What Wizards Taught Me: July 18

What Wizards Taught Me: July 18

There’s a lot of tangential material in this WWTM. Just been one of those weeks where the pickings have been good out there on the wider internets.

Let’s start with the future and work backwards.

40 Things about the next 40 years

Thanks to the Smithsonian by way of the always-brilliant Technoccult. It’s not very Black-Swanny to predict so many things so far out but on balance, I like the optimism of the list.

Also, some of them sound unbelievably awesome. Should be an exciting forty years, give or take.

You can probably graph magical burnout

I think you can. If you can graph the diminishing tax base and extrapolate out to writing quality then I think you can push it further to magic as well.

Read it and let me know if you agree.

Balthazar opened an online store!

And when my partner gets home from work with the one credit card we have between us (don’t ask) I’m going to shop me up some EU-made finery. Here’s the link to the actual store.

Unemployment is low among Zimbabwean goblins

Which is one small piece of good news for a very troubled country. It’s just a pity they are being employed to harass nurses.

Shark tourism isn’t the only reason to visit South Africa

There are also the charming, chaos-theorizing, graphically-talented, kinda-handsome cowboys. Because the gods know it sure as shit isn’t the wine. Pinotage tastes like feet. I would rather spill wine on my own feet and lick it off again than drink SA wine. My opinion won’t be changed on this.

And it’s not even an Old World/New World snobbery thing. I’m from Australia, I lived in New Zealand and nothing beats a nice Cali Zinfandel on a hot Saturday afternoon. But pinotage? Fuck you… Just… Fuck you.

Another brilliant piece from Technoccult. (Even if the interview puts the boot into chaos magic a bit.)

DIY Old Ones are invading Texas

Cowboy hats off to Aithne. Now I want one.

Toads get free card readings at Starbucks

Not really. But it might have happened once. And it definitely qualifies for my favourite mental image of the week.

Maybe the universe is meaningless

Food for thought. I would prefer the universe to be meaningless. It feels less claustrophobic and gives you greater scope to do your own thing.

Homeopathy finds one solitary champion

The only similarity between homeopathy and witchcraft; which is what it has been called by UK civil servants; is that they are both subjected to flawed enquiries, slander and hunting.

I know it’s just about the worst thing for a chaos magician to say; especially as I have revised my opinion of astrology from anti to mostly-pro but homeopathy warrants another look based on the results it achieves in clinical trials. Just because we don’t know how it works doesn’t mean it doesn’t. (Hello… Magic??!)

Funnily enough, my opinion was swayed by a science book. 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense.

There is a whole bunch I don’t know about the Golden Dawn

Not that this is surprising in itself. Great piece from Nick.

How come teenage girls don’t want to bang Bill Gates?

Okay, this is a really interesting question. I have been thinking a lot about this and how it relates to gender, attraction and double-mating. There may be a post on something similar in the medium term. Meanwhile, check it out.

Jow can put an extended metaphor to very good use

By asking about regular or daily practice. Very interesting comments, too.

V.V.F. wins rant of the week for this excellent piece about ethnicity, identity and McCeltism

I don’t want to spoil it, but there is a really funny turn of phrase in there. Read the post, find my comment and see if you agree.

Jason summarizes personality engineering

I especially like Rule 3. This is also an essential piece of career advice. You will be hired for a job because of the thing you are best at, not because you “aren’t shit” at a bunch of things. Who cares if you can’t type if you are the best pediatric surgeon in the First World?

Jack makes the move into parables

With tremendous success. My favourite bit is also RO’s favourite bit. Check the comments.


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    First, I’m happy to have provided lulz.

    Second – the teenage girls article. Are these people…serious? Why are they overlooking the fact that teenage girls were historically married off to rich, middle aged men? It’s not like they had a choice, and it certainly wasn’t for the girl’s benefit. This is why evolutionary psychology deserves to take the place of homeopathy as the universally derided pseudo-science. Any “researcher” who honestly feels the need to ask why teenage girls like teenage boys instead of hideous old misers – without feeling the need to actually talk to any teenage girls – needs to have their credentials revoked. Medieval bards knew better than this. Maybe they should go to Afghanistan and ask the same questions.
    V.V.F.´s last blog post ..Peachy Keen!

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