10 Universal Sigils To Bulk Out Your Shoal

10 Universal Sigils To Bulk Out Your Shoal

Never saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice... Anyone know if it's worth a watch?

There is a very specific reason for deploying multiple sigils at once: You’re playing tricks on your brain.

It’s an extremely effective way of removing result lust.

Take it from me, it’s much easier to detach from what each symbol means when there is more than one of them sitting in front of you.

Shoaling is practically essential if you are going to keep your sigils for low attention processing.

In fact, I just looked up at the mirror sitting above the fireplace at the end of my bed -where I have my most recent shoal blu-tacked- and I genuinely can’t consciously remember what each of them is for.

There is, however, one little snag with the approach.

Sometimes -especially if you’re casting a lot- it can be a little difficult selecting magical targets with which to bulk out your shoal.

The long term solution to this is to get out your notebook and write down 100 bad ideas. The short term solution is to use any of the targets listed below.

They have been chosen so as not to interfere with whatever else you’ve got going on, hence the term ‘universal’. Whether you have kids, your gender, your location, your employment status… All of these more or less apply or will apply at some stage.

Note: I deliberately avoided health targets because sigils possibly aren’t the best approach for health magic. The exception being anything to do with the mind for obvious reasons. Which is why they are included below.

1. Travel upgrades

Why not? This is the cosmic equivalent of asking at the check-in desk. (Which you also need to do.)

2. Free samples

Or you could opt for ‘free shit’. But free samples maybe makes it less likely that you will end up with someone else’s junk stored indefinitely in your attic. Besides, for a variety of boring marketing reasons, free samples can now include iPads, holidays, free meals, etc. It’s no longer a really tiny paper cup of yoghurt in the aisle of your local supermarket.

3. Great sex

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want this. And it’s a target that is independent of your relationship status.

4. Excellent memory

Or ‘improved recall’ or something. Even if you have a good memory, it’s still not perfect. Everyone’s can be improved.

5. Read faster

Much like the above, you may already be a fast reader… But you can actually be faster. You will die long before you have had a chance to read all the books you actually want to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cram as many in as possible before you go.

6. Always find great secondhand books

Sidebar: Sometimes the 100 bad ideas approach yields a few in a row that are good -like finding a vein of gold. You can see how I went from ‘memory’ to remembering things I have read to ‘reading fast’ to getting lots of books to ‘great secondhand books’.

Anyway, you spend a lot of time in second hand bookshops, and magic books are expensive and frequently rare or out of print. So who wouldn’t want this kicking around for them?

7. Laugh more

This doesn’t mean have a funnier life. The actual amount of laughter you create is psychologically determined. And people who laugh more live longer and tend not to die of heart disease.

8. Always get discounts

This, like the travel one and the free samples one, is a probability thing as well. So cast this and ask. (It helps if you have a reason why, of course, but competition from the internet is always a reason why.)

9. Some kind of wider issue

Pick something ‘out there’. It’s an imperfect world so there are plenty of choices. I’m particularly terrified by this one in my beloved South West England so go with that if you like.

10. Interesting life

Spare me that Chinese curse crap. Here’s a quote from Peter J. Carroll’s latest (amazing) book:

“There seems little point in practicing magic unless you want to do a few extraordinary things with this incarnation.”

So yeah. Interesting rather than boring please.

Tips for activation

There’s a brief overview of sigil creation here if you need it. Other than that, here are a few tips:

  • Turn the pieces of paper over and swirl them arrange then place them face up.
  • Arrange the face up sigils in some sort of pleasing way. I have a large casting cloth and different candles and the whole thing looks very ‘wizardy’ in the half light. Remember, this is actually extremely important: it’s foreplay. You’re lubing up your unconscious here.
  • Charge them individual by placing them one at a time somewhere prominently in the middle of your set up.
  • The optimum number seems to be three or four. Numerologists take note. The optimal number varies depending on the ‘main goal’ of the operation but I don’t have enough data yet to form any conclusions as to why.
  • If you haven’t done it before, trying holding on to them. Keep the shoal together somewhere so that you can ‘kinda’ see them regularly… So that your mind normalises them.

Feel free to share your own if you’ve got some.


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  1. 3
    Cole Tucker

    Some great ideas here. Another variation I’m picking up:
    Always getting solid produce.

    It seems like all of the supermarkets here are putting out produce that in the past would have been on the discount shelves. Inflation, and all that.

  2. 4

    I actually did enjoy the film. Keep in mind that it’s family entertainment action film, not intended to be deep. This feels spammy saying this, but I actually wrote a bit about it last August when I was playing around to see how Blogger worked. If you do look at it, you’ll see I haven’t done anything with Blogger since.
    OwlRose´s last blog post ..5 Reasons to See The Sorcerers Apprentice

  3. 5

    Hi this looks like an interesting technique
    I’ve created a load of sigils similar to this idea before but I’ve always charged them in separate sessions
    Is the idea that you basically line up all the sigils and charge them one after the other in one session, with whatever banishing you like before and after, with no break between each sigil?

  4. 6


    I’m learnig so much here, and a question poped up. What if you are fireing the sigils with an orgasm, could that also be done with multiple sigils?

    All the best,

  5. 7

    Sent you a message on facebook a while back. It’s fine if you ignored it; it was a question about “universal sigils”, but
    I eventually realized the answer was in my question. I am still patient and slow with sigils. Just a few now, letting them
    simmer, re-forging them from time to time. I am not bothered that I did not get a reply to the facebook message;
    I know you might just say “you can find out by using gnosis, no need to ask anyone”.

    Alot of synchro-mystics from the “Secret Sun” networks think I am a “skepdick”, perhaps you remember me from
    those forums…either way I wanted to give some respect to you in regards to the posts on this blog regarding sigils.

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