Tune Your Fiddles. Rome Is Burning.

Tune Your Fiddles. Rome Is Burning.

This is what a Classical Age DDOS attack looks like

You all know that we’re considered freaks, right?

Sarah Palin, in between promising to help our allies in West Korea in their battle against Narnia, would criminalise you if she could.

Meanwhile, the achingly trendy urban atheists of North London or Manhattan would smugly smile at our practices the way we smile at someone else’s child’s finger painting.

Well, fuck them.

Their world is collapsing. Their emperor has no clothes.

Here are some fun things I learned in the last week or so:

I’m not in the least bit interested in whether you think this alleged albino rapist from regional Australia is justified in his actions or not because it really doesn’t matter. You opinion means nothing because the pale, rapey-looking cat is out of the bag. Call it creative destruction. There is no coming back from this. As of now, the world has permanently changed because the idea that you can leak truths that destroy lies will occur to everyone. Whenever there is a disgruntled employee or a conscientious objector within a brutal government or an evil corporation, he or she will know that this is an option now. The terror of which will permanently change our large institutions -ultimately for the better.

That’s where I sit. I don’t mind secrets. But I fucking hate lies.

And I’m not alone. There was something so breathtaking about a bunch of internet nobodies like us taking down Mastercard because they weren’t willing to put up with their arbitrary corporate behaviour. We have voices now. (Or rather we have always had them, we just haven’t self-organised in such a way before.)

So I’m pro-wikileaks because I am pro press freedom. (Pause to enjoy the spectacular irony of this statement about press freedom from the US Department of State.) I also find it unbelievably galling that governments will claim that the site has put lives at risk simply because it exposes some of the real reasons we are in wars that these governments fucking started in the first place. That’s like saying you caused 9/11 because you watched it on someone else’s TV. Besides, I find it difficult to assess where the additional security threat is in the discovery that Texan contractors pimped out small boys to their Afghan thugs.

The reaction?

Well, Palin -once again showcasinging a truly magnificent display of geographical understanding (will someone please buy that cousinfucker a map?)- has accused Assange of “treason” despite the fact he is not an American citizen. Maybe the fact that she hasn’t lived “next door” to Australia like she has to Russia is confusing her? Her solution is that he should be hunted down like Bin Laden. (So that means he’s safe for at least a decade, then, yeah?)

Where is this rant going?

Let me tell you a little secret about me. It deals with my motivation. It sheds a light on why I chose media -and specifically news/factual media- as a career. The sublime -dare I say sacred- role of news media is to prevent power from moving in the dark. I am intoxicated by this idea because I know that darkness is power’s natural habitat. Power is inherently nocturnal.

Power that tells you that magic is foolish. Power that tells you that Atlantis is a lie rather than a memory. Power that tells you that belief in UFOs is stupid. Power that says you are stupid for all these reasons and more.

Well check us out now. From out of nowhere comes a Bond villain -the first of many- to shine great big halogen lights in the habitat of power.

In the space of a week or so we’ll have aliens, a genuinely ancient beginning for Egyptian/magical civilisation, chemical evidence of a global diaspora of ancient people four thousand years ago… And proof that you can tell when your elected leaders are lying by the simple fact that their lips are moving.

So tune up those fiddles, my beautiful brothers and sisters of the fringe. Our world just became permanently more interesting. And soon it will be our turn to be smug and condescending.

Hail chaos.


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  1. 3
    Pallas Renatus

    I heard two people (clearly not heavy internet users by the language they were using) talking about WikiLeaks on campus the other day, and I shit you not when one of them asked when this was “all going to die down”, the other’s reply was “Probably never, Anonymous doesn’t forgive”.

    Made. My. Fucking. Day.
    Pallas Renatus´s last blog post ..On Where Not To Find Spirits

  2. 4

    This has been an ongoing issue among friends. I feel much the same as you. I appluad the whistleblower. I’m tired of people claiming this endangers lives of soldiers. I’m a vet of the U.S. Army, former Cav Scout, and I’m going to give you a newsflash: war, politics, corporate power in government, and special interest lobbyists endanger soldiers lives and everyone elses as well. So, yeah I applaud those fighting back. My fiddle is tuned and what a lovely burn that will be.

    Have a drink and cheers, mate!

  3. 8

    I have found this a hard phenomenon to get my head around. But the penny dropped (or at least A penny dropped) when Secretary Gates, when told that Assange had been arrested, said he thought that was good news. Huh? What the fuck should Gates care about Assange’s trumped up rape case? As usual, what it’s about is not really what it’s about.

    And PayPal and MasterCard cutting Wikleaks off because they engage in “illegal activity”. Hang on! Would you please name the crime specifically. And not only has nobody been convicted, nobody’s even been charged!!! Does that mean Visa can cut me off if somebody from “the government” calls them and says they “think” I’ve been using my credit card to buy drugs??? That’s like the treatment the Will Smith character got in “Enemy of the State”.

    I get this feeling battle lines are being drawn, and people better figure out which side they are on. I suspect neutral will not be an option.
    Scribbler´s last blog post ..Gordons Givin It Away!

  4. 10

    Gordon – the phrase “Power is inherently nocturnal” may have implications for magic too. If we look at the properties of darkness etc and then look at Anonymous as both name and concept we’re really getting into the ambiguous territory where shape and form are hidden – occult, if you like.

    Shadow-war if you like. Just a thought.

  5. 11

    To be clear, Assange is not being charged with rape in the sense that most countries, and most observers, define the term. He is being charged with having consensual but unprotected sex, which may be definable as “rape” under Swedish law.

  6. 13

    I love your posts for many reasons, not the least of which being the fact that you called S.P. a cousinfucker. My favorite part of this one was “The sublime -dare I say sacred- role of news media is to prevent power from moving in the dark.” That gave me chills.

    This may be of interest to you: http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/secrecy/R41404.pdf It’s the government’s legal advisors advising the government to sit the eff down and STFU because they don’t have much of a case, if any, again Assange and other whistleblowers of his kind. It makes me happy.

    Long live creative destruction!
    Kate´s last blog post ..I feel like Im taking crazy pills

  7. 14
    Apel Mjausson

    @Scribbler: Yeah, pretty much. Financial institutions are regulated by anti-money laundering laws, anti-terrorist funding laws and many other laws and regulations. The regulator can call up your bank, Visa etc and tell them to freeze your assets AND that they’re not allowed to tell you or anybody else why they are doing this. The details vary by jurisdiction but the laws regulating financial institutions all include provisions to prevent the institution from “tipping off” the person who is being investigated. If the financial institution as much as breathes a wrong word, the regulator can shut them down and keep them down. Compared to that threat, Anonymous seems mildly irritating.

    I’m not sure it was particularly smart of The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Assange of La Mancha to paint such a big target on his own back. Remember that Al Capone was taken down by the IRS.

  8. 15

    I’m not so enthusiastic over this conflagration. This “burn” can spin wildly out of control, leading to some unpleasant and unintended consequences.

    Warfare usually results in collateral damage.

  9. 16

    Initially, I also wondered if the WikiLeaks could be used as a justification of greater governamental control over the Internet, but it seems that the civil society reaction was so loud that some politicians are interested in riding this wave as “defenders of Internet freedom”. It’s a very interesting moment – maybe related to Pluto in Capricorn, with the hidden political elites (the “top goats”) being exposed by plutonic forces.

  10. 18

    “He is being charged with having consensual but unprotected sex, which may be definable as “rape” under Swedish law.”

    That BS man! That some f*cked up law they have there in Sweden.

    Great Article Gordon! That’s some funny offbeat title your post!

    Creative Destruction? Hehe! We’re all going down anyway! Might as well go down with a Bang!

    It’s about time we’re sticking it up to the man! :p
    Stephen´s last blog post ..McMafia by Misha Glenny

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