Archonology: Things That Persist (Part 1)

Archonology: Things That Persist (Part 1)

archon 1You can start this story at almost anytime in recorded history.

The destruction of the Cathars, Rothschild hoodwinking the entire London Stock Exchange into thinking Napoleon had won so he could scoop up the country’s hastily dumped portfolios for pence on the pound, replacing Lincoln’s greenback law with the National Banking Act… anywhere.

But those examples are safely distant.

History only seems to come into focus after about a hundred or more years, when the dirty laundry has been well and truly blown clean. By then, we’re already fucked.

And as ‘The Project’ collapses into increasingly toxic clusters of orcs, it occurs to me it is worth, in Gandalf’s words, risking a little more light. The ‘official’ narrative of what’s going on in the world is now so utterly preposterous, so top-heavy with barely concealed bullshit, that I find it truly, truly astounding that anyone can sit in front of a cable news programme with a straight face or a bullethole-free TV screen.

Secret societies, for instance, emerged a few centuries ago in central Europe as a means of enabling the powerful to operate under the radar of the church and the crown. The mystical crap is largely a cover… Where else could the scions of the ruling families speak privately but behind oaths that, if broken, would lead either to the stake or the guillotine? As a social technology for communication and concealment, they remained highly useful right up to… and possibly beyond… the rise of Nazi Germany.

You see, It’s the tech that continues, rather than the connections.

There is no ancient order playing a centuries-spanning game with the ultimate goal of world domination. There is, however a persistent need for the great and the good to conceal their ever-shifting alliances. Just as the continued use of the horse as a system of transport for thousands of years is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, the accumulation of more wealth and power among fewer and fewer people is also not a ‘conspiracy theory’… it is an unfortunate result of the gravity inherent in western capitalism.

The tech tumbles down, the adherence to a convenient worldview tumbles down, ‘the grand plan’ does not tumble down. This is a fundamental point and misunderstanding it can send you quite insane.

Some of the points we will cover may look paranoid out of context, but what makes me more paranoid is how we have come to lack a context. Again, we return to the difference between ‘facts’ and ‘theories’. Almost the entire emphasis will be on a very chaos magic interpretation of Popperian ‘facts’… ie we will only cite research that can be traced to primary sources wherever possible. You may or may not string them together as you like.

For what it’s worth, after my experience in Spain late last year, I will tell you right now that I personally believe these dark, shifting collaborations extend into the non-physical… but it’s up to you whether you want to wander into -or more likely happen upon- your own Lovecraftian story. Such things will not be discussed here.

Sidebar: it does, however, fascinate me that contemporary western occultism can display such a sad, trainspotty obsession with the lineage of grimoiric demons and stress over the most precise ways in which we ‘should’ contact ‘them’… but little thought is actually given to what these things do when they’re not appearing in your living room. Beings that apparently command vast ghost armies and give nightmares to kings are just… what? Sitting patiently in the metaphoric drive-thru window just waiting to help you get that 5% payrise? Or are they skinriding the brutal oligarchs bringing destruction and penury upon the world just for the lulz? Are you sure you’re even interesting enough to warrant a demon prince’s attention?


Lectio Satanica

Let us pause for a minute to consider the benefits of what we might call lectio satanica… the contemplation of the words and deeds of the infernal.

The principal risk is, of course, that ignoring them… ignorance of them… traps you in their cage. We must first be aware of them so that we may reject it. (“Do you reject satan and all of his works?”)

I went back and forwards on whether to even embark on this series. (However my one blogging tip would be to only ever post something that gives you trepidation. Otherwise you’ve probably just pitched shit at everyone.) Despite some fairly vigorous meddling with the darker end of the spectrum in my younger days, this is the first topic that has given me… pause. If you figure yourself a magical hardass then I just dare you to go RVing through the times, people and places we discuss here. You’re tougher than me if you can.

It will be a slow post series for the same reason… the longevity benefits of vegetables now appear to be down to building up physical reactions to the toxins they naturally contain… in higher doses they will actually kill you. In low doses, they trigger a positive immune response.

This intro post is going to jump around a bit because it’s important to get oriented. But then the intention is to more or less run chronologically with an emphasis on three particular ratlines:

  • Banks
  • Spooks
  • Collaborators

So we begin with an abridged Cathar prayer, translated from Occitan, because you will get slimed. This prayer was said every day by a farmer from Ariege until he died in 1947. He never knew the Catholic Lord’s Prayer, which is a reminder that it is not only archonic things that persist. It strikes me as being particularly appropriate as the Cathars were one of the more famous victims of this particular archonic alliance. A little gnostic protection is certainly in order.

Holy Father, Fair God of Good Spirits, you who are never wrong, who never lies, who never roams, who never doubts that we will not die in the realm of the Unknown God (Evil), because we are not of this world and he is not one of ours, teach us to know and to love what you love.

The Pharisee tempters are at the gates of Heaven and prevent those from entering who wish to do so, while they themselves do not wish to go there. That is why I pray to the Holy Father of Good Spirits. He has the power to save souls and, I give thanks to the Good Spirits, for making them germinate and blossom.

Yet among the good ones, he also gives life to the evil ones. He will act thus for as long as there are good souls in this world, until there is not more of his own, his young ones, on earth…

Thus, some climb on a glass sky and rise to the heavens, others fall and meet their death. So God descended from heaven with twelve apostles and he brought for -gave birth to- Saint Mary. (To save those who are good – Good Christians.)

Easter edition

Let’s start with Pope Frank. If you thought it was offensive before, then strap the fuck in. I don’t care whose feet he washes this weekend. Such pieces of theatre, of ritual, are the ecclesiastical equivalent of a BP commercial.

This post is going to be quite heavy on Dr Farrell, for reasons that will become clear. And this segment is indeed Popperian ‘theory’ based on verifiable historical facts. But it is our route in. Here’s a recent analysis from his site:

Prior to the election of Jorge Maria Cardinal Bergoglio as Francis I, I noted that one thing to watch about the new pope would be precisely his stance on the Vatican Bank, which was, you’ll recall, recently embroiled in yet more scandals involving money laundering charges, and some murky dealings with American banks. As readers of my Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations will recall, this is a relationship that goes back to at least 1948, when the Institute for Religious Works (The Vatican Bank’s name), was used as a money laundering conduit for CIA funds entering Italy to ensure a Communist defeat at the polls in that year’s election.

In this context, I think Dr. Tarpley’s analysis is well worth pondering carefully, both for what it says, and also for some cautionary points. We may consider the primary core of Tarpley’s analysis to be this rather succinct thesis statement:

“Bergoglio is also strongly identified with Catholic social doctrine, which has traditionally stressed a preferential option in favor of the needs of the poor, rather than a concern with the privileges of the rich, combined with a rejection of laissez-faire, neoliberal, or monetarist economics in favor of social solidarity. “

In other words, Bergoglio is not going to toe the bankster line of the Anglo-American oligarchy nor their compliant Eurocrat lackeys and lap-poodles (think Van Rompuy and such ilk here). This comes in the context of possible German long-term goals of attempting to reposition itself vis-a-vis Russia and the East, as we speculated in our previous blogs on Cyprus, and in the context of German calls for repatriation of its gold from London, Paris, and New York, a move that in my opinion can be read in no other way than as a signal of lack of confidence in the Western financial system, and therefore ipso facto as a lack of confidence in the EU, born as it was as a scheme of those very same oligarchs in London and New York.

In that regard, I would contend that the election of Benedict XVI (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) of Germany, and now of Francis I from Argentina, was and is no accident: it means nothing less than that the cardinals of the conclave are reading the geopolitical tea leaves very closely, and very subtly, and drawing similar conclusions as we have drawn: the Anglo-American oligarchs are on the defensive even as their armies are projected into more and more regions of the world to “support democracy” or “combat terrorism”. As I have indicated in a number of recent interviews on The Byte Show and in my News and Views, I believe that the conclave’s decision itself was profoundly motivated by geopolitical and cultural considerations. Europe is no longer the center of Catholicism; the Third World is. So the Cardinals chose a candidate that
(1) could represent that fact and represent the Third World;
(2) could also represent the European culture and tradition of the Roman church, and in this respect, Argentina is a strong candidate with its very prominent old European “look” and feel, not to mention its rich Spanish, Italian, and German communities (and you are permitted to read between the lines there);
(3) a pope that would represent a doctrine or position that was not that mercantilist position of the western financial oligarchy.

Which is pretty much my exact analysis from the other week. There are a couple of places in the article where I diverge.

  1. I’d be very surprised to hear that David Cameron was apoplectic about anything. It’s been a number of centuries since the Crown and its representatives were overly concerned with what Rome said or thought.
  2. The Jesuit oath to do or say anything to protect the Vatican is under-emphasised. In the short term, I do believe this probably means hosing out the cages of the Vatican bank because its 50 year association with drug, gun, mafia and CIA money needs to be reigned in less it sink the entire paedo-boat. But beyond that… nous allons voir.

Whatever it means, it’s profoundly misinformed to base your opinions of God’s CEO on whether or not he washed some guy’s feet. It means nothing. The banker swinging from a rope underneath Blackfriars Bridge in London, however? That meant something. Please enjoy the dearly departed Bob Wilson, found via Dedroidify, talk you through that story and how it relates to the Vatican Bank laundering drug money for the CIA:

I do really hope you watch it from the part I started it at right up until he starts his fuckawful braying about James Joyce at the end. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, that I am unrepentant in my assertion that, since the war, the Vatican has been little more than a criminal banking enterprise run for and by paedophiles. Whatever the spiritual beliefs of individual Catholics -and I do genuinely believe they can personally reach apotheosis despite the church’s structure rather than through it- their pope’s god is an archon. End of.

Secondly, speaking of popes… those that do try to hose down the bank’s cages turn up dead. So good luck, Frank. You’ll need all your Sith skills for this one.

Thirdly, with reference to Propaganda Due and Europe’s third-largest economy. Guess who was (is?) a prominent member of the radical right secret society that was historically proven to reach into every level of the Italian government? Berlusconi himself. The very same billionaire criminal who today said there will be no government without his party. (His supreme confidence in his eventual return against all odds makes a lot more sense now.)

A wall in Lucca

A wall in Lucca.

Beginning in the middle

Much of this may appear to be old news but how much of it is a continuity and how much of it is legacy impact? I want to drop you in the middle of the last century because it’s the archonic fulcrum of the whole series.

Following the end of the war, the globe experienced a power vacuum unlike any that had happened before. What rushed in to fill this vacuum, it turns out, had an agenda of its own. Heed the parting words of Eisenhower:

If you’re looking for something a little more recent, recall the ‘nurse’ whose testimony was used to drum up support for Gulf War I back when presidents actually cared about getting support for wars:

In fact, the most emotionally moving testimony on October 10 came from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah. According to the Caucus, Nayirah’s full name was being kept confidential to prevent Iraqi reprisals against her family in occupied Kuwait. Sobbing, she described what she had seen with her own eyes in a hospital in Kuwait City. Her written testimony was passed out in a media kit prepared by Citizens for a Free Kuwait. “I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital,” Nayirah said. “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.”

Three months passed between Nayirah’s testimony and the start of the war. During those months, the story of babies torn from their incubators was repeated over and over again. President Bush told the story. It was recited as fact in Congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council. “Of all the accusations made against the dictator,” MacArthur observed, “none had more impact on American public opinion than the one about Iraqi soldiers removing 312 babies from their incubators and leaving them to die on the cold hospital floors of Kuwait City.”

At the Human Rights Caucus, however, Hill & Knowlton and Congressman Lantos had failed to reveal that Nayirah was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US, who sat listening in the hearing room during her testimony. The Caucus also failed to reveal that H&K vice-president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah in what even the Kuwaitis’ own investigators later confirmed was false testimony. The man running Hill & Knowlton’s Washington office was Craig Fuller, one of Bush’s closest friends and inside political advisors. The news media never bothered to examine Fuller’s role until after the war had ended, but if America’s editors had read the PR trade press, they might have noticed this announcement, published in O’Dwyer’s PR Services before the fighting began: “Craig L. Fuller, chief of staff to Bush when he was vice-president, has been on the Kuwaiti account at Hill & Knowlton since the first day. He and [Bob] Dilenschneider at one point made a trip to Saudi Arabia, observing the production of some 20 videotapes, among other chores.”

An ambassador’s daughter. What does that remind me of? Oh yes, the underpants bomber. Not the most recent one, who turned out to be a CIA agent. (Funny that.) The first one. The one who turns out to be the son of one of the most powerful men in Africa. A man who sits on the board of energy companies and international banks, is a former member of Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council and was awarded the Italian Commander of the Order of Merit for some reason. Must have some interesting friends with a career like that. Just saying.

Let’s get more recent. On to the next Bush and the next invasion of Iraq. Like how it has recently emerged that the CIA and MI6 knew damn well there were no WMDs before the most recent invasion of Iraq:

Fresh evidence has been revealed about how MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein’s foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction.

Tony Blair told parliament before the war that intelligence showed Iraq’s nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programme was “active”, “growing” and “up and running”.

The famously fabricated piece of evidence supporting the WMD theory, the Nigerian uranium memo? (Nigeria again.) Even a former head of counter terrorism considers them an “Executive Branch forgery”.

This all goes to motive, you see. For sixty years a brazen alliance of commercial interest and radical right elements in the western intelligence industry have repeatedly reshaped our world for their own purposes… causing the deaths of millions in the mean time.

So what was the point then? Let’s hear Oliver Stone’s opinion in what is confidently the best scene in Bush:

As for the drug money laundering of the rogue, unaccountable elements of the intelligence industry? You know, all that money sloshing through the banks jointly owned by God and the mob? Truly.. how quickly we forget, how quickly cognitive dissonance sets in. Because it fucking happened. Who knows if it still is?

Webb was best known for his 1996 “Dark Alliance” series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book. In the three-part series, Webb investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had allegedly smuggled cocaine into the U.S. Their smuggled cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits funneled back to the Contras. Webb also alleged that this influx of Nicaraguan-supplied cocaine sparked, and significantly fueled, the widespread crack cocaine epidemic that swept through many U.S. cities during the 1980s. According to Webb, the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of drugs into the U.S. by Contra personnel. Webb charged that the Reagan administration shielded inner-city drug dealers from prosecution in order to raise money for the Contras, especially after Congress passed the Boland Amendment, which prohibited direct Contra funding.

Though he was criticized and outcast from the mainstream journalism community, his reportage was eventually vindicated as many of his findings have since been validated.

Not that this would be close to the first time the CIA unleashed drugs on the American populace. And how, even more quickly, we forget that Gary Webb ‘committed suicide’ in 2004 with two gunshot wounds to the head. Two. Gunshot wounds. In a suicide.

Before we move on from drugs and banks, let me remind you that it was drug money alone that prevented the total collapse of the commercial banking system in the latest bank-caused crisis:

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year [Ed: 2008]. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result.

What a stunningly cosy relationship. How magnanimous of those mysterious drug cartels to bail out a financial system that also launders Nazi and terrorist money.

Nazis, Gordon? Where do they fit in? I thought we were talking about the CIA and criminal banks. You even know where the CIA even came from? Dr Farrell does:

[O]ne of the crucial interfaces between the western elite, its agencies of power, and the postwar Nazi “International” was Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen’s military intelligence unit, Fremde Heere Ost, or Foreign Armies East, a vast network of spies within the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Gehlen undertook negotiations with OSS station chief in Zurich, Allen Dulles, to turn this network over to American intelligence at the conclusion of the war, provided that he, General Gehlen, remain in day-to-day operational control of this network… [T]his meant effectively that when the ink was dry on the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA’s civilian character was already compromised, for the CIA’s on-the-ground Soviet intelligence and analysis division was, virtually in its entirety, General Gehlen’s Nazi military intelligence group, otherwise known at the time as the Gehlen Organization, or simply, the “Gehlenorg.”… This is a crucial point, for it means that in the postwar period and well into the 1950s, the CIA’s on-the-ground intelligence network, not only in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, but also in Western Europe, was largely a Nazi organization under nominal American command. [Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops. Joseph P Farrell.]

Allen Dulles, again, huh? The guy JFK fired. Let’s look a little deeper into his time in Europe.

On July 27, 1943, the German Foreign Office expert on the U.S., the geopolitician Colin Ross, suggested in a 15-page memorandum a “Plan for an Ideological Campaign in the United States.” Recognizing Germany’s inability to bring the war to a victorious end, Ross proposed the immediate implementation of carefully planned psychological warfare to undermine the anticipated U.S. military victory… The memorandum, which was addressed to the German Secretary of State in the Foreign Office, von Steengracht, became the guidepost for Germany’s highly successful blackmail diplomacy in post-war America. Here follow some significant parts of the memorandum:


The prerequisites for psychological warfare:

  1. Analyze the spiritual temper of world public opinion.
  2. Evaluate correctly the ideological weapons available.
  3. Put before the eyes of the world a strategic concept which will impress not only our own people, but also the neutrals and our enemies.
  4. Select the most effective tactical methods for the accomplishment of the above.  
  5. Co-ordinate the ideological campaign in support of our military and economic warfare. The more the prospects for outright military victory diminish, the more urgent becomes the necessity for all-out psychological warfare…. …Therefore, it is necessary to set up a far-flung organization in every country which, under enemy occupation, must carry on the task from the underground. We must do everything possible to impress upon American public opinion that after the liberation of Europe they will become involved in an endless maze of insoluble contradictions.

Note that this document explicitly states that Nazism would have to go underground, and create a vast international network—requiring perforce a vast warchest—to conduct such an all-out Weltanschauungskrieg. Note also that part of this operation involved the use of the technique of polarization, i.e., of creating mutually contradictory sets or contexts of interpretation by which the American public opinion was to be paralyzed.

The U.S. Department of State was not oblivious to these plans, for on March 30, 1945, it published a document indicating that the U.S.A. was aware of both aspects—the economic and psychological warfare components—of the postwar plan: Nazi Party members, German industrialists, and the German military, realizing that victory can no longer be attained, are now developing post-war commercial projects, are endeavoring to renew and cement friendships in foreign commercial circles and are planning for renewals of pre-war cartel agreements. [Ibid.]

Pre-war friendship and cartel agreements? If only there was a lawyer based in Europe who represented banking families and phenomenally wealthy industrialists. Oh, right… That would be Allen Dulles.

Originally, President Roosevelt entrusted the postwar investigation of American-Nazi financial relationships—Operation Safehaven— to his Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau. Morgenthau was, of course, the originator of the Morgenthau Plan, a notorious “revenge” document calling for the complete de-industrialization of Germany and its division into smaller merely agricultural states. He was replaced as the head of Operation Safehaven after the war by none other than Allen Dulles, who used his position to recruit Nazis. From there, it gets even murkier: Although Dulles destroyed the Safehaven index, a few of Morgenthau’s original files escaped Dulles’s shredder, and can be found in the wartime State Department POst Files. For example, in the Switzerland Post files I discovered the Operation Safehaven investigation of Dulles himself, where he was accused of laundering money for the Nazis…. [Ibid.]

You can begin to see why Israel’s capture of Eichmann in 1980 caused panic at the CIA:

When Eichmann was captured the CIA combed files it had captured from the Nazis to find information that might be useful to the Israeli prosecution. The results caused near panic among the CIA’s leadership because, unknown to the junior staff who had looked through the files, a few of Eichmann’s accomplices being investigated had been CIA “assets”.


Lizzie says: “Let’s keep this between us, eh?”

You may already be aware that Henry Ford provided funding for Hitler. And that Hitler had a portrait of the industrialist in his office, as well as copies of his The International Jew given away at a pamphlet table out the front of it. In that, he certainly wasn’t alone. Dozens of Anglo-American industry captains helped the Nazis before and after the war because they viewed them as ideologically aligned against socialism. (The deaths of six million Jews and the occupation of Europe were worth it to prevent the rise of organised labour, it seems.)

In archonology, we look for the things that persist. In this case, a worldview so corporatist Right that it is entirely fine with Nazism. Such as the one espoused by George Bush Snr’s father. Who worked with the Nazis before and during the war.

[T]he new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

The article says “there is no suggestion Prescott Bush was sympathetic to the Nazi worldview.” Except there is. Like the fact that he was intimately involved with organising an attempted coup against the President of the United States:

According to a new BBC report, Prescott Bush (father of George H.W. and grandfather of George W.) was involved in a plot to overthrow the U.S. government and replace it with a fascist dictatorship in 1933.

It is known (if not well known) that Wall Street tycoons were so outraged by the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his proposed New Deal that they started organizing a coup.  The idea was to enlist the revered Major General Smedley Butler to recruit 500,000 WWI veterans into a private army that would demand FDR’s resignation — and execute him on the spot if he refused to give up power.  The new government would be a capitalist dictatorship modeled after Nazi Germany.

So just piecing that together… A man who worked with the Nazis and was willing to kill a sitting president gave birth to a son who ran the Nazi-DNA’d CIA while some this was happening, then went on to himself be president and declare war on Iraq. That man also had a son who went on to be president and declare war in Iraq. You have to wonder what life lessons were imparted to these kids, growing up on the ranch. You also have to wonder exactly who lost the war. Germany, certainly. But the Nazis? Go back over some of the Randian statements made by the GOP during the last election before you make your decision.

And so we come back to the Chapel Perilous, where there is the risk of bowling off down entirely the wrong path: a far-reaching government conspiracy.

Because it isn’t.

What it is instead is a small powerful group spread across countries, in and out of the private sector, unaccountable to the global citizenry in any of their actions, aligned only in their goal to become as satanically wealthy as possible. Anyone who opens with monolithic statements about “the government” is about to try and recruit you to their corporate, Dominionst agenda.

And it is just that public/private fissure that allows them to thrive… like scum in between bathroom tiles. The latest count I could find shows that 69% of pentagon employees are private contractors. Let’s look at the implications of that:

The Defense Department is, by far, the largest employer of government workers, so there’s likely plenty of waste in this bloated bureaucracy. But, cutting civilian workers without taking meaningful steps to reduce the Pentagon’s over-reliance on contractors may ultimately cost taxpayers far more than it saves.

Furloughing civilians may create work vacuums where the Pentagon has no choice but to hire contractors to complete essential tasks. From a taxpayer’s perspective, this might not be problematic if they both cost the same amount, but they don’t.

An analysis by my colleague, Scott Amey, of the Project On Government Oversight has found that service contractors employed by the Pentagon cost between two and eight times as much as civilian employees, on average.

Service contractors are not always the most expensive personnel option, and may sometimes be a better option even when they are. But, when the Pentagon spends more on contractors every year than it does on either the troops or its civilian employees, and appears primed to keep protecting contractors even under sequestration, taxpayers have a right to know why. [More.]

If you wish to indulge in a little holiday paranoia, have a think on why the western world has spent five years embarking on a ruinous strategy of austerity which has not only failed but caused the effective collapse of southern Europe. Countries aren’t companies, so the programme makes no objective sense. By definition, the sense it makes must be ‘occulted’.

Now let us plug this back into the banks, drugs and the CIA, thanks to the honest words of the departed Senator Inouye:

“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

It’s own fundraising mechanism, eh? If you think that’s alarming, consider the context of what “its own ideas of the national interest” might be, given its archonic past.

More on the blurred public/private line, and how this enhances its capacity to “pursue its own ideas”. (Incidentally, this is how you hide sustained UFO contact… inside private Special Access Projects rather than the pentagon basement… but that’s for another day.)

But according to the documents Blackwater submitted in its defense—as well as an email exchange I had recently with Prince—the contractor’s relationship with the CIA was far deeper than most observers thought. “Blackwater’s work with the CIA began when we provided specialized instructors and facilities that the Agency lacked,” Prince told me recently, in response to written questions. “In the years that followed, the company became a virtual extension of the CIA because we were asked time and again to carry out dangerous missions, which the Agency either could not or would not do in-house.”


Oh my, will we have things to discuss here. For now, cast your eyes over this comprehensive-yet-still-incomplete list of crimes:

  • Funding the Nazis
  • Laundering money for terrorists
  • Financing illegal arms deals, and funding the manufacture of cluster bombs and other arms which are banned in most of the world
  • Launching a coup against the President of the United States
  • Handling money for rogue military operations
  • Laundering money for drug cartels. (indeed, drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis)
  • Engaging in mafia-style big-rigging fraud against local governments.
  • Shaving money off of virtually every pension transaction they handled over the course of decades, stealing collectively billions of dollars from pensions worldwide.
  • Manipulating gold prices … on a daily basis
  • Charging “storage fees” to store gold bullion … without even buying or storing any gold . And raiding allocated gold accounts
  • Committing massive and pervasive fraud both when they initiated mortgage loans and when they foreclosed on them 
  • Pledging the same mortgage multiple times to different buyers. This would be like selling your car, and collecting money from 10 different buyers for the same car
  • Cheating homeowners by gaming laws meant to protect people from unfair foreclosure
  • Committing massive fraud in an $800 trillion dollar market which effects everything from mortgages, student loans, small business loans and city financing
  • Manipulating the hundred trillion dollar derivatives market
  • Engaging in insider trading of the most important financial information
  • Pushing investments which they knew were terrible, and then betting against the same investments to make money for themselves.
  • Engaging in unlawful “frontrunning” to manipulate markets.
  • Engaging in unlawful “Wash Trades” to manipulate asset prices. 
  • Otherwise manipulating markets.
  • Participating in various Ponzi schemes. 
  • Charging veterans unlawful mortgage fees
  • Helping the richest to illegally hide assets
  • Cooking their books 
  • Bribing and bullying ratings agencies to inflate ratings on their risky investments
  • Violently cracking down on peaceful protesters

However, I would like to end on a positive rather than a negative. Yes, a New York judge dismissed most of the Libor claims. But just watch this video of a proper journalist in Ireland doing proper journalism.

Inspiring, no? May you all get such opportunities to be heard. And seeing as we’re talking archonology, this is one of the few times you will see me quote Hakim Bey.

Sorcery breaks no law of nature because there is no Natural Law, only the spontaneity of natura naturans, the tao. Sorcery violates laws which seek to chain this flow– priests, kings, hierophants, mystics, scientists & shopkeepers all brand the sorcerer enemy for threatening the power of their charade, the tensile strength of their illusory web.

So then, let us be enemies.


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    I would argue that the machinery depends on asymmetrical warfare. What they do not handle well is atemporal warfare. For them, being binary, they expend maxiumum energy hunting around. They have that weakness, they cannot be in more than one place and time, at a time. Now, cycling gives that impression, but that is still just chasing wind, there is always a loss that results from trading instinct for an algorithm.

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  4. 8

    Very, very good post. I only don’t get that part about Morgenthau plan- it objectively was horrible plan.
    I mean, sure, Nazis were evil, but punishing all Germans for it? It’s like punishing all Russians for Stalin. Or Americans for Bush.
    Not to mention it would drive everyone into communism, and welcoming arms of the Soviets, who wanted to conquer Germany anyway. When economy goes down, you start getting more communists and fascist (just look at the Europe these days), and considering fascists were defeated and already seen by ordinary Germans as cause of their trouble, commies would be the one getting all popularity. It would just play into Soviet hands. And they are as much of an archonic force as any other clique summed up here.

  5. 10
    Andrew B. Watt

    A very good post. Not sure what to say about it… I see what you mean about the dangers of going surfing into those realms and regions; and I also see what you mean about “what are all of those chthonic beings doing when not hanging around waiting for your call?”

    I can’t help feeling that this all is much more complicated, though. Not all the archons are on the same ‘side’, as it were; nor are their mortal minions, either. Nor are “we” always on the same side. Or are we?

    You make my head hurt.

  6. 11
    Simon Tomasi

    I’m beginning to get a picture of what you mean when you refer to archons. Previously the term was not something that I was familiar with or could relate to.

    With regards to the collapse of the southern European countries – everyone messes up once in awhile, perhaps the archons wrote that off as a mistake that they could spin in to their future plans.

  7. 12

    Probably best to remain silent.

    Your thoughts and a nice bob video. What is the secret to “hanging” around all these years?

  8. 13
    Andrieh Vitimus

    I probably wont say, that I for the most part have thought and acting on this for a while… I just keep it to myself… it doesn’t make for good personal appereances… and people just call you a nutter. :) As far as your hypothesis that the dark web of bullshit, being mirrored in the spiritual, well yes and leave it at that.

    Great blog…

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