6 Unintended Side-Effects of Magical Blogging

6 Unintended Side-Effects of Magical Blogging

Battle plans never survive first contact, as the old saying goes.

I had my reasons for starting Rune Soup (which you can read through on the About page) but there have been a number of delightfully unexpected ways it has changed me:

1) New friends

My best case scenario was ‘colleagues’.

I’m a double-migrant. I don’t hold with this friends/family authenticity/proximity requirement. It’s nice but it’s not necessary. My family is on the other side of the world -as are most of my oldest friends.

It doesn’t mean I don’t keep in contact with them or value what they have to say and; more pertinent for this post; it doesn’t mean I don’t think “huh, my brother would probably really like that.” Because I think that about a lot of you a lot of the time.

Also I totally wuv u.

2) New ideas

Given that the stated aim of starting this blog was to engage with new ideas you wouldn’t think it would fall under ‘unexpected’.

But it does.

You know how sometimes -even though you actually want it to happen- you’re genuinely surprised when you achieve an objective? It’s like that.

I’ve learnt a bunch of new ideas and had another bunch of good product/book recommendations.

3) Discipline

I get 7 posts out a week (all except one week I think). This ‘regular exercise’ (ha!) has brought structure to other parts of my life as well.

Back in the day, one of my first bosses/semi-mentors said to me “if you want something done, give it to a busy person.” She wasn’t wrong. I just didn’t expect it to result from regular non-commercial writing.

4) I swear less

A big one for Australians, let me tell you (dickheads). Writing with passion doesn’t necessarily have to entail ‘passionate language’… Except when it does, of course.

Getting into the habit has cleaned up my other writing projects -and even just my personal emails- as well.

5) Pride… the good kind

Instead of saying “oh, I do a bit of writing” I can now say “I’m running a moderately successful magical writing project.” For you skittish creatives out there, I’m sure you can appreciate the massive internal distinction.

6) I’m a better thief

The idea for this post was lifted entirely from this site. Which is absolutely worth subscribing to.

What about others? What has been an unintended side effect of magico-blogging?


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    The Scribbler

    Swearing comes very naturally to West Virginians, too. Has something to do with impoverished backwaters of the British Empire settled by the hard-nosed working-class. I recall having to seriously tone it down when I moved to California in my early twenties.

    Just don’t start composing seconds after reading RO’s blog. You might find his “voice” creeping into your word choice. ;-)

    I was also surprised by the wealth of amazing people I’ve met since I started writing a magic blog: people who actually walk the walk, and have collaborated with me on projects.
    The Scribbler´s last blog post ..Of Hedges and Occult Clues in Fairy Tales

  2. 3

    Very similar to your side effects, although I swear a little more lately. Though I aim for weekly posts, I tend to just post whenever I feel like it – I didn’t want the blog-familiar to become too demanding in it’s expectations. I also found it made me look at my practice as a coherent whole, seeing it mirrored back in some way – rather than a an amorphous thing that happens in my conjure room.
    Balthazar´s last blog post ..Secrets of the Playing Card

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