A Secret Spell Booster: Enchant In Real Time

A Secret Spell Booster: Enchant In Real Time

Okay, so I have used this trick quite a number of times and have found it to be very useful.

The results from the most recent enchantment have been so pleasing I think it’s time to share.

My partner was going for a huge promotion with the large company he works for. I knew this was coming thanks to my monthly forecast (which, of course, you are all also doing.)

Seizing the opportunity of Balthazar’s store launch, I laid in a couple of relevant oils. Specifically these two.

Firstly let me say that is some tight magic he’s selling. Consider the range officially endorsed.

Now, on the morning of the interview, I had sneakily arranged a meeting somewhere local so I didn’t have to be in work until later that afternoon.

Once he had gone and I was alone in the house (practical magic is like having an affair), I got a few things set up:

  • Candles
  • Casting cloth
  • A photo of him
  • The recently purchased oils
  • Incense

You know. The usual. The classics. The Whopper Meal Deal of Western Magic. This was set up in front of my semi-secret Ekeko altar for good measure, as it seems to be working reasonably well. (Ekeko is also officially endorsed.)

A few minutes before the interview, I called in the spirits I was going to be working with, told them the score and… When it was fairly certain that the interview had commenced, I anointed the photo with both the (charged) oils. It was this anointing that formed the anchor for the wider enchantment.

And it worked a treat.

He knocked it out of the park. They pretty much told him at the end that the gig was his. (The English never do this. Ever. Which was a huge adjustment from NZ, where I have conducted six figure media deals in my backyard while wearing ugg boots.) Also, if you met this guy, you wouldn’t put him in the garrulous, space-smuggler-esque charm camp… Otherwise he would have no need for me. He is the much more useful slow-burner, hired on merit and thoughtfulness.

But not that morning. The panel was under his feet.

The whole enchantment was a parade-inspiring success. So I’ve been dissecting why.

Real time spell categories

If you want to work in real time, it’s going to work best if you select an objective that is binary:

  • A surgical outcome is good or bad.
  • A job interview leads to either ‘getting the job’ or ‘not getting the job’.
  • A jury deliberating over a verdict of guilty/not guilty.

That sort of thing. Weight loss, health, sustained wealth creation. These aren’t binary. They’re cumulative. (Or diminishing in the case of weight loss.)

How to enchant in real time

1. Select a binary category. If it isn’t binary, then consider shoaling.

2. Determine the Shrödinger’s Cat moment. This is when both outcomes are probabilistically identical. For example, during the interview my partner had and didn’t have the job. Beforehand he didn’t. Afterward he either did or didn’t but not both. The only time it was both was during the interview.

3. Enchant in that moment. Or get someone else to do it for you.

How it works

Take your pick:

  • You increase the psychological ‘anchor’ because you ‘know’ the outcome is being determined in real time. It’s not something that ‘might happen’ in the future. The outcome is more real to your deep mind.
  • Some kind of quantum shit.
  • You reduce the barriers to manifestation because you can say to the spirit world: do this… right now!
  • You are limiting the range of probabilities you wish to select from at just the time the universe is susceptible to ‘nudging’. (See the shoaling post for more on this ‘nudging’.)

Which one do I like the best? The answer may surprise you. I actually like the spirit one the best.

One of my first magical lessons that I learned the hard way back in my early teens was how poorly the notion of time carries over into the spirit world. They’re just not very good at it. Or we’re not very good at spirit time. Either way, it’s probably one of the biggest source of inaccurate results.

So perhaps one of the best workarounds is to remove the requirement for time-based results entirely? Then there’s less room for confusion.

If you try it out, let me know how it goes.


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  1. 1

    Some of my most successful spells were done in real time, with all the emotional immediacy that that entails:

    “I need a new job RIGHT NOW!” or “I want that rapist caught RIGHT NOW!”

    As a PM, I have a tendency to plan and organize too much. As a Dionysian, I know I need to let go and work the waves of energy.

    I love your take on magic working.

  2. 2
    Shivian Balaris

    Very cool. A more modern language approach to the idea of doing magick when events are at the Crossroads (they are neither going East nor West, but hanging inbetween). Of course, wearing or bringing enchanted items into this “crossroads” point is another possibility, though I’d agree that doing a full rite during that time for someone else (or someone doing it for you) is potentially more beneficial.
    Shivian Balaris´s last blog post ..Researchers Make HIV Breakthrough With Existing FDA-Approved Meds

  3. 3
    jason miller

    This might be one of my favorite posts of yours.

    I also shoot for that hinge moment, but never thought of it as the Schrodingers Cat moment. Thats brilliant.

  4. 4
    Frater Serpentis et Aquila

    This was a very good post, I enjoyed reading it, and that’s pretty creative use of magick. Glad to hear about the positive results.

    “The usual. The classics. The Whopper Meal Deal of Western Magic.”

  5. 6

    BTW there something you may have forgotten in your “how it works” bit. When doing live work for people who are going for interviews a big part of what is happening is that you are influencing/persuading the interviewer/s. Magical influence/persuasion works really, really well when done ‘live’ during the decision making moment of the target, as you demonstrated.
    Balthazar´s last blog post ..The Lenormand Quickies- a reading

  6. 7

    @Shivian Yes the crossroads/’between time’ connection certainly occured to me in this context.

    @Frater SEA Glad you approve. I lol’d a bit as a typed it, myself.

    @Jason aww shucks.

  7. 8

    Best explanation by far. Magic works best for me in real time. It’s almost frightening.

    Let me add, that by doing it in real time, I also have a bit of feedback going on at the same time. Where I’ll immediately know when the switch/”go”/yes has been made. I’ve never asked someone to do it for me however.. hmm.

  8. 12
    Kol Drake

    Sooo… what spell Do you do for losing weight?

    I mean… dieting sucks and having to go run or lift weights or do a gazillion push ups or join some smarmy exercise classes are a pain in the … well, it seems there should be a smarter way… without all the sweaty clothes.

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