Magic Secrets As Taught By Robot Fish

Magic Secrets As Taught By Robot Fish

Want to see what shoaling looks like?

Proper shoaling, that is… the thing fish do. In this case, sticklebacks.

Go and watch this video of scientists testing out whether a shoal of wild fish would follow an artificial leader.

Of particular interest in the companion article is:

Robofish moved faster than the real fish, which may indicate to them that it knows something useful they do not.

Another reason is that robofish was at the front of the group and studies have shown that bold leading individuals have a greater influence.

It is the decisive movement that creates the shoal. This happens through a process called Local Information Transmission.

Extending the idea that sigil magic operates in a Moorean way where ‘ideas’ have ‘autonomy’, then clearly this has two implications for sigil shoaling:

  1. It is likely that they cluster around the sigil with the greatest probability of completion. (I’ve spoken previously about how the results seem to intertwine.) This is the corollary of the fish leader’s decisive movement.
  2. You can presumably kick-start this process by sigilizing something that is guaranteed to happen. Better yet, something you can take decisive action to guarantee happens, like drinking coffee the next morning.

The decisive movement sigil you create to kickstart the shoal is officially designated the robofish.

A new Big Project has emerged (after the success of the last one) that requires nested practical enchantments so let’s see how this works.


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    @PR Cheers!

    @Yuzuru Nope, but it’s my go-to for long term stuff on account of it’s flexibility/sequentiality.

    My brain works better with phased enchantments.

    Short term stuff? Anything goes.

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