You Can Singlehandedly Stop Terrorism

You Can Singlehandedly Stop Terrorism

TerrorismSeeing the South Park movie in the cinema made me cry with laughter -the first time that had ever happened.

So I was very much looking forward to The Book Of Mormon on Monday night. And the show is genuinely spectacular.

Matt and Trey’s entire oeuvre is everything that is good about America. It is bold, confident, self-aware satire so sharp that it cuts through time and space.

Rather than a manifestation of the Trickster current, it is something entirely rarer… it is the Jester current.

Anywhere that there are ideals held too preciously, or offices taken too seriously, they will find and subvert these targets, leaving us to look again at something we thought we knew.

If you have ever been offended by their depictions of race relations, patriotism, celebrity culture, religious belief, AIDS, gender -and everyone has- then that is evidence of their art affecting you. The pain is the cure. And it is art. It serves to re-relativise an idea you have made universal. Even their own output hasn’t escaped the hot knife of their own output. (It was Terence and Philip’s Uncle Fucker that made me cry in the cinema. Find me a more outrageous, more superfluous use of a 35mm projector. In the literal sense, I truly could not believe what I was seeing or hearing. And I had paid to see it. It was a jester pretending to have sex with the queen in front of the king.)

After the show, we leave the theatre and cross Piccadilly Circus into a supermarket to pick up a few things (wine) for a late supper. There are TVs above the checkouts. Boston. While I had been laughing and silently congratulating America on its awesomeness, some asshole had gone and bombed it.

Weird coincidence, sure… but not yet a sync. (And syncing with the story of an east coast wizard who founded what became a wealthy, right wing cult with extensive intelligence connections, who was himself killed in a public street, is too, too easy.) There are, however, any number of actual syncs. Here’s a quick round-up:

Rough. Fucking. Week.

The ACTUAL Boston conspiracy

No one believes the official version of 9/11. Fine. But, as you know, -and we’ll come onto this later- my current suspicions are less common than the mainstream of the non-mainstream: Namely, that the buildings were destroyed by a directed energy weapon because that is currently the least worst explanation for the actual physics of the event. This may ultimately change. Hold your beliefs lightly or go home.

As for Boston? Are you kidding me?

I think the fact that Fox News didn’t immediately and isn’t currently splashing a picture of a beardy, brown man with a funny hat and an inexplicable twenty year relationship with the CIA all over your television is, alone, reason enough to cool your damn jets. The other reason is, you know… sanity.

While we’re on the topic of sanity:


And so we come on to the actual Boston Marathon conspiracy. A lunatic shill, in the pocket of the radical right, Dominionist/Corporatist regime, waiting a matter of minutes before -like he always does when tragedy strikes- blaming an imaginary socialist hijack of human civilisation that is clearly coming to take your guns. So you should go out and buy guns… and survival food. (Which, conveniently for you, he sells.)

Please enjoy this rant about the Texas Toad from the inimitable Ted Torbich:

Perhaps ironically, if there is an old-timey conspiracy at work here, we can currently infer from the modus that it will likely have been perpetrated by the very same neo-Nazi/radical right/secessionist/white power shadowy spectrum that spawned the Texas Toad in the first place.

But it’s early days so perhaps we should -like sane people- avoid such speculation until the actual investigating is done. Speculation is…


There are LCD TVs in the elevators of my office building that play BBC News. There is no sound so the subtitles for the hearing impaired show up. For the last several days, it has been repeated shots of the carnage and endless, “expert” talking heads, in the woeful style of today’s multichannel ‘news’™.

They all talk about the ‘sophistication’ of the ‘attack’ and continue to repeat the number of deaths or graphically describe the injuries of the victims. You could genuinely replace all the subtitles with BE AFRAID BE AFRAID BE AFRAID BE AFRAID. That’s all it is saying.

Here’s Simon Jenkins in The Guardian earlier this week, proving once again why he is my favourite columnist in the world:

Such deeds are senseless murders, but they are not terrorism as such. What makes them terrorist is the outside world rushing to hand their perpetrators a megaphone. Murder is magnified a thousandfold, replayed over and again, described and analysed, sent into every home. A blast becomes a mass psychosis, impelling a terror of repetition and demands for drastic countermeasures. An act of violence that deserves no meaning is given it.

Today in Britain Margaret Thatcher’s memorial service was being “reviewed in the light of the intelligence and security environment”, as if Boston had suddenly rendered London insecure. Sunday’s London Marathon was likewise “under discussion”, as officials had to deny that it might be cancelled. David Cameron had to speak. Boris Johnson had to speak. Could the Boston bomber have been awarded any greater accolade?

I heard a radio reporter intone that it was “incredibly difficult to make sporting events safe and secure”. It is not incredibly difficult, it is impossible. But who dares say so, when the great god terror stalks the land, hand-in-hand with the BBC’s World at One?

Who needs invented conspiracies about the imminent suspension of the right to free assembly when people are too scared to congregate in the first place? On the cab ride home from the theatre, an hour after the attack, our driver says “here we go again, I suppose.”

No. I reject that. I reject the deranged mutterings of the radical right stooges and I reject the endless fearporn of what I can no longer call ‘news’ with a straight face. Like the South Park boys, we should raise our collective middle finger and say fuck Canada to all that.

Where you come in

The way these two awful events have thrown up so many syncs tells us something important. And by ‘us’, I mean those initiates that have ears for twilight language.

And what it tells us is that the universe is malleable. The universe has noticed us noticing it and is waiting to see what we do next. It is us against the smog of fear. Every newscaster signs off with “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Boston and Texas” But you have to mean it. Because it works. Read this. Most of humanity is actually awesome. (Ignore the Texas link. But you see! There’s another one!)

You are in a mind war. You can singlehandedly stop terrorism. With. Your. Mind.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Boston and Texas. Look who showed up the day after the bombing, April 16:

Kia kaha, America.



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  1. 3

    Can’t you just see Butch Cassidy and Sundance — holed up while the faceless uniformed South American hordes are amassing to massacre them — and Butch says: “You know what I’ve been thinking lately? New Zealand!”

  2. 4

    And note one of the production companies in the Supes trailer: Syncopy

    If I were chasing Choronzon, he might make me his bitch on that one…

  3. 5
    Darren B

    Great post Gordon,now we are “Armed with a Dream” .-)
    Also I like in the “Man of Steel” trailer how there is a little red wagon laying sideways on the lawn
    and in this sink hole clip from the movie “The Lovely Bones” (shot in NZ:-) there is a little red wagon right at the bottom of the sink hole.
    Jake Kotze’s “Armed with a Dream” clip is posted at “The Sync Hole” blog,too.
    Here’s another clip talking about a little red wagon
    from “A Mighty Wind” with Mike Lafontaine,manager of “The New Main Street Singers”
    I used that clip for my post about the ‘Happening’ concert in Seoul
    Sync is just red strings (or sox…or wagons.-) everywhere all tangled in a web of connections.

  4. 6

    42 is the number of the judges of the dead, as well as the 42-fold name of the Creative God. 420 can be derived by 42 x 10, 10 being the number of the illusionary physical envelope…

    A little strange, good article

  5. 7

    I’ve soured a lot on Alex Jones lately, and this Boston conspiracy has been a last straw. Day after day, week after week, he predicts there will be a catastrophe in about week to 3 months period. Of course he’s going to be right sooner or later.

    Gods, I have much bigger accuracy from my tarot card readings (I’m rarely completely off the mark, usually the bigger problem is lack of clarity).

    I still hold onto some conspiracy theories, but much less than in past. World is non deterministic and slight degree of randomness waiting to snowball is ever present, but infowars worldview is deterministic through and through. Honestly, I don’t even see why someone with their worldview would even try to change something. Why fight when you already lost?

  6. 8

    Gordon: THANK. YOU. I needed to read this today.

    “You are in a mind war. You can singlehandedly stop terrorism. With. Your. Mind.” THAT.

    ~Thank you for the well wishes, and Kia Kaha to you (I’m adopting that phrase now…thank you for that, too!).

  7. 11

    @Ryan Hahaha… I totally KNEW one of you canucks would bring that up.

    But when it comes to being the butt of cartoon jokes, you want to try living somewhere like the UK. :)

  8. 12

    Can I ask who the East Coast wizard that died in the street was – not familiar with that one but sounds fascinating, unless it’s Lron?

  9. 14

    Recovered (recovering…?) Mormon here, with a note of minor correction. Joseph Smith was killed in a small town near the Mississippi called Carthage. Same state as Chicago, but Chitown is on the eastern edge of Illinois and Carthage is closer to the western border. Minor detail, but from my perusal of your blog, I feel confident in presuming you value accuracy.

  10. 15

    In re-reading my comment, I hope it didn’t sound super snotty. That wasn’t how I meant that last line. Maybe I should just go over and be quiet.

    While I do, here is an interesting article suggesting that Joe Smith’s mysticism was quite possibly commingled with entheogen use. Shocking, I know…

    I should like to find out more about JSmith’s “wizardry.” I’m mostly familiar with the church’s official “history,” which is obviously thinly veiled propaganda.

  11. 16

    You believe in aliens, gods, that Nazis control the American establishment, and believe that demon controlled archons rule the planet, but Alex Jones is an evil paranoid shrill? Oh, yeah, that’s right, he’s Christian. He’s a loudmouthed idiot in presentation, but he makes point that coincide precisely with what you say you believe. IIRC, he’s accusing the CIA of being involved, and supposedly the older brother’s wife is the daughter of a Skull and Bones member. Uncle Ruslan created a company that used a former CIA head as it’s headquarters.

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