Your One Perfect Day: How To Enchant For It

Your One Perfect Day: How To Enchant For It

Not exactly the worst place to spend your birthday.

We like to joke about our dream existence where we live in a palace by the sea with scantily clad movie-stars and a private jet. Especially on bad days.

But it’s not actually want we really want. Be honest. You’d get bored really quickly. Most people would. Magical folk -being more inclined toward seeking and growing- would most especially get bored.

So what is your one perfect day? Seriously. Describe it.

I have co-opted the first few bits of this trick from the Art of Non-Conformity. Then I added a little sorcery to it… Which is what sorcery is for, after all.

Here’s what you do:

1) Picture it

Chris’s book says you should write the whole thing out, beginning with what time you get up, what you have for breakfast, etc.


If you need to write down your perfect day then you have a little more work to do before you run through this exercise. You rely on your visualisation skills more than most people so this should be a snap. You won’t need pen and paper here.

By the way, totally take the time to do this. If you haven’t done this before it won’t come to you instantly. And don’t be humble. No one else is going to know about this. If it’s difficult or somehow unclear then that is a loud indication that what you want out of life doesn’t occupy a high enough place on your priority list. (Does this surprise you?)

Notice that your day doesn’t begin at the Atlantis Resort? What else do you notice about it?

2) Count the chunks

Break your perfect day into chunks… not of time but of ‘happiness categories’. This would be love, family, career, health, etc. Again, honesty is your friend here. No one else need know about it. If you want to be a couple of sizes thinner, don’t think about the dieting, think about the awesome new clothes.

I ended up with five chunks but you can have more or less. Mine were love, family, career, health and location.

3) Report card those chunks

This is the uncomfortable bit. You knew it was coming. Remember what I said about honesty?

  • Are you with the guy/girl you see in your perfect day? Yes? Move onto the next chunk. No?
  • What steps are you taking to rectify this? NONE, seriously?? But it’s in your perfect day.
  • Graph how far you are along your career scale as a percentage. 20%? Lower? Is that a fact?

Squirm all you like -and I certainly did- if you know what your perfect day looks like, then you also know how far you are from it and how little you are doing to get to it.

4) Plan by chunks

Here’s where you may actually need pen and paper. Start with the first chunk. Write a critical path (which you can read about here) between today and your perfect day. From where you are sitting right now. It doesn’t have to be detailed, just outline the milestones.

Two things will happen if you do this:

  • You will realise that your perfect day is really not that far away from where you are now. It’s just a few steps at most.
  • Just by knowing this, your life -without even cracking open a spellbook- will start to reorganise in the direction of your perfect day. There’s nothing supernatural about this, it comes down to our wacky brains and how they work. You know how you get to the end of a day and your to-do list has barely moved? That’s because we tend to underestimate how much we can get done in a day but we overestimate how much we can get done in a year. Seriously. Think back to a year ago and how much you have done since then.

So plan out those chunks. Even if you don’t move onto step 5 your life will get markedly better.

5) Enchant by chunk

You see that pointy hat in the corner of the room with the stars and moons on it? Next to that unnecessarily medieval broom? What are they for?

Everyone else has to stop at step 4 and then just hit the pavement and hustle. (Which you still have to do.)

But not you. You have a few extra cards to play yet.

However here’s the trick: Don’t enchant for your perfect day. At the moment it is a low probability event which makes it a very bad magical target. (New subscribers can learn more about this here: warning; post contains many references to bees. )

  • Do you know what’s a higher probability event? Achieving a single chunk objective.
  • Do you know what’s an even higher probability event? Achieving a step on the way to a chunk.

Lighting a single candle and going about your business is simply not going to achieve Big Magic outcomes. There is too much to move. A better approach is to nudge a whole lot of smaller outcomes that shift you closer and closer to your One Perfect Day. Which is why shoaling your sigils can be so effective. (Or indeed any kind of enchantment that works along the same principles.)

If I ask you to remove a brick wall you can either spend days trying to push it over or take that same amount of time to remove it brick by brick. Which way gets the wall down fast and with more certainty?

So it is with your enchantments. Stack the steps and chunks together, enchant for them and watch the whole thing snowball. You’ll be living that One Perfect Day before you know it.


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    People like you are why BBC-TV’s on top of the mass media dog pile. – props buddy props :)

    What I think Gordon is saying is that it’s not all hocus pocus, folks. Not lusting after a money spell’s result is one thing. Not buying a lottery ticket is quite another. I.E.: Don’t ask [insert Deity’s name here] to turn on a light switch, get up & do it your own damn self!

    P.S.: If I randomly win, I’ll hand the house blessing award to the next person in line – minus the cards. That’s some nice swag you’ve collected there brother.

    Thanks for writing

  2. 2

    See, this is why I like your blog so much! You come up with the best ideas, Gordon. I really enjoy this post, and have already started some notes.

    This forces one to think and, as you point out, realize they’re not so far from what they really want in life, if they have any idea of what they want in the first place.

    And you have to actually work for it. You can’t just sit on your butt, light a few candles, say some words, and expect it all to come to you.

    Nice job!
    Rose´s last blog post ..No Samhain Celebration this Year

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