Being In New York For THAT Anniversary

Being In New York For THAT Anniversary

From the window of my Lower East Side apartment I can see the twin lights blast up into the night sky and I feel… conflicted. If you are looking for some life lessons that come out of thinking about 9/11 then look no further than the ever-awesome Penelope Trunk.

Because this isn’t exactly one of those posts. It’s also not not one of those posts. Settle in… this will take a while.

Like you, I subscribe to a lot of blogs I’m in only tangental agreement with. Genuinely, I believe this is a psychologically healthy thing to do. One of mine is wacky 80s New Age anachronism, Stuart Wilde. (The Quickening actually still holds up pretty well.) He posted recently about having repeated visions of 9/11.

Thing is… so have I. Except in my case this probably has more to do with my unconscious really just urging me to pin my colours to the wall when it comes to the defining crime of the twenty first century. (Th defining physical crime, anyway. There’s that whole global financial crisis to consider.)

Picture crushing a beer can on your chest. You’re probably not going to internally collapse at freefall speed and turn to dust mid-air as a result.

Don’t care for the analogy? I’ll meet you half way.

You’re also not going to turn to dust and collapse mid-air at freefall speeds even if I fill the beer can with kerosene and light it. (Sidebar: what have you done to piss me off so much??)

Except this is exactly the ‘roadrunner physics’ we are expected to choke down from the official explanation of what happened that day. An official explanation that took someone as smart as Gore Vidal -one of the twentieth century’s mot insightful men- a year to call bullshit on… if only for the connections between the Bush and Bin Laden families, rather than the absurdities inherent in the physical explanation.

Let’s have it explained to us by a Russian military expert in a sexy accent:

Aluminium planes cannot penetrate six feet of steel and concrete, let alone slip unhindered into it like a hot knife going through butter. (Leaving a preposterous outline of the wings. Wings that flap like washing in the breeze during a normal landing in clear weather.) And like the burning beer can I have inexplicably assaulted you with, they also cannot turn buildings into freefalling dust.

Which leads us to the troubling question of whether there were any planes at all. Did you see any? What exactly do you think you saw? And whose testimony are you relying on? Because there were an unusual number of broadcast media professionals being interviewed as eyewitnesses on that morning and what they say bears little resemblance to what the plebs -who heard explosions and saw no planes- report on camera.

Not only is it impossible for aluminium planes to slip into reinforced steel and concrete unhindered, it is somehow more impossible for the nosepiece of said planes to emerge intact out the other side, which they do in the couple of shots you have seen repeated endlessly on every major network.

So… if it’s not planes in New York… then what? And what can you say about it all without being killed? (Some are clearly accidents, others are terrifyingly unlikely to be.)

What about elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of pilots diligently put together reams of radar and audio information in an attempt to understand what did or didn’t happen that morning and where the military comms failures happened?

Oh. Right.

As for the physics of what could have happened that day? I consider Dr Judy Wood’s analysis remains successfully uncontested. It does, however, raise a number of implications that most people have difficulty keeping in their head.

Chief among them: Exactly where do you get a directed torsion energy weapon and who clearly has access to them? She wisely leaves these alone to focus on the incontrovertible physical assertions:

  • Seismic readings don’t record buildings of that weight collapsing.
  • If buildings of that weight had collapsed they would have burst ‘the bathtub’ and flooded lower Manhattan.
  • In order to collapse that fast, debris would have to be ejected from the base of the buildings at Mach 1.
  • From available images there is only about 10% of the total expected debris in the holes created.
  • Survivors in the basement looked up and saw blue sky above them. They did not see the more than a hundred stories of toilets, phones, desks and bodies you should otherwise find.
  • Damage on cars as far away as FDR drive is consistent with torsion effects and is impossible to achieve from a collapsing building a half mile away.
  • World Trade Center 7.

Please do watch the whole thing. I know I’ve shared it before but still… watch it.

I appreciate this is difficult to hold in your head. I appreciate that some of these implied scenarios ominously hint at secret space programs and parallel scientific models based on Nazi research brought over with World War II.

I appreciate that I am insinuating the ultimate democratic betrayal but to that may I just say what apocalypse are you watching?

Because this is New York. Epicentre of the American Century and current capital of the world. Nazi fortunes are laundered through it, giant statues of Isis are installed in its rivers, entire nations crumble when its stock exchange gets the hiccups. Where else would a crime of this scale be perpetrated? A Hawaiian harbour or a south Asian coastline evidently just wouldn’t cut it this time.

And so we come to the crux of the conundrum.

The cornerstone of my magic relies on living in a world where you can stack thousands of verifiable NDEs together via the internet and perform peer-reviewed meta-analysis, where you can see images and radar pictures of cities sunk off the coast of Cuba, where hundreds of geologists will club together and say the Sphinx is 15,000 years old.

Here be fireflies. My magic works better in a universe that tastes better.

There is, sadly, a dark side to collating physical evidence of our magical universe. And that is that it does indeed have a dark side. That a world that has vast sunken cities, takes photos of artificial structures on the moons of Mars and piles up mountains of unassailable evidence of NDEs also has invisible death rays and shadowy cabals and egregores that have got loose on their makers and gone all Jurassic Park on them.

So it is that on this date I prostrate myself before the altar of the Light to pray for the innocent souls of those -right across the world- who were sacrificed on the altar of the Dark… and to pray for the souls of those who must live with the spell the Dark did cast.



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  1. 1

    I saw the first plane hit, from the middle of Bleecker and Seventh Avenue, which gave me a very clear, unimpeded view. (It went nearly over my head, and I thought, “Wow, that looks low,” so as I crossed the street I kept watching it as it banked around and very deliberately went right into the building. Low-flying planes still make me nervous.)

    So I can confirm that there was at least one plane. As to the existence of conspiracies and/or super weapons, I have no information for or against.

  2. 3
    Tom R

    I am less skeptical about the building collapses, but the death toll is strangely low on all accounts.

    The towers normally held around 20,000 people on a normal day. The first plane hit at 8:46 am (when most traders and bankers would already be in for the day) and the second plane hit 17 minutes later before most people had figured out what was happening. Presuming that the buildings would normally be only half staffed by that time of day, there should have been over 10,000 people there by that time of day, but less than 2000 died in the towers.

    The airplanes also had strangely low passenger rates. AAL11 and UA175 were 767s with a capacity of 181-224 passengers, but they had 81 and 56 passengers respectively. AA77 and UA93 were 757s with a capacity of 200-239 passengers, but only had 58 and 37 passengers respectively. A very low numbers of passengers on all 4 planes seems weird to me.

  3. 4

    There’s definitely some damning stuff in there (especially about the physics of a plane crashing into a steel building), and it’s not that I believe people wouldn’t do it, but.. what happened to the hundreds of people supposedly on those planes who died? what about the ones who fought the hijackers and managed to avoid their target – if there were no hijackers, what was going on? what about all the people afterwards who came out with stories about the hijackers taking flying lessons and stuff like that? and moreover… all this time and not one person involved in such a wide-ranging conspiracy (including non-military, non-government people like newscasters) decides to come out with the truth? Nor do the actual terrorist groups who were blamed ever decide to cause more havoc in our country by revealing that they weren’t involved? I don’t know, seems to raise as many questions as it claims to answer. But at the very least, a good exhortation to not believe everything you see, question the sources, etc. which is a good habit regardless of what the truth turns out to be.
    Dver´s last blog post ..Wild at Heart

  4. 5

    Love your blog Gordon. It is one of the best resources on the net for *real* magic, and I have very similar views to you on a lot of things. I believe you are an excellent writer, and have an ability to really tie concepts (theoretical and practical) together in a fascinating way.

    But I’m really disappointed to read this stuff. Never took you for a ‘911 truther’, and can’t honestly believe an aeroplane crashing into the side of a building is even remotely equivalent to ‘crushing a beer can against your chest’.

    Do I trust the government? Not at all. In fact, anyone who believes there are *no* conspiracies are even more gullible than those who believe *al*l of them. The only strange thing for me about 911 was the destruction of WTC3 – I have not yet heard a satisfactory answer about how that fell (the rubble/debris does not sit with me). But a large, commercial aircraft crashing into a building at speed being enough to bring a building down? I’ll buy that.

  5. 6

    It’s almost insulting when you publish stuff like this, especially for the people who:
    a) have military experience
    b) luckily didn’t lose anyone in NY
    c) because they didn’t lose anyone before the towers collapsed, those people saw the entire thing first hand.

    There were planes, they hit the buildings, end of story. You can get fucked if you think otherwise, my co-workers were there.

    Not everyone who serves is a mass murderer, but this is exactly the mindset someone needs to maintain in order to understand that the ENTIRE chain of command had to be in on it, from the guys who prepare the holographic missiles to the people who have to fuel the things, the guys who must have designed them, the people who built them, the launch crews who shot them, the people who setup the guidance, the people who gave the order, etc. Even if you don’t subscribe to the idea that there were super secret holographic missiles, the same thing applies to the people who made seismic beams or remote controlled planes or secret CIA explosives or somesuch.

    This is the age of wikileaks. The conspiracy theory doesn’t pass the stupid-test where someone stupid leaks all this good stuff. You know WHY all those Nazis got picked up by Paperclip? It’s because they ran their mouths. They had credentials. They had proof. Now we have the internet. Why WOULDN’T you run your mouth if you were party to this? Oh, because everyone in the military is a mass murderer, frothing at the mouth to kill. That seriously is what it would take.

    Much more likely?

    Islamic extremists had been blowing up planes and theaters with similar plots since 1995 (google: Oplan Bojinka). Like most of the western world, because it didn’t happen on our doorsteps, we ignored all this stuff going on in the Philippines. By the time Sept 11th rolled around, this was really old hat to these guys.

    And how does a plane drop a building? Probably the same physics which cause a bullet weighing 100 grains (0.014 lbs) to explode a block of concrete weighing several pounds. Just google “slow motion bullets” (or click a link:

    This was really disappointing post from you.

  6. 7

    *Shrug* What can I tell you?

    I don’t think my lack of a military background precludes me from pointing out some pretty basic principles of physics that currently appear to have been violated.

    Like sunken cities and artefacts on Phobos, I am very open to being persuaded, however a solid bullet travelling at supersonic speeds into concrete isn’t particularly persuasive. But that’s only because it’s also not a hugely relevant analogue to a hollow aluminium tube travelling at subsonic speed into steel.

    Anyway that’s just one component of a much wider conundrum. I’m sorry if I gave you the impression there are answers I believe rather than questions I harbour. They aren’t intended to be added together to form a picture.

  7. 8

    It is quite amusing to read an occultist complaining that something has “violated the laws of physics!” :)

    A Boeing aircraft was flown into the side of a building at around 400 miles per hour. I can’t quite understand what you thought was going to happen. The building imploded. It is similar to the old martial arts trick of breaking ten (or more) cement slabs stacked on top of the other. The Kung Fu experts claim Chi, but the trick is actually based on physics – if the first brick is broken, the downward momentum sets off a chain reaction which travels down and breaks all the bricks. To the layman the effect looks faked or even superhuman, but some of the quirks of physics often have that effect.

    If the laws of physics were indeed violated that obviously, we would see every physics professor, anyone with a degree in physics, every expert, asking questions. But the questions are only coming from the smallest minority.

    As disappointed as I am with this post, I will still continue to follow your blog. It’d be great if you could turn your articles into a book..

  8. 9
    Frater IV

    The lie is different at every level – Richard Hoagland.

    Compartmentalization is the quick and simple answer to whether the whole chain of command is in on it. When there are levels of classification higher than the President it’s not terribly difficult to believe.

    The 9-11 conspiracy does not imply that every patriotic military man is a frothing mad murderer. It means some people in power are. And you’re right, we live in the era of Wikileaks, where even though people like Assange can be run out of his country, there are whistleblowing military men out there who had or have high levels of classification clearance. That’s precisely why the story above is believable. A quick google will point you in the right direction if you’re interested in hearing credible men from your own military talk about such things and cover-ups that are even more heinous.

    It’s a world where top scientists can walk through a building to work staring at a yellow painted line on the floor with glasses on that have no peripheral vision until they reach their workspace. It’s a world where good men and women in the military are not madmen, and good men and women who were in the military and are now whistleblowers are not crazy either.

  9. 10

    I must admit, I’m intrigued by the commenters who are “disappointed” in our wonderful host. Given G’s propensity for poking concepts which are not regarded as normal by society, and getting something amazing And useful from that, I’m not surprised by this post.

    Do you notice that tHis blog is heavily rooted in Chaos Magic? You know the philosophical practice which says you can entertain any idea you like, and what matters is how USEFUL it is, and what kind of RESULTS you get.

    This is Chaos Magic and Beyond kids. Remember “Nothing is true, and everything is permitted?” Entertaining scepticism of a narrative, any narrative is useful. Those Black Hat Life Hacks you love so much? They spring from the same source as the fact that Gordon has questions about the 9/11 narrative.

    Our host doesn’t need defending by me. He’s a big boy, and badass in his own way, so seriously, perhaps look at why you felt the need to express disappointment, rather than shrugging and moving on when you don’t agree.

    Remember where you are, and who you’re dealing with. This is bloody Runesoup, folks.
    VI´s last blog post ..The Way Back: Thoughts on VIRULENT EXPERIENCE.

  10. 11
    Lance Foster

    Gordon and I have disagreed a time or two about archaeological and anthropological matters. That’s my field. The matters discussed in this posting are not. I am not a military guy or a physics guy. I can’t judge the claims either way based on those areas. I wasn’t in NYC and I didn’t lose anyone close there. My wife was in DC and she saw the Pentagon smoldering, and she also had to take meds for being exposed to the anthrax event at the Hart Building. Like a lot of folks, I don’t really trust the government OR corporations, and certainly there are conspiracies a-plenty, but I am just an average Joe, and not connected to anyone in secret matters, so I don’t have a lot to offer there. I try to remain balanced and centered, since I can’t do anything about the world that is always changing and seems to be crumbling around our ears in many ways.

    I will add two interesting factoids that seem to be related.

    1. Flimsy straws are reported to have penetrated brick during tornados:

    2. There was a crash in 1945 of a B-25 into the Empire State Building. That might be worth a comparison.
    Lance Foster´s last blog post is not value neutral

  11. 13

    So mark another one down in the column of “Was There”.

    There were airplanes. They crashed into the buildings.

    Many multiple friends, and acquaintances saw them too.

    How they got there, and what happened afterwards isn’t a matter of direct experience, but we saw airplanes hit a building.

  12. 14

    The problem with this subject is that once you express your doubt of the official/generally accepted explanation, people want you to justify every damned hair-brained theory that’s ever been published, or they want you to come up with your own explanation of what happened. I won’t and can’t do either.

    But…! Any pyromaniac who ever spent time in their misspent youth burning stuff and blowing shit up (OK, I confess), knows that what would naturally be the result of an airplane hitting a skyscraper and dumping its fuel inside would be a burnt-out steel frame stretching into the sky, and possibly the part above the impact falling off. Total collapse into its own footprint??? No way. Absolutely no way.

    So, yes. They were hit by planes. Fine. No, the military didn’t have to be in on it. The “conspiracy” could have been very small. Very small. I have no idea which parts of the story are true and which parts are bullshit. Osama Bin Ladin? What do I know? He’s a character in a narrative I’ve followed in the press. How much of what I’ve read is the truth or lies, I don’t know.

    But the fact is that the central event of the whole story — the collapse of the two towers — could not have been brought about by jet-fuel fires.

    Consequently, I am skeptical about all information connected to the story.
    Scribbler´s last blog post ..If ya wanna grow, ya gotta molt

  13. 15

    Scribs: THANK you for acknowledging this is a post without answers. And thank you for your comment about two towers not being able to be destroyed by jet fuel, especially when it was inexplicably THREE towers. :)

    You would think by the presence of all those question marks that it would be obvious I DON’T have an answer for how subsonic hollow aluminium penetrates steel and concrete… I’m not saying that something didn’t. But who cares? There is all those other things (WTC7, clearly faked broadcast footage, unexpected seismic readings, etc) brought up in the videos I can see no one watched before trolling.

    The whole point of the post -and it is alarming that it fell on deaf ears on a frikking chaos magic blog- is that the shrill, neocon, gun-totin’, moronic “we gon git ya, ay-rabs” narrative that so outrages all clear-thinking members of the international community is utter crap. It is a house of lies.

  14. 16
    Andrew B. Watt

    On October 13, 2001, my father and I walked around lower Manhattan and Chinatown in a daze together. It was his old stomping grounds when he used to work in New York — his actual office was uptown, but his work often brought him to Wall Street and the surrounding network of streets. We ate lunch in Chinatown, in a restaurant where we were practically alone, served by a gracious but over-abundant staff. For a few hours, we wandered through a part of New York normally crawling with tourists, and saw virtually no one who wasn’t of Chinese ancestry.

    What I remember most were the posters and photographs around Trinity Church- Wall Street, and attached to the closed shop windows along Broadway and nearby streets — missing people, announcements of new addresses by people displaced from nearby apartments and buildings. Second to that were exhausted-looking workmen and firefighters and EMS personnel, and harried looking volunteers handing out cups of coffee. And crowds: gawkers like us, people hanging around waiting for news of the missing and the dead, people in their business suits trying to go to and from work in a world gone mad, serious-faced police and National Guardsmen. A police dog, whinging and cringing from the smell of burning plastic and overly heated metal. A taste in the air of burnt something.

    Something big and serious broke in New York, eleven years ago. And a little more than a month later, as my father and I walked around below the security cordon (which was already loosening, even then). Argue about physics or conspiracy theories all you like, folks, whether it was planes or torsion weapons or missiles or semtex shaped charges or what-the-hell. No one is wrestling with the larger mindfcuk, except maybe Gordon who is trying to point the way, I think…

    which is that, whatever we saw (I didn’t see anything, actually — I heard it on the radio. I’ve learned enough about TV and the power of visual images to be very careful about what I let people project into my brain), whatever we heard, whatever we’ve experienced — We have been sigilized.

    We’ve been shown a powerful, ghastly, agonized-and-extended symbol-set that has re-made our vision of the world. Something doesn’t have to be fake to be a symbol; the Elements are real enough, and so is 9/11 — but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t abstracted it, somehow. Some of us respond by delving into conspiracy theories. Some devolve into nightmarish re-imaginings of that day. Some insist that “we will bring the evildoers to justice!” Some rant about physics. Some create videos of the air traffic control data to show that something weird was going on… Whatever.

    I see this in my students, and in their parents, every year around 9/11: eyes glaze over, and horrors are recalled, and narratives are explained, and … to be blunt… Consciousness is changed.

    But not in accordance with will.

    We have not even got our hands on the elephant. And when I watch others proceed to talk about 9/11/01 — conspiracy theory, direct observation, narratives recalled, weird data rehashed, and so on — I perceive that we are revisiting states of changed consciousness which is not in accordance with will. At least, not our own.

    Of necessity, everyone is telling themselves a different story about all this. They have to. It’s a survival imperative: “I lost the ability to control my own mind around this event just at the end of summer, eleven years ago, and I need to create/find/reconstruct what happened to me and to the world around me, and why. Because the alternative is madness.”

    Or in other words, we’re blind people in the room with the elephant, but we haven’t even put our hands on it yet. There are sounds and smells, and maybe even some dim patterns coming through our ruined optic nerves, but this is already a terrifying set of data points, I think we have to be deeply forgiving of people’s opinions and attitudes around 9/11, because they’re trying to cope with the trauma of having been so effectively sigilized…

    Just as we ourselves have been similarly sigilized.
    Andrew B. Watt´s last blog post ..Taiji Day 191: In the Dark Times

  15. 17

    “There is all those other things (WTC7, clearly faked broadcast footage, unexpected seismic readings, etc) brought up in the videos I can see no one watched before trolling.”

    No one was trolling Gordon, simply disagreeing. I previously mentioned that if there’s anything strange about 9/11 it’s WTC7. But the twin towers? Not strange in the slightest.

    None of us trust the government (well, I speak for myself). There have been plenty of false flags in the past, and there will be in the future. But I would quite happily stake my entire savings that this was a genuine terrorist attack. If it turns out to be a big conspiracy, I will eat my hat. But I will need evidence first, and as I mentioned previously, physics can look strange to a layman. We’ve all seen demolitions (on tv at least, some of us have in person). We’ve never seen a passenger aircraft crash into a skyscraper, and cause it to implode, so our only frame of reference for what happened is demolition. The two have, for some, become conflated.

    “But…! Any pyromaniac who ever spent time in their misspent youth burning stuff and blowing shit up (OK, I confess), knows that what would naturally be the result of an airplane hitting a skyscraper and dumping its fuel inside would be a burnt-out steel frame stretching into the sky, and possibly the part above the impact falling off. Total collapse into its own footprint??? No way. Absolutely no way.”

    Because you set fire to a few things as a child, you know exactly how a building hit by an aircraft would collapse? Unfortunately for the people in them, buildings do tend to collapse. Especially when hit by Boeing’s going at over 400 miles an hour.

    Sure, a bomber flew into the empire state building; a bomber a tenth of the size, going at a fraction of the speed. (for the record, a B25 weighs 16/17 tons, a Boeing weights around 170 tons). And bear in mind, the WTC was thrown up cheaply, like many modern buildings. (If there had been some other kind of tragedy regarding the building, we would all be blaming the financiers for their money-saving shortcuts. But when that truth gets in the way of a romantic and exciting conspiracy theory, it quickly disappears under the radar).

    ” I DON’T have an answer for how subsonic hollow aluminium penetrates steel and concrete…”

    You aren’t aware how an aircraft moving at over 400MPH could penetrate steel and concrete? Mr Newton might; it’s the same way flesh and muscle can penetrate a piece of cement (to reuse a previous example).

    “the shrill, neocon, gun-totin’, moronic “we gon git ya, ay-rabs” narrative that so outrages all clear-thinking members of the international community is utter crap. It is a house of lies.”

    But if that narrative is useful, it has value, and is therefore chaos magic! wink, wink. Being facetious of course, but that’s unfortunately one of the problems with chaos magic. You can accept any number of absurd, irrational and potential limiting beliefs, from conspiracies to conservatism, but if it’s useful? Sure, go for it. You can justify just about anything, and the whole thing ends up as a bit of a dodo race.

  16. 18

    I’d find it hard to believe that the planes were faked, too many eyewitnesses in Manhattan for that to be possible.

    However, thanks to the internet, I do really believe that the planes had nothing to do with the towers collapsing. This new HAARP theory presented by Gordon is kind of awesome and explains a lot (also Gordon, didn’t you post something about/ a link to the Norway Missile Spiral earlier? I read that, and it brought me too the same HAARP theories about both 9/11 and the spiral. Enterprise Mission or something). Those buildings collapsed far too neatly for my intuition to like. Having obliterated them in mid-air with some kind of focused energy actually seems plausible. The people who play this stuff must be so technologically advanced, this must be some kind of extremely esoteric group that play the rest of humanity like a game of Risk, however. Or, it could just be the regular conspiracy theories that are right.

    I’m about to read your article on the Pyramids that you linked too from here, looking forward to it confirming what I already know. Isn’t magick great :D?

  17. 19

    @scepticalmystic: What does it say about your insistence on being right that you ASSUME — since I don’t accept the theory (and a far-fetched theory at that) that being hit by an airliner would collapse a skyscraper — that I don’t know anything about physics or science?
    Scribbler´s last blog post ..If ya wanna grow, ya gotta molt

  18. 20
    Ea B.

    @ Andrew: Burnt something= largely the smell of burning flesh. There isn’t anything else that smells like that, and how it lingered and lingered! With all the sights and sounds of that Tuesday, that’s the very distinct sense memory that’s absolutely unshakable.
    I don’t know what to think about the truth on this matter, but (obviously) any investigation of it will not happen in my lifetime, nor the lifetime of this empire.

    So, I don’t have the desire or capacity to split hairs over the details, I just know that the picture we see isn’t quite right because somebody swallowed a big chunk of it that we aren’t ever getting back.

    What we do know for sure is that we were lied to, after the fact and with alarming ease, to justify the invasion of a sovereign nation, and the open hijacking of our national character.

    Ea B.
    Lurker, NY-er.

  19. 21

    Hi Gordon, I’m late to the party here, having only just fallen head first into your blog a few days ago.

    Questions, questions, so many questions that need answers. 11 years on we have none.

    September Clues certainly throws up some big bloopers that bear examining. The VicSims area of their website is intriguing also.

    Anyway. I wanted to share a post from Dr Paul Craig Roberts.

    Here is one paragraph

    “You only have to know two things.

    One is that according to the official story, a handful of Arabs, mainly Saudi Arabians, operating independently of any government and competent intelligence service, men without James Bond and V for Vendetta capabilities, outwitted not only the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency, but all 16 US intelligence agencies, along with all security agencies of America’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad. Not only did the entire intelligence forces of the Western world fail, but on the morning of the attack the entire apparatus of the National Security State simultaneously failed. Airport security failed four times in one hour. NORAD failed. Air Traffic Control failed. The US Air Force failed. The National Security Council failed. Dick Cheney failed. Absolutely nothing worked. The world’s only superpower was helpless at the humiliating mercy of a few undistinguished Arabs.”

    The rest is here

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