Something Thoughtful and FREE For You This Weekend

Something Thoughtful and FREE For You This Weekend

Having learnt a lesson from my previous train trip I opted to catch up on a few of my regular podcasts on the Eurostar. Because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to holiday reading.

It struck me that the first podcast I played yesterday covers areas that we regular touch on out here among the internets.

  • Aliens and the search for them.
  • the implication of underlying scientific laws. (God.)
  • What is art exactly?
  • Time and how you manage it.

So you should all listen to it.

The final piece is about Truffaut and a French film magazine but you don’t have to listen to that. (Even though it’s really good.)

Go to iTunes and search for the BBC Arts & Ideas podcast. (Or just click that link.) You are after the March 30 edition. Yes, that’s how far behind I am in my podcasts. You have to subscribe to it and then scroll down to March 30 in your iTunes.

If you like it then you should absolutely stay subscribed. It’s my favourite podcast by a long way.

And it’s also my birthday gift to you in the grandest of hobbit traditions.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m currently taking recommendations. Anyone care to share something awesome?



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  1. 1

    As much I’d love to hear the podcast, only the most recent episode is available for download. Could you somehow upload it somewhere?

  2. 2

    You have to subscribe to it and then check your itunes… You’ll see all the historic ones available to download.

    Then just unsubscribe if you don’t want it.

    Good point, though… Time to change this post.

  3. 3

    I actually did, and there and as of now, there are only two episodes available. (6/21 and 6/28 to be precise.) Apparently they don’t permanently host the episodes.

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