An Apocalypse Video Series

An Apocalypse Video Series

So Google Plus is rivalling Twitter in the game of “who can bring me the most interesting things whenever my microscopic attention span needs a break.”

As such, here are several videos that have come through both that relate to our ongoing plan to develop apocalypse management strategies.

Watch them in order.

This next one was found through James Altucher. It’s from last year. Sorry if you’ve seen it. But it’s worth watching after that first amazing rant.

Next one is a genuinely brilliant AJ half-hour piece on the super rich in America. You know, the top of the triangle. If you’re going to watch just one of them make it this one.

Sidebar: Here is why the poor make the seemingly bizarre choice to support tax cuts for the rich: They have been sold a fantasy.

And the final one is an extremely long documentary from a paranoid schizophrenic. Which is fine. We all know by now to avoid the narrative fallacy and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We also know that wild speculation can highlight your own ‘preposterousness ecosystem’.

Just skim it for further examples of the top 1% doing what it does. Or get a bit high and watch the whole thing. Whatever man, it’s the weekend.

Sidebar: Alarmingly in his defence, Europe appears to be proceeding right on schedule. (And it is us wizards who are to blame for that.)

And if you have somehow managed to get to the end of it, reward yourself with a brilliant essay interspersed with on-topic classic comedy.

Have a good weekend. If you want to leave a comment about the last video I’m going to have to insist you watch the second-last one first. (It’s good. Watch it.)



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  1. 2

    What’s going on?

    In one sentence I would describe it as:

    “The slow motion robbery of the majority by a tiny minority over the last fifty years is accelerating at breakneck speed.”

    *Sigh* back to the drawing/hustle board.

  2. 3

    considering perry (rep, tx) just threw his oversized stetson into the ring yesterday, the last video seems ultra timely. i guess either tarot or the fact itself will show whether his election has been pre-ordained in turkey by his illuminati overlords or not. i’d hate to say that living, breathing americans would vote for him or michelle bachman or sarah palin, but they elected george bush to a 2nd term despite lies and incompetence and it’s impossible to predict anymore to what depths of ignorance and self-disrespect they might sink yet.

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