Some Magic Videos For The Weekend

Some Magic Videos For The Weekend

It’s gone from blisteringly hot at lunchtime to a rainy Saturday night.

I’m not really bothered by this because lunch took till dinner time anyway and cost more than a hundred pounds each.

Most of that was six hours of booze but at least some of it was also the fantastic view from the south bank of the Thames back into the city. (The image was taken on my phone.) Also I got to see an awesome dragon.

Anyway, nights like this usually means I go wandering through youtube looking for something that doesn’t end in a cat playing a piano.

So if you’re trapped inside or just don’t really want to go anywhere then maybe you want to have a look over this playlist of magical/occult videos I threw together. Consider them a trip down magical memory lane.

I absolutely recommend listening to the whole Phil Hine interview. His ideas about class bias in magic as well as his firmly held belief that magicians should have adventures are music to my crazy, shut-in ears.

Oh, it really is a listening job because it doesn’t appear to have been a video recording. So you can just carry on browsing these internets while listening.

Only the first video of each series is found in the playlist because you can just click on the next one as it shows up at the end. I hate having to scroll through endless parts when what I really want is a completely new video. Like the classic Grant Morrison lecture that’s in there.

Have a good weekend, all.

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