Eschatology’s Comforting Glow

Eschatology’s Comforting Glow

A frequent accusation levelled at conspiracy theories is that they serve as replacement narratives for ostensibly post-religious people still seeking meaning in the movemment of the wider world.

To some extent this is a fair observation even if it is regularly used to dismiss out of hand otherwise legitimate enquiries that hegemony does not feel like answering. (*cough World Trade Center 7 cough*)

And there is a particularly American-flavoured version of conspiratorial Judgement Day that involves the US military somehow fighting on the side of the angels -either literally or metaphorically.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t touchpoints between the global armed forces and High Weirdness… if anything they comprise the most potent touchstones of any conspiracy theory… though, I prefer the term conspiracies theory as the singular implies an unverifiable connectedness of High Weirdness. My favourite example remains the dozens of accounts of UFOs repeated disabling British, Indian and US nuclear weapons. (In the video below the interviewee says one of the US military slang terms for these UFOs is “treehuggers from space.” Which is cute.)

A particularly audacious example of the military Judgement Day genre has been floating around the more paranoid fringes of the whisky rant-ish internet the last couple of weeks. It’s a conspiracy theory hinging on potentially the biggest coup d’état in human history: the mass arrest of key players in business, politics and above all banking by loyal factions within the US military.

And apparently these mass arrests are imminent.

The video interview goes for three goddsdamn hours so let me summarise in case you have literally anything else to do. (But if you don’t… have fun.)

  • Loyal sections of retired and serving military and government personnel are about to arrest thousands of people in finance and government based on a plan that has been in existence for decades.
  • The catalyst is they signed up to protect the country not the wealth of bankers. (Fair play.)
  • Following the removal of these servants of the Archons (my words not theirs) alien tech such as free energy generators as well as patent-free miracle medicines will be globally released.
  • The removal of these evil players that have broken the world and gotten away with it will also take the form of firings and retirement a la James Murdoch last week.
  • Extra-dimensional support may appear.

Here’s a brief, shouty taste of the sentiment expressed, because if you don’t have three hours you certainly have three minutes:

One of the examples David cites as proof of this fissuring at the top of the OAT triangle in the interview in the first video is JP Morgan “divorcing” the Vatican. Apparently the formerly unified NWO/Illuminati/etc are splitting apart and turning on each other.

It’s a rather clever idea virus, this ‘mass arrest’ thing. By implying that the removal of top Archon agents can take the form of firing or retirement you get to point at literally any change in the Fortune 500 and shout “Aha!” Factor in the appeal of the odious misunderstanding of fire and brimstone so beloved of televangelists -the bad guys get punished!- and you can see why this narrative might be quite popular. In the end we all live happily ever after.

This is a jigsaw that can fit almost any piece.

All of this isn’t to say that fissures aren’t appearing in the relationships between the tiny elite that have so recently broken our entire world. The tide has gone out and we can all see which of them has been swimming naked.

Times aren’t super-great in the 1% at the moment. Despite being intellectually aware of their game for the last few decades we now viscerally know their game and absolutely aren’t happy about it. Elections are looming, social change is a foot and they know that someone will be left holding the bag. (This is what I mean by “winning”.) To paraphrase Lord Ashdown, the ruling elite are themselves moving into a multi-polar world.

From Reality Sandwich:

 Perhaps there was a conscious conspiracy to suppress free energy devices, alternative cancer therapies, and so forth, or maybe it was an unconscious conspiracy comprising the agents of the status quo whose careers and intellectual paradigms these technologies violate.

If there ever was an Illuminati orchestrating world events, it has lost control. Today, the atmosphere among the financial elite fluctuates between panic and resignation.

The ground has already begun to shift, and that shift will accelerate as the “old normal” falls apart. It has fallen apart in many ways already, yet its afterimage lingers. The supermarkets are still full of food, the malls full of shoppers, the highways full of cars, and the ATM’s full of cash. The last-ditch strategy of the financial elite, “extend and pretend”, applies to our entire society. It is still possible to pretend that the world of our parents will be the world of our children, and to extend its lifestyle a few more years. But that pretense is wearing thin.

No longer are vampire squid and castrating paedophiles automatic bedfellows just because they both happen to be directly responsible for the suffering of millions. The business of enslaving us and destroying the environment has become slightly more difficult in 2012. Also -to the central claim of the video- I would be extremely surprised if there weren’t factions within government and the military that have their own counter-measures planned. That is their job after all. Good luck to them.

However this doesn’t mean the various counter-measures and high level machinations the ruling elite engage in connect up in any way. To say so would be falling victim to the narrative fallacy. It’s Games-Of-Thrones-as-usual at Bilderberg this year just with slightly higher stakes and increased global scrutiny.

Possibly the only thing we can say with any confidence is that this is still anybody’s apocalypse.

That and I secretly hope the delusional Nam vet in the video is right. Honestly, arrest the lot of them and burn them all in the town square.


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