The Words Of Power In Your Head [Media]

The Words Of Power In Your Head [Media]

Hello from New Jersey where I’m tarting myself up in preparation for the awesome wedding of the awesome Deb and the awesome Jow.

Last night was spent drinking daquiris at a super-fun and super-casual rehearsal barbecue.

It was my second-ever Jersey party and my partner’s first.

One of the more immediately obvious observations was that “things are different here.” People sound different, people talk about different things.

(For instance, east coast Italian-Americans play ‘which ancestor knew which famous mobster’ and Team Jow won convincingly. Brilliant.)

I recall as a teenager buying a set of Golden Dawn audio cassettes in Newcastle Australia and hearing Israel Regardie’s voice -in a Middle Pillar guided meditation- for the first time.

It was weird because in my head he spoke with a broad Australian accent… just like the rest of the voices in my head.

What do the Hebrew words in the LBRP sounds like when intoned by a Japanese speaker? Or the seed mantra when spoken by a Slovakian?

Here’s a better question.

You ever wonder what an Australo-Kiwi-Brit-Gay accent sounds like? No? This is probably why. On Tuesday you’ll get to hear me chatting with Andrieh and Jason about sigils, publishing and being sober at 2am.

And while you’re waiting, you can listen to (different) Jason’s more media-friendly tones here.

Or you can listen to RO who was on the same show as me the other week. He’ll hate me saying this but I frikking loved his lucid summation of his neo-platonic/hermetic worldview because it is so similar to my particular flavour of consciousness-centric quantum panpsychism. (Or vice versa from an historical perspective.) Could it be our hands are actually on nearby parts of the elephant? (The ass, presumably.)

Should you feel like looking at pictures while listening to funny accents, here is an excellent documentary about one of Australia’s more spectacular and little-known UFO incidents; complete with radar evidence, mystery armed forces and conspiracies of silence.

Ending on a lighter note -and speaking of language- Ricky Gervais’s latest podcast is both free and genuinely hilarious. (Not always the case.)

More here.





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