Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems

Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems

billionaires 1As the ol’ saying goes, millionaires don’t believe in astrology, billionaires do.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

For much of this year, there has been a particular circle I’ve been trying to square.

And that’s what a breakaway/super-elite belief system might actually look like.

I suppose my political overview is that this five-thousand-year experiment to see what would happen if we let the cunts make all the decisions is going really badly.

Anyone who doubts that power corrupts should have a think about what arseholes tall people are.

-Scotland’s Jesus: The Only Officially Non-racist Comedian. Frankie Boyle.

This little experiment emerged from two areas. The first being my ‘Assumption of Sitchinesque Annunaki Godforms’ practices from 2012 and early 2013.

And the second is a high level overview of the last hundred years of occulted/anomalous data points, who had access to them and how that may have spun off into some separate worldviews.

Wait, there’s a third area.

Having a personal understanding of magical ritual, it is undoubtable in my eyes that ‘someone(s)’ uses ritual magic tech in large-scale public events:

And so on. As Chris Knowles points out, some of this is signalling behaviour. Some of it is just flat-out magic. Unfortunately, this leads to conspiratainers concluding things that are not only bad magic, but impossible and insane: ‘the Freemasons are trying to bring Crowley’s satanic death cult to life’ or whatever.

Here are some data points I put together on a plane after being up for 70 hours. It’s a limited list from off the top of my head and I appreciate it may only make sense to someone actually off their head.

Elite Data Points

But there are a few macro observations that immediately show up:

  • Postwar coalescing of shadow money and shadow tech in government hands that were also elite hands. Very wealthy and powerful families held public high office, military contractors were ‘family owned’, etc.
  • This postwar phase ‘peaked’ in the late seventies before going private from then until the late eighties.
  • The late seventies to the late eighties coincided with the time Bush was running the CIA, then became Vice President, where he enabled the veep to empower private military contractors to have top secret clearances, then he became President. Star Wars vanished into deep private. This period was also the peak of CFR/Rockefeller involvement in the Executive Branch. (Although it’s at similar levels today.) From Richard Dolan’s UFOs and The National Security State:

Reagan may have believed some of that rhetoric, but even during his California governor days in the 1960s, he had surrounded himself with Rockefeller men.

Early on in his journey to the White House, Reagan replaced his campaign manager with longtime CFR member William Casey. During the summer of 1980, he shocked his supporters by choosing Bush as his running-mate. In September 1980, Reagan gave a “Prelude to Victory” party at which the ultimate power player, David Rockefeller, sat to Reagan’s immediate right.

Following his election, his 59-member transition team consisted of 28 CFR members, at least 10 Trilateralists, and 10 Bilderbergers. His most important cabinet appointees were all CFR members: Alexander Haig (State), Casper Weinberger (Defense), Donald Regan (Treasury), and William Casey (CIA). Reagan selected James A. Baker III to be his chief of staff; Baker had not only been the campaign manager for George Bush, but was from a family long associated with Rockefeller oil interests.

Reagan may have campaigned against the elite, but checkmating him proved easy enough. On March 30, 1981, just two months after taking office, Ronald Reagan was struck and almost killed by an assassin’s bullet, an event that would have put George Bush into the Oval Office. The would-be assassin, John W. Hinckley, Jr., was portrayed as a lunatic who was obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster.

Hinckley’s ties to the Bush family were hardly mentioned in news reports. His father was a Texas oilman and longtime friend of George Bush. His brother Scott was scheduled to have dinner with Bush’s son Neil on the evening of March 30. When a journalist asked Vice President Bush of the connections between the two families, and whether Bush might have known the younger Hinckley, Bush blandly replied, “it’s certainly conceivable that I met him or might have been introduced to him.”

  • We have a decade off, where private interests were publicly funding investigations into the weird.
  • Then from a little over a decade ago, after certain buildings may or may not have been evaporated with directed energy weapons, we have the sudden re-emergence of a private space race that coincides with a return to Mars and the return of the shadow economy back into the real world.

Now I want you to read this lengthy quote from Grant Cameron’s UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants about MJ-12, DARPA and the rest. It describes a conversation had between Dr Eric Walker -who we’ve met before- and a British academic with an interest in ufology.

Azadehdel: No, Doctor. I sent this book on Tuesday by airmail. You should receive it in 10 days or so. But, Doctor, I was reading a book titled Above Top Secret. There were some documents there referring to a group better known as MJ-12. Have you heard of them?

Dr. Walker: For [a] long time now, I have nothing to do with them.

Azadehdel: Are the documents authentic?

Dr. Walker: (Smiles) [sic] I don’t think so.

Azadehdel: Doctor, but is there any such group still active?

Dr. Walker: (Silence) How good is your mathematics?

Azadehdel: As good as it could be for a doctor in physics, but why?

Dr. Walker: Because only a very few are capable of handling this issue. Unless your mind ability is like Einstein’s or likewise, I do not think how you can achieve anything.

Azadehdel: Well, Doctor, for many years now I have been trying. But, are there government scientists?

Dr. Walker: Everybody mistakes about this issue. I gather by that you mean whether they work for the Defense establishments of the military.

Azadehdel: Yes, Doctor, that is what I meant.

Dr. Walker: Well, that is where you are wrong. They are A HANDFUL OF ELITE. When you are invited into that group, I would know.

Azadehdel: Is it a group like Bilderbergs, Pugwash, or anything like that?

Dr. Walker: I didn’t get that.

Azadehdel: Is this group like the Bilderbergs, Pugwash or the Trilaterals?

Dr. Walker: (Silence for a long while.) Something like that.

Azadehdel: Are there any members of the ordinary public in this group?

Dr. Walker: What do you mean?

Azadehdel: I mean ordinary people who have dedicated years of their lives studying UFOs.

Dr. Walker: No.

Azadehdel: Are you a member of that group?

Dr. Walker: I cannot answer that. How good is your seventh sense? How much [do] you know about ESP?

Azadehdel: I know to some degree about ESP and EVP. But what has this got to do with it?

Dr. Walker: Unless you know about it, and know how to use it, you would not be taken in. Only a few know about it.

Azadehdel: Doctor, are there any military people in that group?

Dr. Walker: No.

Azadehdel: Have we used any derivative of the learnt technology in the military?

Dr. Walker: I cannot answer that question. You are trying to squeeze the answers out of me. If you are invited into this group, I would know.

When you think about some of the strange things that have happened over the last sixty years, there are actually only a handful of families and individuals that run across most of this. The Rockefellers and the Bushes, obviously. The Morgans and DuPonts, probably. Maybe the House of Windsor, but I think Philip’s interest in crop circles is an indication that he knows something is going on but that nobody has bothered to cable to the palace about it.

Back to Dr Walker, who spent most of his career at the same university that houses DARPA.

 Men who have sat on the Board of Trustees with Dr. Walker include some of the most influential and powerful people ever to walk the corridors of power in Washington. Included are:

  • Richard M. Bissel, who headed up the V-2 and SR-71 programs and was deputy director of the CIA.  
  • Andrew Goodpaster, who was a Staff Secretary and Defense Liaison Officer in the White House under President Eisenhower and Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Johnson.
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was an Assistant for National Security Affairs to President Carter.
  • Maxwell Taylor, who was President Kennedy’s Chief Military Advisor and was elevated to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Here are a number of other points to bear in mind, largely pertaining to the Rockefellers, one of whom is seen here in 1995 with a good friend.


This guy was the scion of a family that has spent a century funding anthropological research that appears to have included concealing hundreds of giant humanoid bones from the public view, poured money into Sitchin and Esalen and also… a couple of years after this photo was taken… funded Colin Andrews’s research into crop circles in 1998 and 1999.

I’m not singling out one family or trying to speculate ‘who’s who’ in the shadow world, because that way lies madness. What I’m trying to work out is how someone like Rockefeller, with what he has both known and concealed, sees the world. He’s got giant bones, anomalies on Mars, crop circles, an awareness of death rays and entirely hidden criminal economies, psychic assassins, and so on.

(As a sidebar, I have updated my opinion of his involvement with Sitchin, thanks to something Bruce Rux said after he got in an argument with Sitchin while they were both in Egypt. Rux said that “Sitchin couldn’t see past his own Judaism” when it came to interpreting Sumerian mythology in his own way. He wanted it to be real in a very specific wayI no longer suspect Sitchin was keeping a parallel Ancient Astronaut Theory for Rockefeller. I think Rockefeller was withholding information from him, and ‘de-Sitchining’ the research within the context of his knowledge of other anomalous areas like giant bones.)

What does the world look like when you know that mankind is significantly older than is publicly stated, probably originated offworld, possibly on at least one highly anomalous nearby planet, that UFOs are real but are much stranger than aliens and that magic and psi effects work… and yet your primary concern is to become slightly richer?

In light of that question, consider this 2012 interview with a former West German Chancellor.

For years, rumors had circulated that Daniel P. Simon, the American director of the BDC in Berlin in the 1970s and 80s, had a safe in which he kept the most compromising, potentially incendiary records—records that showed the past Nazi affiliation of contemporary German political figures. In Washington, Herwig learned that this sensitive file had in fact existed. He held its pages in his hands. “It’s the opposite of Schindler’s List,” he said. “I call it Simon’s List.” On ordinary sheets of paper, he saw typed lists of Nazi Party members, and penciled onto the margins, dozens of names that the Americans had added: German politicians of the 1970s and 1980s. “Every German cabinet, every federal government cabinet, from Adenauer to Kohl, contained former NP members right up to 1992,” Herwig said. Looking at those long-protected files, he realized, “I had hit the jackpot.”

In 2012, Herwig interviewed the postwar German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who was 93, but still “very sharp in mind and tongue” and asked him, “Why do you think people like Genscher even today won’t admit to something as small as having applied to join the Nazi Party at 17, at the end of the war?” Schmidt answered in English. “He said to me: ‘Tell a lie and stick to it.’ I said ‘What do you mean?’ We continued in German, and he said, ‘Once you’ve decided to lie, after 1945, it’s very difficult later to tell the truth.’ Earlier that year, Herwig had discovered at the National Archives that the U.S. government had continued keeping track of the Nazi pasts of members of the German government “as late as 1980.” He asked Schmidt, he said, “‘Did you know the American government checked you out in 1980?’ and he said, ‘No, but I’m not surprised. There’s no foolishness I’d put past American intelligence.’ I said, ‘This wasn’t the CIA checking up on you; this was the State Department.’ He said nothing. He just had another cigarette.” 

State Department, CIA. That’s not at all what Herr Schmidt was referring to, was it? At the level the Chancellor was hinting at, job descriptions are about as relevant as baseball caps… and just as easy to take on and off.

Funnily enough, the solve for this came from my mental roleplaying of how George Bush Jnr reconciles growing up in a Nazi sympathising household, the evident racial component to his foreign policy (or rather the policy that was pushed through while he was in the big chair) and his personal friendship with wealthy royal families that form part of this racial group, specifically Bandar Bush, the only person Barbara has ever allowed to smoke inside The Ranch.

Here’s my contention: The differences between us and them are more disgusting than the racial differences between different elites. This ties in with that dangerous pro-global belief system where cultural differences don’t matter (but obviously class differences remain). The curious result of this is that it allows Bush to consider himself post-racial while being responsible for the total annihilation of at least one Arab country. Bandar is a Bush because they both have the right to rule.

Economics trumps culture at the top. It is the very definition of archonic pragmatism. That’s how you end up with leftover princesses teaching the wealthy daughters of Gulf tyrannies how to eat sandwiches. The only cultural rituals of interest are the ones that divide them from us.

And it was this hypothesis that allowed me to finally, finally square the circle that is NASA’s highly ritualised behaviour… from pseudo-Egyptian mission patches to the quasi-Masonic precise timing and location of landing sites, photo broadcasts, etc that are astronautically redundant but ritually very significant. (Again, I refer you to Hoagland’s Dark Mission if this is new to you.)

Here’s the Rune Soup definition of magical ritual:

Magical ritual is a non-specific amplifier of preferred probabilistic outcomes.

There are quite a number of Thelemic syncs that accompanied 9/11.

  • The destruction of the Solomonically significant twin buildings that indicate the previous Aeon of Osiris.
  • Flight 93. (AA 93 no less. And AA 175 is a match for Liber 175, which is about consecrating all things and sacrifices to the particular Deity you wish to invoke or achieve union with.)
  • The symbolism of The Tower itself.
  • 11 was considered by Crowley “the sacred number par excellence of the New Aeon” and “therefore suitable to all types of operation.”

Unfortunately, this leads conspiratainers to conclude that there is a secret cabal of Thelemites attempting to institute a New Thelemic World Order. There isn’t. And if this was ‘their’ goal, then it is frankly bad magic, and I expect billionaires to have better consultants. We should all expect more from our Thelemic fraters and sorors. (Thelema may well define the polar opposite belief system to the NeoCon agenda, anyway. At least The Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the TSA certainly do.)

Some of the alignments are syncs, but some of them have to have been specifically chosen by the rogue aspects of the global intelligence world that were behind the crime in the first place.

At this stage of the game, whoever Nick Redfern’s supranational group that has hoovered up Roswell records, the Star Wars Programme, remote viewing, whatever MKULTRA and Operation Often mutated into, etc would have a pretty good idea that our reality comes with a question mark. (Herr Schmidt lights another cigarette.)

And you do see some other highly ritually significant components like the fact that the plane whatever object or missile that hit the Pentagon did so on the exact anniversary of its groundbreaking ceremony. From a ritual perspective, this is a reconsecration ceremony. The magicians out there will look at this and think “yeah, that’s exactly how I would do it. I would re-break the ground on the same day as the last one.”

Now, pulling off the greatest hijack of global foreign policy in the history of democracy is risky. Risky like landing a nuclear-powered robot on another planet. In the former’s case, you are attempting to give birth to a new aeon. So what would you say if one of your shadowy peons told you there are a few measures you could take to increase the likelihood of its success?

A few… non-specific amplifications of preferred outcomes.

Being dimly aware that corners of the shadow world you run in have spent a lot of time looking into some really weird crap, you would shrug and then you would say “do it”. Viewed with chaos magic eyes, if you wanted to hijack your way to a new aeon you would paint every step of the process with colours from Crowley’s paint swatch book. Not because you’re all secretly performing gnostic masses in the Situation Room, but because; based on the previous six decades of anomalous investigations and experience; you know it will move the needle… even if just by a little bit.


Billionaire, private space programme leader and avid, passionate UFOnaut, Robert Bigelow.

Getting into space? Well, does there happen to be an entire civilisation built on precise astronomic observations and timings that existed and flourished for longer than we have been around? Can we retrofit any of that tech into the space programme if it will move the needle a little bit? Should we?

Well, yes. Shuttles are expensive. We probably should.

And so we come back to Bush and the Saudis, and Rockefeller and the crop circles. You and I may be philosophically interested in these matters, but at the very top you’re really just looking for strategic advantage.

Will this move the needle? Will I get slightly richer? If the cost of deploying ritual tech is near-zero then of course you’re going to do it. In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that any of the Bushes give the slightest crap that our solar system may well contain vastly ancient offworld ruins?

I am one person removed from an anecdote to do with one of the new crop of space billionaires, but for very obvious reasons you’ll have to ask me about it in person. The gist of it is that no one is “briefed” or “read into” the current conclusions of whoever is formulating such conclusions (it’s unlikely to be a single group, anyway), but they do appear to be quietly told out of the corner of someone’s mouth “you might see some shit up there” and that’s it. There’s money to be made, after all.

Returning to the original question about billionaires and astrology. They don’t believe in it because it is a beautiful cultural expression of mankind’s stellar origins and unique place in the Cosmos, they believe in it because it works.

There is no room on the ledger for anything else.


Add yours
  1. 1
    Lance Foster

    From a guest post on Club Orlov: “Our culture is such that half of Americans probably think “If the money is good, so what?” There is no thought given to the proper way to live and to relate to people. There is no thought given to what such work does to the soul of this woman. The American thinking process jumps to the bottom line of the financial transaction, and declares victory if cash has changed hands. The woman is “richer” so for them she is better off. These same people see the American economy as rebounding. People are spending. Some people are getting rich. What’s the problem? When everything is calculated in a purely financial light, we start to lose any sense of decency or community.

    …When looking at a country as large and complex as the USA, one can make any number of contradictory assertions and still be factually correct. The economy doing extremely well, and the economy is going to hell. One need look no farther than the banking industry to figure that out: the banks are bankrupt and require bail-outs; the banks are doing well and making healthy profits. American banks are in every way typical of American corporations: they are corrupt, reliant on the government to subsidize and support them, and produce mind-boggling riches for those that run them.

    …But rest assured that from each and every payment or delinquency notice or collection activity someone somewhere is making a profit. In this economy every action is monetized, even our very socializing. As you randomly clicked around the Internet to find this article, you generated income for tech companies. At some point, as every last penny was pushed or pulled out of your pocket, you began shifting from consumer to producer: you became a prosumer… and the machine that is American capitalism milked more profit still from your existence.

    …At the bottom of the food chain are the forced producers. Those people are so broke that they have become superfluous to the normative economy. They seem to be channeled in one way or another into the prison system, where they become the ultimate producers. Their very bodies create profits for prison corporations simply by existing in prisons, while their arguably forced labor is compelled at pennies on the dollar to produce cheap consumer goods. The American economy seems to be succeeding at monetizing everything while producing fewer and fewer goods or services of any real value to anyone but a few rich people profiting off the entire system.”

  2. 2
    Lance Foster

    In contrast to that, there’s this:

    “You ask me to plow the ground. Shall I take a knife and tear my mother’s bosom? Then when I die she will not take me to her bosom to rest.

    You ask me to dig for stones! Shall I dig under her skin for bones? Then when I die I cannot enter her body to be born again.

    You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell it and be rich like white men, but how dare I cut my mother’s hair?” Wovoka, the Paiute Prophet

  3. 3

    They contact aliens for profit maximization? Hm, maybe some long term Space Monopoly. Why not. (Because of the Social Question? Well…)

    — How good is your mathematics/ESP? Unless your mind ability is like Einstein’s or likewise, I do not think how you can achieve anything. —

    Ahem, yes, this requires some magical target maximization. I already had a hunch that this is the direction to go. Why not?

  4. 5
    Cory Panshin

    A few scattered observations. First, looking to squeeze out the slightest edge isn’t a universal condition. When you have new technologies or social arrangements that provide an open field for exploration, you don’t need it. It’s what happens when you’re operating in a system that has been so finely optimized — like late-stage capitalism — that all that’s left is tiny advantages here and there. And you have to wonder whether the people running the system are really happy playing the game that way or if they’re looking to upend the chessboard and force a reboot.

    Second, there are useful conclusions to be drawn if you assume that Bush was to Reagan as Nixon was to Eisenhower. Both worked best in the shadows and got along well with the spooks. Both were given to keeping secrets and working beyond their respective presidents’ backs — Bush after Reagan was shot, Nixon most strongly after Eisenhower’s heart attack. And both fell prey to the desire to be president themselves, but neither was any damn good at it.

    Nixon was important — don’t let the thug-like image fool you. According to various accounts, he was already tied in with both Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush even before he ran for Congress in 1946 — not to mention organized crime. And he was forced on Eisenhower for a reason, much as Bush was forced on Reagan.

    Third, there is much to be learned from a consideration of the family history of William Stamps Farish Sr., William Stamps Farish, Jr., and William Stamps Farish III — a line that ties together the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Bakers, the Windsors, and a few other significant pieces. I have an entry on them at my wiki, but I see on looking it over that I didn’t include what I have on Farish III’s wife, the former Sarah Sharp. Her father was Bayard Sharp, a close friend of George H.W. Bush, and his mother was Isabella Mathieu du Pont, whose three brothers plotted to overthrow FDR. (I’ll be going back to add that.)

    The du Ponts are a funny bunch anyway — seemingly even more secretive than the Farishes. When I was trying to pin down Sarah Sharp’s ancestry — which was much harder than you might think — I came upon a piece about a family member who was trying to compile a du Pont genealogy and finding that even his own cousins wouldn’t trust him with the details of their relationships. I still wonder what was behind that particular degree of paranoia.

    And fourth, I’m beginning to suspect that there’s a significant set of connections that ties together all the industries that go back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when chemistry was the queen of the sciences and was centered in Germany. Oil, steel, automobiles, explosives, pharmaceuticals, and a few lesser offshoots like chemical fertilizers and photographic film. The powerful families who controlled these industries had strong financial and emotional ties to Germany that may explain their unfashionable sympathies that were evident by the time of World War I and only became more pronounced with the rise of Hitler.

    Finally, if you’re going to bring magic into the picture, you can’t leave out alchemy. And it’s notable that 18th century Germany was a last stronghold of traditional alchemical practices, long after most of Western Europe had given up such tomfoolery and only a few decades before the emergence of modern chemistry. (The opening chapters of Frankenstein give some hint as to the rapidity of the transition.)
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Pagan Anarchism

  5. 6

    You say for five thousand years ‘we have let the cunts rule’. That’s a tad misleading because during the last millennia the cunts have been suppressed, raped, shot at, denied education and treated as second class citizens. Perhaps it would be a great idea to actually allow the cunts to rule?
    anna´s last blog post ..Sunset over Marianne Park, Hastings

  6. 7
    Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

    First observation: maybe it’s not the shadowy peons whispering, but something else entirely. Some Magonian emissary. I am always reminded of Hitler’s recounting of an apparition from a dream; “I have seen the New Man! He was terrifying!” Valee and Keel and our Gordon all point out how tricksy these things are. It would seem there are multiple intelligences with conflicting agendae. And some that just want to screw things up ‘cuz fuck that.

  7. 8

    In Grant Morrison´s most recent series, Nameless, the nameless (duh) protagonist, a hardcore occult expert, is hired by billionaires to help deal with some horrifying asteroid in a collision course with Earth. It shows exactly this sort of rich-people pragmatism and the mix of space-UFO-occult stuff you and Chris have been writing about. Ok, Morrison did write this kind of thing years ago, but it does look like he is using a bit of Pizza effect…


  8. 9

    Also, Morrison recently said that he had an “Abyss” experience and is putting a lot of dark stuff he lived in this series. Considering that Alan Moore will launch in May his Providence series, a prequel-sequel to The Courtyard and Neonomicon and, in his words, “the Watchmen of Horror”, I am both excited and a bit concerned with the stuff that is going on in the noosphere.

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