Sacrifice And Its Discontents: An Extradimensional Exchange Mechanism

Sacrifice And Its Discontents: An Extradimensional Exchange Mechanism

Source: Rowena Morrill

Source: Rowena Morrill

From The Gospel of Mary:

Peter said to him, “Since you have explained everything to use, tell us also, what is the sin of the world?”

The savior said, “There is no sin, but you create sin when you mingle as in adultery, which is called sin. That is why the good came to be with you, to enter the essence of each nature, and to restore it to its root.” He continued. “That is why you become sick and die, for you love what deceives you. Whoever understands should understand.”

Mingling ‘as in adultery’ is a fairly potent descriptor of trapping your consciousness in the labyrinth of the material world.

And straight from the mouth of a guy who never existed, there is no other sin. The entire thing hinges on consciousness and where we point it.

I want to unpack that a bit more, and so we are required to perform a little overlap analysis.

Firstly, there is Graham Hancock’s description of the actual purpose of physical existence. It is deceptively simple and I am jealous of its stark profundity.

We come here to learn consequences.

His example was to try and burn your hand in a dream. You can’t do it, but you can be aware that it is a thing that can happen. (‘Division’, even if only for the chance of ‘union’, must presumably remain academic until we come here to try it.)

When I heard him say that, it mapped perfectly to my own experience of the non-physical. It was one of those innocuous, almost-throwaway phrases that sets off an entire kindergarten of sparklers in your mind.

You will no doubt have noticed there is often a fascinating lack of comprehension on the part of the non-physical world to our own very physical problems.

I’m sick. I’m poor. I’m lonely.

It fascinates them. Like the unburnt dream hand, there is no frame of reference for many of these concepts. This may provide a reasonable method for understanding just how rarely extra dimensional assistance is of any use.

Sacri 2

The second piece I want to overlay is something Ian said on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole at the beginning of this year. I heard it on the Eurostar and had it rattling around in my head for the whole Paris trip. It was quite distracting.

What Ian said was that the spirits are fascinated when we deny ourselves something.

Brain sparklers again. Because, like consequences, a lack of something is difficult to experience in the non-physical. I put it to you that these two observations are intimately related and simply describe different parts of one continuous spectrum.

If Ian is correct, and his experience appears to match my own, then in cases of sacrifice, the non-physical recipients are fed not by the things they accrue, but by the things we deny ourselves.

The argument that spirits are fed on ‘the energy’ (?) of food or other sacrifices is weak. If it were so, why would they wait for you to pour out a little rum when they could just haunt the biscuit aisle at Tesco and feed themselves like this ghost robbing a convenient store?

Nevertheless, they do seem to require our assistance opening the biscuit packet, don’t they? In fact, it’s critical and, as Jason regularly points out, offerings are a cornerstone practice of magic.


To me, this implies that the awareness of lack in our consciousness is the actual ‘sacrifice’, the actual ‘currency’, that is exchanged between the physical and the non-physical. Sacrificing a cockerel would have been a very big deal for a Central European peasant in the Dark Ages because that was very likely her family’s meat for the week.

If it’s the ‘chickenness’ the spirits are after, then why can’t you just burn down a battery egg farm and win the lottery later that day?

Note that this fits perfectly with the Neo-Magonian Hypothesis that extradimensional phenomena -particularly Unexplained Aerial Phenomena- function as a consciousness control mechanism. (They don’t want a church, they want us to build them a church.)

The trading floor for extradimensional exchange is consciousness.

There are a number of inevitable hypotheses that tumble out of this conclusion:

  • Fasting: As repeatedly documented, intermittent fasting has altered my whole experience of the non-physical. And the fact is that it is integral to almost the whole world’s spiritual progress: Pythagoras, Lent, Ramadan, Homer, shamanism/vision quests, etc. And what is fasting but consciously denying ourselves something, consciously experiencing lack?
  • More importantly, why is it that meditation -simply sitting and watching your thoughts- literally resets every aspect of your life and health for the better? Is this keeping the trading floor clean, open and uncorrupt? (Ha!)
  • The notion that consciousness, and what we choose to focus it on, is the entire mechanism of extradimensional exchange may offer an understanding of why our superabundant, materialist culture is so dangerous to spiritual advancement without resorting to a dreary, calvinist suspicion of pleasure. (Are you just mingling, or are you adulterously mingling??)

Extending that last point, it might well be that this is how the planet’s super-rich have always functioned as archons: because they have set up an artificial version of the perpetual abundance/lack of lack encountered in the spiritual realms. It is an artificial heaven that makes you forget where you came from in the first place. Is this why you cannot fit a camel through the eye of a needle? Is this why the Realm of The Gods is, according to HH The Dalai Lama, one of the trickiest incarnations for spiritual progression?

Sacri 3

Such an hypothesis can easily be extended down to the subatomic level where phenomena like quantum observation indicate that consciousness; and the control and manipulation of it; literally underpin the entire manifest world. Whether we live in a prismatic hologram or not, the implication is that the Mind War is not only completely real -a perpetual, second-by-second, Ragnarok- but that such imperial resistance may well be the only real thing.

We may extend this back into previous yugas and out into the universe. If the lunar and martian anomalies are the remains of a (presumably) long-vanished civilisation, do you think they were perfect, benevolent beings or do you think they suffered through the polluting of their consciousness via twerking and whatever the Martian version of a Kardashian wedding was?

There is a final component to the consciousness exchange hypothesis. And that is how The Neighbours appear to us.

Take, for instance, showing up as beings from the stars. Why? In an extradimensional hypothesis the notion that these beings are from out in the black is simultaneously true and false: yes, they may be from a different part of the prismatic hologram (which may well be a technical impossibility when you think about it) but they appear here via extradimensional channels. You see how it makes no difference if Olympus is in the centre of the hologram or not?

But to say they are from the stars, to appear as such, is a pointer, like angels appearing with wings which are patently not required for aerial mobility. It is so that we think in a certain way. It casts our minds out into a bigger context as if to say:

  • You are part of a story that is much, much, much, larger than whether your daughter will marry the farmer from over the next rise.
  • “All of this has happened before”.
  • All of what is happening is extending across all the realms: yours here in the physical and also out into the non-physical (for which the night sky is a better metaphor for extradimensionality in the minds of our neolithic ancestors than, say, string theory).

sacri 4

The metaphor remains functional, remains active, by the way, even if we know the story it tells is a nonsense. All of it ‘unpacks’ when you entangle your consciousness with the night sky in whatever cultural form most appeals to you. As above, so below, eh?

Implementing a consciousness exchange hypothesis would imply:

  • NOT sacrificing to any old thing that shows up with sparkles and demands it.
  • Being extremely selective in where and to whom your sacrifices are going.
  • Taking control of your own lack: fasting and meditation. Again, like the previous point, ensure they occur under the proper auspices. (I dedicate my fast days to various beings.)
  • Drink from a deeper well: if it is the change in consciousness that underpins your connection to the Source, do you think you should be dousing it in reality television (leaving aside possible government brain entrainment, for the moment)?

How does it all work? How does candle magic and reiki and astronauts witnessing craft in space and sacrificing chickens to orisha and pouring milk into a hole for the dead and remote viewing and bigfoot and cursing all seem to be Effective Things That Happen?

Could it be that there is an ongoing system of exchange, in which the currency is the change and manipulation of human (and presumably other) consciousnesses, and it is these changes in consciousness that gives shape to the physical world? Consider this psi theory and tell me it doesn’t look like the theatre of main conflict in a Mind War:

According to the theory of first sight, we normally use what I’ll refer to as secondary perception, which is using our five senses to experience and interact with the world. Secondary perception is far and away the most useful way for us to interact with the world. It is so useful in fact, that we rely on it almost (but not quite) exclusively. We feel things with our hands, we communicate with our voices, ears and hands, we move with our feet and we see with our eyes. We don’t try to do these things solely with psychic ability because our ordinary senses are so much better at ordinary interactions.

According to Carpenter, psi is more or less an unconscious process that operates all the time. It is impossible to tell where our psychic ability ends and our ordinary perception begins. They blend together seamlessly and beyond our conscious awareness most of the time. This is because of subliminal perception; we are wired to recognize things at an unconscious level before they reach our conscious awareness. Many studies have confirmed this. But there is more to it. Recent studies have shown that we have subliminal precognition. We are constantly feeling the future before we sense it.

A unified weird theory approaches.


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  1. 2

    Shades of tapas, batman! Certainly explains a lot of things in the Mahabharata and other Indian stories.

    It also makes me think about higher planes in Theravada Buddhist cosmology. There are certain planes that are only accessible to people who have achieved a certain level of meditation skill. Successively higher states of concentration, each one focusing on on a more subtle object (and letting go of grosser ones), yield better results.

    A book I’m reading now that goes into these deeper levels of concentration is “Who Is My Self?: A Guide to Buddhist Meditation” by Ayya Khema. It’s on Kindle. It’s cheap, it’s NOT a “popular” book on meditation, and I think it will be well worth your time.
    Harry´s last blog post ..Agrippa I.73-74: Writing

  2. 3
    Aidan Wachter

    This is a nice one, Gordon. This bit at the end:

    “we are wired to recognize things at an unconscious level before they reach our conscious awareness. Many studies have confirmed this. But there is more to it. Recent studies have shown that we have subliminal precognition. We are constantly feeling the future before we sense it.”

    This was my experience exactly, during my Datura Week when I was a teen. Come to think of it, I think this is what the Datura is for, actually…
    Aidan Wachter´s last blog post ..Hekate’s Key

  3. 4

    This puts the potential sacrifice of Isaac by Jacob into a whole new perspective. In the Biblical view, Jacob would be the father of a nation as numbered as the stars, if he sacrifices his son, he would lose a huge chunk of the promised descendants Yahweh offers him.

    What a denial! No wonder Yahweh is pleased he attempts to go through with it!

    Nice work as usual Gordon!
    MvdV´s last blog post ..Contemplation

  4. 5

    Aww Abraham, you know it was Abraham! So sorry but I can’t edit.
    I’ve been working on the cyclical nature of the Old Testament, it messes with your head.
    Sorry Gordon!

  5. 7

    To add a perplexing element to an otherwise lovely conversation

    Is sacrifice an age old custom stemming through most “native” traditions or an academic fraud imported from Europe?

    In the same way that Ancient astronaut theorists, spread a thinly veiled imperialism. There is a lot of myth making, and accounting errors in the foundations of archaeology. Turns out that white men in drab business jackets aren’t adept at contextualizing brown men in more colorful attire.

  6. 8
    Andrew Green

    Hi Gordon, I always read your stuff as I find it interesting but I don’t agree with your basic premise that there is something otherworldly out to get us. I think we are victims of our own nature not some external force. There are certain people in the world who know we are victims of our own nature and use it against us, but they are essentially cynics and would be classed as “worldly” by an enlightened person. Ritual is delusion and is only the concern of an unenlightened mind. The idea that a higher being would have any concern in human affairs, particularly in feeding off us, assumes that such a being thinks in the same way we do ie. intellectually. But even an enlightened human is free of conception and is aware of the empty nature of phenomena and the senses. Why would a being who is free of physical existence be interested in feeding off the agony of physical existence? Such a being knows intuitively and is aware of the true nature of reality and that reality is not evil in nature. On the contrary it is giving. Evil is an outgrowth of human nature and occurs when a person develops an idea of self. It is the very idea of separateness inherent in the idea of self that leads to “evil”. The person who perceives the empty nature of reality and leaves conception behind abides in a state of joy. Where therefore is the evil?
    Andrew Green´s last blog post ..A New Point of View

  7. 9

    Hmm I’m not sure sacrifice always means ‘lack’. It does however mean ‘setting apart’ – in many cases of ritual sacrifice in Hindu tradition, the meat used for sacrifice is given to local families. In Germanic blots, the meat would be eaten by participants, and in Judaic lore, it is the smoke that is pleasing to the Lord.

    If we’re going with the consciousness angle, perhaps then it’s the alteration/particular *arrangement* of intent/thought/feeling/action. I’m thinking here of Crowley’s exhortation to enflame oneself with prayer etc, or the mystical experiences of those flagellants, anchorites, and hermits in various tradittions.

    Development of siddis – or magical powers – is often seen as a byproduct of meditatiev mastery, isn’t it? Perhaps then, we circle back to Crowleuuy’s noytion of magick as the act of changing consciousness in accordance with will?

    This doesn’t invalidate your theory really, because the notion of spirits being perplexed by lack etc could be explained by the fact that they are always themselves – a god/spirit/visitor is changing (because the universe is changing constantly ala Heraclitus) but they are in certain senses more limited in terms of range of changes. Perhaps this is why certain Estern traditions claim it is most auspicious to be born as a human?

    If we look at the old chesnut of Chaos Magic – ‘free belief’ and don’t call it belief, but in fact consciousness, which can be arranged a certain way to produce thought – and eventually, within the context of this theory, the ‘material’ then it raises an interesting question about the level of cultral base-line which we currently inhabit.

    What if a particular arrangement of consciousness benefits the personages we call the archons – we know it does financially/imperialistically? Or at the very least attracts their attention, moves them to interact with us, and change us to something more suitable to their frequency?

    Maybe the old saw of paradigm-shifting which PJC developed and refined is in fact correct, but it’s more about maintaining a mobile, almost nomadic form of consciousness? Remove belief from the equation completely, and instead regard it as alignment-with-something?

    I’m thinking that the way syncretism works is a perfect example of this, as is the principle of sympathy and symbolism.
    VI´s last blog post ..Drinking from a Deeper Well: The Perennial Weird

  8. 10
    Soror A.S

    Fascinating article as always. I’m a serviteur of the Haitian lwa (of Vodou) and sacrifice of animals is often done to remove illness or prevent death. That is to say, if someone is sick and dying the priest or priestess will determine if the spirits will accept an animal in the human’s place. This sacrificed animal is not eaten by the congregation, as it has removed sickness and you don’t want to get sick from eating it. All other sacrifices are meat that is eaten by the people; it’s the blood and life force that the lwa want.
    Soror A.S´s last blog post ..Welcome!

  9. 12

    some actual drops of thought
    • when you point your consciousness towards something you ‘sacrifice’ all the other actual opportunities
    • when you make a decision, the conscious sacrifice of the other opportunities releases the ‘energy’/potential to manifest the chosen direction

    • the permanent sacrifice of possible connections (by the limited linking capacity of our mind) creates a permanent background ‘state of ambiguity’ (as Mr. Weiler calls it) that is open for related precognitive hints
    • such hints are thoughts that point your mind towards something surprising

    • it’s all about relations/connections/couplings you choose or deny or choose to deny

    • isn’t it actually the desire you sacrifice in magic? (most visibly perhaps in sigill magic…)

  10. 13

    As so often seems to happen, I was *just* thinking about sacrifice the other day, trying to explain my idea that the whole point is not to “thank the gods” or buy their favor per se but the resulting (and/or precipitating) shift in consciousness, and thus “reality” (whatever that is). (To judgeby my interlocutor’s apparently puzzlement I didn’t do a very good job.) But I hadn’t thought of the possibility that the Neighbours’ interest might arise from the ftact that they don’t experience “lack” or consequences directly. As usual you kick off a whole new round of wondering and experimentation…

  11. 14

    Oh man, that comment has some horrible typos. Maybe I should sacrifice a chicken for a working backspace key.

    NB when I said “as so often happens” what I meant was that it seems like lately I’ll be pondering something and then you write a post about that very thing–not that I think about sacrifice all the time. Although why not, really? It’s more interesting than Kardashians.

  12. 15

    Afternoon Gordon,

    Normally I’m a silent reader, I just wanted to chime in that this post makes sense to me. The greatest response I’ve ever gotten from a spirit was shortly after an offering of apple cider and wheat bread. This doesn’t seem all that special, right? The thing that sets it apart is that I was starving at the time, and the little money I did manage to get per week went to keeping me fed (on Top Ramen, mostly). They are also some of my favorite simple pleasures. It was, to me, as sincere an offering as I could make. Now, years later, although I make more money and have more to materially offer, I get less response. Makes sense to me that the prime reason would consistent with the fact that what I’m offering is quite a bit less of a “lack” creating on my part. It’s not as much of a sacrifice, even if it’s now consistent and larger in quantity.

    Worth testing, at very least. Excellent post as always.


  13. 16

    So, if the lie is working out temporal arguments in space lets scapegoats run free, then that is some small thing that grows bigger, sort of.

    No one is willing, or able to pay the price. Not those high holy ones, damned gangsters. Had to be causality breakage. It is a hell of a thing when lies open that up.

    I guess all that real stuff has to land somewhere, somewhen, I miss when the west and east, and north, and south, all fit into the face staring into that, hidden in the middle.

    That is not a blend, maybe spy stuff, easy to get erased, hard to stay dead.

    That is probably unstable, but some works with what you have got.

  14. 17

    Why so silent, folks?

    Where are all the obvious questions?

    For my part I’m out –to many sleepless nights. You can elaborate the above-mentioned mechanism into Hegelian complexities (cosmos driven by negation…). For the moment we have to stay with two dimensions that work in a similar fashion. The flat/all-day/surface/horizontal dimension where you can choose to cut your entanglements (or to globalize your perception, what means the same). And the deep/spiritual/background/vertical dimension where the communication of disentanglement seems to be some kind of an empty currency that stimulates positive feedback for … better entanglement (magic)? Or better disentanglement (spirituality)? Transmit emptiness, receive synchronicities.
    It’s my hope that this is at least a productive misunderstanding of the recent post.

  15. 18

    When I first read this, I thought you might be conflating a few distinct operations and now that I have had some time to fast a little and explore them ritually, I think I can put my finger on them. It starts for me once you separate out things like sacrifice in the literal sense (like the chicken) and forms of renunciation (like fasting and vows of abstinence). I think the higher octane work tends to happen when you work both.

    Fasting definitely shifted my attention, brought the spiritual world much closer to the surface. I wonder if part of the spirits like it when you give things up bit is that they just see us more clearly because we aren’t quite so entangled in the ‘consensus’ reality. Sacrifice seems like it might better be called sacrament, because it seems to operate by moving an object into a spiritual circuit, letting the spiritual forces get into it. I think that may be why, like VI observes, sacrifice is often consumed (unless whatever you put into that thing isn’t what you want inside you…then you get your scapegoat).

    When you do both, well, boom, you are already primed to receive the spiritual forces in the sacrament. I tried it with bread and liquor–the liquor had been pretty well consecrated through several other operations, and that worked well. The bread was okay–if I were to try again, I would probably think about making the bread from scratch and mixing in some special ingredients. (which would itself be a little act of renunciation and discipline, which likely helps the process of sacralization…it’s fascinating to think how the dynamic duo work together.)

    Which is probably why you can get going spiritually with any sort of renunciation, but when it comes to the sacrifices/sacrament, you want it to be more finely tuned. Which reminds me of how specific rules for sacrifice can get–some of that may be less about not pissing off a picky spirit than about having the right medium for it to move into.

    Anyway, hope this is useful. Thanks for the bit about fasting–I do it on a smaller scale around ritual work, but I have never really consciously thematized what or how it works before. That suggests to me some nifty ways to sharpen some basic techniques!
    Ian´s last blog post ..Taking a Breath

  16. 21
    Christopher Bradford

    Hmm. Awesome, as usual….but you write about sacrifice as if they are all fundamentally the same. Sacrificing yourself is one thing, giving the life of something else quite another. The nkisi of Palo require blood in particular, to join in a feast with community. Its not so much the priest doing without as it is the priest including. The cost of a rooster is insignificant these days for most of us, but the act of taking it’s life and feeding it to the nkisi carries tremendous power. There’s a tearing, an opening that occurs when something is dying, and I don’t know if I can communicate it’s nature effectively if the reader doesn’t have a frame of reference.
    Christopher Bradford´s last blog post ..Review: Obeah–A Sorcerous Ossuary

  17. 22
    Stone Dog

    Very interesting concepts, worthy of much reflection.
    The question arises though: where would sex magic fit into this frame?
    As far as I know, spirits seem to be willing to accept the strong energy released during the sexual act as an offering, and while ritual sex may not be as enjoyable to all as “normal” sex – there is a protocol – it is still definitely more on the side of pleasure than of pain or lack. Actually, I suppose ANY kind of intense pleasure would be an acceptable offering to the right spirit, just as pain and frustration seem to be pleasing to others.

  18. 23

    What FraterKKT said… and when the willing one is also scapegoated… seems to me that’s some serious sacrificial meat for spirits to take note of.

  19. 24

    minimal outline of the intergalactic mind-to-super-mind circuit:

    1. if below then above
    2. if above then below

    if you give (something of) yourself
    then it gives (something of) itself

    unus mundus

    who wanted to ride a dragon?

  20. 25
    Pedro Ribeiro

    Ok, Gordon, you made me go and get this First Sight book. More than 500 pages, but it seems very interesting.

  21. 26

    While gift is a slightly different animal than sacrifice, this on Marcel Mauss’s work “The Gift” seems to lend something to the conversation:

    The famous question that drove his inquiry into the anthropology of the gift was: “What power resides in the object given that causes its recipient to pay it back?” (1990:3). The answer is simple: the gift is a “total prestation”, imbued with “spiritual mechanisms”, engaging the honour of both giver and receiver (the term “total prestation” or “total social fact” (fait social total) was coined by his student Maurice Leenhardt after Durkheim’s social fact). Such transactions transcend the divisions between the spiritual and the material in a way that, according to Mauss, is almost “magical”.

  22. 27

    Gordon, you have a brilliant mind. I enjoy drinking from this deep well. Thank you for sharing your Soup.

    I would like to contribute something complicated very simply. I practice a qabalistic meditation I adapted from the excellent, “Busting Loose from the Money Game”. (Don’t read the reviews, reader, just dive in!) The Process meditation he teaches (without giving away the magic) involves the regular sacrificing of lack to gnosis. Where your post helps me in my own integration/syncretism is that Bob’s ‘Process’ involves a lot of quantum energy metaphors which help initially but don’t scale for me. Operating this tech via lack-dedication blows it wide open. Awesome.

    HP’s comment about sacrificing desire in sigil magic also opens up more lines of funtastic inquiry…

    Blessings to your Mission, Gordon!

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