What Wizards Taught Me: July 25

What Wizards Taught Me: July 25

What a week!

What a learning-filled, tumultuous, exciting week in these internetz. It’s like some kind of wacky, Aladdo-punk magic carpet ride. I think I have an image/app for that.

Yep. I do.

Now down to business.

Talking Christianity was certainly the prevailing theme. In particular Evangelism… Which is a subject I genuinely learned something about in the last few days so I’m not going to link around to the various posts or we’ll be here all night.

But teaming with the theme:

RO pens a fantastic post on the nature of deity and how he approaches it

There is some gold in the comments, too. And as I was compiling this WWTM he put out another one that is -in my head at least- a related idea. With an awesome post title.

Jack and Friends launches as the scariest kids show since The Snorks

Did I say kids show? I meant amazing, new, cutting-edge multi-blog. I particularly liked the We Are The Witchcraft piece.

There is a definite amount of electricity you can run through your or your friend’s penis

Don’t pretend you aren’t going to click that link.

My favourite Cornishman adds to the discussions around holy places and landscape

You probably won’t be able to get through it in one go because it’s practically a thesis but bookmark it and break it into chunks throughout the week. That’s what I did. And it was worth it.

We first walked on two legs in the forest

I found this article while writing about the ‘Homonid Diet’ Theory of Magic. It makes sense to me because I was always bothered by the idea that we first became bipedal in the grasslands. Why would you raise your centre of gravity when you have high speed predators in wide open spaces? (Think of how low the cheetah is, for instance.) I just couldn’t see the evolutionary advantage.

Turns out cos there wasn’t one.

Also, enjoy the metaphoric tree of life/garden of Eden/world tree/forest implications of this news. We literally took our first steps to becoming humans because of trees.

What is energy?

What a shock. No one actually has any idea at all. I’d love an opinion if someone has read this book.

An ancient wooden Stonehenge was found!

Right beside Stonehenge 1.0! Even though ‘wooden Stonehenge’ is oxymoronic, it’s cool news nonetheless.

There is much merit to looking at Virtue from a classical perspective

I was instead planning to link to this post by Fr AIT because the notion of a black, longboarding Constantine really does scream summer blockbuster trilogy/coolest thing I have ever heard but the Virtue piece is too good to skip over.

Happiness and sadness both spread like disease

Consider the life-hacking implications to this. Or indeed the magical ones if you are trying to lift someone’s mood. Target people around them instead, maybe?

10 common mistakes about religion

A fantastic piece that certainly teams with the Christian theme of the week, I’d say.

Lady Scylla spins another great divinatory yarn

Oh how I can relate to this one. I’m sure most of you can, actually. It’s also brilliantly written. I was riveted.

Grouting makes a great metaphor for passion projects

And we all have at least one of those.

Speaking of metaphors, engineering provides a good one for magic, it seems

This I like: “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do with magick? This was the “not thinking” that my friend was talking about. Don’t put your emotional attachments or personal issues in the method and put your own hard work and resources into the work”

Deb comes back from manifesto country having landed a big one

Another fantastic mission statement/rant covering… Hmmm…. “Radical practicality” in magic? Is that an accurate enough term? Thoughts? I think I might like it.

The Cthukulele lives!

Ever wondered how you might wake Cthulu and simultaneously summon Him to Kauai? Wonder no more.

Phil digs up some fascinating Crowley anecdotes

“I find this sort of digging much more enjoyable than endlessly dissecting the minutiae of Crowley’s magical theories.” So do I, Phil… So do I.

Greek violence is sublime

From 19th century philosophy to Eris changing her skirt yet again. Cool piece.

Jordan doesn’t have a vision

But he does have some profound things to say about minority spiritual traditions. Check it out.


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  1. 1

    Thesis my arse – it’s not even 5 thousand words; not even a quarter of a thesis – modern attention spans, tch! :P

    Seriously though, I just write and then look up hours later – it’s faintly disturbing.

    And while we’re at it, ‘favourite Cornishman’? You got a plethora of pasty-eaters down in the Smoke or something Gordon? ;)

  2. 2

    I do most of my subscription reading on the tube on my phone. It’s a distracting environment but it also lends itself to content snacking.

    Plus I totally have AD… Hey! It’s still light outside! I’m going to go sit in the yard.

  3. 4

    Apparently there are numerous “wood-henges” just like that one currently in danger of being bulldozed in Meath and Knowth. Sad. I’m not one of those crazies who thinks that “pagan remains” should be re-interred, but outright destroying precious finds like that is just awful.
    V.V.F.´s last blog post ..Peachy Keen!

  4. 5

    Definitely. Especially as -in the case of the Salisbury Plain- we are closer to working out what it was used for than at anytime in the last 300 years.

    My suspicion is that there will be a lot more wood henges and it was part of a larger complex.

    But if we knock them down or put up motorways without finding out then… Well… We’re jerks.

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