The Castle Of Occulted Intentions

The Castle Of Occulted Intentions

Castle 1The portrait of Thomas McIntyre looks down on the revellers dancing in the inner hall.

An engraving on the frame says the painting is a gift from the Freemasons. This is definitely Scotland.

McIntyre blood isn’t especially blue but it is certainly expensive. I am told the family money came from steel export in the halcyon days of Empire and there seems to be enough of it to keep the current scion in castles and luxury Edinburgh townhouses.

So it’s not surprising that this long-dead high imperial businessman was a mason. That’s how you did things back then.

(Whilst exploring the secret passages and barely-lit basements, I kept my eye out for various occult regalia to no avail. I did find some amazing, 1960s soft porn that looked like an LSD version of the Wicker Man meets Live And Let Die… potentially shot by the previous Mrs McIntyre who was apparently a celebrated photographer and model during the period. Also some fantastic Monaco Grand Prix brochures as her husband was a car fanatic, filling the old coach house with Aston Martins and Bugattis. Their annual hunt balls were legendary. What an awesome couple, eh? Our post-apocalyptic elites are wildly shit by comparison.)


The dividing line between action and ritual has been occupying my mind of late. It seems to me the broad occult definition of ritual is perhaps too limiting, and we should widen it out to intentional action, so that we can include pageant cities at the heart of empires, for instance.

I only half-jokingly refer to 2012 as my twelve month Annunaki ritual. I flew all over the world to isolated paradisical islands like an uncaring alien overlord (complete with theme song); had secret meetings with billionaires in airports; witnessed Nazi ghosts, while companies that continuously spy on us for the NSA picked up the tab; partied with Princes of the Realm; visited Rothschild vineyards; peered down on river lizards from on high.

As the year began, I recalled Crowley’s belief that behaving as if you were wealthy -taking yourself out for oysters and champagne, from memory- would ultimately generate a state of wealth around you. Perhaps this was similar? Perhaps intentionally being global would make one global? I was going to be spending a whole boatload of money that I really didn’t have anyway, so I may as well put it to good magical use.

It appears that I can’t find a way of saying this without sounding like a monumental asshole but I think it worked. My company was acquired, my shares have doubled in value, there are job offers coming in from various parts of the world. And in that Black Swan way, I know much of it can be attributed to what I can only characterise as repeated Assumptions of Sitchinesque Annunaki Godforms… particularly during aeroplane take off. (It was so effective, I briefly toyed with the idea of writing an ebook on in-flight sorcery. The cover would have an occult version of the safety card located in the seat pocket in front of you.)

That’s chaos magic for you. Assume the form of something you know to be entirely false. Mr VI posted a comment recently about the stuff underlying archonic powerlines being far too interesting to ignore. That’s certainly something I agree with. For whatever reason, power manifests in the physical world in a particular shape… you could call archons naturally occurring components of the cosmic ecosystem. So this is fairly standard Left Hand Path stuff, just with more spaceships. (But probably the exact same amount of Nicki Minaj.)


On my last trip to Oxford, I picked up a book about the looting of the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad. Within a month of the American invasion, tens of thousands of pieces, stretching over 60,000 years, were stolen.

It’s a lovely, hardcover book that has the stated intention of collating much of the story of the collection so that it can live on in some ‘virtual’/astral sense. Perhaps appropriately, it puts me in mind of a reverse Necronomicon.


At the time I was in Oxford, one of my kiwi friends was working on a super yacht moored in Mallorca that belonged to a minor Arab prince (but not the Demon Prince). She is a Fine Arts graduate so she would tell me about the appalling, ‘satanic Liberace’ decor… chandeliers, gold-plated ‘his and hers’ sinks, marble, leopard print, endless beige carpets. (There should be a subcategory of ‘New Money’ for this. ‘Ill-gotten New Money’, perhaps?)

But she also told me about something else on display on the yacht. A tablet. A clay tablet. Inscribed in cuneiform.


There’s no way I can tie that back to the looting of the Iraqi Museum, but to paraphrase Indiana Jones, it does belong in a museum. Not a yacht that is used for two weeks a year, but cleaned and stocked with food on a daily basis.

One of the many, many crimes that Robert Bauval lays at the feet of Zahi Hawass in Breaking The Mirror of Heaven, is that when he was Head of Antiquities, he basically pulled a few select pieces out of storage and presented them to former Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

It’s important to remember, for where we go next, that these dictators and ruling elites really do believe they are the rightful inheritors of Antiquitous Kingship. Some believe they are the literal reincarnation of these figures, others believe they are genetic inheritors, and the rest… well, somebody’s got to be the king, eh?


This genuine belief has caused considerable consternation about the moronic, infiltrated fringe of parapolitics. To the point that you can easily find people on the internet claiming that the US army’s use of ancient Babylon as a military base -in a strategically unimportant location- was a cover to look for Saddam’s stargate.

It doesn’t need to be said that Saddam didn’t have a stargate. (Technically he did, but so do you. And I wouldn’t recommend punching in the coordinates he was using.)

Nevertheless, Babylon was pointlessly occupied. My guess would be part it was part of the ongoing ‘fundamentalisation’ of the US Armed Forces as it is Biblically resonant. This should worry you more than any stargate. From Nick Redfern’s Final Events:

In February 2010 I asked Robert Manners why the U.S. military was apparently being indoctrinated into an army of literal Christian soldiers with a solid acceptance of End-Times scenarios. After all, I said to him, in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and who knows where next – wouldn’t the military just go ahead and follow orders anyway, even if they weren’t of a fundamentalist and End-Times dominated mindset? Manners looked grim. “They would,” he said, “that’s what they’re trained to do: follow orders. But you’re missing the point. The whole point of creating an army of God has less to do with the Middle East and more to do with preparing the troops for the day they come home, when religious fascism – the New World Order, the hologram things we told you about – comes right here, to the U.S.

And nevertheless, the greatest collection of Sumerian artefacts on earth was immediately looted. Here is a screengrab from a Jim Marrs presentation about it:

Quote about looting of Baghdad Museum

So is there a shadowy elite hoovering up power objects from all over the earth like Nazis, in an attempt to summon up dark powers by use of arcane rituals?

No. No there isn’t.

At least, not in the way you or I would define a magical ritual. But if we widen out the definition, then the answer becomes less clear. They may not be reading the Akkadian spells aloud, but they are still in possession of them, and in many cases, probably think they have some affinity with the contents of the tablets.

These people really do believe they are the (possibly genetic) inheritors to our ancient divine overlords, just as we believe we are the inheritors to the mystic rebels and swamp witches. (Icke’s error is to mistake their belief for the literal reality.)


Standing in front of the painting in Sorn Castle, I think about the Freemasons and it puts me in mind of Chris Knowles’s series on the Masonic and Sirian symbolism that swirled around both Obama election campaigns. If you haven’t read them, follow the links below.

For instance:



Obama 1 Obama 2

There’s loads more. Including this NASA/42 stuff.

But what are we to make of it, given the past five years of unremitting bloodshed, lies and the wholesale destruction of the American middle class in favour of Wall Street and the ruling elites? Because, like Saddam and the stargate, there is no global masonic conspiracy… there just isn’t. So why all the overt symbolism?

Well, in a particularly pleasing sync, on the drive back into London from Sorn Castle, I listened to Chris’s recent turn on Always Record. His current theory is that this was all largely signalling behaviour… it was to notify disparate elite groups that he was on board with their agenda.

And given his polar opposite behaviour to what he actually promised -whistleblowing laws, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, the finance industry- this is a very strong hypothesis. (Obama personally ordered his first drone strike on day 3 of his presidency.)

As we know from Carroll’s Law of Conspiracies, occulted agendas rarely link up (at least in the physical). There is no room in which the global elite sit down and plan the collapse of the Eurozone, the conflagration of the Middle East, the ring-fencing of certain tax havens, and so on.

Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to get to the pinnacle of the Anglosphere without encountering these symbols. Masonic symbology doesn’t mean freemasonry. Fraternities use them, British elite schools use them, NGOs use them, banks use them, the military certainly uses them.

I mean, WE can read these symbols plain as day. They are a language, a signifier, rather than components of some needlessly complex global ritual. This analysis allows us to reconcile the overt use of symbolism among the elites with their subsequent behaviour and without having to believe they’re all part of some secret, homosexual, lizard cult that worships a giant owl in a forest on the west coast.

The groups we should actually be concerned about aren’t occult groups, but they are stocked with people (white men) who have come through an educational and cultural system that recognises occult symbols.

Groups like the Bank Of International Settlements, or Inter-Alpha. Bilderberg is nothing. Bilderberg is implementation planning for the elites’ middle management types (like Chancellors of the Exchequer and Secretaries of State). You want to look at how many people from the Council on Foreign Relations have been employed in the Executive Branch over the last three decades. Or, if you’re Jim Marrs, you want to remark at how similar the Trilateral Commission’s logo is to the swastika (speaking of symbols):

Trilateral Logo looks like swastika

In my own life, once I got to a certain level, the most important thing in my career was networking. And, crucially, making moves designed to ‘signal’ other companies or people. This isn’t conspiracy, it is how power works. It’s like calling the rain a conspiracy.

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.
– Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister, in his novel, Coningsby or The New Generation, 1844

Which brings us to Syria.

Without the support of the people, without the support of Congress, without the support of America’s loyal lapdog, Britain, with -whoever thought this was possible- even flimsier evidence of alleged human rights violations by the Syrian army than was offered for Iraq… this ritualistic, warmongering, puppet president is adamant that intervention is required.

Why? WHY? You would have to be literally insane to believe the steaming pile of garbage issuing from the mouth of that steaming pile of garbage, John Kerry. But clearly, someone, somewhere, wants this military action.

This time around, however, we all see what they get out of it.

  • The removal of Russia’s foothold in the region.
  • The last piece before Tehran.
  • A highly unstable region that makes energy extraction by China more difficult. (Despite the US’s growing energy independence, energy will always be a factor.)
  • The creation of a perpetual enemy that justifies the continuing rapid expansion of the military economy.

Even a child can see that this is precisely how you grow terrorism, rather than defeat it. From the New York Times:

As foreign fighters pour into Syria at an increasing clip, extremist groups are carving out pockets of territory that are becoming havens for Islamist militants, posing what United States and Western intelligence officials say may be developing into one of the biggest terrorist threats in the world today.

But surely that’s the point? Just as we’ve done for decades, let’s pay, arm and ship dangerous lunatics into unstable areas, watch the world burn, and then ask the taxpayers for more money to keep us safe from the mess they’ve just caused? These are moves from the exact same playbook that created Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place (“coincidentally”, another failed state on Russia’s doorstep):

It is literally impossible to believe the complete and utter lie that is the official ‘reason’ for military intervention in a situation created by shipping in foreign murderers on NATO’s dime and calling it an uprising. Which is why absolutely no one does and no one publicly wants it except the British Prime Minister and the US President. (From allegedly opposite ends of the political spectrum, I might add.)

This is how they lose, by the way. This is what destroys the last, lingering thread of respectability in the Anglosphere’s geopolitics. We are now the bad guys. Having both served in probably our last ‘justifiable war’, my grandfathers must be spinning in their graves.


Ockham’s shaving gel

Tying back Syria into all that occult symbolism and mysterious tablets on super yachts, I want to share with you Dr Farrell’s opinion:

I confess in Syria’s case almost complete befuddlement. The geopolitical objectives seem clear, but, for the effort, paltry in comparison for what might be gained by a change from yet another “moderate, secular, authoritarian” regime like Assad’s, and the head-chopping butchery of the Western-sponsored “rebels.”  The geopolitical goal, I suspect, is to pry loose the last tenuous Russian toeholds in the region, and we can fully expect that after Syria is settled – if it ever is – the next domino on the West’s hit list will be, of course, Iran. I get that the West is desperately trying to set up Huntington’s “clash of civilizations”, a new post Cold War bogeyman to demonize, and a radicalized Islamic world would fit the requirements nicely, much more nicely then the uncooperative Russians, with their shared European and “Judeo-Christian” culture ever did.

But all along, I’ve sensed that at some profound and visceral level that the interest of the Anglosphere oligarchs in the region lies at a much deeper level, a level transcending the vicissitudes of geopolitics, energy policy and politics, petrodollars, or all the conventional explanations found in the types of journals that people like Henry Kissinger of Zbigniew Brzezinski like to read. I sense that the involvement has much to do with the region that lies at the ultimate root of what we call western civilization, and of the indications of technological sophistication in High Antiquity that its antiquities indicate.

As Jacques Vallée tells us, what Ockham really said was “do not multiply unnecessarily”. There is a corollary to this statement, which we might call Ockham’s Shaving Gel.

Multiply where necessary.

Either as a system of oblique communication or a collection of bizarre and dangerous beliefs, there is a long, insalubrious history of power’s entanglement with magic.

Pieces are in play here that it takes wizard eyes to see. I wanted to include the Syria stuff in the next installment of the Archonology series, but after what happened with Maggie Thatcher’s death (see comments), I’m currently disinclined.

Because that’s the thing with symbols. Mess with them and they will mess with you. Ereshkigal may enjoy a season or two on a super yacht moored in Mallorca, but pretty soon she’s going to get bored and take the wheel.

Land, ho. Looks like Latakia.


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  1. 1
    Andrew B. Watt

    Elegant, as usual. Multiply where necessary.

    That book about the “Looting of the Iraqi National Museum” is one of the jewels of my “coffee table book” collection along with “The History of the World in 100 Objects.” It’s clearly worth thinking about the class of intentional actions including what books we choose to have on the table when we have people over for tea or cocktails…

    But yes, the reasons for attacking Syria are flimsy, and the potential targets for ‘reprisal’ for the use of chemic weapons are dumb. I read that article you linked to via Twitter, about that newspaper, the MINT, offering a range of equally-unreliable eyewitness accounts linking the attack to rebels. Possibly rebels linked to Saudi Arabia… ? Thanks for much to think about on a Tuesday.
    Andrew B. Watt´s last blog post ..Tai Chi Y2D175: breathe twice

  2. 2

    If there IS sarin, it was used by NATO’s foreign mujahadeen-for-hire currently in the country. They’re losing to the Syrian army and this is the only way to use US/Israeli air support to claw back territory.

    As Assad himself pointed out in a French newspaper, why would the army use sarin on its own people in an area in close proximity to UN chemical weapons inspectors… especially when the army is winning? Turning that question around… why WOULDN’T we?

    The exact same playbook, read from with glee by the exact same mainstream media complicit in all our other recent war crimes. Le sigh.

    PS – I have both those books!

  3. 5

    @VI It’s pleasantly surprising! Either the ongoing breaking apart of the thoughtforms of the previous archon… or simply re-election terror.

    First prime minister in how many centuries to be turned down for a war call? That’s gotta sting.

    I await Cameron’s next move with interest. Will he get his war without a domestic false flag? It would strain credulity to pin a London bombing on Assad so I expect some of our soldiers on the Turkish border are about to die.

  4. 7


    Forgive a certified beginner, but I would like to have something clarified, as English is not my mother tongue.

    a) In this post, you mention :

    “… So is there a shadowy elite hoovering up power objects from all over the earth like Nazis, in an attempt to summon up dark powers by use of arcane rituals? No. No there isn’t.
    At least, not in the way you or I would define a magical ritual. But if we widen out the definition, then the answer becomes less clear. They may not be reading the Akkadian spells aloud, but they are still in possession of them, and in many cases, probably think they have some affinity with the contents of the tablets.…”

    Does this mean that they feel they are part of a “lineage” which empowers them, the Sumerian or Akkadian version of the Tibetan buddhism empowerments e.g., or does it mean the opposite, meaning that they are not even practicing with the “things” they have on their shelves and are satisfied by the mere possession of the object ? But what makes them so powerful, if I refer to your post at :

    “…The relationship between magic and temporal power has been so close as to be nearly indistinguishable for thousands of years.
    Is that still the case, or are the presumptive inheritors of this all-together unseemly relationship now just having annual meetings in carpeted function rooms of low-cost hotels out by the airport? Is Magic still the bag-man-of-last-resort for Power?
    I would say it is. But you aren’t going to like it. You aren’t going to like it for two reasons. It has nothing to do with you or me. We are playing dress-up in the garden while the big people talk inside.…”

    On the one hand, those big people seem completely out of our league, and on the other hand, they don’t even seem to “practice”, so to speak.

    That’s what I don’t understand. What makes them strong to the point that you have the feeling of “playing dress-up in the garden when they talk inside”? A different type of magic(k), as “our definition of a magical ritual is different from theirs” ?

    Many thanks.


  5. 8

    If I unnerstan you aright, you are suggesting something – that part of the urge to intervene in the Middle East is simply a function of the fact that that’s where so many of the founding myths and religious tech of Western Civilisation came from – that intersects with this thing what I wrote:
    steelweaver´s last blog post ..Foxden Summer Episode – Clowns, Communities and Captcha

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