James Bond Versus The Demiurge

James Bond Versus The Demiurge

James Bond has never struck me as being particularly appealing.

It always seemed a bit too camp and not in the good way. (Not like this would be. Somebody tell Joss.)

When I was working at Sydney’s Virgin Megastore (back when people actually bought CDs), a ‘complete’ box set came out around the same time as Die Another Day. People went nuts for it.

So sure… I like Bond well enough. But his interest for me has always been in its usefulness as a British mirror.

In Fleming’s day, before the imperial sun set, all that was required to make safe the Realm was for a rakish gent who had been to all the right schools to drink and fuck his way around the globe. His innate superiority took care of the rest. (The gadgets may have helped.)

Those days are long gone, much to the chagrin of those who would really like to have that job.

Fast forward to Brosnan and you can easily see the suave, slick confidence of the halcyon era of New Labour. Those days are also long gone.

Based on the trailers, a lot of the upcoming Bond is going to be set in London. And, as Sam Mendes says in the videoblog below, “it’s not a particularly photogenic city”. (Sometimes hilariously so.) So he went for new angles and new ways of seeing a familiar landscape. It is literally a new, ‘post-London’ London.

We’re talking about this today because the new Bond song came out. And it’s not too bad.

Clearly, it’s kinda trying to be this. (Sung in London for the birthday of a man who once held a job that was a template for many a Bond villain.)

The melancholy air of Skyfall rather suits the times, if you ask me. And so does London’s prominence in the film. Whatever Beings are behind the current slow motion robbery of our world, London was one of their most successful portals onto this plane. Indeed, Europe blames it for their current woes. This isn’t just standard Anglo-bashing… they’re kinda right.

“In their eyes, we are responsible for everything they are suffering,” she says. “The Greek debt levels were their own doing but the situation escalated into a crisis because of the additional sovereign debt and the financial crisis. So the rest of Europe thinks the contamination went into their countries, through the single market, from the UK. That’s the whole point.”

She recognises my baffled expression, she’s seen it before.

“Think about it,” she demands with trademark directness. “They wouldn’t have the eurozone crisis if we had not had the financial crisis. Who was culpable in the financial crisis? We were – we’ve said so. We’ve sent our regulators round the world saying “sorry”. So in Europe they say, you’ve admitted you got it wrong, you are wrong.”

You can see the point: on top of the implosion of 2008, London has been rocked by scandals from PPI mis-selling, to Libor rigging and money-laundering.

Which has me thinking about the pages below, especially as I have been passing my illness time in bed re-reading them. (There were a few nightmares but otherwise I recommend trying it. Flu season is coming!)


It’s not just British identity you can see in Bond, you can also learn quite a bit about the world from the villains it chooses to portray. And in this case, it appears to be the utterly exhausted, utterly toxic world of psy ops, espionage and covert state meddling that birthed 007. The snake is eating itself.

To my eyes, Dame Judi completely conveys the dead, barren soul of a career bureaucrat who has spent too long in the world of spooks. (Rebooting M has been extremely successful.) No wacky supervillains, no media barons… just the reality of a game that has been overplayed.

Jack posted recently about the alarming return of Fascism in Europe. This was a day or so after Jason and I had had an email discussion about these spectral Nazis I keep seeing whenever I go to the Continent of late. Some of it is down to the research I’m doing for an upcoming post series, but there are enough syncs with my personal and professional life (in ways I can’t currently go into) to make me take notice.

For instance, last week in Spain, while waiting for the taxi out the front of the hotel, I saw two spectral SS officers rattle past on a Mercedes bike and sidecar.

Thing of it is… those roads would have been built in the fifties at the earliest. They weren’t ghosts. It feels like… you know that theory about how a living person’s human energies can ‘activate’ a spirit playback of certain events in a haunted location? It feels like that. There is an inevitability to the unfolding events without any particular agency causing them. Since then, there have been a few posts and discussions about a creepy WWII feeling to the world, so I’m assuming it’s not exclusively a personal experience.

Just before they collapse, some old worldviews have a tendency to spawn cancerous versions of themselves. It is possible our apocalypse has taken a turn for the Dark.

Constant fearporn, drone strikes, Turkey and Syria, Bibi and his cartoon bomb at the UN, total state surveillance, corporate egregores with increased political powers, bank bailouts, a demonised national group being ejected from the EU, dysfunctional austerity, a medieval gap between the rich and the poor, infiltration of peaceful protests, the dismantling of the NHS.

This is our milieu. But that doesn’t mean batten down the hatches. It means break out the blank badges.


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    Jhonn Barghest

    Just so you know, man: I’m pretty sure this coincides with a discussion my American Buddhism seminar had today. So.. this means I’m probably going to link you in my discussion thread for that class (yeah, new readers!).

    P.S. Some of the Invisibles pages may hit my FB.. so thanks for posting those.
    Jhonn Barghest´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday Jack Parsons!

  2. 4

    Gordon is on fire this week! :-D

    You know, there is another comic book that linked in a very specific way the world of spooks and Gnosis/scaping from the Demiurge. It was an issue of Neil Gaiman’s Miracle Man run, The Golden Age, where in the totally changed new world dominated by superbeings, all ex-spooks where put in a single city, seeing a million conspirations, double and triple crossing each other, until they have had enough of this crap and leave the city to interact with the weird and wonderful true world.

  3. 8

    Great read, but it would be wonderful if you could give credits for where the comic pages come from (for the unfortunate uninitiated like myself….)

  4. 9

    Gareth: The Invisibles. Requires no initiation!

    Earlier editions are reasonably cheap on Amazon now that the giant doorstop edition has come out.

  5. 10
    ol king kol

    I maybe the only chaos magician who doesn’t pop a stiffy over morrison, but Gordon you’re a better writer than this. Wallowing in fade nostalgia could be beneath you.

  6. 11
    Lance Foster

    That last panel brought up something I learned in a dream when I was young.

    When you are in a nightmare, you can’t count on technology to save your butt. Guns misfire in dreams. You have to use your hands or a knife. And stealth and misdirection. Technology is not your friend. You gotta go OLD school when you are in a nightmare.

  7. 12

    @ ol king kol – Where’s your blog full of non-Invisibles chaos magic wisdom to impart on the rest of us? No? Don’t have one? That’s what I thought. When you get a blog, then you’ll know what it’s like to put your heart on your sleeve 1-3 times a week and have randoms tell you that your spiritual base is dumb. Until then, I don’t think anyone asked you.
    Deb´s last blog post ..All I want is you/ will you be my bride?

  8. 14
    Lance Foster

    PythagorasConference America

    It is indeed sad to see the Pythagoras Conference Global be suppressed as, in retrospect, we see it was these last few days.

    The conference that was due to begin on 10th October 2012 would have been one of the most daring and explicit venues for bringing out information concerning forthcoming natural events that are said to affect the entire world. This is not to be, as if invisible minds and hands had declared our conference unworthy, even dangerous to the public for giving an outlet to presumed “fringe elements,” as we’ve heard through the internet grapevine to be the case.

    Let it be publicly known that we at Pythagoras take pride in carefully selecting speakers who are informed in their areas of specialty, and who are recognized in their fields and on the internet as knowledgeable and respected people. This year we had selected a corps of such caliber of speakers.

    But the invisible minds and hands denied our public, indeed, the American people, access to what our speakers would have shared with everyone at the venue and through the internet. Fringe elements or not, there are too many indications in the collective unconscious, the religious aware, the spiritually open, and the humanist with a conscience that difficult times are coming.

    We at Pythagoras can err on the side of caution, and include information of this nature in the course of the conference, or err on the side of safety and leave such topics out of the domain of the gathering. We chose to include that kind of information because it is the right thing to do. If there is indeed something coming our way and it will present a sudden and unexpected severe challenge to all of us – humankind – we the people need to know.

    This is not intended, directly or indirectly, as an indictment of official government for a suppression we are now learning is being carried out by officially connected rogue but emotionally disconnected individuals from the sum total of all of us – not just in this country.

    We are also now learning through the grapevine in the USA that those executing this operation are yet unidentified former intelligence and military officers. If these individuals are acting on behalf of the public good, it means their actions have official sanction. And the viewpoint that propels their action is not only misguided, but also grossly uninformed – or perhaps even disinformed. If they act without official sanction, this borders on the criminal. Let’s examine briefly what it is they are suppressing.

    The sad part may also be that official science may not know or have the means to forecast the occurrence of dangerous levels of radiant energies coming to us from space to do any public good. Even a half hour notice to the unprepared is not only insufficient, but useless. Public preparation to meet such a challenge was to be one of the hot topics in the conference, which now is not to be.

    We are further learning that the aim of this campaign was the suppression of the freedom of speech of specific individual presenters at the conference. The reasons are obscure to us at this time.

    We now are learning that by giving sanctuary and a platform for speaking to these individuals, this conference is now not to be.

    How was this phenomenon accomplished? The only answer that occurs to us is that this was a well-planned and intelligently executed campaign laid out most likely months in advance.

    It may also have involved an unofficial intervention in the setup of the conference itself. Why would the venue itself breach its own agreement with our company by demanding complete prepayment instead of the agreed net-30 payment scheduled and agreed well in advance? This was in fact the death knell to the conference itself. Coming up with a sum nearly six-figures large on such short notice was near impossible, and it was.

    We now publicly ask: why? Why suppressed this conference?

    One of the strengths of our conference is the willingness to be inclusive and allow points of view and information sources to surface for the consideration of the larger whole – our society and the world. What is valid and evident always rises to the top, a cream of the conference crop for the year. But this year, it seems now that both the topics and select few individuals were targeted, and the only ones we can think of are related to topics regarding the challenges presented by forthcoming natural events.

    In our view, this is as good as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This information is bound to come out on other venues, other media, other times. Eventually, valid information finds the light of day. In the meantime, what has been done to Pythagoras has repercussions well beyond that intended by the actions of these rogue elements. This is indeed a crass suppression of our right to hear and know. The baby thrown out with the bathwater cannot be allowed to wither and die.

    Additional information will be released soon, humanity has a right to know the truth.

    Sandra D. Sabatini

  9. 15
    ol king kol

    @Deb- you didn’t have to ask, you’re welcome.

    and I didn’t call anyone’s spiritual base dumb. I just thought it. really loud.

    …Baz Luhrmann?

  10. 16

    Gordon, thank you!
    I recognised the bald Morrison-esque character as being from The Invisibles but didn’t realise it was all from said work…

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