Moving To Chakras

Moving To Chakras

Yoga Fett by Love it.

It was an ambitious schedule, these past six or so weeks, but it still shouldn’t feel as awful as it does.

(Hamburg, Paris, Tuscany, New York, Marbella, London… back to Hamburg in two weeks.)

Clearly the fact that the last week was spent in the company of some truly powerful, gleaming robots -seeing how the web tech they’re deploying next year will serve the archons riding them- had an impact.

Being near True Earthly Power -and there are few as powerful as my hosts- is liable to make wizards nauseous.

There is no mistaking True Earthly Power’s origin or its toxicity.

(The bizarre food and constant drinking didn’t help the nausea, I imagine.)

Added to that, both sides of the Atlantic feel really weird at the moment.

It could be transits, it could be that the most dangerous man in the Middle East is about to attack the second-most dangerous one (described in the 8th paragraph).

Whatever the factors, it’s been six weeks since any type of meditational or energy work. Arriving back into London late on Friday night felt like slowly rolling your completely empty car into the gas station forecourt and have it cut out right by the tanks.

Looking on the bright side, this is actually an excellent time to begin trialling a new fuel.

For the last couple of years, I have been using a slightly-modified version of Jason’s ‘Pillar and Spheres’ exercise from TSS -which I would wholeheartedly recommend you try out as it certainly clicked for me.

But in my earlier, more “Doreen Virtuey” youth, it was chakras in a big way. (In a big, honky way… but still big.) There is some crazy shit you can do with a New Agey, bastardised version of chakras. Whether it was beginner’s luck or what… boom. But now is an ideal time to give them an older, wiser try.

Here’s a short New York Times documentary about how government departments are spying on all Americans at all times, even to the extent of listening to conversations when your phone is on but not in use. (Very Batman.)

Keeping with the ‘quality news’ theme, here’s the latest update from Rap News, detailing the growth of the surveillance state around the planet and what you should do about it.

And then in yesterday’s Guardian is a mandatory article by the ever-excellent Ben Goldacre about how the drugs don’t work and why we aren’t told. Shades of Apocalypse Pharmaka. (His new book is on a very similar topic. I blame this.)

On the -of course- extremely delayed flight back from Al-Andalus, all of these ideas -the lies and surveillance, the placebo effect, the use of drugs to make our children dummer and fatter, conflate in my head down to one sentence.

At the core of all legitimate spiritual tech is the -for want of a better word- gnostic realisation that successfully navigating meatspace requires an etheric hazmat suit.

Fight dirty. But then go home and take a shower.

The case for chakras

Consider the currently-inexplicable energy imbalance indicated by successful inedia.

Then consider that almost any regular energy practice -even an arbitrarily selected one- will likely bring about the same sort of health benefits of regular meditation or prayer -in line with how people get better if someone visits them in a white coat.

Then consider that sticking needles into someone randomly has measurable health benefits, but following their meridians has more of a health benefit.

Then consider that there are literally dozens of submerged ruined sites off India’s south coast and some of them are vast.

Obviously it is not immediately the case that older equals better, however:

  • We have the first hints of a genuine spiritual technology tumbling down to us from the same place on the earth as the oldest (verified) urban environments.
  • Urban environments are what we currently use as a proxy for cultural sophistication.
  • Being the first, there is currently no known source of cultural influence on the development of this spiritual technology. (Apart from The Neighbours.)

Just as you can’t see Harappan depictions of people sitting in a half-lotus position and say “aha! that’s how old yoga is!”, you run into a similar, tantalising “absence of evidence” series of hints with chakras.

(I would argue that a number of the priest statues at Göbeklitepe display kundalini imagery of the snake running up the spine to the position of what is now call the Third Eye. So something matching the description of spinal energy centres is pretty fucking old.)

Here is a quote from Jacques Vallée’s book, Dimensions:

Imagine a primitive bushman watching a Boeing 747 land. He has no chance, from this single occurrence, of understanding the intricate technology that controls the aircraft’s powered flight. But a good look at the landing gear could well inspire a smart savage to invent the wheel!

Here, he is referring specifically to the difficulty in tracing the impact UFOs/The Neighbours have had on human history, but it is relevant in any quest for spirituality’s First Principles.

For example, the latest and most tantalising research into nutrition and longevity surrounds intermittent fasting. Watch this excellent, excellent BBC documentary about it:

Hunger generates new nerve cells in the brain. We are smarter on an empty stomach. You can halve all the blood chemical indicators for early death from heart disease, diabetes and prostate cancer in under a week.

This is explained as a helpful evolutionary adaption for times of food scarcity. Which is probably part of it but still leaves us with the strange situation of inedia.

To me, it feels like a meatsuit-based indication that we don’t live on bread alone. Intermittent fasting is a wheel we’ve made after our experience of seeing a 747.

And speaking of wheels, this is how I would characterise chakras in the current hypothesis; a piece of tech that works better based more on our observations of something we don’t understand, rather than any uplift conferred by the authenticity of the approach or a generalised placebo effect.

Given the dominos in play, we can use any extra advantage in getting a better view of the situation we are all facing.

Alternatively you could just read The Invisibles. It’s probably faster.



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    Hi Gordon. I LOVE your blog. I love it even more when I have any effing idea what you’re talking about, which is not often enough. If you had access to a primer or glossary or grimoire that could illuminate (pun?) the basic vocabulary of your blog, especially if it were online, I would love that. I am not even qualified to call myself a novice, and I have no idea where to start, but you frequently make my head spin, and I would like to know more.

    I was raised in a very fundamentalist Christian religion in the American West, but loved comics and Scooby Doo and LOTR a little more than I was really supposed to for the comfort of my home culture. I bought into it all, but thanks to Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Howard Zinn, Echhart Tolle, Terence McKenna, and others, followed by a few rounds at Burning Man, I have been trying to extricate myself from the mainstream culture and see through the matrix.

    Anyways, the thing about Moore and Morrison is that they seem to be saying something, or to put forth affirmative, declarative statements in their works, almost as if reading their bodies of work are an answer, but I’m not sure what the question is. So when you talk about the Archons riding the robots, it flies right over my head (in spite of several readings of the Invisibles and a few surfs at Wikipedia). Do you have any recommendations to bring me up to speed? I’m sure you’re very busy, and I apologize if I’m bugging you, but any pointers, definitions, links, etc would be tremendously appreciated.

    And even if not, PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!

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    Tom R


    I found the best way to follow Gordon’s posts is to read through a lot of back posts (I am especially fond of the What Wizards Taught Me and Black hat Life Hacks series). He self references a lot through his posts and it’s for a good reason. You can also read through Gordon’s totally bad ass Ultimate Sigil Guide (

    You can also follow up with his favorite chaos books:

    1. TOR (the onion routing network) is highly suspect in the internet security community. There is great concern that the government agencies of greatest concern (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc) already have methods of determining the true source and that they may also run a large number of the TOR nodes. Many people I know prefer private VPN services with clearly posted logging policies.
    2. I am trying out the 5/2 method of fasting after I watched the documentary a few days ago. It will probably be a couple weeks until I start to notice a difference.

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