifestation pathways. This goes without saying.
  • Investigate some Chinese wealth magic. This was my go-to wealth magic when I lived in Sydney because it has a large, thriving Chinese community so sourcing ingredients was extremely easy. (And I do mean easy. I went to university in the middle of Chinatown. It made eating on a student budget a whole lot more fun, let me tell you.)

China has emerged in a single generation from a predominantly agrarian population to become the biggest consumer market in the history of all mankind. I’m going to go out on a limb and say at least part of this can be attributed to something other than authoritarian control.

As a sidebar, I predict Chinese magic will be the Next Big Thing after this current Arabian magic fad. Yes, magic is subject to fashion trends just like everything else. It is no coincidence that Arabian magic became the hot topic when you consider today’s geopolitical situation.

China’s ascendancy onto the world stage will coincide with a renewed Western interest in her occult practices. This will be helped by her increasing cultural openness giving us in the West greater access to a magical system that has been knocking around since just after the pyramids were built. Exciting times.

Anyway, how do you approach wealth magic? Have you picked up any tips and formulas that have worked for you in the past?

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  1. 1

    i don’t ask for ‘money’. i ask for prosperity-realizing the implications: a roof over my head, food in the fridge, & enough to have a little extra for books does not translate as being able to buy new cars or fancy shoes!

  2. 2

    Jonquil, that’s spot on. Our money magic doesn’t ‘fail’… We’re commonly just asking for the wrong things.

    In military terms, we all need to find our money magic ‘force multipliers’ instead.

  3. 4
    The Scribbler

    Dude! I so much want to order one of Jason’s hands. Why do you think HM will confiscate it? I mean there’s nothing illegal in it (I don’t think).I’m wondering if the far lazier Hungarian authorities would let it pass. I

  4. 6
    The Scribbler

    OK Gordon, give it up. You already screwed up by not wearing your tinfoil hat, so not only is the CIA planting ideas in your head, but MI5 is reading your seditious thoughts. And those suspicious characters you hang out with in the pubs? Consider your phone tapped long ago.

    All kidding aside: I don’t think occultists should ever get totally complacent about where they stand if there is a radical shift in the political winds. Think of Franz Bardon, Falun Gong and Timothy Leary.

  5. 7

    Jase, you can deliver dead animal parts to Europe?!

    Well, Mister. You just made two sales. Me and Scribs here.

    Also, I’m going to amend that bit of the post right now.

  6. 10

    This… caps it. I think you’re exactly right as to the core issue of money magic. I also really don’t think we’re birthing “modern gods” as some writers have posited, and this means that we are definitely working with disparate frames of reference.

    Now I’m wondering if Feng Shui would count as a Chinese magic trend. I also haven’t seen so much of the Arabian magic trend, except when I was working with kids from a university I worked at who were Arabic and used the Q’ran in a non-approved manner.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..What is and is not Wiccan =-.

  7. 13

    I like what you said about the iron age stuff. Yeah, “wealth” is a relative thing.
    When I do money magic, I do a combination of stuff:
    One is burning pre-fab “money drawing” incense just ’cause, hey, it’s not going to hurt.
    The other is honey pots. And I try to be really specific about what goes into them. As in: I include a written instruction manual with specifics about what kind of income sources I’m looking for (so that I can avoid getting offered umpteen soul-destroying temp jobs, but will get that one, fabulous writing gig that keeps me in rent for six months) and what kind of money I’m hoping to get from those areas.

    If there’s a way to up the accuracy of that, I’d love to hear it, but that’s what I typically do.
    Meliad´s last blog post ..B is for Bottle Spells – Pagan Blog Project

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