Weekend Activities: Play “Where’s Jason?” And Get A Free Ebook

Weekend Activities: Play “Where’s Jason?” And Get A Free Ebook

Please note Jason's lime green bowler hat is also missing so if you find it do forward it along

You may have heard the news elsewhere but the good Mr Miller has embarked on a little forced migration. His full note to readers is at the end of the post.

Everyone is hereby ordered to amend their readers and blog rolls as appropriate.

Also, here’s a little SEO tip for you fellow bloggers out there. Clean up your broken links to the old blog. (29 in my case. Goodbye Sunday night.) Google hates broken links and you may be penalised.

If you are on WordPress then I would suggest simply ‘unlinking’ them for now in case the old blog actually returns.

Once you have done that, then return and have a browse through some of the digital flotsam that has washed up here in the past week:

1. Get some focus

Focus is an absolutely free ebook from one of the kings of the muggle internet.

Read it, share it, think about buying it if you like. Sidebar: This is an absolutely fantastic pricing model for an information product in the twenty first century -if you care about such things. (I have to for work.)

After you have skimmed the book, have a look at this interesting counterpoint from Penelope Trunk. Something tells me magical folk fall closer to her on the minimalism spectrum.

2. Get a bit terrified by the future of money

At the moment this is UK-only but I’m sure all you resourceful non-Brits can find a copy if you are interested -and you should be. Robert Peston is so good at explaining complex economics to laypeople that he caused the first run on a British bank in a century a couple of years ago off of a single TV report.

Sounds dull? It isn’t. Sounds too UK-centric? The whole point is that it isn’t. The world economies literally cannot afford to bail out banks again. The last time it cost the equivalent of £1400 for every person on the earth.

3. Attacking public officials is a sign of craziness and basically nothing else

Great post -as ever- from Andreas Kluth.

4. Discover why first borns are the brightest and how to turn that into a black hat life hack

It turns out there is nothing hormonal about it -like there is in the case of same sex sexual attraction. (Second, third or fourth born males are statistically more likely to be gay and that likelihood increases the higher up you go. Weird, huh?)

The hack here, then, is to make sure your child -whatever number he or she is- has regular opportunities to teach, train or demonstrate knowledge.

5. Ten deities that like to party

Some of these are new to me. Plus it gives me a really good idea for some summer evening activities.

6. Read an amazing discussion about The Force

Found this through Cat, as well. If you’re not following him yet then you’re just missing out.

7. Learn how to gracefully cope with setbacks

Jason, as you’ll see over on his new blog, doesn’t need to read this one. I know my own reaction would have been far more shrill.

8. Find out how to map a city using equations

A really gripping NYT piece about a physicist setting out to ‘solve’ New York. Equations make excellent maps, apparently. And there’s a growing trend in that direction.

From Jason:

Dear Readers of Strategic Sorcery,

As most of you know, Strategic Sorcery mysteriously disappeared on the evening of Wednesday, January 19th. The blog was not locked or cancelled by blogger intentionally, nor does it appear to be a deliberate hack. It is a glitch that is effecting about 50 other blogs.

Strategic Sorcery will now be hosted at my own website. The new address is http://www.inominandum.com/blog/

Please take a moment and update your links and follow me at the new site.

A big thanks go out to the owner of this blog for helping me get the message out.  Thank you readers who have written in concerned about the situation. I am awed and gladdened by your support.

Thank you,

Jason Miller (Inominandum)


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  1. 1

    1)minimalism may be good for de-cluttering, but as a way of life ‘boring’ describes it perfectly.
    2)the next bail-out is already set to happen, i believe. & it will be much worse in terms of fall-out. since politicians are more reactive than proactive, maybe appropriate legislation will then be passed. so pay off debts, settle in to where you want to live, it will be a painful ride…

  2. 2
    DJ Martin

    Gordon, I’m curious as to where you got your free copy of ‘Focus’. Your link takes you to a page with a photo of the book & a ‘buy book’ button which, in turn, takes you to Paypal. Can’t find a ‘read & if you like it, pay’ page.

  3. 3
    Morgan Drake Eckstein

    For the previous poster about the Focus book—the page in question has both a free and a paid version of the book (freeminium).

    As for the bank (alas I am non-UK), one of the banks I do business with on Friday was taken over by the FDIC. And I have no idea yet, why.
    Morgan Drake Eckstein´s last blog post ..Harry Potters Wand

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