What Wizards Taught Me: July 4

What Wizards Taught Me: July 4

Firstly, happy July 4 to my lovely Americans.

Does it strike you as weird that a number of Brits I know are using it as an excuse to have a Sunday BBQ/party? You know, given what the holiday actually commemorates? That’s a bit weird, right?

Maybe I just know too many achingly trendy hipsters.

A couple of the wizard links are “nested” this week so I’ll start with them.

Jow waxes awesome on Natural Philosophy

I particularly like his comments about self-ghettoization in the last few paragraphs. That is always a danger with any specialist group but I feel the implications are more acute in an occult setting.

And he was riffing off this spectacular post by John Michael Greer. The part about the “professional advice givers” is neat. I’m sure most of you are in that boat for your circle of friends, colleagues, clients and sometimes just people at the bus stop. I know I am.

The Divine Miss Sugar doles out some truth bombs about toxicity

I think the reason why we are happily, platonically, transatlantically e-married is her continuing desire for (and success at) building magical learnings into her day to day life. Which is right where my head is at the moment, as well.

Jack picks up the toxicity thread here as well. Not literally, of course.

Like so many others, Jacobus makes me feel dumb

Even if, like me, Kabbalah isn’t really on your roadmap at the moment, this is an excellent blog to subscribe to. I always get a lot out of it. In this post he talks about a variant of the Ineffable Name that means “God Protect”.

If you want a genie, summon a genie

Even then, spirit work requires a bit of a reality check. Balthazar coins a very helpful term: “Genie Syndrome”. I like it.

Nick Farrell got engaged

Again, not really a “teaching” link but it’s exciting news. Especially as he’s getting married in New Zealand… Which, as countries go… Is made for weddings. Mountains, beaches, islands, volcanoes… Take your pick.

That Tarot gets big ups

The title is a bit hyperbolic (which is probably why I like it), but I share Barrabbas’s sentiment on the Tarot. In fact, whenever I play that “what books would you bring to a desert island” thing I always take the really annoying option of saying “a Tarot deck” for at least one of them. Then I argue about what exactly constitutes a book.

Maybe pamphlets will make a comeback?

I love that Frater AIT has done this and I love and agree with his reasons for doing so: laziness, effectiveness, utility, time management.

Scotland’s magicians are in crisis

Read it. It will make sense. Plus it’s entertaining. The pizza thing is great.


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    That’s interesting that some Brits are having BBQ’s on the 4th. I’ve always wondered how this holiday and the revolutionary war is covered in British text books.

    Sadly, many people here think the 4th is when we “won the war”. Sigh. History education is widely slept through it seems. Even guys I served with in The Army (I was a scout) thought the same thing.

    Ah well. I find those I call my brother or sister regardless of what borders they live and sleep within. Patriotism is for those that lack critical thinking.

    Keep up the great blog! I hope you had some BBQ somewhere ;)

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