The Séance That Changed America

The Séance That Changed America

NASA is weird.

We know that. It’s an on-paper civil organisation that was originally run by a large number of the 7,000 Nazis put to work in America at the end of the war.

And despite having an ostensibly non-military remit, the organisation picked up the pieces of US space strategy from the military.

Space was ‘owned’ by the military for over ten years before the creation of NASA.

The military’s own OSI was in charge of investigating the Maury Island incident, for example.

This incident occurred in 1947; the very same year as the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, Roswell, the creation of the CIA and the creation of the Department of the Air Force. (Remember that coincidence is things co-inciding.)

One of the OSI’s UFO investigators was a man sometimes called Jack Martin… who also happened to be a bishop in a weird, fake church known as the American Orthodox Catholic Church or AOCC. (As was J Edgar Hoover.)

The AOCC has only bishops, no priests and no congregations. It appears in the FBI files relating to the JFK assassinations because basically everyone orbiting the main suspects was a member of a fake church whose bishops would investigate UFO incidents.

In the video below, researcher Peter Levenda talks about how the only building he has ever been able to find relating to this mysterious, fake church was in the Bronx. As I watched through it on the weekend, the penny dropped and landed in a weird corner of my brain.

This is the same mysterious group of fake priests described in Dead Names who accidentally attended Bobby Kennedy’s funeral and -oh, I don’t know- wrote the fucking Simonomicon.

That’s when it occurred to me this fascinating presenter wasn’t letting on all he knew. (But you should always know your audience so no judgement.)

One way or another, the Necronomicon story just got crazier. Because these bishops are also connected via a number of weird post-war figures with a really bizarre séance that happened in a farmhouse in Maine in 1952, involving a group of beings calling themselves The Nine.

(And if you want to see where these events tie in with the Whisky Rant then watch the other worthwhile video from the same series. Make it a weekend project.)

The Nine

The man at the centre of this séance was Andrija Puharich, US Army Captain and author of a government paper on the weaponisation of ESP. And this is the guy that is moving in the same murky circles as bishops Jack Martin and Fred Crisman.

The farmhouse in question was owned by his bizarro Round Table Foundation which appears to have received funding from the CIA.

Puharich first gathered together these nine people on a warm night in early June. But the most interesting results were actually achieved in New Year’s Eve of the same year.

And it’s a line-up that positively defines “could not make this up”. The group included:

  • Arthur Young, who invented the Bell helicopter. However at the end of WWII he abandoned military aviation to concentrate full-time on the paranormal.
  • Arthur’s wife, Ruth… previously of the Forbes dynasty. Her son, Michael, would get a job at Bell Aerospace through her and Arthur’s influence. (Michael’s wife got Lee Harvey Oswald his job at the book depository. She was learning Russian from Oswald’s wife who was living with her in Irving, Texas. Oh, and her father worked for a CIA front called the Agency for International Development. Lee Harvey Oswald left the coffee company in New Orleans, saying to his co-workers he was “going to work for NASA.” After the assassination, two other coffee company employees get jobs at NASA. Just saying.)
  • Mary Bancroft; of the Bancroft dynasty who would much later sell the Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal to Murdoch. She also happened to be the mistress of the then-CIA chief. (The one JFK fired after the Bay Of Pigs after saying he was also going to break up the CIA… who conveniently went on to investigate JFK’s death. Just saying.)
  • Marcella Du Pont of the Du Pont family.
  • Alice Bouverie who was born into the Astor dynasty. (Her father died on the Titanic and her first husband was a Czarist prince who would work for the OSS during WWII.)

Here’s what happened at the séance:

These gods, who were nine in number as well, were part of one great, creator god known as Atum. The other gods consisted of Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys, and sometimes Horus.

Communication with these entities was handled by the medium, an Indian gentleman referred to as Dr. D.G. Vinod, who slipped into a trance state at 12:15 AM and began speaking as ‘the Nine’ by 12:30. Afterwards Dr. Vinod would claim to have no memory of the conversation that preceded between the Ennead Nine and their human counterparts. 

During the course of the seance the mystical Nine informed the human nine that they would be in charge of bringing about a mystical renaissance on Earth. From there the Nine ventured into quasi-scientific, philosophical constructs that eventually led to the acknowledgement that they, the Grand Ennead, were in fact extraterrestrial beings living in an immense spaceship hovering invisibly over the planet and that the assembled congregation had been selected to promote their agenda on Earth.

Not a bad collection of people to pull together if you wanted to promote a specific agenda over the second half of the twentieth century. Untold riches and connective power in one farmhouse. In fact, you have to wonder what percentage of American wealth was controlled by people related to the attendees.

Writing about the face on Mars and its relation to a descendant group sprung from this very séance, Chris Knowles points out:

And the other conundrum here is if the Council of Nine’s psychics saw this thing before it was photographed in 1976, did NASA go looking for it solely based on their advice? What does that say about the influence of a group that most people could be excused for dismissing as a bunch of gullible New Agers?

The Nine would go on to surface in weird places for decades including near Uri Geller (the AP is Puharich, who first brought Geller to the US), President Ford, Gene Roddenberry (Deep Space Nine anyone?), Al Gore as well as Soviets surrounding Gorbachev who were instrumental in the collapse of communism as mentioned in this old Fortean Times piece.  It’s not unreasonable to assume there were many more such places.


Back to the Simonomicon.

From people who have met him, Simon is adamant that he didn’t make the book up, that he did, in fact, find it in the home of AOCC-offshoot bishop William Prazky.

Of course, various people over the years have come forward claiming to have contributed design work for the motifs and such.

And of course, the convenient fire that destroyed the original document in Dead Names is patently untrue.

That’s fine.

No one seriously expects a 1500-year-old document to have survived in a legible state down to the seventies. For literally dozens of reasons, the Necronomicon is not an antiquitous survival.

But here’s where it gets pretty weird.

The origin of the document lies with a bunch of weird faux-catholic bishops who have been investigating UFO phenomena since the late forties, who were associated via Puharich with a séance in which American royalty contacted extraterrestrial beings, have direct ties to the founders of NASA (including as least one Nazi) and may have actually killed a president.

Channelled instructions from ancient beings from the stars, a ‘fake’ book about beings from the stars. What if Simon isn’t lying but instead of an early Arabic Grimoire, the manuscript is an extradimensional download?

Let’s try then for a selective, potted timeline of the Necronomicon:

  • As per Dead Names, Some tenuous seals and references to Kutulu as some kind of Arabic underworld or possibly a being known as ‘The Abandoner’. Whatever, the pre-Lovecraft stuff is pretty flimsy because obviously it’s retrospective.
  • Lovecraft includes The Necronomicon in his stories for the first time.
  • Some of his other nerd friends include it in their stories.
  • Lovecraft dies.
  • A séance in Maine where rocket scientists and American royalty contact a group of aliens calling themselves The Nine. One of those present has sustained professional contact with shadowy alterna-bishops who themselves have a direct connection with the first Necronomicon manuscript. Other people at the séance will go on to house Lee Harvey Oswald’s family in their home. Still others will spend decades working with Nazis to build spaceships and put humans on the moon for official reasons that still don’t make sense to this day.
  • Simonomicon published. It will become the most-published Grimoire ever in the English language. It purports to be ‘real’ (whatever that means).
  • Lovecraft’s mythos is codified into a coherent, workable form by a games company in the eighties. They fill the holes in the mythos, Jurassic Park-style by blending it with some now-slightly-out-of-date Sumerian cosmology. (An important step too few people focus on.)
  • Other Necronomicon systems, cleaving closer to the coherent mythos, are published: books, tarot sets, etc.
  • A slew of Cthulu B-movies of varying quality but consistent awesomeness are released over the last twenty five years.
  • That South Park episode.

So when it says in The Apophenion that the Necronomicon “fell in from elsewhere and disintegrated on impact” in my mind it really does start to look like a spaceship crashing to earth and flinging pieces over time and space. This is a quote from Simon’s Dead Names:

Kenneth Grant, the major interpreter of the works of magician Aleister Crowley, sees in occult practices the same evidence for interstellar contact through ritual. Grant also links this concept with the Necronomicon mythos, and sees in its magical system a method for communicating with extraterrestrial beings, beings we believe are angels, demons, or other spiritual forces. If we look at the system of the Golden Dawn -the British occult society that exerted so much influence on twentieth century magic- we see only faint echoes of this point of view, burdened as it is by references to ancient Egyptian gods and Qabalistic and Masonic terminology. 

The magical groups that have sprung up around the Necronomicon, however, are consciously aware of this aspect to their practice and realize that the entities whose presences are made known during the course of their rituals may be described as either spiritual or extraterrestrial forces… or both.

It is entirely possible that the Sumerian religious experience -and hence, all religious experience in the world that derives from it- is based on what could be the most important and profound psychic event in the history of humanity: contact with beings from another planet or star.

I note that during the closing parts of the Ptolemaic Era, the Book Of Thoth was considered an astral document rather than a physical publication. One could gain access to it astrally or parts of it could appear on earth in diverse forms; scrolls, statues, people, etc. The twentieth century appears to have ‘unpacked’ at least one similar publication.

One final piece of the story that doesn’t fit anywhere. Puharich:

So to recap, we have a brilliant doctor and research scientist drafted into the US intelligence network for which he would continue an on again, off again relationship with till at least the 1970s. Much of his working during this time revolved around psychic ability and drugs and that would help unlock this ability. In the same time he was also channelling entities that claimed to be both the gods of ancient Egypt as well as space aliens, with the backing of wealthy and powerful patrons with deep ties to the military-industrial complex.

The enigmatic convener of the séance was obsessed with finding a chemical to stimulate psychic ability and published a widely-disseminated book on the use of psychoactive mushrooms which was used as a reference by Tim Leary and possibly the CIA… ultimately ‘switching on’ millions of people (including myself if I’m honest).

Clearly, on that night in Maine in 1952, The Neighbours were in a talkative mood.


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  1. 1

    “So when it says in The Apophenion that the Necronomicon “fell in from elsewhere and disintegrated on impact” in my mind it really does start to look like a spaceship crashing to earth and flinging pieces over time and space.”
    Perhaps it is like the Iron Giant, and it is rebuilding itself. Brrrrr…

  2. 2

    “The origin of the document lies with a bunch of weird faux-catholic bishops who have been investigating UFO phenomena since the late forties, who were associated via Puharich with a séance in which American royalty contacted extraterrestrial beings, have direct ties to the founders of NASA (including as least one Nazi) and may have actually killed a president.”

    But don’t say “it all connects”, or you’re Choronzon’s bitch, eh?
    Scribbler´s last blog post ..On art as prophecy, art as magic

  3. 5
    Rose Weaver

    “The enigmatic convener of the séance was obsessed with finding a chemical to stimulate psychic ability and published a widely-disseminated book on the use of psychoactive mushrooms which was used as a reference by Tim Leary and possibly the CIA… ultimately ‘switching on’ millions of people (including myself if I’m honest).”

    Fascinating post, Gordon. An aside, though maybe not too far removed, Project CHATTER (eventually associated with MKULTRA) began in 1947… both directly related to what you mention above, and within this post.

    Nope. Nothing to see here.

  4. 6

    Possibly interesting, but so what? Maybe in a follow-up post you can tell us how you work with the aliens, or what their agenda is and how we might adjust our plans accordingly.

  5. 7

    Oh, brain fried. Again. Posts like these always leave me feeling vaguely nauseous. Somewhere in-between “Oh cool!” because you do really dig up some really interesting information and then something like “Asdfgh my head!!!” because then there are connections drawn and conclusions I wouldn’t normally go for. To put it lightly. I still don’t really go for, actually, but the ideas are interesting to play with.

    Do you actually believe in your alien conclusion? I don’t mean to be rude, but what little I understand about chaos magic is that it is entirely possible to worship Donald Duck and uh, invest belief in it to make it work without actually expecting the ducks in your local pond to start talking back (right?). And you do the chaos magic thing, so…I guess I’m just a little confused here. Sorry.

  6. 8

    @Gordon: Saw the two videos. Very interesting, sometimes I felt inside a Hellboy or Invisibles story. It is very tempting to believe them – the world would really be much more cooler with a conspirancy of Nazi NASA scientists or hidden space programs reaching Mars. But let’s not fill the holes (heh) on the fabric or reality too fast, as you pointed in the Whisky Rants.
    About the Necronomicon: surely you read this?

  7. 9

    To start: I never thought I’d ever say this, but you almost made me late for work yesterday! ;-) I was reading this posting on my phone while riding the Metro into the city center, and I just got to the part about what happened at the séance when I arrived at the top of the escalator. The temptation to duck into a cafe to finish reading it was nearly overwhelming, but I managed to be a big boy and head to the office. (I just waited until the afternoon and finished reading it on the PC at my desk. :-o )

    After finally watching the Levenda video, I got your hat joke (incidentally mine’s flat hat in the winter, straw hat in the summer). But I’m still working my way through the conflicting signals. After reading your posting, I was kinda of the mind that The Nine (both divine/alien and human counterparts) were bad news and out to enslave all of us while the blue bloods cashed in. Lavenda’s presentation supports this thesis, especially with his implication that the American aristocracy is in cahoots with the Nazi agenda, and his plea to seek out truth, uncover the secrets and keep your eyes open to names that oddly pop up in the news. (My favorite is James Baker, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to deliver the coup de grace for the “W” election putsch. He served in more cabinet positions under Reagan and Bush than any secretary I can remember. I think he was the power behind the throne for twelve years.) So that would make the Necronomicon evil and something to be avoided by people serving the light. Right? But, then again, the report of the séance itself gives Egyptian names to all of the “aliens”, and I’ve never thought of the Egyptian gods as evil. Uh oh! confusion coming on!

    Then, when I looked Levenda up in Wikipedia, the author of that article gives evidence that Levenula is likely Simon, the author of the Necronomicon. And in the video, Levendula says that he had been a member of this AOCC in New York, meaning that he is one of the weird bishops he makes fun of in the presentation. OK. Now I’m really confused.

    Something smells of disinformation.
    Scribbler´s last blog post ..On art as prophecy, art as magic

  8. 11

    Extremely interesting. Fred Crisman is one of the most enigmatic people in recent US history, between this, Maury Island and the Grassy Knoll I am fascinated with him. Colin Wilson in his book “Alien Dawn” has some good information on Puharich and Uri Geller. Apparently the disincarnate entity (the Nine) who guided them and Charles Laughead, failed them in the last moment and seemed incapable of mastering time as we know it.
    Fahrusha´s last blog post ..Fukushima, the Media, and the Reality-based Worldview

  9. 12

    Holy crap. I was walking today in the street when I saw a scene of The Iron Giant, the movie I mentioned on the post above – and it was EXACTLY the scene where he was rebuilding itself. Brrrrr again…

  10. 14

    What exactly does it mean for one to be “Choronzon’s bitch?” I’ve been reading a lot of your posts lately, Gordon (although am technically still new here and new to magic), and I’ve seen that phrase written more than once.

    Does it mean that if all the dots connected like in, say, a conspiracy theory, that the narrative would be self referential enough to be eternally devoured in the abyss of ego destruction?

    Let me know if I’m getting close here?

  11. 15
    Steve Ash

    Brilliant article. I’ve explored most of this stuff but never connected it quite like this before, very neat.

    A few queries, observations, reservations:

    What’s you’re source(s) on Jack Martin being a former OSI UFO investigator? That’s a new one for me. The role of the OSI in the Maury Island Affair has always puzzled me, the two official investigators apparently always communicated with Arnold via a payphone outside their AFB, they never used official phones. Then of course they died in freak air crash and Arnold claimed his own plane was tampered with. But then Arnold is working for Palmer and the Hoax Machine, so how much of that is true?? Of course there’s also the Soviets creeping around in the background on that one and early nuclear spying. I’ve never bought the Crisman / JFK connection though, he was a fantasist and the evidence is really dodgy (for me the JFK thing just leads back to the Texan Oil Cartel, and their contractors Shackley’s Secret Team with their host of anti Castro freelancers and southern mobsters, so would be the Cowboy camp rather than the Yankee camp which I assume the Nine group were connected too?).

    On the Nine, I’ve always regarded Young as the key mover here, with Puharich as his right hand man, he was also the source for Robert Temple’s Sirius Mystery / Dagon hoax too as you probably know (though they may have been its dupes rather than its deseminators). For me its interesting that both Young and Puharich were very close to Henry Wallace, the former Vice President and occult Scottish Rite Mason who put the ‘eye in the pyramid’ on the dollar bill and briefly linked with the Russian Theosophist Roerich in his quest for Shambala! The more grounded reality here being Wallace’s opposition to the Cold War and his naive dalliance with the Russians, as well as American Communists in his post Democrat Progressive Party days. Of course he was chased out of politics by the likes of his Masonic colleague and Defence Secretary, Col Henry Stimson (though Stimson was York Rite not Scots Rite), who was one of the architects of the Cold War and responsible for the development and use of the Atom Bomb (Stimson of course was also a Bonesman and seems responsible for turning Skull and Bones into a recruiting ground for Spooks, including the Bush Mafia, with their very real Nazi links). Curiously John Keel mentions Stimson’s mansion in the Mothman Prophecies as being on Mount Misery, a hotspot site he associates with spooky goings on and UFOs). But back to Wallace who in some ways seems to be Young’s mentor and linked to a Theosophical subculture within Scots Rite Freemasonry whose ideas correlate to those of the Nine.

    But Young was intimately linked with Esalen and the whole countercultural elite from Leary, through Robert Anton Wilson to Sarffatti, as well as the OTO mob via his other contacts. He seems more a liberal libertarian than some ‘NASA Nazi’. And then there’s the whole alleged Leary plot to switch on JFK with Acid, via his acolyte Mary Pinchot Meyer, wife of CIA executive and Washington contact Cord Meyer, who was in an affair with JFK.

    My intuition is of somekind of bizarre overlap between a broad left Illuminist network (probably infiltrated by the Soviets) and an anti establishment far right occult Masonry, with some Cold War warriors in opposition or cahoots with one or both. Its all very murky. But as Reed said, ‘the history of the world is the history of warfare between secret societies’ :)

    One thing I disagree on would be the Simonomicon, As a fully paid up member of the EOD (dissident wing) I’d say this was one of the worst occult books ever written and completely at odds with any genuine Yogsothothery, But I could see it fitting in with the general Annunaki fantasies that also permeate this ethos.

  12. 16
    Steve Ash

    The claim that NASA was controlled by ex Nazis is a bit simplistic too of course. NASA was formed in 1958 when NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, est 1912), under the Physicist and Methodist Hugh Dryden, with Hendrik Wade Bode of Bell Labs (responsible for the technology that shot down the V1) as his chief scientist, was merged with elements of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, under a Major General Medaris, with Werner von Braun as his deputy; the Naval Research Laboratory, under Pentagon control but recruiting several German V2 scientists for Americas first Satellite program; and soon after the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, founded by Jewish exile Theodore von Kármán, artist / scientist Frank Malina and Thelemite Jack Parsons. It’s true von Braun was a dominant force in NASA often ignoring instructions from his superiors and forming a clique with other German scientists, but the earliest dominant institution in NASA outside of the military was probably Bell Labs and Bell Aircraft (note Arthur M Young of the Nine was formerly a chief designer for Bell Aircraft, inventing the Bell Helicopter and later the largest shareholder in Bell Telephones who owned Bell Labs).

    As for the ‘Nazi element’, taking Von Braun as an example his affiliations are controversial (from Wiki) :

    (Von Braun’s) Involvement with the Nazi regime

    Von Braun had an ambivalent and complex relationship with the regime of the Third Reich. He officially applied for membership in the NSDAP on November 12, 1937 and was issued membership number 5,738,692.[14]

    Ten years later he stated in an affidavit for the U.S. Army:

    “In 1939, I was officially demanded to join the National Socialist Party. At this time I was already Technical Director at the Army Rocket Center at Peenemünde (Baltic Sea). The technical work carried out there had, in the meantime, attracted more and more attention in higher levels. Thus, my refusal to join the party would have meant that I would have to abandon the work of my life. Therefore, I decided to join. My membership in the party did not involve any political activity.”[citation needed] [Whether von Braun’s error with regard to the year was deliberate or a simple mistake has never been ascertained].

    Michael J. Neufeld, the acclaimed author and chief of the Space History Division at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, writes:

    “Von Braun, like other Peenemünders, was assigned to the local group in Karlshagen; there is no evidence that he did more than send in his monthly dues. But he is seen in some photographs with the party’s swastika pin in his lapel – it was politically useful to demonstrate his membership.”[citation needed]

    As for his attitude toward the National Socialist regime in the late 1930s and early 1940s, there can be little doubt that he was a loyal, perhaps mildly enthusiastic subject of Hitler’s dictatorship. With the Führer going from success to success — eliminating unemployment, tearing up the Versailles Treaty, rearming, reoccupying the Rhineland, and then in 1938 absorbing Austria and the Czech Sudetenland without war — there is no doubt that the regime, but above all Hitler, had become immensely popular. Von Braun, a German nationalist immersed in a military environment, doubtlessly found much he could like about these accomplishments, and little reason to be disturbed, especially in view of how much money had been poured into his beloved rocketry as a result of rearmament. He admitted in a 1952 memoir article that he “fared relatively rather well under totalitarialism.”[15]
    Membership in the Allgemeine SS

    Von Braun joined the Allgemeine SS, which was not an armed unit. In 1947, he gave the U.S. War Department this explanation:

    “In spring 1940, one SS-Standartenfuehrer (SS-colonel) Mueller from Greifswald, a bigger town in the vicinity of Peenemuende, looked me up in my office … and told me, that Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler had sent him with the order to urge me to join the SS. I told him I was so busy with my rocket work that I had no time to spare for any political activity. He then told me, that … the SS would cost me no time at all. I would be awarded the rank of a[n] “Untersturmfuehrer (lieutenant) and it were [sic] a very definite desire of Himmler that I attend his invitation to join.

    I asked Mueller to give me some time for reflection. He agreed.

    Realizing that the matter was of highly political significance for the relation between the SS and the Army, I called immediately on my military superior …, Dr. Dornberger. He informed me that the SS had for a long time been trying to get their “finger in the pie” of the rocket work. I asked him what to do. He replied on the spot that if I wanted to continue our mutual work, I had no alternative but to join.”

    Von Braun joined the organization and was issued membership number 185,068.

    Michael J. Neufeld writes:

    “As with von Braun’s party membership, we have no truly independent account of what happened, but his story is plausible.”[16]

    Von Braun’s cozy feelings for the regime may have undergone a change when he was arrested and accused of being a “communist sympathizer” who had attempted to sabotage or delay the weapons program. These charges could have led to the death penalty for treason. Not helping the matter was that von Braun had skills as a pilot and had access to an aircraft, which might have allowed him to escape to England. (See: Arrest and release by the Nazi regime).

    When shown a picture of him behind Himmler, Braun claimed to have worn the SS uniform only that one time,[17] but in 2002 a former SS officer at Peenemünde told the BBC that von Braun had regularly worn the SS uniform to official meetings; it should be noted that this was mandatory.[18] He began as an Untersturmführer (Second lieutenant) and was promoted three times by Himmler, the last time in June 1943 to SS-Sturmbannführer (major). Von Braun claimed this was a technical promotion received each year regularly by mail.[18]

  13. 17
    daniel hopsicker

    See I’m late for the party, again. Oh well. Really enjoy your website. Lots of food for thought. You successfully penetrated to the fact that NASA was set up as a cover for something else. But you forgot to mention that the most famous of those weird faux-catholic bishops was CIA pilot/Carlos Marcello flunkie/Kennedy assassination conspirator David Ferrie.
    Like many,I was utterly absorbed by Peter Levanda’s trilogy, which once again made me realize that in Hamlet’s famous “more things in heaven and earth Horatio” quote, I’m Horatio. And maybe its just been too long since I imbibed the flesh of the gods, but what if all of this had nothing to do with extraterrestrials, and everything to do with the CIA’s concurrent research into mind control?

  14. 19

    I became interested in the “seance in Maine” from a backwards (backwoods) type search. Once, I attended a seance in Massachusetts and the psychic asked if anyone had heard of the Dero. No one had. I since have searched the internet for this word and it came up to have a correspondence with Fred Crisman. At first this was the only correspondence. Evidently his sighting had something to do with this underground race and some novels popular at that time. I knew the name Fred Crisman from the Garrison investigation. Recently, before he died, I contacted Gordon Novel and he was still fuming about Garrison. Novel was crowing about a film he was making about anti gravitation machine and reverse engineering. The e-mails that accompanied his seemed like a who’s who of the remote viewing clandestine crowd. I think the religion aspect is a cover for some stargate organization.

  15. 20
    Kristian Leth

    Gordon – thank you for your work.

    Two years ago I did a summer radio summer series, very much akin to your ‘Find The Others’ show. 20 shows with occult guests, including Thomas Karlsson, founder of Dragon Rouge, Carl Abrahamsson and many others. Only in Swedish and Danish though (it was for Danish national radio 24syv)

    Except for two shows with Messiah’el Bey (Warlock Asylum) where we walked around New York, talking about the Simon Necronomicon. He is a big part of the occult group working with it, and they’re saying it’s a Sumerian text, wrapped in the Lovecraft thing, acknowledging the Levenda/Grant thing. They’re even expanding the system to include other – known – Sumerian texts. Calling it “Asaru”

    Anyway – here are the shows, if you want to hear it. Jump 6 minutes in if you can’t deal with the Danish. (The interview itself is actually 3 years old now. I dug it up for the series.)

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

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