Crowley And The Nine – Interpretatio Chaotica

Crowley And The Nine – Interpretatio Chaotica

crow 1Let’s open with this:

If Egypt is the mirror of heaven, what does the toppling of the country’s corporate/shadow government puppet say about the current war in heaven?


But such an analysis may be treating history as something entirely more alive than much of occultism is wont to do.

There seems to be a preference for ‘now’ and ‘the past’ as fixed, binary categories. There’s what you can do now -as if mythology were the instructions for an Ikea bookshelf- and what was done then… by old timey people who were all much wiser than you are.

Go and google around for a flowery website describing the ‘goddess attributes’ of Isis. She’s got horns, she breastfeeds in public, she teaches you magic, she’s ‘helpful’, she’s ‘nice’. You would be forgiven for mistaking her for Alice from The Brady Bunch.

Nevermind the fact that I’ve just described three thousand years of accretive mythology. She was a god for double the length of time that Europe has had Jesus. And that’s just according to wrong ‘accepted’ Egyptian chronology! When she and her husband -skin black as deep space- wandered out of the desert from wherever they came from and into the lush, high-rainfall forests of Egypt 12,000 years ago, she would have looked more like the first slayer. (I’ve actually had that vision.) Back then, girlfriend was The Neighbours’ Witch Queen, not your dependable bestie.

Factor in the lengths of time that mankind has actually had recorded civilisation, (seriously, how many more sunken cities do we need to find?) and basically reductive explanations of the function or role of ancient artefacts looks absurd.

Which is why I utterly, utterly, reject the entirely incorrect and politically motivated interpretation of the Great Pyramid as the ‘tomb’ of a king who didn’t put his name or his likeness on it anywhere, inside or outside. Whereas the kings in the following dynasty splattered their names all over the inside of their curiously far shitter pyramids like semen on the walls of a teenage boy’s bedroom.

And so the notion that Old Kingdom religion went from ‘primitive’ in the Pre-Dynastic period, to solar; with the Giza complex; to stellar; as seen in the Pyramid Texts; to Osirian/cthonic; demonstrated by the Coffin Texts (technically Middle Kingdom); is objectively wrong. Because literally no part of that chronology is correct, so attaching speculative religious perspectives to them is entirely pointless.

If you need a refresher:

  • The unanimous opinion of mainstream geologists is that the Sphinx is, at a very minimum, 7,000 years old. That is as close as they will get to the unscientific opinions of racists in stupid hats regarding the founding of Egyptian civilisation, and it’s still off by more than two thousand years.
  • The Giza plateau sits at the cross section of the most land out of anywhere on earth. That’s both odd and an impossible piece of knowledge for the builders of the shit pyramids of the subsequent dynasties.
  • The Great Pyramids mass and dimensions demonstrate an indisputable understanding of the golden ratio and the circumference of the earth. If it were off by as little as 50 centimetres it wouldn’t.
  • The hypothesis that it is a terrestrial map of the heliacal rising of the constellation Leo at the vernal equinox, 10,500 years ago has never been competently challenged.
  • Then there are the star shafts pointing at Sirius. And also this:

crow 2

Giza and the Old Kingdom

So we have a map of the sky on the ground -As Above, So Below- that encodes a date that slightly precedes the end of the last ice age, at a time when the pyramids would have been surrounded by lush greenery. (Had that vision, also.) Certainly some elements such as the Sphinx date back that far. But rather than the entire complex being built then, I think it was a ritual area designed to ‘draw down’ that time -Zep Tepi- when the gods walked among us.

For instance, in my analysis, the so-called “workers village” -a name arbitrarily chosen as there is literally not a single piece of evidence to support this hypothesis- is better understood as a religious/healing/temple support town. You think low-skilled, seasonal workers ate high quality beef and got brain surgery? Then you’re a fool. White collar Americans don’t even get that today! Check out this steaming garbage:

The presence of a barracks could help explain the abundance of pottery, ash, and refuse found in the area, especially the tremendous amounts of animal bone. “When we excavate we find enough animal meat bone to feed several thousands of people,” Lehner reported. “This would explain why.”

The bones in the area suggest that workers enjoyed quite a lot of prime beef. Previous excavations have discovered that they also ate bread and fish, and drank beer.

Analysis of human remains has suggested that workers apparently had access to medical treatment. Evidence has been found of healed broken bones, amputated limbs, and even brain surgeries.

“Workers”? When the Greeks visited them a few thousand years later, they remarked that all these bastards eat are broad beans and lentils!

Removing the preposterous fiction that the Giza complex is a set of ‘tombs’ that functioned as part of a ‘solar religion’ (?) we have a more accurate religious chronology:

  • Pre-Dynastic Egypt: Stellar/Cthonic. (Note: Pre-Dynastic is a modern term. Manetho and Seti I’s king lists have dynasties that go back to Zep Tepi. But what did they know, eh? They probably didn’t even know that the Jews were trying to steal all of Egypt’s glory like Zahi Hawass does.)
  • Old Kingdom: Stellar/Cthonic. With a huge, operational ‘immortality machine’ that encodes Zep Tepi on the Giza plateau. Such a complex neatly fits into what we understand the religious beliefs of the time to be, just as other temple complexes don’t preclude the building of crappy pyramids as kingly tombs. At the end of the Old Kingdom, we begin to see the Pyramid Texts describe an entirely stellar religion. They are currently the oldest religious texts on earth and are almost universally considered to be a continuation of early, pre-dynastic concepts. (This makes even more sense when you remove that weird ‘solar religion blip’ currently being used to explain away Giza.)
  • First Intermediate Period: This was a time of invasions and socioeconomic collapse so -given that we’re in an intermediate period, ourselves- I imagine it would have been whatever the Ancient Egyptian version of Alex Jones was.
  • Middle Kingdom: With The Coffin Texts, we have the rise to prominence of Isis, Osiris and the court of judgement as defined religious beliefs. Osiris is no longer the first king and template of the perfected man, he is a fully fledged god. Could this not represent a ‘decay’ of the original understanding of the immortality tech contained in the Giza complex and the Pyramid Texts? Has Christianity not undergone similar decays that coincide with socioeconomic disruption over the last 2,000 years?

The rise to prominence of Osiris after the FIP indicates to me a forgetting of whatever initiatory system was built around whatever Ausar and Auset “were/are”. And this initiatory system is typified by the Giza complex. The Great Pyramid, at least, appears to be a ‘stellar immortality machine’, a blueprint that unpacks into a personal spaceship like George Jetson’s briefcase.

Look at all the pretty stars.

Look at all the pretty stars.

Which is why I found Robert Bauval’s interpretation of pyramid capstones highly interesting:

There, sticking partially out of the sand, was a magnificent pyramidion made of black granite. Maspero could hardly believe his eyes at the amazing preservation of this 4000 years old artifacts which, in his excitement, he described as “polished like a mirror”. (Ed: A mirror, you say? Reflecting the night sky back at itself?! How entirely unexpected!)

“May the face of the king be opened so that he may see the Lord of the Horizon [i.e., Harakhte] when he crosses the sky; may he cause the king to shine as a god, lord of eternity and indestructible, (Harakhte replies that he has) given the beautiful horizon to the king”

Egyptologists also agree that in the Pyramid Texts, the afterlife form of the king is said to be a ‘star’ in the sky. This, then, may explain why in the case of at least three pyramids, the monuments were given stellar names while also personifying the dead king, such as “Djedefre is a Star in the Sky”, “Nebka is a Star” and the pyramid of Djoser being called “Horus is the Star at the head of the Sky”. All this leads us to conclude that the pyramidion on top of the king’s pyramid was regarded as the stellar-transfigured king or his star-soul. It is only when we view it as such that the inscriptions on the East side of the pyramidion of Amenemhet III makes any sense: “May the face of the king be opened so that he may see the Lord of the Horizon…”

There’s more. What rocked my world about this article was learning that the word ‘benben’ -the pointy bit on obelisks and pyramids- is almost identical to the word for “semen” or “seed”. Literal. Starseed. As Bauval continues to point out:

There are several well-known depiction of the Earth-God Geb (the son of Atum) laying down with an exaggeratedly long phallus pointing to the Sky-Goddess Nut, the “mother of Osiris”:

“…make the womb of Nut pregnant with the seed of the spirit which is in her”
“Pressure is in your womb, O Nut, through the seed of the god which is in you; it is I [the Osiris-king] who am the seed of the god which is in you…”
“…the king is an imperishable star, son of the sky-goddess Nut…”
“The king was fashioned by his father Atum…”
O Atum, this king comes to you, an imperishable spirit (star)…your son comes to you, this king comes to you

In my opinion, then, the idea of a pillar surging skywards and on top of which was the Benben Stone, is highly symbolic of a giant phallus offering its “star-seed” to the sky-goddess in order to gestate it in her womb and cause the departed king to be “reborn”.

Anybody see where I’m going with this? Let’s have a few more.

“…O King, you are this Great Star, the companion of Orion…the sky has borne you with Orion…”
“The King is a star brilliant…the King appears as a star…”
“You [Nut] have set this King as an imperishable Star who is in you…”
“The King is a star”
“I [the king] am a soul …a star of gold…”
“I [the king] am a star which illumines the sky…”

crow 3

Crowley and Aiwass

The most intriguing part of Crowley’s Cairo adventure for me is him entertaining his wife with a few werelights in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. He was very dismissive of magic in general at that point, and -despite summoning something to physical appearance- actually said “what’s the point of it?”

The next time they were in town things got a bit more interesting for them both.

Until recently, I’ve only ever encountered one other person with a similar analysis of Crowley’s Cairo experience: Vinay -who, by way of introduction, would like you to know that the Department of Defense once referred to him as a Nepalese magical master :). It was an absolute delight to hear each other’s lunatic words come out of the other’s mouth. Before we got onto time-travelling space squids, we discussed the reception of the Book of The Law recently over whisky and burgers in London.

Ponder on this:

When was the last time anything as ‘big’ as Crowley performed a magical act inside that stellar immortality machine?

Centuries, at least. Perhaps millennia? Whatever your opinion of Crowley, it’s extremely difficult to argue that he didn’t have mad wizard skillz. And I’ve been to enough sacred sites to know that they can be inadvertently activated, even by one with skills as profoundly limited as myself.

It’s my current contention -and Vinay’s as well, although I don’t want to get any of my crazy on him- that Crowley (to really annoy you all with my metaphor) activated the download of the space ship blueprints otherwise meant for a Pharaoh. All that stuff about slaves and kings in the Book of the Law gets thrown into new light, doesn’t it?

Thing is… Crowley was aware of the Egyptian fingerprints all over the Book of the Law. Spell 177 in the Book of the Dead -universally considered to be a continuation from the Pyramid Texts- is basically a concise Book of the Law:

[Name]: O Nut, Nut. I have cast my father to the earth, with Horus behind me. My wings have grown into those of a falcon, my soul has brought me and its words have equipped me.

Nut: You have opened up your place among the stars of the sky, for you are the Lone Star of the sky; see O [name], fair are the orders which you give to the spirits, for you are a Power; you will not go hungry, you are not among them and you will not be among them. See, upon your head as a soul are horns as of a wild bull, for you are a black ram which a white ewe bore, one who sucked from the four teets. The blue-eyed Horus comes to meet you, the red-eyed Horus, violent of power, waits for you. He meets his soul, his messengers go, his couriers run, they come to him who is supported above the West; this one goes from you of whom it is said: ‘The god who speaks to the Field of the Gods.’ Your name is vindicated in the presence of the gods, the Ennead raise you up with their hands, the god speaks to the Field of the Gods. Be strong at the door of the kas of the horizon dwellers, for their doors shall be open to you, they shall praise you and you shall have power over them… they go forth and lift up their faces, so that they see you before the Great God. Min… Your head. Someone stands behind you and you have power; you shall neither perish nor be destroyed, but you shall act among men and gods.

crow 6

You can also see in spell 69 fragments of the hypothetical ‘immortality formula’. And like later aretologies, it is more than a little reminiscent of the Headless Rite -which Crowley adapted to first make contact with Aiwass. Paging Mr Faust.

I am the Radiant One, brother of the Radiant Goddess, Osiris the brother of Isis; my son and his mother Isis have saved me from my enemies who would harm me. Bonds are on their arms, their hands and their feet, because of what they have done evilly against me. I am Osiris, the first-born of the company of gods, eldest of the gods, heir to my father Geb; I am Osiris, Lord of persons, alive of breast, strong of hinder-parts, stiff of phallus, who is within the boundary of the common folk.

I am Orion who treads his land, who precedes the stars of the sky which are on the body of my mother Nut, who conceived me at her desire and bore me at her will. I am Anubis on the Day of the Centipede, I am the Bull who presides over the field. I am Osiris, for whom his father and mother sealed an agreement on that day of carrying out the great slaughter: Geb is my father and Nut is my mother, I am Horus the Elder on the Day of Accession, I am Anubis of Sepa, I am the Lord of All, I am Osiris….

What was missing from a contemporaneous analysis in Crowley’s day and the decades that followed -aside from vastly improved translations of Egyptian texts- is the geological and archaeological understanding that Egyptian civilisation is substantially older than anyone thought and represents the final death rattle of something even older still.

Did anyone else have the experience of discovering Crowley as a kid and then trying to find any of his stupid, wrong shit like Ankh-Af-na-Khonsu in Egyptian history? How did that work out for you? None of that was his fault. He was attempting to understand it through the questionable research of the closet-Golden-Dawners at the British Museum; Budge, etc.

It’s possible that early experiences such as mine have prevented a wider re-analysis of the sequence of events that led to the reception of the Book Of The Law. Because I’ll say it again: Crowley performed a successful summoning ritual in an immortality machine built by a civilisation from before the end of the ice age that patently believed in the stellar origins of mankind and its gods.

crow 4

You can see his attempts to repeatedly square the circle throughout the rest of his life. Netherwood Crowley -my favourite Crowley- wrote in a letter that ended up in Magick Without Tears:

My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know; and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such Beings.

Now, we’re starting to sound very ‘twentieth century channeled claptrap’, aren’t we? Kenneth Grant, who obviously discussed it at length with Crowley, had this to say:

Ken Grant- Aiwaz as a 'messenger from the forces that rule this planet'

So, only a few people shall be privy to the story, and they shall secretly rule over us all. Still don’t think it was Pharaoh tech? What else do you think powered the reality-TV version of Game Of Thrones we otherwise refer to as the twentieth century?

LAM and Jacques Vallée

I want to share with you an extended analogy from Vallée’s now very rare Anatomy of a Phenomenon, which I picked up for a pittance from some idiots in a town that didn’t know what they had. Fucking read it.

vallee 1vallee 2vallee 3

I’m reminded of something the inimitable Nick Redfern said in a podcast once regarding how people dress at UFO conferences. If they’re speaking, they’ll wear suits -as if this somehow confers a wider legitimacy on their topic. But let me tell you what Richard Dawkins thinks when he sees a ufologist in a suit. “Awww, he thinks he’s people.” It is moronic and weak-willed to expect social approval when you travel in the lands of the Trickster.

The same could be said for the extended community of freaks and weirdos that encompasses the occult and forteana. On one extreme, you have the grumbling, buzz-killing, fun police who have clearly confused spiritual enquiry with LARPing and believe that a grimoiric spirit will literally appear to you as a bearded duke with chicken legs, a cutlass and a knowledge of nautical engineering. On the other extreme you have crusty old ufologist/nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman, who is adamant that the UFO phenomenon is one of literal, nuts and bolts craft from other planets, despite all evidence to the contrary. (Incidentally, happy 66th birthday, Roswell crash!)

And yet, as Vallée’s example demonstrates, something is going on here and we are shit at examining it outside our little silos. We appear to be very, very good at missing the Trick. Here’s Kenneth Grant quoting Crowley again, about accidental sources of wisdom and insight:

Grant Crowley Science

With all of that in mind, behold LAM, who appeared to Crowley in 1918, more than a decade after the Cairo experience.

LAM for The Nine

Anyone else hear the X-Files theme music?

Multiplier effects

Pause to consider the impact of Aiwass given Crowley’s impact on the development of twentieth century western esotericism. Pop stars, gurus, Wicca (and thus both eco-consciousness and Nazi paganism and thus the Ahnenerbe and thus the CIA), Jack Parsons (and thus JPL and NASA), Ron Hubbard (and thus scientology).

And so we arrive at a little thought experiment of my own -in the style of Charlemagne’s UFO sighting. To be clear, I don’t believe this. That’s not the point.

crow 8

If you were -to use the exact words- a messenger from the forces ruling this planet, a type of extraterrestrial intelligence and you wanted to advance mankind as a whole by, say, getting (at least some of) us into space as quickly as possible; Specifically the moon and Mars; you would actually run the twentieth century more or less exactly as it ran.

  • You would deploy multiplier effects to influence the belief systems of the western world, just as Vallée has always maintained has been the Magonian agenda. This includes the use of the Verne Effect on our myths and popular fictions. (Star Trek. We’ll come back to this.)
  • You would precision-target key influencers such as we saw in the séance that changed America, which included families that received Roswell wreckage.
  • You would hijack a country -Germany- to make ideological ‘breathing room’ so that it could sacrifice thousands of lives in the pursuit of what came to be called ‘space medicine'; a field that can only come about thanks to the experiments performed on probably thousands of Jews by Hubertus Strughold before he was invited to America as part of Operation Paperclip. There are no moon missions without Holocaust deaths. Period.
  • Similarly, you would have this same country -the most advanced in the world at the time- develop rocket technology because it was at war with its neighbours. (This is largely why Germany beat America and Britain to rocket technology. It needed it. Also American technological expertise was haphazardly distributed. German expertise, unsurprisingly, was much more efficiently organised.)
  • You would find a willing consciousness -Jack Parsons- to provide the solid fuel technology for the imminent combination of space medicine and rocket tech.
  • Once all these pieces were in play, you would ‘troop the colour’ by appearing as space craft in great numbers; exactly like what happened in the late forties and early fifties; just as all these other factors were coalescing into a single, paranoid, paramilitary organisation run by Nazis and (arch-ritualist) Freemasons.
  • This organisation would be run by a shadow group of powerful men who are entirely aware of your existenceThey would also be responsible for ongoing efforts to push the Verne Effect through the direct creation of space cults (funding Sitchin’s research, etc), the vocal and government funded distribution of LSD -as was the case with Puharich- and you would ensure that a benevolent-ish space narrative receives the widest possible distribution.
  • Once all the pieces are in place, you may also consider engineering a fear-based event -like the one Von Braun spoke of on his death bed- to really expedite the process.

That’s seriously the fastest way from Crowley’s hotel room in Cairo to the realities of today’s (public) space programme. Which is also how you end up with unironic mission patches like this:

crow 7

Or this:

Logo Orion

Like I said, I don’t believe this. I include it to highlight the challenges when it comes to ascertaining the motive of a being or beings that can only interact with us symbolically.

Here is a relevant explanation:

I do find it useful to come up with a model – however flawed – that allows me to make sense both of a variety of phenomena (psi, the paradoxes of quantum physics, and other things) and of testimonies from purportedly channeled entities, especially those that seem intellectually serious. If a given model allows me to integrate this material in a way that is fairly coherent, then it helps me to understand these phenomena and these claims. That doesn’t mean I’ve actually penetrated to the real truth of the matter, only that I’ve found a way to have it make sense for me.

The Nine

This topic was originally intended to be part of the Archonology series to do with Andrija Puharij, his CIA-funded LSD programme, The Nine and its influence both within the space programme and Hollywood.

But Chris Knowles -rat bastard that he is- is most of the way through a truly phenomenal exploration of The Nine and its influence among Hollywood and the West Coast elite. Which you obviously read.

However, that’s left me -perhaps appropriately give the Roswell anniversary- picking over the wreckage of my downed spaceship looking for bits that can be used. We’ll leave the story of The Nine to Chris, because he’s already three posts in.

So instead, I’ll approach it from the far-less-sane, practical-occultist, angle. Because there are clearly too many symbolic alignments to avoid threading a speculative through-line. All I will say is, whatever they are, The Nine aren’t new. From Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet:

That is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most singular and the most inexplicable that we may encounter. That mankind has in this sense been cowardly has done life endless harm; the experiences that are called ‘visions,’ the whole so-called ‘spirit-world,’ death, all those things that are so closely akin to us, have by daily parrying been so crowded out of life that the senses with which we could have grasped them are atrophied. To say nothing of God.

What I see here is a sustained, neighbourly programme to achieve specific, earthly results. In this case, they’re the ones performing the enchantment. A highly targeted enchantment. Some very specific people, “the few”, get the Egyptian/space message. The rest of us, “the many”, get Fatima and the Washington saucer overflights of the early fifties.

This is the closest I can get to finding a null hypothesis: the evidence for the external reality of a being or beings answering to this description lies in its precision targeting of individuals. It’s not like the cult of the Nine, or even Thelema, swept the world.

Nevertheless we may discern the unfolding of their objectives… whatever they are.

Somebody’s spinning somewhere.

crow final




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  1. 1

    Have you read Clive Barker’s Galilee? Your comments about the original appearance of Isis etc brought it to mind. Essentially family of gods tied in with a thinly veiled Kennedy/Rockerfeller dynasty. Good stuff, for all that it’s oddly a romance-without-being-a-romance.

  2. 2

    I’ve been reading some of this stuff, mostly sources you mentioned in your blog posts, and I’m really confused.
    What does it all mean for us?
    Especially for evocators (evocationists?). They do get results. So, my question is- why? Why would alien beings with specific agenda answer?
    Hell, there are days I think reality is just too weird for me to completely grasp.
    Johnny´s last blog post ..Facebuggery

  3. 3
    Cory Panshin

    I’m not convinced the 20th century makes as much sense as you half-suggest it does. To me, it seems more reminiscent of one of those science fiction stories where a group of explorers wanders into the ruins of a long-lost alien civilization and finds itself bewildered, bemused, and bedeviled by the strange mechanisms, incomprehensible illusions, and hints of forgotten purposes they encounter.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Stonehenge, since the recent discovery “that Stonehenge may already have been an important sacred site at least 500 years before the first Stone circle was erected – and that the sanctity of its location may have determined the layout of key aspects of the surrounding sacred landscape.”

    The same article goes on to say, “45 years ago, archaeologists found an 8000 BC Mesolithic (‘Middle’ Stone Age) ritual site in what is now Stonehenge’s car park. The five thousand year gap between that Mesolithic sacred site and Stonehenge itself meant that most archaeologists thought that ‘sacred’ continuity between the two was inherently unlikely. But, with the new discoveries, the time gap has potentially narrowed. Indeed, it’s not known for how long the site of Stonehenge was sacred prior to the construction of the Cursus. So, very long term traditions of geographical sanctity in relation to Britain’s and the world’s best known ancient monument, may now need to be considered.”

    That’s extraordinary — and not least because it adds weight to the idea that the Giza Plateau was similarly a sacred site many thousands of years before the pyramids were erected. As I recall, the Great Pyramid was constructed around a natural hummock in the rock which would have been well-suited to serve as a viewing-point for celestial alignments well before it was covered over.

    And there are other similarities. Stonehenge also stands at a unique location — a point where the midsummer and midwinter rising and setting points form a regular square rather than a squashed parallelogram, as would be the case in most other places. And that, in turn, matches up with other indications that Egypt was the easternmost extension of the late Ice Age and early Neolithic culture of North Africa, the Western Mediterranean, and the Atlantic fringe of Europe out of which the megalithic developed.

    The other thing that’s recently been becoming apparent is just how *technological* all this megalithic stuff was. The monuments didn’t just mark earlier sacred sites — they also engineered them in some unknown ways. The acoustics at Stonehenge changed with every rearrangement of the stones, as if it was an instrument that somebody was trying to fine-tune. I’ve also seen it suggested that the pyramids are so massive that they must necessarily alter the electromagnetic properties of much of the surrounding region.

    And there’s the apparently deliberate “decommissioning” of sites like Gobekli Tepe or the Ness of Brodgar in the Orkneys. It’s enough to make you wonder about other sites that may not have been adequately decommissioned when their purposes were fulfilled and what happens to us moderns when we unknowingly stray into their field of influence.

    We are living in a ruin so vast as to be largely invisible to us, and until we get a better understanding of what that means, it seems premature to assign any special significance to the particular delusions of the 20th century.
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Triads of Transcendence

  4. 5
    Pedro Ribeiro

    Awesome, awesome post.
    Now… Is it just me or that picture of Orion and the pyramids looks a bit like a extended Tree of Life? Just as an Adam Kadmon in the sky?
    No, scratch that. It looks a LOT like a Tree of Life.
    “They probably didn’t even know that the Jews were trying to steal all of Egypt’s glory” indeed.

  5. 7

    Interesting and thought provoking post, Gordon.

    I suspect we’re part of a multiverse of dimensions and shit to make a brain say NO MAS with exhaustion to understand. I have lots of ideas. That’s all they are. Ideas. I love how you point out Crowley was the first Magician of any magnitude to set something in motion in that place. That thought never occurred to me until reading this post.

    I have worked closely with whatever Isis may or may not be for several years. There’s no doubt that energy is BIG and powerful. There is a deep caring nature to Isis. There’s also magic, and the trickster. Remember who arranged to poison Ra so she could get his secret name to heal him and all the power that includes? Isis. That’s m’lady! Alien Extra Dimensional Super Force of Fucking Awesome or Goddess of the same previously mentioned office.
    Lonnie´s last blog post ..Jason Collins IS A Hero

  6. 8

    @Johnny technically every day is a day reality is too weird for you to grasp. That’s why no one can answer “what does it all mean?” Who says we get meaning?

    @Cory What part of this led you to believe I think the 20th century makes sense? ‘Reality-TV Game of Thrones’? I have said the opposite in basically every post where it comes up. Your conjecture that the twentieth century is not particularly significant is objectively wrong. Find me another century in which mankind’s reach and capacity changed quite so much.

    @Lonnie from my perspective, getting the Kings Chamber to yourself for a ritual is more significant than seeing ‘666’ on a museum piece. But maybe I just have museum fatigue?

  7. 9

    I’ve been reading your blog posts for ages now, trying not to have opinions, just letting them flow over me.
    And today another piece of the wall fell away and I saw a little further……….
    Thank you for ranting so fearlessly.
    I have heard your song in the dark. and as a map, it is both beautiful and terrifying.
    As, I like to imagine, are you.

  8. 10
    Cory Panshin

    @Gordon – I’d be prepared to argue that things changed a lot more in the 19th century than in the 20th. The Earth in the year 1800 was still horse-drawn, candle-lit, and connected only by a network of sailing ships that was slow enough that you could have a major battle (the Battle of New Orleans) after the official end of a war. By 1903, the planet was thoroughly wired (telegraph, undersea cables, telephones, and radio on the horizon), was connected by railroad lines, fast steamships, the newborn automobile, and the start of air flight, and was capable of making permanent recordings of sounds, images, and moving pictures. Factories and store-bought goods had replaced handcrafts, typewriters were replacing handwriting for practical purposes … and on and on.

    In comparison, the 20th century was mainly about adding bells and whistles. The things the 19th century invented have trickled down to transform everyday life, but we haven’t invented much that’s genuinely new. Faster planes, bigger bombs, spiffier things to do with plastic and electronics … that about sums it up. Even our theoretical science is still dominated by the early 20th century theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, both rapidly coming up on their 100th birthdays.

    My own suspicion is that after the great shock of World War I, the powers-that-be decided to put a lid on technological change — and that they’ve maintained it very successfully ever since. A few things have slipped through — as when the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from rearming with conventional.weapons, forcing them into pursuing rocket science. But after World War II, the people who keep their eyes on such things got even better at spotting potential loopholes and locking them up or buying them out.

    I didn’t mean to suggest that you think the 20th century makes sense in terms of following any kind of sane agenda. But you do seem to be looking for pieces that can be pulled together to form a coherent picture. I don’t see it that way. I see it more as a set of fragments that have slipped through the cracks — but where the true reality can be glimpsed only in the holes that exist where vast and wonderful things never came to be.
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Triads of Transcendence

  9. 11
    Pedro Ribeiro

    “When was the last time anything as ‘big’ as Crowley performed a magical act inside that stellar immortality machine?”

    This got me thinking, and I remembered someone not as magically “big” as Crowley, but still influential, who went there aftwards (1936): Paul Brunton.

    He spent a night there and supposedly had a vision – with the customary evil presences that later are substituted by enlightened messengers, in this case ancient Egyptian priests.

    “The High Priest told the author “My son, it matters not whether thou discoverest the door or not. Find but the secret passage within the mind that will lead thee to the hidden chamber within thine own soul, and thou shalt have found something worthy indeed. The mystery of the Great Pyramid is the mystery of thine own self. The secret chambers and ancient records are all contained in thine own nature. The lesson of the Pyramid is that man must turn inward, must venture to the unknown centre of his being to find his soul, even as he must venture to the unknown depths of this fane to find its profoundest secret.””

    Later Brunton (supposedly) met an ancient Egyptian initiate with some strange and disturbing revelations:

    “Those who broke open the tombs of ancient Egypt have released forces upon the world that have endangered it. Both the tomb robbers of long ago and the archaeologists of our own days have all unwittingly opened the tombs of those who dealt in black magic. For in the final cycle of Egyptian history – the priesthood – and sorcery and the black arts were commonly practiced. (…)
    “It was true that wherever the embalmed body was that of a person with some knowledge of magic, or under the protection and guidance of someone with such knowledge, spirit-powers had been invoked to protect those tombs and punish intruders. Those powers were often exceedingly evil, menacing and destructive. They existed within the closed tombs, and could continue to exist, for thousands of years. Hence your archaeologists who, in all ignorance, break open such spirit-shielded graves, do so at their own peril.
    “Yet it it were merely a matter which affected the safety of archeologists and their families alone, what I have to tell you would be of little importance. But it is not. It is a matter that affects the safety of the whole world.
    “For among the tombs of high and low personages whom they excavate, there were those which were so protected. Every such tomb which has been unsealed lets out, like a flood, a rush of pent-up noxious evil spirit-entities upon our physical world. Each mummy that is taken out of such a tomb and transported to your European and American museums, carries with it the etheric link with those entities, and hence their awful influence. Those influences can bring only harm to the world, harm of various kinds, even to the point of destructively affecting the destinies of nations. You Westerners have no shield against them, and because they invisible to you, they are nonetheless potent.
    “When your world has come to realize that evil spirits are imprisoned in a number of those tombs, it may be too late; for by then all the tombs will have been opened, and those devilish creatures will have made their escape. Among other things they are and will be responsible for international treacheries.”

    But curses, after all, are old wives stuff, right? It is not like they could influence world events.
    (I am talking about #5, the Cursed Tomb. Go read it, and tell me if it is not fucking scary.)
    Now, in this entire continuum of Nazi tech/occultism, there is nothing really about sinister ancient Egyptian magic, is there? Much less something that ends in the hands of the USA government for unknown uses. I mean, nothing like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or something. (Invisibles talking to Invisibles?)
    And there is more curious stuff in this Burton book. The initiate, named Ra-Mak-Hotep, goes on to say that there are ancient Egyptians adepts STILL ALIVE, but in deep, mummy like trance, and active in the world:
    ““Their bodies are hidden in undiscoverable tombs, which await the return of their spirits. One day the latter will re-animate those comatose bodies, which will then step forth into the outer world again. The process of re-animation will have to be performed by the right persons, who possess the right knowledge. Part of the ritual of awakening consist in chanting certain secret ‘Words of Power’. It may seem curious to you, but their bodies appear apparently embalmed, for they lie swathed in linen and enclosed in mummy coffins.”

    That´s a different kind of movie – Mummy movies.

    “Their tombs are well concealed, and their number is extremely small – naturally, for only highly advanced Adepts could enter this state and not all Adepts are willing to do so.”

    An extremely small number? What could it be? More than eight, and less than ten? (Now this is just me irresponsibly especulating with this Nine stuff).
    And the end, just so to get back to Aiwass and Crowley:
    “There is one Adept who has been in his tomb since3 260 B.C.; another since more than 3000 B.C.; still another who has lain there for 10,000 years! They are all working very actively in secret for the spiritual welfare of mankind. They know what is going on in the entire world, despite the fact that their bodies are interred. They are perfect men. By that I mean that their bodies cannot be touched – not even by any insect or parasite – such is the tremendous radiation of their spiritual forces. Moreover, they are in constant telepathic communication with certain living Adepts of our time who themselves possess a functioning body. The spiritual treasures preserved by those ancient Egyptian Adepts are handed over to these living Adepts. When the time comes to awaken them, the ritual of arousal will have to be performed by one of the latter.”

  10. 12
    Justin Boland

    Have recently scored a library copy of “Anatomy of a Phenomenon” myself. Here in the US, it’s insanely easy to get hardcover first editions in great condition, since our entire library system has imploded. I feel like a Barbarian with a conscience, trying to curate amongst the ruins. At least it’s a cheaper hobby than drugs.

    On the subject of hugely under-rated UFOlogy classics, Hynek’s “The UFO Experience” is a lean, terse lesson in truly scientific thinking on a difficult subject. Considerably transcends its own subject.

    On a weirder note, I recently had someone mail me a care package of four rare and proper-type expensive books anonymously, which I remain hugely grateful for — and slightly bewildered by.

  11. 13

    Got Hynek. Even have his report. And some VERY interesting comments he made to do with UFOs working the same way radio waves do.

    My visit to Hay felt like a rescue mission for the type of physical books no one is going to make anymore. So I totally get what you’re saying, there. It sits in that weird zone between ‘goulish’ and… what… ‘helpful’?

  12. 14
    Cory Panshin

    @Gordon – I hope I haven’t just been making myself a pain in the ass, and I want to apologize if I have. After reading the “Atlantis” post you linked to in this one, it’s clear to me that you and I have been reading many of the same books and drawing a lot of the same conclusions. But (as my husband could tell you), my typical method of interacting with someone with whom I largely agree is to seize on the differences and and kick them around in search of enlightenment. It’s done with good will, but I realize it can come across as argumentative. So let me know if you’ve been finding me annoying and I’ll dial it back.
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Triads of Transcendence

  13. 15

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. This post blows my mind in so many ways, I can’t even begin to describe…

    At this point, I’ll simply share a personal story. By now, you’re aware I’m rather a sensitive sort. I discovered this purely by accident when I was much younger. However, when my grandmother found out just *how* sensitive, she began to not only work with me to hone my dream and meditation skills, but also take me to various skilled “readers”… mostly psychic in nature… all of them very good at what they did. No false ones here. She knew what she was doing when she raised me because she knew me. She knew I was very interested in astronomy and that Orion was my favorite constellation, although I never knew why… I just liked it. She was also very interested in Egyptology and knew I enjoyed learning about Egyptian history as well. She eventually traveled to Cairo to visit the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, and was an avid reader of all things related to UFO’s and psi phenomenon. We talked all the time about these topics, among many, many other things.

    Keep in mind that I was born and raised in New Mexico where the Roswell incident has taken on it’s own level of mythology, as well.

    As I grew older, my own strange experiences caused me to continue to seek more information from various sources. I continued to occasionally receive readings, although I could tell which readers were fake and full of crap, and which were truly gifted with insight… and it was while I encountered a couple of those readers when I was asked questions which, along with my later occult studies (including Crowley), keep my curiosity in high gear…

    And why I keep reading your posts, as well as those of Chris Knowles.

    In early 1999 after the passing of my grandmother, I researched, then contacted, a well known psychic for assistance with many issues in my life. She provided a ton of information to include info about my physical body and suggested I speak with a “psychic medical intuitive” who might be able to narrow down a couple of issues, or rule them out completely. I did speak with this individual. She was incredibly accurate about many things she could not have known; information not shared with the other woman I previously spoke with, to include the fact I was no longer “feeling” energy flowing through my legs. We worked on that together and I’ve had to work with that for a long time. Then she asked me a very interesting question.

    “Have you ever died?”

    “No”, I responded, mystified by why she would ask me such a question. (Since then, I have died… so any link to what happened later may just be a coincidence, but … who knows?)

    “It’s just that I see you stuck within a tunnel, and I usually only see people like this if they’ve died or had some kind of near death experience.”

    I noted that. I still have the notes from that conversation.

    In 2005, after moving back home and after the passing of someone very close to me, I met a woman who was very much like my grandmother in many ways. She seemed very drawn to me and began acting as a mentor in a way, as well as assisted with guided meditations. I experienced many visions while working with her.

    The summer of that year, we went to a very large “psychic fair”, but it was more than that. Bands like Ka’ Nal played, art was being shown, massage therapy was being offered for free. I purchased a drum which has a very interesting tribal “Black Sun” painted upon it; it hangs on my wall now… I occasionally play it.

    I saw one woman giving free sample “energy” readings which were different from most. She drew what she saw as far as the energy of a person, then gave them the resulting artwork. One paid about $5, if I recall correctly, and she sat with the individual for about 5 minutes, drew instinctively, then moved on to the next person in line. She was one of the more popular “readers” there.

    I watched her work for quite awhile, then decided I’d give it a go. If nothing else, I’d have a pretty picture to hang on my fridge. When it was my turn, she chose a purple crayon and began, but then things got weird. With the other individuals, she’d look at them a couple times, choose a color, draw, then provide them the drawing and move on… all in about 5 minutes… but not with me. She looked at me, chose purple, began to draw, looked at me again and stopped… as if she was thinking… grabbed a blue crayon and drew more, then stopped again. She looked at me quite seriously and asked, “Have you ever been abducted?”

    Immediately, I recalled what the other woman had asked me a few years prior. And a really strange dream I had when I was about 5 or 6 years old came to mind. The only answer I could provide was, “Not that I recall”.

    She continued to look at me very seriously, then picked up the purple crayon and continued drawing. By this time, the crowd around us had increased because she had spent nearly 15 minutes working with me and the drawing she had worked on had become incredibly interesting. She finally felt she was finished, handed me the drawing and her card, and asked me to call her because she wanted to work with me one on one in her studio if I was up for it.

    I never called because life got in the way. For the past couple of years, I’ve been wanting to see if I can locate her.

    I don’t know if you ever experience this, but when I close my eyes there is an image there; it is the same all the time. It will become more intense when I focus, as I do when I meditate.

    The most interesting thing is that what she drew strongly resembles what I see whenever I close my eyes.

    I don’t know if this long story helps or hinders in anyway, but your posts as of late triggered my desire to share it with you. So, there ya go.
    Rose´s last blog post ..Synchronicity and Connection [Edited]

  14. 16
    Tom R

    I am definitely going to have a new perspective on Liber Al vel Legis the next time I read it and I will probably see all sorts of new stuff the next time I rewatch ST:TNG and ST: Deep Space Nine.

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