What Diabolists Taught Me About Birthdays

What Diabolists Taught Me About Birthdays

Maybe it’s my surrounds…

You know that phase you go through when you’re a teenager and you read LaVey? And if you were honest with yourself you realised it’s fairly disappointing but you carried on reading it anyway for… What? Theatrical effect?

One thing has definitely stuck with me from that phase.

The emphasis on the birthday.

I don’t hold with the ‘highest embodiment of life’ angle because it’s impossible to prove we are and it’s not a very helpful viewpoint, anyway.

As I see it, your birthday is important precisely because it isn’t about you.

The birthday thought game

  • Picture the earth from space.
  • Now picture the earth as a billion times larger.
  • Picture a grain of sand next to this new super earth.

That’s a visual approximation of what the odds of you actually existing as a human lifeform in the known universe currently stand at.

You are an unimaginably rare manifestation.

Which is why I finish the birthday thought game by raising a glass to the universe.

Cheers, universe.

I’m grateful for the life and I’m grateful that you haven’t ended it yet.

See you next year, maybe.



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