Putting The ‘Isle’ In Summerisle

Putting The ‘Isle’ In Summerisle

Me on another island. Arran probably doesn't look much like Nan Madol.

Me on another island. Arran probably doesn’t look much like Nan Madol.

Or possibly putting the ‘summer’ in Summerisle?

I don’t know. Scottish weather is notoriously changeable.

Anyway, I’m heading offworld for a spell… for another wedding, in fact. One in which I shall play the ironically-named role of ‘best man’.

The interruption to normal programming begins tomorrow night, with a holiday that starts off ‘Bond villain’… private speedboats on the Thames, legal hallucinogens and strippers (the stag party)… and then immediately becomes ‘vacationing British prime minister’… (not a million miles from ‘Bond villain’, all told).

I’m off to a castle in Scotland to toast happy couples while wearing a kilt, by way of the Isle of Arran… where the bride to be’s family has property. This will mean standing stones, ruined castles, and affordable whisky with an outside chance of SCUBA diving for scallops and crayfish.

Love, love, love me some Scottish Isles.

And if I encounter Noomi Rapace, we will spelunk for Neolithic star maps. Kidding! I have more than enough star maps. I just wanted to say ‘spelunk’. Spelunk!

Behold a boring, picturesque video piece on Arran:

In my absence, pretend that I posted about each of the following videos individually. And if you’re looking for a little summer activity to do with the kids, try opening up a new google doc and jotting down every piece of verifiable information in them -including the fictional pieces-… then try to stitch it all into a single cosmology. (Welcome to my world!)

Let’s begin with John Keel’s famous lecture on the Men In Black. Worth your time even just for The King Of The World part.

I would genuinely appreciate the input of any hardcore grimoirists I haven’t yet managed to scare off with all my chaos magic cooties. It’s astounding they don’t look into this stuff… Enochian angels in cadillacs. Seriously.

Next up, everyone-but-Zahi-Hawass’s favourite renegade geologist, Dr Robert Schoch… this time talking about Gobekli Tepe. (Where the blog is going this winter means you will probs want to watch all of this one.)

We move on to Dean Radin, with the hilariously-titled ‘The Men Who Stare At Photons’. His latest book, by the way, is his best by some margin and is currently very affordable on Kindle. (You can also catch his recent turn on Coast To Coast here. Haven’t listened to it yet.)

Switching to an archonological track for a moment or two, here is a full documentary about the CIA and the Nazis. If you’re a parapolitical (ie ‘history’) nerd like me, then you’ll be aware that ‘full’ refers to the length of the documentary, rather than the completeness of the connections. But it’s an excellent start.

Staying archonological for the moment, there is… ahh… Let me back up. When I was a shopgirl in New Zealand, our left-of-Lenin union rep used to listen to talkback radio in the stockroom, mostly just to angry up his blood. (Also because sports. He was a kiwi, after all.)

There is an element of this in what we might call the alt research community, and anyone who tells you they don’t at least skim outlets like this one is lying. So one of my secret shames is that I do listen to the free hours of Red Ice, but I listen to them in my metaphoric stockroom. Because from time to time, some really important pieces are on. And this -especially given recent incidents at Heathrow- is just such a one. You’ll find part two on YouTube.

Swinging back toward the much more awesome, we have Dr Vallée in Geneva, speaking about anticipating discontinuous futures. (Cue mild erection.) This one isn’t ufological in any meaningful way, but I would listen to the good doctor reading from the phone book at this point.

For any Australians of a certain age out there… Remember The Extraordinary? From back in Ye Olde Times when there was one good paranormal show per decade and it wasn’t just fat people running around in the woods with night vision goggles?

Here’s the story that gave me more nightmares than anything else as a kid. For everyone else… behold possibly the best paranormal programme in any country, ever. I have a playlist of all the decent ones I could find on YouTube right here, if you like what you see. (And you will like what you see, dammit!)

Speaking of ghosts (kinda), if you haven’t seen The Scole Experiments, then that’s worth a watch, too.

The next one is found via the relentlessly resourceful Pedro in The Secret Sun’s facestalk group, here is my absolute favourite Lovecraftian movie. (As in Mythos stuff… not like Del Toro or whatever.) You can find a load more of them here. But unfortunately not my second favourite, Cthulhu (2007). I have no problems admitting that… I just told you I listen to Red Ice!

Continuing along memory lane, Julian Cope’s The Modern Antiquarian is on YouTube in its entirety. Both he and the country seem so much more optimistic… although he’s on his own when it comes to his love of Travelodges. How quickly what little we know of the past is rewritten. The stuff on Orkney is completely wrong. Completely.

Catch it before it’s taken down, but here’s that Uri Geller documentary I made reference to recently. Really fills a few gaps in the whole Stargate Project era, if you ask me.

Swinging back to scary, the phenomenon that strikes me as the most terrifying in the realm of high strangeness is the Black Eyed Children. And here’s an interview with the guy who has done more than anyone else to look into the reports. You can almost forgive the CIA for hiring wizards and astrologers when there may be things like this going on.

Since you earned it by sitting through the BEK interview, here’s a little synchro fun! Michael J Fox, Roswell and nuclear weapons. Yeah, you’re watching it.

You’re also watching a very pleasing refutation of scientism, from an actual Mr Science Man, to boot.

Next up is my friend Vinay (the guy who agreed with me about Crowley and the Giza complex over whisky and burgers), whispering about how the majority of objects we use in the ‘free world’ are built in regimes that are far from free. Good point. Nothing like early morning hacker camp samadhi, eh?

Onto some proper book learnin’ with a lecture on the real hermetic tradition.

And seeing as you’ve all been so good in getting through that, we’ll close out with a little music. Firstly, Asaf Avidan’s most recent -and definitely strangest- clip to date. A version of his One Day led to a particularly fascinating visual hallucination of rapdily ageing and dying flowers in Amsterdam recently.

Finally, Oliver Schories has a brand new clip out. He’s definitely my new German jam… or marmelade if you want to be technical.

That’s it from me for a while, kids.

One thing I will mention in passing, because I see it in comments on other blogs whenever people in the UK attempt to share videos.

Before you leave a comment saying “it’s blocked for my location”, you lazy fuckers, spend a single second actually looking for a solution and you will come up with either Hola Unblocker or Mediahint… both of which are available in the Chrome Store… and both of which allow you to proxy VPN into any damn country. (There are loads of them. Find the one you like best.)

If that’s new to you, then you will also note you can now watch BBC iPlayer. So if I’m burned alive in a wicker man over the next week and a half, you’ll be among the first to know about it.

Peace, kids.



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  1. 1
    Tom R

    You must have some serious time management (or time warping) skills to watch all of this, listen to so many podcasts, and do all of the reading you do for each post. I definitely need to step up my game.

    I enjoyed Dagon quite a bit. The location is creepy and the actors actually seem a bit confused at points.

    Cthulhu was awesome IMO, but I am biased since they filmed the whole thing where I grew up and where my parents now live.

    Ok, time to start doing the homework we have been assigned.

  2. 2

    The key to the podcasts is having an awful commute. Just awful. If I’m honest, having to fill more than ninety minutes per work day is a big part of why some of my podcast choices are so awful.

    As for the videos… Eh. I save ‘em up. ;)

    Good to see someone else likes Cthulhu… Even if your reasons are both more legitimate and awesome than mine.

  3. 3

    Wow–that Schoch video is alt-archaeology gold. Talk about living in a science fiction condition…it also gives us a plausible explanation for the layer of char folks talk about in the geographic record without having to explain the absence of meteor strikes (e.g., the Younger Dryas Event). I am looking forward to wintering with some warm runesoup.
    Ian´s last blog post ..Gnostic Canon?

  4. 7
    Tom R

    I finished my homework. I watched all of the videos (except the one about Arran) and I’ve made comments on a few of them.

    MIB audio:
    I am not sure they’re angels, but definitely not human from the sound of it.

    Robert Schoch video about Gobekli Teppe:
    I think Gobekli Teppe may be the first piece of evidence needed, but it will take more sites before people will stop clinging to outdated beliefs.

    The Dean Radin talk about psychic phenomena was pretty neat. I hadn’t seen how much testing has been done in the past.

    Vallee talk:
    Scenario 1: “Too connected to fail” Every time I saw people touting Iceland’s handling of the crash, I had to explain that our financial institutions were hundreds of times the size of Iceland’s and more like a set of dominoes.
    Scenario 3: “Internet of things” — A couple weeks ago I watched a talk Vint Cerf gave back in December at Usenix’s LISA conference about this exact subject (it finishes with a short discussion of how DARPA is planning to do interstellar communications): https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa12/internet-things-and-sensors-and-actuators

    Uri Geller video: Interesting, but the Doctor Who theme and secret agent music was a bit goofy. It kept my attention, but it made it seem more like the director thought it was a big joke.

    Black Eyed Kids: Not sure what to make of this phenomenon, but it’s pretty creepy.

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