Illuminati Arrive Early For London Olympics

Illuminati Arrive Early For London Olympics

Are you fucking kidding me?

31 years and one evening ago I decided it was about time to start breathing air.

So over the course of the Eve of St John the Baptist my mother the psychonaut went into labour… I was born the next morning as far from Jesus’s birthday as you can possibly get.

(Yes, it is an awesome set of landing coordinates. My first and last cosmically graceful act.)

The feast of St John the Baptist is among the highest holidays of even Higher Strangeness.

From the Templars, the foundation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, to the battle of Bannockburn to the battle of the Somme to the arrival of the shuttle Discovery, to the first modern sighting of a flying saucer… there is something about this Eve that is multidimensionally significant.

Here is a genuinely excellent and extensive round-up of a feast day that is the calendrical opposite of the Saviour’s birth (or at least it is now)… which itself has some heretical and deeply Gnostic implications.

And that is why it typically pays to keep a weather eye on all things symbolic when June 24 rolls round.

Like, say, Radio 1’s biggest broadcast in 44 years? Which closed out the Eve of St John with Egyptian symbology? (I was taught that 44 numerologically meant the angelic beings wished to make contact with you.)

An event described by Rihanna has “history making” while standing underneath the Eye in the Triangle? (Need more convincing?)


Let’s remember that a couple of weeks ago London also played host to that little boat show. We have little info on the symbology of the boat order and placement of key people within the flotilla because of the poor broadcast coverage (did the BBC do that deliberately?) but rest assured it was undoubtedly there.

What was even weirder was how little commentary there was when the Queen “illuminated” the entire world with a tetrahedron (an oddly-shaped diamond) beneath the angel of victory at the (potentially Qliphothic) terminus of a kabbalistically aligned grid of New Jerusalem with St Paul’s at the other end.

This is moments after the palace melted into hallucinogenic machine elf colours.

An act which itself happened moments after millions of people heard “how fine her house is.”

And we know what this ritualistic blood obsessive means by “house”.

Honestly, I’m surprised the human suit didn’t slip right off out of sheer, lizardly pleasure. These people live for ritual in a way that would creep out the most baroque of magicians.

Remember, this is a woman who last year had her heir’s heir married on the Cosmati Floor – concealed for 150 years and reserved for the “ruler of all the Earth.” (Paging MBE-recipient, Grant Morrison.)

Onto the Olympics themselves. Here are a few factlets for you:

And finally, in that funny way that rumours about 20,000 foot Annunaki mines get dropped into conversation in the small hours of the morning, some friends and I recently fell into drunken conversation with UKBA staff in a pub late one night. They pretty much said it’s “extremely advisable” to avoid the centre of town during the key opening and closing events.

The elephant thickens.

Having lived in an Olympic city during the “best Olympics ever” I’m actually a huge fan of the (non-Nazi) ideals that underpin the modern games. However you don’t need to look overly closely at popular culture to discern that the apocalypse Olympics are going to be proper weird.

So do I think Rihanna deliberately paid global homage to the Templars display of “a mysterious head” in Poitiers almost 700 years before? Or the foundation of a Masonic mega-lodge just a few miles down the road?

Not really. It could just be more hands on that elephant.

Do I think the royals are going harder on the symbolism than they have in years and are fully aware of what they’re doing?


Do I think some of our multidimensional spectators have arrived early?


An old imperial wedding, a psychedelic jubilee, a possible pregnancy, a currency collapse, a Nazi ceremony that requires the invasion of a city that hasn’t been invaded for a thousand years.

Sure. It’s all just dominos. But -bringing it back to Nicki- that’s how these girls fall.

31 is gonna be hella interesting. Guess I’ll celebrate by seeing an opera about the country’s most famous wizard.

Happy birthday me.


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  1. 1

    Now you’ve gone & made me want to be there for the opening ceremony! That was a cute little tetrahedron, though. Given the heirs’ personality, I rather think that his son needs all the help that he can get.

  2. 2

    Interesting. It does seems something out of The Invisibles. I wish I could be there… but if you are right, it’s probably safer here in Brazil.
    Oh, and happy birthday! :-D

  3. 3
    joshua m. neff

    Happy Birthday!

    Love your blog, BTDubs. I’ve been reading stuff on chaos magic and flirting with it for almost 20 years (off and on), but I’ve recently become very dedicated to playing with it and working at it. I’ve found your posts to be a HUGE help and things are paying off. Thanks for writing!
    joshua m. neff´s last blog post ..Lead Into Gold

  4. 4

    Happy Birthday!

    Some other paranoids are pretty sure a Nuclear false flag attack is going to happen, based on their explanation that the illuminati uses predictive programming before an event is set to happen (I saw clips of this “predictive programming” which succinctly showed London under attack, at a stadium, with a huge nuclear explosion. It was an imaginary scenario for some ‘disaster prep’ video.)

    We do have some relatively crazy celestial configurations, though.

    Maybe more probable than an alien invasion…

  5. 5

    Thanks Elle.

    Yeah in terms of likelihood the false flag would be a terrorist dirty bomb but that’s just not as much fun to riff off. :)

    I note that yesterday one of the country’s top spies gave a rare speech about how the Arab Spring has led to an increase in British nationals being trained by Al-Qaeda. And, of course, that’s why the government needs to monitor all our emails and phone calls.

    Check MATE, democracy. Check mate.

  6. 6
    simon tomasi

    A false flag invasion in the UK? Having had “keep calm and carry on” drilled in again and again since the second world war, would it have as big impact here? Compared to countries that are more obsessed with a global apocalypse?
    My efforts between now and the end of the Olympics will be on “operation boring”, making sure that all the expected thing go wrong such as travel chaos, stomach bug outbreaks etc. I’d be delighted with a boring Olympics after which people comment: “so what was the big deal?”

  7. 8
    Wraith Methews@Olympics

    Some other paranoids are fairly certain a Nuclear false flag attack is going to occur, based on their explanation that the illuminati makes use of predictive programming before an event is set to take place (I saw clips of this “predictive programming” which succinctly showed London under attack, at a stadium, having a massive nuclear explosion. It was an imaginary situation for several ‘disaster prep’ video.)

  8. 9

    Very interesting post! We actually share the same birthday, you and I. I knew it was the feast day of Saint John the Baptist and that it was when the first UFO’s were spotted but i had no clue about the other events that took place. It’s kind of chilling to be honest with you. To know that our birthday is the center of all of this. The olympics are stil going on and nothing yet, but i will keep my eyes open!

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