Everything Is Entangled: Some Sorcerous Tech Implications

Everything Is Entangled: Some Sorcerous Tech Implications

Everything IsIt is ambitious but not unreasonable to suggest that science and magic should entirely overlap.

Indeed, many of the Renaissance magicians avoided the stake with the defence that their practices merely aligned with the natural (and thus ordained) functioning of Creation, rather than contravened it.

And whilst this post isn’t so much about science as it is a lassoing together of a few of my favourite heresies, I can’t recall a time where we had a better opportunity to align with a more hospitable vision of the natural functioning of Creation.

Arthur C. Clarke’s technological law will come to pass… but only when science finally catches up to magic.

Not that magic is blameless in this relationship.

Often, attempts to incorporate a scientific perspective into magic ossify around the last time a magician cracked open an issue of New Scientist. Even the promising implications of quantum experiments begin to smell very seventies when they are improperly invoked.

But sometimes I wonder whether this misplaced exuberance is because we expect science to explain how magic works, rather than simply make a space for its existence in the universe. This is what Chris Carter says:

The question assumes that the proposition “at least some human minds have survived past the point of biological death” is a scientific hypothesis: it is not. It is a hypothetical statement regarding a possible fact, and not a hypothetical statement regarding a universal relationship between facts.

We need to be clear here on what we mean by “theory,” and what we mean by “fact.” For instance, gravity is a fact of nature, yet we have theories of how gravity works. Similarly, evolution appears to be a historical fact – after all, there is the fossil record. Yet we also have theories of how evolution works.

Scientific theories are not speculation about particular facts; they are tentative explanations about how certain facts fit together. When Isaac Newton proposed that a planet and the sun are attracted by a gravitational force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, he proposed a relation between masses and distances—a relation that of course became celebrated as the Newtonian theory of gravity.

‘Making a space’ is no small thing. We just need some facts, not a whole story about how they might fit together. Magic and science, by their very natures, are eternally incomplete. They are both ongoing games of Hot and Cold. Here is Russell Targ talking about the observation of precognition in his twenty years of NASA and CIA-funded remote viewing experiments:

In physics, we consider phenomena that are not forbidden by known equations and principles to be mandatory in their appearance. That is, we assume that everything not so deemed outside the range of possibility will eventually be found to occur.

The implication of this statement for wizards is that once a magical effect is achieved we should look to find a potential alignment with what Chris Carter refers to as scientific ‘fact’ -because a weird thing just happened- and see if any sorcerous optimisations can be extracted from how they might hang together.

Our starting point should be magic, then science. Not the other way around. Otherwise we will miss the weird entirely, otherwise all that really useful and strange shit will remain unexamined. Which would be a shame.

1. Breaking Britain’s Drought

Remember that drought we were having in what turned out to be the second-wettest year ever recorded? I performed and then posted my drought-breaking enchantment in April. Let’s now look at the UK’s rainfall for 2012:



You can see April got 175% of its average monthly rainfall. Then the next month is about average and we had to build a special ark for the Queen. Then summer arrived and we turned every single Olympic event into diving. Then we replaced Christmas with a nationwide drill for what happens following runaway global warming.

From this graph we may infer two possible things:

  • I am the most powerful western wizard in centuries.
  • The second wettest year in a century was already going to happen and my practical enchantment in some way coincided or was entangled with this outcome.

Leaving aside everything else in my incompetent life, I think the fact that Elijah Wood isn’t feeding me peeled grapes as I type these words means we can confidently rule out the first possibility. (It’s a fast day, anyway.) So it’s the second one, then.

And you know what? When I really think about how I select targets for enchantment, there is a previously unexamined stage in between breaking the overall goal into the highest probability mini-goals and then activating them. There’s an intuitive awareness that some targets are better suited to being ‘pushed’ than others. The most suitable ones emerge from the gloomy outskirts of my consciousness. My mind then selects them like apples from a cart.

I don’t actually perform all that much practical enchantment these days for a variety of reasons, but when I do the compulsion might be likened to an urgent need to go to the bathroom in which you arrive just in time to avoid throwing up on the floor. (Don’t pretend you haven’t been there.) It’s a dim awareness that an idea or an action’s time has come and it is now. That’s certainly what it felt like with the drought breaker. And presumably a Biblical flood is a ‘big’ enough event for even someone as psychically challenged as me to be able to pick up on.

From memory it’s in Magick Without Tears that Crowley describes performing a magical act to hear from a specific friend and then receiving the letter the next day… meaning it had to have been posted before he performed his action. So can you count this as a success? Yes. In a very Black Swan way you just know your actions have in some way resonated with the desired outcome.

This leaves us with two-ish immediate questions:

  • Is there some kind of retrocausal entanglement between future positive outcomes and your present psi activities so that the successful outcome might pull you toward taking action?
  • Do you even care if it means a net uplift in positive sorcerous outcomes? What if you could potentially use it as a wizardly early warning system?

Shall we check the science scoreboard for some aligned ‘facts’? Okay then, since you asked.


2. The Case Of The Passport

Some of you may recall Daryl Bem’s 2010 precognitive findings titled Feeling The Future that were immediately “debunked” by the usual suspects. (ie not at all.) Here’s a bit from the report:

The major theoretical challenge for psi researchers is to provide an explanatory theory for the alleged phenomena that is compatible with physical and biological principles. Although the current absence of an explanatory theory for psi is a legitimate rationale for imposing the “extraordinary” requirement on the evidence, it is not, I would argue, sufficient reason for rejecting all proffered evidence a priori. Historically, the discovery and scientific exploration of most phenomena have preceded explanatory theories, often by decades or even centuries

The trend is exemplified by several recent “presentiment” experiments, pioneered by Radin (1997), in which physiological indices of participants’ emotional arousal were monitored as participants viewed a series of pictures on a computer screen. Most of the pictures were emotionally neutral, but a highly arousing negative or erotic image was displayed on randomly selected trials. As expected, strong emotional arousal occurred when these images appeared on the screen, but the remarkable finding is that the increased arousal was observed to occur a few seconds before the picture appeared, before the computer has even selected the picture to be displayed.

What if this is how some divination works -through some kind of retrocausal ‘seeing’?

You remember my pet gay Cuban lawyer? What I haven’t mentioned is that whilst we are very close, we’re mostly internet friends. In fact, last week’s trip to Paris was only the second time I have ever met him in real life. I bring this up because it has a bearing on assessing the following entanglement probability:

In the card reading I performed for him, the question he wanted answered was whether or not he should take a new contract and move to Paris. The cards said he would move to Paris but he wouldn’t see out his contract. He thought the cards were advising him ‘no’ when you and I can see they were saying quite the opposite.

It’s not exactly earth-shattering to provide an accurate divination (I believe my exact words to Deb were “An accurate card reading? Quick, everybody stop what you are doing and switch on CNN.”) but the entire thing came to pass.

Right. Next. To. Me.

All my efforts to avoid getting his cooties on my fate lines came to nothing when, just as I had said it would, the whole edifice collapsed in his favour… with me standing less than five inches from him (he’s a close talker) for only the second time in our lives in the exact place the cards were talking about.

If you throw some cards for your bestie, then it’s not exactly a low probability that you’ll be around when the prediction comes to pass. This guy I had only met once before and we live in separate countries. So then…

  • Was the reading more accurate because I was ‘tuning into’ me being there in the future and watching it all unfold?
  • Was it less accurate for the same reason?
  • Are all divinations retrocausal in that they actually begin in the future and it’s just -tree falling in the woods- we typically aren’t around to witness their future origin?

French physicist Costa de Beauregard wrote

It must be in the nature of probability to serve as the operational link between objective and subjective, between matter and psychism.

There is a further implication to the possibility of retrocausality that occurred to me as I sat in a Bastille cafe, trying to process the divinatory entanglement and making notes for this post.

Another American friend of mine doesn’t have a passport. Statistically this is fairly common but his Best Life involves international travel. If retrocausal entanglement has even the tiniest bearing on successful magical outcomes then the probability of him achieving his Best Life is currently zero. Without a passport, there is literally no future in which he is outside the US for him to entangle.

Obviously there are many other components to this Best Life -employment stuff, more money, etc- but the passport requirement is binary. You can’t put a lack of passport on a credit card and still get to the Greek Islands. So I resolved to bully him into getting one.

(Sidebar: it turns out I needn’t have bothered as a family member forced his hand with a surprise, mandatory international requirement for later in the year. This happened about 72 hours before the retrocausal thing occurred to me which could imply… but no, let’s leave that. This post is already 86% of the way to being a weird, Lovecraftian rant from a protagonist who vanishes in terror while writing “the horror” over and over in his journal as it is.)

Anyway, the takeaway here is in order to kickstart your wizardly early warning system/possible future entanglements, make sure anything -however small- that drops the probability of your overall outcome to zero is circumvented. (If you want to be a pilot, go and get an eye test, for example.)

I now consider the law of attraction to be a perspective error of retrocausality.

3. Schrödinger’s elephant

All available occult phenomena should be carefully investigated, not only for the sake of obtaining knowledge, but also for the sake of unmasking charlatans. – Dion Fortune

Okay, look. Chaos magic is the fart in the elevator of western esotericism. You know this. None of its perspectives are all that popular. Doubly so in my case because I just cannot leave alone things that others deem unfashionable or out of context.

This is my way of explaining, among other interests, the whole ‘UFO thing’.

It’s like this… over the past decade, some really strange information has tumbled out of secrecy -either through declassification, leaks, commercial interest… whatever. Examples include the vast amounts of nuclear waste found stuffed in German salt mines from the war -implying a nuclear programme far in advance of the Allies- or the US military’s plan to blow up the moon during the Cold War. This information makes it very obvious that the twentieth century we all thought we lived through bears only a passing resemblance to what actually happened.

And to some extent that would be fine because all history is largely bullshit. This is particularly accurate here where we’re trying to examine a chess game that happened forty years and we only have three of the pieces. Except I just can’t shake the feeling that we’re leaving some instantly available tech unexplored… tech that may just align with more recent developments in consciousness studies and  reexamination of entheogens.

Here’s how it all fits together into a quantum panpsychic worldview. (Or, at least, the Rune Soup variant of it: less physics, more mushrooms.)

Quantum Panpsychism

This venn covers UFOs, ESP studies -principally telepathy and remote viewing- long term psychological effects of entheogens (both as a race and individually) and observer effects collapsing wave functions into particles.

Here is another venn diagram that may look more familiar. Can you guess the punchline?


So, if you’re wondering why I’m interested in such profoundly uncool topics, it’s largely because the most-recent western data better match the descriptions in the first venn than the second… although the differences are entirely semantic. And because of what Dion Fortune said.

Which brings us to Russell Targ, Ingo Swann and the SRI’s Stargate Project.

You may not be aware of this, but Jacques Vallée was just down the hall from the Stargate Project, in the same building at the same time. So the guy who permanently changed ufology was busy being one of the founding fathers of the internet at the same time in the same building as the guys being paid by the CIA to find downed Soviet aircraft in Africa. He would regularly have lunch with the guy -Ingo Swann- who first described the rings around Jupiter because he saw them in his head.

(Sidebar: I don’t know what’s going on here but great chunks of the internet came out of the same building as a fully-funded formula for viewing alien bases on the moon and using remote viewing to make a fortune on the silver market. Something smells ‘Neighbourly’. In terms of its macro-impact, SRI may well turn out to be the most important magical society of the twentieth century.)

This is a recent presentation where the man himself discusses his time being associated with the Stargate Project and the implications of remote viewing and UFOs for our understanding of human consciousness.

Of particular pertinence to wizards, at 15:10, Vallée mentions that a lot of the RV candidates said they didnt know they had any psychic functioning before seeing “some little lights in the sky” earlier in their lives. (I refer you back to the first venn diagram.) Most of us can probably point to one inciting incident or another for our own little trip down wizard lane.

And in terms of its meaning and relationship with human consciousness, here’s Jacques’s opinion from another recent podcast:

“What the phenomenon really says is that the universe is a subset of something else.”

All of this makes me wonder just how long the research has been going on for and whether we can consider the key players as a magical order in everything but name. For instance, here’s something I found out last week.

You remember Wernher Von Braun, the nazi rocket scientist who bombed my suburb, ran NASA and first put humans on the moon? Prior to the Stargate Project beginning, Russell Targ met him on St Simons Island in Georgia (near Jekyll Island, where a bunch of private bankers founded the Fed a few decades earlier) after giving a presentation to a room of NASA futurists on how to better integrate astronaut consciousnesses with space craft. Targ had developed an ESP training machine (which you can now get as a free iPhone app).

Turns out that SS Major Von Braun had very high ESP -not that I’m the least bit surprised. He immediately saw the value in the project and arranged for a year’s worth of funding from NASA and “a few navy buddies”. Von Braun was present at White Sands about twenty years earlier when his modified V2 rockets were disabled mid-flight by UFOs. In his later years he would make some very cryptic comments about aliens and the weaponisation of space.

Targ described the encounter in a recent radio interview. So before receiving two decades of CIA funding to train soldiers to spy on Russians and look out into space, SRI got money from a clairvoyant nazi with thirty years experience working on classified projects. I can almost hear 60 years worth of psi tech crashing through the undergrowth, just out of view.

Let’s have a bit more. Here’s a lengthy excerpt from a podcast interview with UFO researcher Grant Cameron.

So in 1950 when [Wilbert] Smith writes this [UFO] memo to the Canadian government, describing what he’s been told by officials of the United States, he talks about the UFO stuff which everybody quotes. The very next line everybody leaves out. I left it out for years, too. He said, “I was further informed that U.S. authorities (and you’ve got to get that—U.S. authorities) are investigating along quite a number of lines which might possibly be related to the Saucers such as mental phenomena, and I gather they are not doing too well since they have indicated that if Canada is doing anything at all along the lines of geomagnetics they would welcome a discussion with suitably accredited Canadians.”

So he’s basically saying that they’ve got this connection with mental phenomena and if there’s anybody inside Canada who’s working on it, if you get cleared to talk on a classified level, we’re willing to talk to you because we’re trying to figure this thing out….

The one was I mentioned Dr. Robert Starbacher and he was giving material to Wilbert Smith and when Stanton [Friedman] interviewed him he says, “Well, who was there? Was anybody alive? You’re mentioning all these guys who are dead.” He said, “There’s this one guy from Pennsylvania. He was real arrogant. He thought he knew everything. He attended all the meetings.” We tracked this guy down and he turns out to be Dr. Eric Walker, who was former President of Penn State University.

For 15 years he was the Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Defence Analysis, which is the top military think tank for the United States military. He was the co-developer of the homing torpedo. He was friends with Vannevar Bush. He had this incredible, unbelievable background of military and connections with Presidents and stuff like this. So when we go to him, we’re interviewing him as UFO researchers. We’re not thinking about the mind; we couldn’t care less about that, no connection whatsoever.

We’re talking to him and we’re trying to find out about this supposed UFO group that runs the whole thing, the MJ-12. We’re asking him questions about MJ-12. “Did you have contact with the aliens? How did the thing operate? How did you cover-up the UFO thing?” And suddenly in the middle of one of these interviews in 1990, he’s interviewed for about eight years. I’m running this team of researchers around the world. I’m not talking to them. There are people who say, “I can get Walker to talk.”

“Okay, here’s his phone number.” And what we’d do is we’d take all the interviews that are done with him and we put them in a book. In 1990 in the middle of one of these interviews, he suddenly cuts off the conversation talking about hardware, about bodies and all this, and he suddenly says, “How good is your sixth sense? How much do you know about ESP?” And the other guy goes, “Well, not really.” It’s not of interest to him. And Walker says, “Unless you know about it and how to use it, you will not be taken in.”

Because the question was about who’s running the group. What’s this MJ-12? How many people are in the group? How are these people operating? And he says, “Unless you know about ESP and how to use it, you would not be taken in by this MJ-12, this over-riding group that runs the UFO program. Only a few know about it.” We saw the interview and I put it in the book. We published the book in 1990. We’re about to re-publish the book. We put it in this book in 1991.

We never mentioned it in the book. We never brought up this mention of the fact that ESP was involved because it meant nothing to us. We were into the hardware and the bodies and all this sort of stuff. But he mentions this in 1990. Then in 1993 there’s a related story about a conversation that takes place with Ben Rich. Ben Rich was the guy who ran Skunk Works, where the U2, the SR-71, the Stealth fighter, the Stealth bomber, they were all developed by what was called Skunk Works.

Ben Rich ran [Skunk Works] and he would get a number of questions about was this UFO technology. He’s giving a lecture in 1993. He’s dying of cancer. He gives a lecture at UCLA to a bunch of engineers and he’s talking and he says, “We’ve got the technology to take ET home.” He gives his lecture, he finishes the lecture, he’s walking out, and one of the engineers who was interested in UFOs runs after him.

He says to Ben Rich, “How are these things propelled? How are UFOs propelled?” And Ben Rich turns around and says to him, “Let me ask you a question. How does ESP work?” And the guy says, “Well, it means that all points in time and space are connected.” And Ben Rich turns around and he says, “That’s how they work.” And so here’s this top guy in U.S. military research who’s saying ESP, that’s how UFOs are propelled. So you get these connections years later that basically put this together.

Grant Cameron is a serious researcher and FOIA fiend. He has a day job as an archivist. These conversations undoubtedly happened. Those are the ‘facts’. Whether these people are lying (and what their motivations would be in that case) is a matter of how you choose to hang the ‘facts’ together. I haven’t made up my mind either way and likely never will.

But it does rather remind me of a comment Dr Sheldrake made, in what I think is his best presentation yet, regarding the implications of a non-materialistic understanding of consciousness. A reasonable implication of our capacity to know when we are being stared at is there is that we experience some kind of consciousness interaction with an object when we look at it. It might be that when we gaze out at the distant stars, for instance- our consciousness reaches out to them.

UPDATE: The scared BASTARDS at Ted Talks have censored both Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake. The empire attempts to strike back. In case they don’t ever grow a pair, you can watch the presentation on their blog… which I encourage you to flame. I can’t even re-embed it from there.

“[Science] can’t deal with the fact that our thoughts don’t seem to be inside our brains… I’m suggesting… what you’re seeing is inside your minds but not inside your heads… If we look at distant stars I think our minds reach out in a sense to touch those stars and literally extend out over astronomical distances.”

I find this idea intriguing. One of the most compelling sorcerous aspects of the Simonomicon for me is the exhortation to the stars and the sky to ‘remember’. The first time I tried this out I was fifteen and alone in a clearing in the bush behind choir camp. (You heard me.)

It was a warm, clear night half way up the Hunter Valley, far from any significant sources of light pollution. Speaking the invocation aloud and looking up at the sky, it was like Pop Rocks® going off in my mind. (This experience was vividly recalled while listening to Ian Corrigan’s absolutely fascinating turn on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole. Highly, highly recommended.)

The effect was so arresting that an exhortation to the spirits of the stars has ever since formed part of my impromptu invocations. (You know the ones with a string of go-to phrases you always end up using because you are too disorganised to actually plan it properly beforehand and just figure you’ll wing it once the candles are lit? No? Just me then.)

Anyway, I leave it up to you to freely speculate as to whether this may be the mechanism of action that first spurred mankind to building megalithic starmaps and coding precise astronomical alignments into our temples.

In the meantime -because it’s time for a few more images- have a look at these military patches from pentagon black programmes, taken from a book on the subject with the delightful title I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me that I got for 99p in a remainder bookstore.

Yes, I’m aware of the military’s use of hyperbole and overly literal humour but still, the ‘facts’ are these are patches from actual black programmes. It’s worth keeping that in mind regarding the rest of the info in this section. Also, you’re all wizards. You know that a symbol can mean something, not mean something and mean the first thing again all at once.

Alien patch

TENCAP stands for Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities.

This is a collection of programmes charged with developing battlefield applications for satellites. (That would be weaponizing the machines orbiting the earth.)

“Special” here obviously means highly classified.

Oh, and the Latin phrase is associated with Emperor Caligula. It broadly means “let them hate so long as they fear.”

Unpacking the image we have:

The obvious alien head, at least two different aircraft shape, we have a robot face and… in case you missed it… we also have the Masonic symbol right above the word ‘dum’. (Heh.)


Moon patchProbably my favourite because of obvious reasons.

It’s the moon next to a giant question mark with the motto none of your fucking business.

Cute, right?

The patch is for the 22nd Military Airlift Squadron. Part of their mission was to conduct late night operations picking up classified aircraft from aerospace plants in California and deliver them to classified locations for testing and evaluation.

On these nighttime operations, they’d remove their normal badges and velcro these ones on.

Speaking of classified locations…

The next one is apparently one of several patches associated with Lockheed Martin’s Desert Prowler UAV.

The 5 stars plus the 1 star (put them together) refer to the classified flight testing area at Groom Lake… which is worth a Google if you’re unfamiliar with it.

eyeball patchExactly what are we to make of a programme patch for an opaque private military contractor testing secret flying robots in an area with a 60 year mythology of alien contact?

One that has a giant, terrifying eye in the middle of it and a frankly alarming motto to boot?

For what it’s worth, those Roman numerals are 9 and 11.

Do I know what’s going on here? No. Will we ever know what’s going on here? No.

Out of context these patches -like the Apollo mission patches- just look weird. With a little context they might look… suspicious.

Beginning with the clairvoyant nazi giving money to the physicist/stage magician to spy on Soviets and other planets, through to the university president talking about the ESP/UFO connection, on to the Cambridge biologist who thinks looking at the stars may somehow entangle our consciousness with them… I can’t help but get the feeling that while we’ve all been making smoothies for seasonal festivals, a lot of people have spent a lot of money investigating some pretty compelling magical tech.

And maybe we should have a play with it.

Back to Stargate, then.

4. Frontloading and sigils

If the conscious/unconscious divide isn’t fixed -and it isn’t- then why do we need to generate a sigil in the first place? Why can’t we just activate a statement of intent?

A recent podcast interview with one of the Stargate Program’s first remote viewers, Paul H. Smith, may yield some possible answers.

Smith recounts the story of one of Ingo Swann’s lunches with Vallée during the first months of the programme. Swann was dejected because he felt Targ and Puthoff weren’t properly testing or maximising his skills. He said he can send his consciousness out into the universe and they had him guessing which card someone was looking at in the next room. And whilst his results were certainly above what was expected compared to chance, they wouldn’t set the world on fire.

That reduced efficacy which the whole process of sigil generation is designed to circumvent in the remote viewing world is called ‘frontloading’. As in… if you ‘frontload’ your viewer with too much information, their accuracy is reduced because of the human mind’s inability to confidently distinguish between ESP and its own personal yammering.

So it was Vallée himself, on his goddamn lunchbreak, who came up with the idea of using coordinates as a remote viewer’s target. Swann tried it. Boom. With some minor optimisation in the tech, this is pretty much the cornerstone of RV. And after two decades of experiment data, a number of conclusions may be reached:

  • A reading is more accurate the less you know about something going in.
  • It is no more difficult -and may possibly be easier- to RV a future point in time than it is the present.
  • Similarly, distance -even the distance between Stanford and Jupiter- does not impact the accuracy.
  • RV struggles to process numbers or letters, meaning remote reading is all but impossible, but excels at temperature, shape, colour and texture… even in instances where the target is in total darkness.
  • An arbitrary proxy -such as the very human system of latitude and longitude which has no external reality- is somehow understood by the mind to represent the thing it is pointing at.

So far so sigilish. The question is why? WHY does the use of coordinates -which I for one couldn’t understand properly with my conscious mind- actually work better?

Cloud Atlas

It’s a very Sparean question, isn’t it?

When it comes to RV, it works just as well if no one involved in the entire process knows what the target is until the very end. Hella Hammid would remote view the location of her target half an hour before a random number generator was used to select a location from a list she had never seen before, and forty minutes prior to him even getting there. (She got 6 correct out of 6 in the first attempt.)

The best current explanation for this -and pay careful attention sigil nerds- is that the remote viewer somehow accesses the information from a point in the future where she is aware of the correct answer. And to get at that correct answer she must sneak past her own conscious awareness. Using literally anything. Random number generators, coordinates, it doesn’t matter.

In fact, you can even use pancakes. Recognising that RV works better with textures and shapes than numbers and letters, Targ devised a system called Associative Remote Viewing and tested it by trading silver for nine weeks. At the close of the market on a Friday afternoon, their trader would handle an old pancake from breakfast to indicate that silver had closed down a lot, two other objects to indicate whether silver had closed down a little or up a little… and a bottle of champagne if it had closed up a lot.

They called it right nine weeks in a row, made $120,000 in early 80s money and were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. (How are your money spells going? Why?) Somewhere in here I see a potential mechanism of action for why using relevant symbols (colours, stones, etc) might improve the outcome of your practical enchantments.

As for the where you are accessing this information from… You know I’m not a super-fan of the conscious/unconscious distinction. I quite like the notion of Faery. Paul H. Smith expands the idea of the collective unconscious -which was originally a sum total of human culture and memory but was ultimately expanded to mean Nature- into the Cosmic Unconscious… a version that is a combination of the Akashic Records and the collective unconscious. It seems like an unnecessary distinction but it may be of use to some of you.

Summing up… from a sigil perspective, ‘Not forgetting’ or ‘lust of result’ can be likened to frontloading. The simplest workaround is to shoal when you have earnestly forgotten which symbol is which. The next simplest -and I’ll let you know how this goes because it’s new- is to flip your sigils over and charge them without even looking at which one is which.

5. Variety is the spice of everything

The final tech implication comes from Ingo Swann’s less-than-good performance with Zener cards and other instances of ‘forced choice’ ESP. Have a read of this page of Targ’s The Reality Of ESP, describing Rhine’s famous ESP research.


“If you already know the cards you will be asked”. Hmmm. Granted there are only a few types of Zener cards versus a much larger number of cards for the tarot or other popular forms of cartomancy.

But nevertheless it does provide another perspective on whether you should switch up your choice of oracles for reasons other than their emotional range.

As for sigils… this is definitely the case. I have always struggled with why I can’t just sigil a number of ongoing beneficial outcomes, optimum health, etc, and just repeatedly use them. Because I’m telling you that you can’t. My milk lasts longer than my sigils. And, in fact, this is also when I take them down from the mirror. Even low attention processing has a shelf life, it seems.

6. Conclusion: resonance and entanglement

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. – Max Planck. 1931.

I understand that an updated consciousness model has limited appeal. Where are the dragons? Where are the ghosts and selkies? To that, all I can say is that they are certainly still there… they’re just probably not powered by ‘energy’ or the wishes of little children or whatever. (Actually that middle one might be a thing.)

But the notion that ESP and psi are in some way separate from ‘real’ magic because it’s ‘mental phenomena’ and magic is ‘energy’ is inelegant. There is an abundance of evidence for one and practically none for the other. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that your man Occam wants to give you a shave.

In fact, if you squint, you can see these things as culturally evolved proxies that overlay a very real universal function that -like a wave function- cannot be looked upon directly. Proxies are at the heart of magic. Love spells work better via proxy than simply walking up to someone, pointing your finger and saying ‘love me’. If you take one thing away from this monstrously long, insane, diatribe then it is this: always use a proxy. Proxies and consciousness are my new jams.

And it’s been in the last decade or so that, to my mind, we’ve received some crucial pieces of the puzzle that enable a consciousness model to fulfill my personal magical requirement: it’s all in your head, except when it isn’t. A decoupling of ufology from the absurdities of its Cold War, ‘nuts and bolts’ vision, climate data indicating increased encounter rates with entheogens in parts of the world associated with the Neolithic Renaissance, a growth in successfully uncontested psi results.So these, then, are the sorcerous tech implications derived from riffing off a few of those ‘facts’.

  • Retrocausality has implications for target selection. Pay attention to how you’re feeling as you select targets. I think this also has implications for why shoal results regularly come through entangled.
  • Ensure your future can actually reach you. Get a passport! Get your eyes checked. Remove tiny barriers that drop the probability of your success to before you enchant.
  • Don’t frontload. This has implications for visualisation during enchantment. Basically I wouldn’t do it during activation.
  • Turn your sigils over when you are charging them. Or put them in a fancy pants envelope if that’s how you roll. If you’re accessing a future probability where you have achieved your goal and you need to sneak past your mind, then looking at the sigil might only just be getting in your way. (Still don’t destroy them however. Low attention processing is totally a thing.)
  • Use associative target selection. Don’t shoot for things the cosmic unconscious struggles to understand, numbers, letters, etc. Steal Targ’s pancake idea and say “I will only drink this champagne when I have that $10,000 payrise.” Enchant to drink the champagne.
  • Expect outcome entanglement. Because it’s just going to happen. The most important category here is cursing, obviously.
  • Rotate symbols and sigils to prevent ‘forced choice results’. It’s also worth keeping this in mind if your divination requires a jumpstart.

Let’s close out with Aldous Huxley. Seems appropriate.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.




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    1 thought I recovered from your essay on strange bedfellows..

    Is science and religion a two party system?

    Have you heard of John Taylor Gatto? His conjectures on schooling of American children, might just make you scratch your head some more when questioning this topic..

  2. 2
    abba cadaver


    I’m digging the indirect/proxy angle that you bring to light here to bypass the conscious censor.

    It’s amazing how anytime I just pull up some random blog of yours, it makes me read 4 other of your blogs.

    Thanks very much for sharing.

  3. 4

    @Richard Yep. Is the link not working for you? It’s working for me.

    @Jeff definitely not a two party system. But ScientISM and magic certainly are.

  4. 5
    Richard Norris

    I didn’t click the link because I had already read the site. Jimes blog is a weekly staple, and I was sure I had read that quote there.

  5. 7
    jason miller

    impromptu invocations. (You know the ones with a string of go-to phrases you always end up using because you are too disorganised to actually plan it properly beforehand and just figure you’ll wing it once the candles are lit? No? Just me then.)

    No, not just you then. I have a whole list of go to phrases and chants that I whip out on the fly but make me look like a frickin Greek/Tibetan/Latin/Sumerian scholar who spent weeks putting together a ritual.

    Also, You should start a list of your guidelines for sigils, and keep it updated with findings. You are doing groundbreaking work in this field.

  6. 8

    Of interest, although I’m betting you’re already aware of some of this stuff:

    1. Joseph McMoneagle’s book,”The Ultimate Time Machine”.

    2. Rudolph Steiner’s classic, “How To Know Higher Worlds”.

    3. Gary Lachman’s “A Secret History of Consciousness”.

    McMoneagle’s book is, if you take him to be on the level, a work of astonishing depth and insight. At least reading him directly without doing any proper research, he appears to be a straight shooter.

    Steiner’s book, which I’m currently making my way through, has described a vision of the universe that jibes remarkably well with my understanding of the ‘way things are’. YMMV. However, you should really check out the stuff he goes into detail on in the chapters about initiation.

    I may or may not have pushed Lachman’s work in the comments around here before, but do check him out. His work is broadly well-researched, and his point of view is mature, articulate, and bespeaks a deep commitment to clarity of thought.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.


  7. 9
    Simon Tomasi

    Stimulating post as always, learned more about ESP and Nazi rocket scientists. The TED talk in particular has got me thinking about how elastic and malleable the Universe is.

  8. 11

    Whoa. Just Whoa. Lot’s of things to think about. Plus, I’m still waiting for my “Science Delusion” to arrive, so I can get up to speed and to your level with the whole “field” business.
    But here’s couple of my observations, and thoughts:
    1.)Weather magick is rather easy. I’ve done it in the past, but there are couple of weird things i noticed. First of all, while results get there fast (much faster than my usual stuff), there are weird side effects. I enchant for rain- I get rain. Then month or two later I get biblical flood. Similar for sunshine and warmer weather.
    I blame butterfly effect; after all, it was at first meteorological term.

    2.) Oh good god, outcome entanglement (well, I always called it retroactive magick). First of all, it’s weird as hell. I know I was shocked when it happened to me. But it also seems to be pretty widespread, lot’s of different practitioners encounter it, and without expecting it. Also, it’s one of the most “miracle like” stuff in magick; especially when you think the chance of that thing to happen by itself is ridiculously low.
    3.) I also do impromptu invocations. For me they are even more effective than prepared stuff.

    BTW. Anybody knows some good ancient Egyptian resources? Or perhaps ancient Summerian? I’d love to get some new magickal language under my belt. German just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

  9. 13

    Hiya Gordon, and friends of Gordon!!!

    I’ve been following your blog for about six months, and it’s time to jump or step away from the precipice, if you catch my drift. I’ve been digging back into your sigil and shoaling essays, but am not quite finding the pointer that I’ve been looking for, and would love a final piece of advice. I’ve been taking notes about my intentions, and I have some questions about defining operational parameters in sigilizing (and I suppose, in magic in general). Do you just boil your statement down to a bare bones, as-simple-as-possible positive statement and wank it off to the astral winds, and then strap in to enjoy the ride? Or do you have some mission statement that defines the operational parameters of what you are wanting to make avoid less-desirable outcomes that coincide with what you are asking for?

    For instance, my good buddy’s gay pagan boyfriend who lives in rural obscurity in the depths of geographic Mormondom would like to have the opportunity to partake of a certain amazonian tea ceremony, but is not well connected (he promises to not even attempt to try to make you read any travelogue should this manifest). Co-present with this intention are desires such as
    * Not going to jail
    * Finding a shaman that is not a third rate huckster or rank amateur
    * Not completely go off his rocker afterwards, relatively speaking.

    Does he mash these up into one really complicated statement to sigilize, or make a basic statement and windsurf those astral breezes and see where he ends up? Or is this what shoaling is for, to sigilize for each of these sub-intentions? Could the intentional statement be at the top of a mission sheet defining operational parameters? Am I over-thinking it all? Trying to inflict order on chaos?

    Any assistance or pointers from any well informed opionon-holders are greatly appreciated if you had a spare moment…

    By the way, if you ever had the wild idea that you wanted to go to Burning Man and explore what might be the maddest hyper-sigil in the western hemisphere, I would love to offer advice, assistance, contacts, and local(ish) resources. (Sorry if this post took a creepy fanboy twist here at the end ;)

  10. 14
    Justin Boland

    Found a passage in Schnabel’s “Remote Viewers” that jumped out:

    pg. 101 – 3rd paragraph – “According to Swann the answer came to him one evening in April 1973, as he lounged in a swimming pool, drinking scotch, at his apartment complex in nearby Mountain View. A voice in his head said, “Try coordinates.” As in geographical coordinates. In other words, Puthoff and Targ, instead of telling him the target, could simple give him the target’s precise latitude and longitude.”

    Cheers to cognitive dissonance and higher synthesis!

  11. 15

    You wrote: “Are all divinations retrocausal in that they actually begin in the future and it’s just -tree falling in the woods- we typically aren’t around to witness their future origin?”


    “The great secret known to Apollonius of Tyana, Paul of Tarsus, Simon Magus, Asklepios, Paracelsus, Boehme and Bruno is that: we are moving backward in time. The universe in fact is contracting into a unitary entity which is completing itself. Decay and disorder are seen by us in reverse, as increasing. These healers learned to move forward in time, which is retrograde to us.”
    -Exegesis from the novel VALIS by Philip K. Dick 1981

    more here: http://deoxy.org/pkd_tcs.htm

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