Sigilize Your Letters To Santa Today

Sigilize Your Letters To Santa Today

Santa's traditional Sigil Gun

As mentioned in the previous post, today is St Nicholas Day.

Obviously, the contemporary egregore we know as Santa is a bizarre hybrid of  a Levantine saint, various nature spirits, the devil, a Coca Cola advertising campaign and the broken dreams of countless millions of children.

Despite being a supremely powerful creation, he’s more complicated to work with than you would immediately due to a number of factors:

  • Extreme seasonality.
  • Limited age range.
  • Arbitrary moral rules governing the dispensation of favours. (Which list are you on? Be honest.)

Saint Nicholas has none of these hang ups.

He protects children, he calms the seas -neither of which are the slightest use to me.

But he is also known as the ‘gift giver’. No strings attached miracles. As you are probably aware, I am all in favour of choosing the magical targets that are most likely going to lead to your desired outcome.

And I still am.

Today, however, is one of the best days to go after the items on your critical path that currently have the lowest probability of success. What do I mean by that? I mean the ones that edge the closest to miracles:

  • Chance meetings with important people who are willing to help you.
  • Discovery of a new natural treatment to treat a chronic disorder.
  • Out of the blue calls from friends wanting to hook you up with their newly-single doctor friend who really has a thing for [exactly what you are].

Corporate-speak for this is “reach objectives”. The things that are almost too good that you would otherwise daren’t ask for.


Firstly, select your target or targets. As per the rules of shoaling, pick at least three. They do not have to be related. (Although I have had two instances where the results have become entangled as they manifest, so keep that in the back of your mind.)

Then you’ll need to sigilize your (minimum) three statements. Briefly then:

  • Form a sentence using positive phrases in the present tense. Not “I wish to lose weight” but “I am my ideal bodyweight.”
  • Strike all vowels and any repetition of consonants after the first one. So “MYDLBWGHT”
  • Combine these letters through a series of iterations into a “magicalish” glyph. You’ll know when it’s done.


As previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of the outdated conscious/unconscious ‘forgetting’ model of sigil activation. Here’s a quote from PJC from The Apophenion that relates to how I feel about this overly crude map of the mind:

The classical psychological concepts of the unconscious and the subconscious minds arose in a culture that expected people to act in a considerably more reserved and repressed fashion than seems normal today. Sharp divisions between the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, and perhaps the super-conscious (whatever that may mean), now appear rather artificial and contrived. Some memories, thoughts, emotions and impulses merely acquire more of a propensity to take control of the whole organism than others. Many of them operate without much direct communication with what the early theorists called the ‘ego'; another rather loose concept derived from the Latin word for ‘I’.

Then get some candles. Red obviously.

I’m going to use Christmas ones but then I’m gay enough to have a massive supply of them. Some weird statues of Santa carrying lanterns and other strange objects that I picked up in Sweden will also figure. You see where I’m going with this? Play it how you like.


My preferred method is to focus upon each sigil within the shoal and chant until they no longer feel ‘active’. My overriding impression is that they turn from a charged statement of intent back into a piece of paper with a fuck-awful squiggle on it. (I can’t draw.) More information here if you need it.

And just because I don’t get enough use out of the chaplet my mother sent me after her most recent Pope Show, I’m going to use this Saint Nicholas prayer:

Glorious Holy Nicholas,
humble and virtuous Archbishop Of Myra,
it is true that you hear those who come to you
in their trials and tribulations.
I trust in you, I hope in you,
and I ask you to intercede with our holy God
so that I may receive grace
in the things for which I have sought.
Be my guide, be my defense, cleanse my soul.

Dispose of or keep the sigils as you wish. Disposing feels ‘more right’ to me because the whole idea is that you are sending chaos-style letters to Santa.

Banish with mulled wine.


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  1. 1

    This reminds me of growing up and getting a chocolate letter of my first initial on this day each year. I have a very vivid memory of being in a community centre singing along with the other children about St. Nicholas and stopping mid-way through. It felt terribly wrong for some reason. I think that I knew even at a very young age just how capricious this “stakeholder” was to manage, especially as his definition of “good” and “bad” child was really defined by the adults in one’s life. Still, this realization did not take away from the enjoyment of the chocolate letters ?

  2. 2

    Nothing can remove that enjoyment. Nothing! :)

    Update: I kept the sigils. It seemed somehow right after completing the chaplet.

    Pasted them to my mirror… Which is attached to a chimney so it still seemed somehow appropriate.

  3. 4

    So i read this:

    Are you Pagan and you love Santa? Reclaim Santa Claus as a Pagan Godform. Today’s Santa is a folk figure with multicultural roots. He embodies characteristics of Saturn (Roman agricultural god), Cronos (Greek god, also known as Father Time), the Holly King (Celtic god of the dying year), Father Ice/Grandfather Frost (Russian winter god), Thor (Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats), Odin/Wotan (Scandinavian/Teutonic All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse), Frey (Norse fertility god), and the Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year). Santa’s reindeer can be viewed as forms of Herne, the Celtic Horned God. Decorate your home with Santa images that reflect His Pagan heritage.

    And i was like… OMG! Ridiculous! but i wasn’t sure of how to answer because everything i wrote seemed to imply antagonism and calling them ridiculous and fluffy. Then I read your post and I had to quote you. Thanks for providing a non-offensive answer to that ridiculousness. Also <3 thy blog.

  4. 7
    D.K. Manubious

    I hink I am going to experiment with this technique. My only alteration would be putting the sigils in and envelope, addressing said envelope to “Santa Claus, North Poll” in a child like handwriting in crayon, stamp it and mail it. I have to think they will end up becoming charged in odd was and if nothing else its good for a laugh thinking of who might open said letter and what they will think upon seeing the sigils.

  5. 8

    Hey Gordon,

    I know this is an old post, but I just came across it now. First, I wanted to say how much I love your blog. It’s really an inspiration to me ever time I come back to read more. There’s always something relevant on the front page.

    What I came here today to say is: last year (before I had ever read this post) I decided to treat Santa Claus (dammit, I still believe!) as a wish fulfillment egregore, and threw together a ritual to summon him… *insert half-assed joke about dyslexic satanists*

    Anyhow, I set up a small altar with the traditional offerings of milk and cookies, along with a few other odds and ends that I felt attached to and felt symbolized my connection with the spirit of things. I believe there was a bell, and some ribbon left over from wrapping gifts, and I sigilized “Santa Claus” and “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”, using rudolph as sort of a “gatekeeper” entity. I then meditated and read my Christmas list, and left it all to sit.

    Every night after the first working, I lit a candle, made new fresh offerings of milk and cookies, re-evoked, and reinforced my desires. Come Christmas Eve, I did the ritual one last time and then just let it be.

    My wish was for a new job, and wouldn’t you know it: for the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange, I was matched up to give a gift to a woman who works as a professional recruiter. We became fast friends and she proceeded to polish up my resume, and ever since then I’ve been getting tons of hits with it. While it’s not a complete fulfillment, I know where the new problem is and I’m working my ass off to fix that part (and I know what I’ll be asking Santa for help with this year).

    I just thought it was an amazing thing, and one of my favorite examples of magick actually working as intended: out of the tens of thousands of random anonymous people who signed up for this exchange… I got matched with one who not only became a great friend of mine, but who could directly and efficiently help me achieve exactly what I had wished for.

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