The Unreality Of The Rulers

The Unreality Of The Rulers

Unreality 1

Couldn’t resist.

The religious, mystical dimension to this study leads in many directions.

Suffice it to say that swirling about the feet and hands of the Kennedy assas­sination was a sticky fog of occultists, wandering bishops, American intel­ligence… and alien intelligence known as The Nine.

Arthur Young, Michael Paine, Ruth Paine, Ruth Forbes Young, Andrija Puharich, Mary Astor, even David Ferrie were all a handshake or two away from Jack Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

They were all talking to ghosts, summoning alien beings, practicing ritual magic, holding hands around the séance table or sacrificing chickens in a New Orleans apartment. And, in some cases, they were also members of America’s ruling elite, the wealthiest and best-connected families in the country.

-Sinister Forces, Book 1.

Richard Hoagland regularly points out that the assassination of Kennedy is intimately associated with the Apollo Programme and NASA. Indeed, it’s hard to argue with the chronology. There’s that UFO memo, there’s the fact that he intended to work with the Soviets to get mankind onto the moon, rather than to demonstrate American superiority.

But his AAT space policy is evidence used to support the motive for his assassination, not the motive itself. As previously mentioned, it was murder on the Orient Express. Take one step out of line and the supranational global elite will just show you your control file and force you back into singing from their ludicrous song sheet. (Exhibit A: Nancy Pelosi.)

Take twenty steps out of line, promise to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and roll back the imperial war machine and have you sealed your fate. Comme ça:

At a moment when the world was falling into darkness, Kennedy did what from his generals’ standpoint was intolerable and unforgivable. JFK not only rejected his generals’ pressures for war. Even worse, the president then reached out to their enemy, asking for help. That was treason.

When Nikita Khrushchev had received Kennedy’s plea for help in Moscow, he turned to his Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko and said, “We have to let Kennedy know that we want to help him.”

Khrushchev stunned himself by what he had just said: Did he really want to help his enemy, Kennedy? Yes, he did. He repeated the word to his foreign minister:

“Yes, help. We now have a common cause, to save the world from those pushing us toward war.” [8]

How do we understand that moment? The two most heavily armed leaders in history, on the verge of total nuclear war, suddenly joined hands against those on both sides pressuring them to attack. Khrushchev ordered the immediate withdrawal of his missiles from Cuba, in return for Kennedy’s public pledge never to invade Cuba and his secret promise to withdraw U.S. missiles from Turkey — as he would in fact do.

When President Kennedy stood up to the Pentagon, the CIA, and the military-industrial complex, he was treated as a traitor. His attempt to save the planet from the weapons of his own nation was regarded as treason. The doctrine of “plausible deniability” allowed for the assassination of a president seen as a national security risk himself.

I will just add, ‘regarded as treason by the lower levels, like the Joint Chiefs, head of the CIA, J Edgar Hoover, etc.’ It’s just business for the rungs above. Treason implies a sense of nationality or loyalty.

Nick Redfern, whilst promoting his latest book -which makes a nice companion piece to Final Events- issues a rare statement of personal belief. That there is a supranational, global group above the apparatus of national governments, a hidden hand, profoundly involved in researching and concealing phenomenology. Here’s the best of the podcasts so far. Always worth a listen.

Meanwhile, on Nibiru. (Source:

I’m glad he finally pinned his colours to the wall. The trouble with alt-research; and you will hear it endlessly in the Australian podcast hosts above; is that even among people like Nick who have spent decades looking into this, their model of phenomenology doesn’t (publicly) advance as far as I think it should, given the evidence they themselves have spent years looking at. What is seriously the point, otherwise? Just collect model ships or something.

But I think that after years of being an absolute FOIA fiend, Nick has accumulated enough evidence to state some tentative conclusions. The fact that years of the Roswell records are completely missing rather than redacted or classified, is much more creepy, much more damning. It’s not just ufologists. The Air Force, the Navy, the CIA. They don’t have these files, either. In and of itself, this is genuinely more suspicious than supposed ‘memory metal’ or a few old photographs.

More than five years of military files completely missing is a vanishingly unlikely thing to happen once. When it emerges as a pattern, (including the missing original film from the Apollo 11 mission, for instance) you can only see it as partial fingerprints of a Hidden Hand. We are thus required to envision a world of untouchable Morley-smoking shadow men with unencumbered access to the darkest corners of the world.

Here’s one from Nick himself, to do with probably my second-favourite UFO case, Rendlesham Forest:

One of the reasons why that furious debate shows no sign of going away is that certain files on the affair – extremely significant files, it should be stressed – appear to be, ahem, missing.

One of the little known rumors surrounding the Rendlesham Forest case is that at the height of the strange encounters a panicky British Government was on the absolute verge of evacuating a number of nearby prisons, all in the county of Suffolk, too. In the 1980s, the late Graham Birdsall, who was the editor of Britain’s UFO Magazine from the 1990s to the early 2000s, had the opportunity to speak with one George Wild – a prison officer at Armley Prison in the English city of Leeds – who had some intriguing data to impart on this notable aspect of the story…

The late Lord Hill-Norton, who served as Chief of the British Defense Staff from 1971 to 1973, had a deep and personal interest in UFOs in general, and an even deeper one in Rendlesham specifically. On October 23, 1997, he officially raised in the British government’s House of Lords a question concerning the alleged, unusual activities at HM Prison Highpoint North, as outlined to Graham Birdsall by George Wild a decade earlier…

The official response to Hill-Norton: “I regret to advise the noble Lord that I am unable to answer his question, as records for Highpoint Prison relating to the period concerned are no longer available. The governor’s journal is the record in which a written note is made of significant events concerning the establishment on a daily basis. It has not proved possible to locate that journal.

You can see the temptation to include this in a Kennedy anniversary post, yeah? Bonus sync coming up for missing journals. Now onto a talk from Morris because he’s Morris:

His point about the limitations of Manichaeism indicate someone who maybe hasn’t grasped the esoteric utility of it, but they can be extended to the reality of any rulers. I consider them archonic in the context of, to paraphrase Terence McKenna, a model of the universe that is not imprisoning. They are dangerous, but they are not all-powerful.

Back to Kennedy and phenomenology. Via Sinister Forces 1 again:

Former CIA finance officer James Wilcott testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations that Oswald was, indeed, a CIA asset in Japan, according to conversations he had with his co-workers at the Agency after the assassination. The CIA denied this relationship to Oswald, but they did suggest that perhaps the KGB had recruited Oswald in Japan! If so, of course, that meant that Oswald may have been a Soviet agent at the time of the assassination, and this angle was not pursued.

Whatever actually transpired in Japan, it was a crucial time for Oswald and his ensuing career—whether as US intelligence agent, Soviet intelligence agent, or disaffected Marine and crazed, lone gunman—and it began, oddly enough, at the Bluebird Café. Some researchers openly wondered whether Oswald was receiving mind control treatments of some sort at the time, since the CIA had a large operational base at Atsugi and had been debriefing defec­tors and returning prisoners of war there under Operation BLUEBIRD at the time of the Korean conflict. It is impossible to tell with any certainty at this time what Oswald was really doing in the Marines at Atsugi; his military records do show some discrepancies and, in one case, a medical notation shows that he contracted gonorrhea “in the line of duty”; certainly a bizarre set of circumstances for a lowly Marine radar operator.

Let’s lift this up a bit. Let’s briefly try and paint a picture of a universe that functions as the background for the graspings of the Hidden Hand. Here’s a lovely, lovely video on panpsychism.

And now to Micronesia, specifically Pohnpei, where I shot a terrible documentary about a sunken city. From Nowhere Slow: Eleven Years in Micronesia:

In English we have labels like PTSD, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia that effectively distance the rest of us, the normals, from the “diseased.” We think that some cause, like Jim’s job doing forward recon in Gulf War I picking up the bodies left behind by Saddam’s retreat, can have some effect years later, like hallucinating a grenade and bomb attack and biting off his finger.

But it’s hard to convey these ideas to someone who is not steeped in our cultural psychology; try to explain this along with our belief in “brain chemicals” that can be “out of balance” and it begins to sound every bit as plausible as the explanation that the policeman settles on: bad magic.

A local witch tells Jim’s Pohnpeian family exactly who it is that has been playing magic on him and making him crazy, and Jim, with about half his wits back, tries to keep them from retaliating. The witch speaks delicate incantations to stones and wraps these stones in leaves. What she tells the stones I don’t know. Then she hides them near Jim’s house to ward off the bad magic. A Catholic priest comes and throws holy water on the house. They are protected. The bad magic won’t come and settle into Jim’s brain any more.

If only maintaining sanity were as easy as a splash of water, an incantation, a pill, or a nice long talk. Jim didn’t get better; he just became dormant. Now he says that “every thought, decision, comment, or action is always questioned in my own mind, then looked at a second time by what I call my ‘sanity microscope.’ ” He has become, even to himself, “the guy who bit his own finger off.” He is his own foreigner. Even as he rebuilds his mind, the “guy who” is still there, will always be there, thrashing in the swamp, struggling to surface.

See… I don’t know about you, but I do see Jim getting better, here. He may not be completely whole, but he never bit off another finger. The difference between mind control and sorcery is the difference between asking for an English or Italian menu in Rome. The food is the same, although ordering from one rather than the other increases the likelihood of eating your waiter’s spit with your risotto al funghi.



Over to the late, lamented Ingo Swann, from his book, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.

Of all possible candidates that might require the services of reality managing, the Moon seems the least likely. But if enough Moon facts and factoids are assembled and aligned, then it turns out that the Moon has been treated to exceedingly expansive doses of spin doctor machinations. There has to be a very good reason as to WHY the Moon, of all things, needs extensive spin doctor treatment…

In December, 1972, Apollo 17 was the LAST American craft to the Moon. At that point, American Moon visits abruptly ceased for reasons that were never adequately explained. The remaining three Apollo crafts which were already built at enormous expense, were left to rot. It was not until 1995, some twenty-three years later, that the Clementine craft was sent to the Moon. This, however, was a U.S. Army project, not a NASA effort. (Ed: A military project that released what may have been censored images of an officially uninhabited planetoid.)

Knowledge, eh? Gnosis. Always seems like some fuckers are trying to cock-block our access to it. After fifty years of selecting hoovering up of information (the entirety of the Roswell files beginning two years before the incident, for example), certain moves, certain conclusions, based on the gaps in our knowledge can be discerned. Like the billionaire land grab for asteroids and Bigelow trying to personally buy chunks of the moon.

This selective hoovering has a long history. From The Ancient Paths:

Ships putting in at Alexandria were searched and any scrolls found on board were confiscated; copies were made and the originals placed in the library, marked ‘from the ships’. This wily acquisitions policy must have produced a fine collection of sailors’ periploi, which listed river mouths and headlands, and gave distances in days of sailing.

Most of this geographical knowledge survives only as a muddle of rumour and misreporting in later Roman texts, but the early descriptions of the oikoumene (the inhabited earth) show that certain key coordinates had been identified – Rhodes, the Pillars of Hercules, Byzantion, Borysthenes, etc. When Pytheas sailed from Massalia, these points of reference were already being used to organize a conception of the earth that had once seemed a prerogative of the gods. Accurate depictions of the coastlines and continents were still many centuries away, but a semblance of the oikoumene could now be held within a human mind, thanks to one of the great inventions of the ancient world: the division of the terrestrial sphere into zones of latitude called klimata.

A ‘conception of the earth that had once seemed a prerogative of the gods’? Could not have put it better myself. We approach a (possibly subconscious) Rockefeller motive, here. And the impact of such hoarding, such hoovering shows up in the most ‘surprising’ place. Like here:

The deaths of four young Turkish engineers, all within the space of 14 months during 2006 and 2007, could be connected to telepathy, according to a report from the Inspection Board of the Turkish Prime Ministry.

Four engineers working for Turkish defence giant ASELSAN died in alleged mysterious circumstances and all four deaths were recorded as suicide.

At least two of the men were said to be working on a friend-or-foe recognition system for Turkish warplanes at the time of their suicides, a project that was brought back to debate during the Ergenekon coup trials which saw significant numbers jailed for an alleged plot to overthrow the government. [More.]

Or here:

In any event, when we finished the remote viewing effort, Skip Atwater asked Bob to open the envelope and tell us what was inside. The card within the envelope said; “MARS ONE MILLION BC.” The coordinates were for specific locations on a certain area of Mars, which included what appeared to be ruins, lots of pyramids of different shapes and designs. I asked Skip where the coordinates had come from. He said they originated with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA).

Let’s get weirder. Here’s a story and companion image of an encounter from the city of Huelva, in Spain:

weirderOne of them was female and some two meters tall, with long, platinum hair down to her waist, large eyes and arched eyebrows, lacking a nose or with only two orifices. She was able to make out a moving line where the mouth should have been, yet never opening. [The entity] gave the impression of wanting to speak while gesticulating with its arms. It was clad in a long, dark-green tunic that flashed, as though made of tiny lights, with a round neckline from shoulder to shoulder and wide sleeves…

The male figure had similar features and remained motionless. It had short and somewhat unruly hair, and wore knee-length tunic – light brown and flashing – and was slightly shorter than his female companion at 1.70 meters. Ceferina described their faces as “repellent”, lemon-yellow in color….

That night she awoke with a start, dreaming of insects.

Still think any of it’s aliens? Back to Kennedy, by way of Sinister Forces 1:

The day after the assassination of President Kennedy, his former mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer phoned LSD guru Timothy Leary to tell him that the President was murdered by a conspiracy at the highest levels of government. Mary Pinchot Meyer (1920-1964) had once been married to CIA Chief of Covert Action Operations Cord Meyer, Jr. Cord Meyer, a former Marine lieutenant who was badly wounded on Guam in 1944, joined the CIA in late 1950 and gradually rose through the ranks, being at one time Chief of Station in London and later Deputy Director of Plans.

Mary Meyer was something of a free spirit, however, a painter and the woman who smoked pot with Jack Kennedy. She had been a friend of Leary since the early 1960s—and of the Kennedys before that—and spoke to him of a very important friend of hers who was interested in the LSD experience, and asked for tips on how to guide the LSD trip, leading some investigators to believe that she had turned the President on to acid, as well. Leary certainly provided Mary Meyer with acid, without knowing the identity of her important friend. When Leary began to actively promote acid consumption by the masses, Mary warned him that this was not what the CIA wanted him to do, but rather that he should study the effects of the drug on his test subjects and report back discretely. She had already succeeded, she told him, in turning on certain high-ranking members of the Washington establishment…

Mary Meyer was murdered less than a year after the Kennedy assassina­tion—on October 12, 1964 (coincidentally Aleister Crowley’s birthday, and of course the day Columbus discovered America)—and her diary disappeared.

She seemed to have been the victim of a mugging in Georgetown during the lunch hour, shot in the face at close range on a towpath, although the level of violence in the attack made it look suspicious to some, and the accused murderer was acquitted by a jury due to lack of evidence.

The disappearance of her diary caused some concern in her friends—after all, she was married to a high-ranking CIA officer and had turned the President (and who knew how many others) on to pot and possibly LSD as well. But evidence later would show that the diary was found by her sister, and surrendered to James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s paranoid Chief of Counter Intelligence and one of Cord Meyer’s closest friends, who had been in Mary Meyer’s apartment with a key long before her other friends arrived, looking for the same diary.

Told you. Another journal.

So now you have pieces of my brain in your hands and hair. If you actually think you know what’s going on here, or anywhere, then you are dumber than I look. If you think you’ve got a bead on the reality of the rulers, then please share. Because the rest of us really need a guide.

A guide like the one handed out by the Nazi collaborator that JFK personally fired, before he began an investigation into his death.

At the first meeting of the newly constituted Warren Commission, [former CIA Director] Allen Dulles handed out copies of a book to help define the ideological parameters he proposed for the Commission’s forthcoming work.  American assassinations were different from European ones, he told the Commission.  European assassinations were the work of conspiracies, whereas American assassins acted alone. –Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK


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  1. 1
    Dylan Goodluck

    That same chapter of Sinister Forces made me stop dead in my tracks as well.
    It’s so frustrating that we can pin down so much of the information leading up to, and following, the assassination. We KNOW the connections. We KNOW the intrinsic, occult links amongst the probable (net, definite) perpetrators, but what flusters so many people is that single day- Who exactly pulled the trigger, what the conversations were said amongst the movers and shakers (don’t tell me it was left unsaid, I’m sure there were the discreet sounds of champagne bottles being uncorked that night). It seems the event, that intentional and public carnage, is camouflage, intentional misdirection.

  2. 3

    @Jeremy: Probs the fact that he was killed by his veep and then behold! Lots more Vietnam, and beaucoup de l’argent for the military industrial complex.

    The rest… mafia revenge, the secret space programme’s free rein, the continued growth of the CIA, the prevention of the US government actually printing its own currency (the last one to try this was also shot in the head in public)… all gravy.

    In the elite’s eyes, he was the upstart son of some potato-eating filth who accidentally got rich despite a system rigged to prevent it. It’s not that the Kennedys weren’t super-wealth manipulators of democracy, it’s just that they were the ‘wrong kind’ of super-wealthy manipulators of democracy.

  3. 5

    To come back to your comment about Ingo Swann and the Moon program : Chapter 7 of “Penetration” (“The Event in Los Angeles”) contains the example of Swann’s encounter with an alien (as in ET) gorgeous woman with considerable psychic gift; thanks to his skills, he was able to realized she was dangerous, and the event gave him goosebumps. The (presumably) federal agents who were on her tail told him to back off and avoid contact at any cost.

    The following comment of one of his well-informed friends is also interesting : “They’re dangerous, you know, and they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies. Be careful, Ingo, be careful”.

    If the above is true, it means that psychic gifts (or gnosis, or similar abilities) may actually reveal a game changer. So, no need to wonder why “some fuckers are trying to cock-block our access to it”.

    It also means that there is no need to look for complicated answers to the question “htf were all those documents destroyed without any explanation nor paper trail.

  4. 6


    You’re doing an excellent job bringing points from diverse sources together. You’ve generated a ton of thinking in my mind. I’ve never been one to go all-in for the global conspiracies. I’ve considered there are likely a lot of smaller groups, some overlapping, that are all out for their own agendas. There will be mega rich opportunists along the way that push this button or fund that train. The more I comb through your posts – and the accompanying links – I’m led to wonder.

    I lost all faith in Government a long time ago. I even served a short time in the Army as a Scout with the growing belief it was all a dog and pony show. That even a soldier – maybe especially a soldier – is nothing more than a pawn to be used anyway the Military Industrial Complex wanted in order to misdirect the public. But that leads to the question, do they even need to misdirect the public?

    Snowden, Manning, Taibbi, and Scahill all come to mind. The reality they lay bare for all to see. What does the public do with the information? Turn the channel to Honey Boo Boo or Duck Fucking Dynasty. The Supreme Court protected Drug Companies while the world was shown the Travon murder case in Florida. I’ve watched multiple films and specials on Kennedy and it took you and this post before I heard about Mary Meyer.

    I’ve told you before that I have a friend that served PsyOps. His own very low level work stories are enough to make you shudder. Who do people think they’re voting for? What argument over right and left really matters? I look into the world with Sorcerer’s eyes and shiver.

    It is a mind war. There is no doubting that.
    Lonnie´s last blog post ..Jason Collins IS A Hero

  5. 7
    Andrew Green

    Hi Gordon,

    Perhaps we are kept from certain information because it is dangerous. Imagine a true science where access to unlimited energy could be achieved with ease. Such knowledge in the hands of your average egotist would be disastrous. People can be strange. This is the naivety of the technology worshippers. It never occurs to them that at some point these things must be suppressed. Do you really think that ordinary people will be given access to genuinely dangerous technology? The human race may be being permanently suppressed to save us from our selves.

    At the spiritual level it’s a little harder to judge a motive for suppression, but it may be that true gnosis leads to true science. That said the enlightened person is not interested in worldly power and as such would hardly be a danger. This plethora of information may be designed to keep you in bondage. There’s nothing like a good mystery to keep the old intellect ticking.
    Andrew Green´s last blog post ..A New Point of View

  6. 8

    Stuff that does not hold to the consensus timeline gets removed, whether harmful or helpful. More causal breakage would hurt more than fix anything.
    That is an old deep story, stuff that does not stay put wants to hang out, stuff that is stuck cannot stay here.
    This paradox hides deep in the blood, histories, very optical. Tall shiny ones, just kids, trying to stay out of what is the parents choices.
    It is dangerous to invite what has not happened into what started all this damned War. Worlds collide in space, no longer separated by time, and the big ones eat the little ones. Now, there is the machinery, and the stories, either end does not short the cut of being there, and trying to cause no more troubles.

  7. 11
    Cory Panshin

    I’m catching up with this one a little late — but it does seem worth tossing in a few data points regarding Cord Meyer.

    One is that Cord Meyer met Timothy Leary as early as 1948, at the second national convention of the American Veterans’ Committee. AVC was the most liberal of the veterans groups founded after World War II, and Meyer had headed the effort to purge the communists who were attempting to turn it into a front group. (One account of this period says, “After an internal power struggle between liberals and radicals for control of the organisation, it expelled its radical wing, but lost much of its national standing and membership. With its weakening, progressive veterans lost the most effective national forum for their ideas and their challenge to prevailing Cold War political norms.”)

    According to my notes, Meyer started working for the CIA around 1949, a year or two before he joined formally. He then became the principal operative of Operation Mockingbird.

    The other point of interest is that Mary Pinchot Meyer’s sister Antoinette (Tony) was married to Ben Bradlee, and both women were friends of their former Vassar classmate Cicely d’Autremont, who was married to James Jesus Angleton. Bradlee himself was a friend of both Angleton and John Kennedy.

    So the web of connections is particularly tightly wound here. And of course, it’s impossible to mention Ben Bradlee without being reminded of Washington Post publisher, Philip Graham, who is said to have been the chief industry representative of Operation Mockingbird until his suicide in August 1963. (I’ve just checked Graham’s Wikipedia entry, by the way, and the events surrounding his death were far stranger than I’d ever realized. He’d recently revealed that Kennedy was sleeping with Mary Meyer and had literally been hustled off in a straitjacket as a result.)

    And that line of thought leads in one direction to Watergate — and in the other to Phil Graham’s half-brother, former Florida Senator Bob Graham, who chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee in the early 2000s and has recently been raising questions about 9/11.

    The real questions raised by conspiracies aren’t about the lone nuts who may or may not have pulled the triggers. It’s the way they all seem to flow seamlessly into one another.
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Culture Hacking at the Dawn of Time

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