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    So I have been putting some strategy documents together for a British Lord this week. It’s been that kinda time.

    This means I’m one post behind -which really annoys me because it means until tomorrow two WWTM will show up at the same time on the homepage. They’re like never-ending telltale hearts.

    Except much more awesome. This week being a case in point.

    A UFO was captured on film above the Twin Cities

    I love these stories. And the footage definitely falls into the category of ‘unexplained’.

    You know, seeing as the cold war is over, I don’t understand why most governments insist on hiding this information. It’s like trying to pretend crocodiles don’t exist. What’s the point?

    Britain’s oldest house was uncovered

    From a time when England was connected via land to continental Europe. That spins me out.

    Want your own home apothecary?

    Then look no further than this awesome article from Devi! Of course, I’m not entirely sure all these items would fit in my inner city home but that’s no excuse not to covet them. Besides, I can always sleep outside.

    You can use the patron saint of conjurers for uncrossing

    Great post from Dr Raven. Great, helpful, timely post for reasons I am not going to go into because they don’t involve me directly. Here’s some more St Cyprian info.

    Diary of a Drug Fiend is being re-released

    I remember reading this when I was about fourteen. It made me want to do two things: Never try heroin and also move to London. Check and check. It’s a great, rambling Edwardian tale. Probably my favourite piece of Crowley’s fiction.

    RO is a better artist than me

    I loved this post so, so much. The -shall we say- “arts and crafts” barrier has always been something I have had to grapple with. Even my sigils have a tendency to look like shit.

    5 Star Spells Radio Show has launched

    Cheers to Balthazar for pointing this one out to me. Since my last post I’m making a special effort to hunt out audio info.

    You have just aged by a million years

    If you’re not vegetarian, that is.

    Other people have the same issues with corporate egregores

    As a topic, given my last couple of roles, this really interests me. Call me twice bitten, thrice shy.

    DIY Solar Tips

    Okay, I’m just putting this in here because I promised a dear friend some link love for their new alternate energy business. It’s not a wizard link unless you want to build your own solar panels. But who knows? Maybe you do?

    Shirley Jackson was a witch

    I genuinely didn’t know this. And I find it very, very cool.

    Norma explores happiness

    Which is a topic dear to my heart. While studying Enlightenment thinking at university, we spent a couple of weeks discussing the difference between enshrining “happiness” and the “pursuit of happiness” -which is actually very different. The conclusions haven’t left me.

    What makes a strong ritual?

    Really cool piece from John that speaks to sound project planning and organisation -two of my nerdly favourite things.

    Jack drops some truth bombs about how to behave on the internet

    I especially like points 5, 6 and 7.

    My PAW lists the shortcomings she has found with Tim Ferriss

    Now, I’ve linked to a Tim Ferriss presentation a while back on Rune Soup. He occupies an uneasy place in my ‘corporate wizard pantheon’. I’d say he’s a black hat corporate wizard. Because his stuff works well for a very specific demographic… Unfortunately, spreading the message wider -which is what always happens with successful information products- leads to confusion and disappointment.

    There is a definite class barrier to his suggestions which doesn’t sit well with whatever is left of the socialist student in me. For another take, nobody sums 4HWW thinking up better than Penelope Trunk.

    Have a good week, everyone!

    (PS – Gee, I can’t imagine which link is going to spark the most amount of comments.)


    London-based occultist and pseudo-pseudohistorian. Messes about with sigils. Travels a lot but is otherwise extremely lazy.


    3 Responses to What Wizards Taught Me: August 15

    1. August 15, 2010 at 11:10 pm

      I live in the Twin Cities and that’s the first I heard of it. I’ve noticed that all the stuff referring to it – with pics – appears to be offline now. It’s worth mentioning that we have a military outpost, Fort Snelling, right outside the city, and I’ve seen some interesting things maneuvering in the evenings that move just a bit too fast and neatly to be the usual military jets. That is, the usual – they do like to test their new toys out here in the Midwest where the weather extremes keep us inside quite a lot, and last Monday was hellishly humid and hot here.
      Diana´s last blog post ..What are the really good Pagan blogs

    2. August 16, 2010 at 5:19 am

      Hey, your link for more info on St Cyprian links to the wrong St Cyprian. The occultist is St Cyprian of Antioch not Carthage.

      I will be doing a counter post on Tim Ferris on my blog, but than you for pointing that one out.

      I love that you do this regularly. On weeks when I just can’t keep up with everyone you always manage to point out the key posts.

    3. August 16, 2010 at 1:17 pm

      @Jason Damn Catholics. They really need to refresh their catalogue once in a while. :)

      Looking forward to the 4HWW comments. There’s definitely a lot of good in there. Merits wider discussion.

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