Christmas Is An Out-Of-Context Object

Christmas Is An Out-Of-Context Object

Christmas 1
This is a strange Christmas, but I suppose they all are.

It is the first one back in my hometown in seven years, arriving by way of the former Soviet bloc. It is the last one in my childhood home before my mother the psychonaut moves to her new, one-storey, downsized home. It is the first one without my second mother.

Most of the readers of this blog will have just celebrated Midwinter in some form. But, of course, here it is Midsummer, so my Wheel of The Year is missing some spokes and doubled-up on others… a factory reject.

I briefly thought about whether I should mark two Midsummers in the one year and then on the morning in question, found myself eating mangoes, looking out over the Pacific while kookaburras greeted the rising sun. Guess that decision was made for me.

But I think it is a strange Christmas because you are never more aware of just how out of context it is when you see attractive, Australian surfer boys wander into a pub in thirty five degree heat dressed as a Lapland folk being.

The universality of the birth of The Light doesn’t even reach the other hemisphere. It is a perilous map of Creation. So it is with all maps in the post-apocalypse. So I want to throw some loosely-related pieces of map at you as a holiday curse gift, as a bit of seasonal reading… whatever season that happens to be.

From Frankie Boyle’s Scotland’s Jesus:

I feel it’s a bit pointless to list the ways in which our culture is dead. A bit like a coroner at an autopsy documenting into the microphone, ‘He’s not blinking . . . he’s not talking . . . he’s not wriggling his toes . . . he’s not clicking his fingers . . .’

But here’s one you might not have noticed. There’s a general magazine dynamic that has got a hold of everything like gangrene. What I mean by that is that much of what we see and read now is produced to order rather than as an attempt to communicate felt experience. Nowadays, rather than someone writing a book about China because they were obsessed with the East and travelled there, we are confronted with celebrities who go to China because they were asked to by a TV channel. And rather than giving us their impressions of what they happen to find, they’re led through a variety of situations set up by their production company.

We’ve moved from a culture of people attempting to communicate something to a culture of people who are happy to communicate anything. It really is everywhere, this notion of working to a predetermined brief. Panel-show comedians are told which topics to cover, and journalists travel with politicians in their buses during election time, still not seeing themselves as embedded even when the seat of a chemical toilet is still warm from the prime minister’s visit. You’ll have noticed that you sometimes get left-field people allowed into news studios to comment on tomorrow’s papers, mainly because the agenda is so rigidly set by what the papers cover.

Salisbury Christmas Markets only a couple of weeks ago. I'm dressed slightly differently now.

Salisbury Christmas Markets only a couple of weeks ago. I’m dressed slightly differently now.

The effect is to make it look like a lot of clever people are interested in this shit. They’re not. The celeb doesn’t give a deep-fried fuck about China, because by the very nature of being famous enough to front the show he’s being torn away from his golden house, beautiful wife and the sentient robot from Rocky III. The comedians don’t want to make jokes about the fact it was raining at the golf; they have their own interests, although to be fair nobody would want to watch a panel show where everybody talked about how much they hate other comedians.

So we all desperately chatter about ever more irrelevant topics even as the world ends, having been told to write a symphony about the wallpaper in a burning building. We think of ourselves as a society of freedom of expression but the more mainstream you go, the narrower the parameters. In live broadcasting, any time they venture beyond platitudes you can actually hear the caution. When a newsflash comes in, the average local radio DJ starts choosing her words as if she’s talking a suicide off a windowsill. Of course, people will claim that nobody tells them what to say but that’s because they colour in between the lines. You say what you like if they like what you say.

In The Two Towers, as Theoden is dressing for war, he sings Where Is The Horse and The Rider and ends by asking “how did it come to this?” I wonder about that myself. I wonder how we got to Frankie’s magazine gangrene. Because we are complicit… magicians especially. It’s the dark side of Josephine McCarthy’s observation from the excellent Magic Of The North Gate:

[I]f a magician or a group of magicians/priests are planning to do a major working, the energy will start to form itself from the moment the time, date and intention is set. The initial action of focussed intent is always the starting point, rather than the beginning of the ritual/visionary work.

This unconscious working of long term patterns is interesting. The first aspect of this goes back, for me, to the heady days in my 30s where I undertook some massive magical projects. I assumed when I had finished my part of the work that my energetic involvement with the project was over. Twenty years later I realise that I only walked away from the outer manifestation of that work and that the power is still flowing, still unfolding. I am inexorably linked to that process at a deep level: the work is ongoing and at some level my energy is still working on it. (Hence be careful what you agree to magically.)

The Christmas I just left.

The Christmas I just left.

Be careful, indeed. Or, if you’re agents of the archons, lean into that caution and turn everyone into morons. Everything is entangled, eh? Frankie again:

Education is a key battleground because in order to function, society doesn’t need you to be just a bit stupid. No, for you to subsidise a welfare state for billionaires you’re going to need to be a real slack-faced fuckpuzzle. You’ll have to be the sort of person who, while having both their basic liberties and their assets taken from them, would choose to focus on a thing a footballer did at a thing. Society needs you to be able to sit through a talent show that will be won by an animal. It needs you to be stupid enough to wave a little plastic flag at some cunts on a golden barge while your kid gets his legs blown off to secure an oil executive’s bonus.

Consider the wonderful Matt Taibbi’s latest piece, Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves Drug War Is A Joke. This is the world a modern education manifests. Then consider we have had a couple of centuries of forewarning, from Extreme Money: Masters Of The Universe and The Cult of Risk:

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Albert Gallatin, secretary of the Treasury, warned: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Here’s what Grady McMurtry thought was going on:

“I’ll tell you what I think,” Grady said. “There’s war in Heaven. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren’t all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are.”

According to Grady, some occult lodges are working with those nonhuman intelligences who want to accelerate human evolution, but some of the others are working with the intelligences who wish to keep us near an animal level of awareness.

This is a standard idea in occult circles and it can safely be stated, without exaggeration, that every “school” or “lodge” of adepts that exists is regarded, by some of the others, as belonging to the Black Brotherhood of the evil path.

In a sense, this is a very traditional idea. Since the time of Adam, angels and demons have been in perpetual warfare over the possession of the souls of humanity. There have always been at least two great and conflicting conspiracies. One wants us to soar to the realm of the Spirit and one wants us to become ever more enmired in base and debasing Matter.

My current Christmas.

My current Christmas.

A very traditional idea, indeed. And one that requires our active participation and dissemination of war stories. Here’s a recent one that blew my mind. Apocalypse Pharmaka has gone orthodox:

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

Despite all outward appearances, I feel as though there is more power in our hands this Christmas as opposed to last. I feel like the mask has slipped enough, that enough people know that everything is garbage.

Perhaps it is because this is the year that I became a card-carrying mythicist, but I feel like whatever disinhibitory celestial power we’ve been told once walked the earth as a radical pacifist Jew, all-too-conveniently rendering stolen land and money to the occupying Roman forces, can be pulled down more effectively this year.

We achieve this by excising the magazine gangrene. We achieve this by shining the light where the controlling forces don’t want it shone… in forbidden science and in stolen histories:

In 1838, the same year that Joseph Smith “returned” the golden plates of the Book of Mormon to an angel, a large Adena mound was excavated at Grave Creek, West Virginia. In a burial chamber in that mound which contained a single skeleton and some copper bracelets (and at a depth of 60 feet) an engraved tablet was discovered, carved with Phoenician characters in a style of writing that was common in Spain two thousand years ago.

This type of writing, sometimes called “Punic,” was Semitic in origin, Spain then being controlled by Carthage, which in turn had originated in the previous millennium as an outpost of the Semitic Phoenicians. At the time the tablet was discovered, this type of script had not yet been deciphered, and would not be deciphered until the mid-twentieth century, thus ruling out the pos­sibility of a hoax even if the discovery of the tablet under sixty feet of ancient burial mound was not enough to assure its provenance. Thus, there is at least circumstantial evidence that West Virginia had been visited by Europeans at the time of Christ. There is no other way to explain the presence of that stone tablet in that grave, carved in a writing that would not be deciphered for another hundred years.


The famous Peterborough Stone, in Ontario. A huge rock measur­ing “hundreds of square feet.” Professor Barry Fell identified the maze of writings as a form of Scandinavian runes or, actually, pre-runic characters that he dated to 1700 B.C. Later archaeologists have corrected Fell’s dat­ing and translation, but were left with the result that Fell was essentially correct: the characters are written in a script called Tifinagh, which was used by the Tuaregs—a people of northern Africa. The stone was dated to 800 B.C. rather than 1700 B.C., but represents the record of a trade route in gold running from the Niger River in Africa to Scandinavia and then, eventually, to Ontario.  

In 800 B.C. At the time of the origin of the Adena people, eight hundred years before Christ and roughly contemporary with the life of the Buddha. A trade route from Africa, to Europe, to America. An established path for other traders, other peoples, other races, civilizations, religions. The Tuaregs and Scandinavians in 800 B.C. were, of course, pagans. How much of their culture did they bring with them to America? Did they intermarry with local races? Did they teach their systems of astronomy, divination, metallurgy, etc. to the Americans? Did the Americans teach the Tuaregs and Scandinavians anything in re­turn? There is no reason to believe that the transmission of knowledge was all one-sided.

How did the African and European traders find the gold mines in Canada? How long were they in America? How often did they return? Are their descendants still among us? Any one of these pieces of evidence—the Grave Creek tablet, the Bat Creek stone, the Peterborough Stone, the existence of American flora in ancient Egypt, India and East Asia, and the hundreds of other examples, including Celtic Ogam script all over the American northeast—should be enough in itself to force historians to come to terms with pre-Columbian civilizations visiting and interacting with tribes, peoples and cultures from the Eastern Hemisphere. The preponderance of such evidence, however, and the multiplication of pos­sible overseas connections from ancient cultures means that we have to go back carefully over the legends, myths, and histories of all the ancient peoples and see if we can find textual traces of this cross-fertilization. [Sinister Forces: Book 1]

It's good to be back in my hometown. Yes, I went diving at the mouth of this lake.

It’s good to be back in my hometown. Yes, I went diving at the mouth of this lake. It’s always nice to have a welcoming committee.

How has Christmas become what it is? How is it an out-of-context object? Just like everything else, the answer is tumbling.

The most credible alternative theory of Christian origins is that Jesus began life as a celestial being, known only through private revelations, who was believed to have been crucified and resurrected in the lower heavens. The Gospels were the first attempts to place him in history as an earthly man, in parables and fables meant to illustrate Christian theology and ideals. [More.]

Them stars, eh? I’m still astounded I never bothered to look into it before. Because magic always seems to end up in the stars, doesn’t it? More tumbling.

Ovid also provided a graphic description of the invocation of Hekate, emphasising the triple motif used in the process:

“Three times she raised her arms to stars and sky, And three times wheeled about and three times splashed Her hair with moonlit water from a brook. Three times she screamed, then fell upon her knees To pray: ‘O night, night, night! Whose darkness holds All mysteries in shade, O flame-lit stars, Whose golden rays with Luna floating near Are like the fires of day – and you, O Hecate, Who know untold desires that work our will And art the mistress of our secret spells.’”

Ovid also described the result of a successful invocation in flowery language:

“When you have entered me, As if a miracle had drained their banks and courses, I’ve driven back rivers to springs and fountains. I shake the seas or calm them at my will; I whip the clouds or make them rise again; At my command winds vanish or return, My very spells have torn the throats of serpents, Live rocks and oaks are overturned and felled, The forests tremble and the mountains split, And deep Earth roars while ghosts walk from their tombs. Though crashing brass and bronze relieve your labours, Even you, O moon, I charm from angry skies.”

To the theurgists of the Chaldean Oracles, Hekate’s arrival was something to look forward to, a point she also made in her own words: “After daybreak, airy, boundless, full of stars, I left the great undefiled House of God and descended to life-nourishing earth at your request, and by the persuasion of ineffable words with which mortal man delights in gladdening the hearts of immortals.” [From Hekate: Liminal Rites]

Midsummer's full moonrise as seen from my family home's backyard.

Midsummer’s full moonrise as seen from my family home’s backyard.

Sometime in the second to the fourth century, I really do feel that the agents of the archons took to our satellite dishes with baseball bats, denting them all out of shape and knocking them sideways so that they almost lost the signal. I mean… what the frikk kind of Christianity is this?!

These fish-eaters from Edessa believed that Satan contaminated every part of a person’s body, soul and mind. The only solution to cure Lucifer’s spiritual herpes was to continually dance and drink wine all day while reciting the Lord’s Prayer. They partied like it was 999! Needless to say, the Euchites had trouble holding down jobs and were forced into begging (they were also dubbed ‘The Lazy Men’, for some reason). At night they slept in parks and unwound through group shagging, swapping as many partners as they could before the sun rose and turned them back to River Dancers. These neoplatonic dynamites disdained any authority, migrated a lot and leeched off society as much as they could. Today, they are the kind of people Californians love to make the government support, but don’t want seen in their Caucasian neighbourhoods. [From The Heretic Magazine vol 1.]

An awesome kind, obviously. But there is some initiatory/Eleusinian/Dionysian/Gnostic goo current somewhere here that our satellites once picked up. Now we have paedos in dresses telling us, despite the fact that every single story from Jesus’s life shows up in prior mythology, he was totes real and Mary shot physically into space like a rocket ship. Gays are bad and women are too vagina-ish to be clergy. PS your kids are hot. Money please!

IAO was a Gnostic contraction of IHVH, which was also connected to Hekate through the defixiones, as when it was combined with the name Brimo to form a composite name, Brimiao. The same text also included long strings of voces magicae, including the name Adonai: “I invoke you by the unconquerable god, Iao Barbathiao Brimiao Chermari.”

John Lydus in his sixth century CE work Liber De Mensibus, described attributions for these divine names, which whilst they may not be entirely accurate, we may note as being far closer to the time of the original texts and thus worth studying as appropriate contextual meanings: “The Chaldeans call the God (Dionysus or Bacchus) Iao in the Phœnician tongue (instead of the intelligible light), and he is often called Sabaoth, signifying that he is above the seven poles, that is the Demiurgus.” [Hekate: Liminal Rites.]

My new little nephew will doubtless grow up to be one of the boys in the pub. He's already got the outfit and a beer bottle obsession. (Seriously.)

My new little nephew will doubtless grow up to be one of the boys in the pub. He’s already got the outfit and a beer bottle obsession. (Seriously.)

We have so many things tumble down to us askew. We have the Devil, for one. (Jesus’s brother/esoteric self.)

The image of the horned figure on the Gundestrup Cauldron is the best known image attributed to Cernunnos, and also shows him with antlers. This silver cauldron dates to between fourth to first century BCE and was found in Denmark.

It has been shown how this figure depicted on the cauldron is probably derived from the deity Pashupati (‘Lord of the Beasts’) or proto-Shiva. Pashupati was the main god of the Harappan culture of around 3000 BCE from the Indus Valley, and by this point he already had a huge amount in common with Cernunnos.

This point is reinforced by Alain Daniélou in his work Gods of Love and Ecstasy, where he points out that “All the symbols associated with the cult of Shiva – the erect phallus, the horned god, the bull, the snake, the ram, the Lady of the Mountain – are found in this cultural and agricultural complex which, starting from 6000 BC, spread westward to Europe and Africa and eastward to southern Asia.” [Horns Of Power: Manifestations Of The Horned God.]

By the time this current reaches us in the closing days of 2013, it is Baphomet as accessory, from Julian and Nikki‘s The Book of Baphomet:

Down the years Baphomet is transformed from an improbable idol, a bearded head, into the insignia of the inverted pentagram. This is emblazoned in gold on the black t-shirt of a young man who walks through the streets of London. He doesn’t know why he wears it. It’s not Satan (he’s savvy to the pagan idea of the horned god) and yet he secretly knows that it is Satan. It is something that stares out of the triangle, out of the pentagonal lattice and howls. Howls to emerge, to run amok in culture, to unleash a powerful force into our species. Beyond good and evil it simply is, it does.

And so it seems to me that Christmas has got so out-of-context that its original context may have come round again, like spokes on a broken Wheel of The Year.

The whole western world spends it drunk and (mostly) happy, with people we (mostly) like, usually under the stars, dressed as hallucinogenic mushrooms. Given our collective responsibility to push on the probabilistic weak-points of the dominant materialistic narrative that seeks to imprison us, your gift to me can be to take a few moments, preferably while intoxicated, out under the stars, to pull down whatever celestial force currently answers to the name of Jesus, that 2014 is more free and less restrictive.

It is in this spirit that I earnestly wish and pray for a wonderful and joyous few days for you all.

And despite all the warmth and mangoes and sharks and family and attractive bar denizens and smiling strangers who aren’t trying to stab you, I got you this video of London, because it is still my most favourite thing, and favourite things should be shared.



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  1. 1

    This. Wow, this. In my barest beginnings, just having any idea what to invoke is an academic task that has thus far escaped me. I’ve named it myself “Thou Most High,” and even that I utter rarely, sparingly, timidly. I am enrolling though, in your Christmas invocation. Let’s give it a shot!

  2. 2

    The Josephine McCarthy quote resonates strongly with me. The magician remaining energetically linked to workings, paths, etc. is something too many beginners don’t hear about. It was only a few years ago the full import of that became clear to me. I think it’s irresponsible of teachers to not explain it properly to students. One wonders how ignorant such teachers are (or how manipulative).

    Love the lights you shine “in forbidden science and in stolen histories” though I doubt otherworldly beings encouraging evolution are as all-knowing and altruistic as they’re frequently painted. I’m convinced there are more than two sides, and we’re not seeing any of them very well.

  3. 3
    Laine DeLaney

    Merry Broken Wheel Spoke to you!

    I’m not in a habit of invoking the Hippy of Galilee, largely because he’s not a tradition that I was raised with, but I have made exceptions a few times and will happily partake in your experiment. Last year during this time I asked Osiris and Isis to shed light in the dark places that the uglies in this world were trying to hide, to help the world to see through the masks and mists and they seem to have done a pretty bang-up job of it: more and more revelations of corruption and backroom deals and evangelical money being funneled to insane causes in third-world countries and revelations about *gasp* elderly American Southern Baptists being homophobes (okay, maybe the last one was a given, but still, more people than before have been commenting about how that whole “scandal” is a distraction – people who used to complain about tinfoil hats anytime anyone questioned the official story on ANYTHING).

    But anyway, as I was saying, I like trying to bring something good to the world each new year and since I’m an unlikely candidate for a virgin birth on multiple counts (though you can’t blame a girl for trying) I’ll happily take part in your experiment. More freedom, less restriction!

    I have to agree with OwlRose above – I think there are more than two sides, or at least, some very different ways that those sides manifest. Again, what you said about not being able to tell a carrot who your favorite Golden Girl is – we get such a small sample size slice of the picture-pie that you have to rely on gnosis, grokking, and tenous observations to put it together. I like to think that I know evil when I see it on this plane, but context is hard to take into account more than a couple of branches up the tree.

    Merry Broken Wheel Spoke, and may you find more openings and loopholes and weak threads and links to snap over your next yera!
    Laine DeLaney´s last blog post ..Retro-Causality and the Immanence of Emergent Divinity

  4. 4
    Lance Foster

    I don’t celebrate Christmas or Midwinter, other than to say goodbye Sun, hello Sun :-) And to give the birds some seed and oatmeal in this barren icebox country. Two comments:

    “In 1802, Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Albert Gallatin, secretary of the Treasury, warned: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Extreme Money: Masters Of The Universe and The Cult of Risk:
    …And that is where we are now. Of course American Indians are not surprised about the greed of the culture that took this continent, to the point where they even destroy their OWN people through that exact same greed that dispossessed the Indians and wiped most of us out. Leopards do not change their spots.

    The other thing is that American Indians have a different perspective, not seeing the material world as corrupt like both Abrahamic religions do, or like the Gnostics do/did. No, Creation is good. All things around us, rain, land, matter, the animals and birds are good. The idea that some people/ideologies say that animalistic things are bad, confuses us. Those things just ARE, like sex. It can be twisted but only by evil spirits or evil human beings. You are what your actions show you to be. We do not want or hope for the release from matter or the Wheel of Rebirth etc. The earth is US, even the spirit. We do not divide them. There is no enmity. It’s all of a piece, some seen, some unseen. In this, we are more like science than either Christianity or Gnosticism. Science with spirits :-)

    Gnostics and Christians seem to share that suspicion of matter, and desire to escape it. That suspicion or repulsion becomes fear which becomes hate…which has resulted in the continuing destruction of nature, because it is “not really us”. That is why I reject both Gnosticism and Christianity, because to me they are two sides of the same coin. I do not say there is not truth or function in them, either one, but I will not subscribe to a worldview(s) that results in being ok with the destruction of that world, our Mother. In fact, us, ourselves. Because “somewhere else” is our REAL home. That is the logical result of that thesis. Destruction of our home and us with it.
    Lance Foster´s last blog post ..Ioway Clan Animals: Black Bear and Buffalo

  5. 5
    Designed By Instinct

    “Given our collective responsibility to push on the probabilistic weak-points of the dominant materialistic narrative that seeks to imprison us, your gift to me can be to take a few moments, preferably while intoxicated, out under the stars, to pull down whatever celestial force currently answers to the name of Jesus, that 2014 is more free and less restrictive.”

    I will do this very thing tonight Sir ;)
    10pm MST

    From an undisclosed location…outside of Roswell, NM…
    With 100 proof American corn whiskey…
    In a small forest by a lake (improbable (for these lands!) eh?)

    Time, date, and intention you say.
    No better time for these kind of intentions. Long over due!

    And for everyone…I’m not gonna wish you happiness.
    I’m gonna *intend* that happiness…

    Cause “wishing” alone *sucks* ;)

  6. 6

    Stuff is entangled. You see, in the world of Spirit, incarnation and resurrection are memories of steady state instinct that lead to comfortable cycles.

    Now, there is fear, and War. Certain humans can change the future, even replace it with some new creation. There are only a very few that stay out of it, and trust that the Mystery will make sense, even if all that has always been gets erased in the process.

    Christ showed up in North America. Medicine societies that do not broadcast sing the worship, there are even little gifts the One left us.

    You know, every lifeform was visited, human and non-human alike. Not really about the shape shifting, and temporal jumps, more just restoration to the original question. Which is just what are you all going to do about it?

    So, there you have it, do not ask me or mine, we would like to take a nap, or at least die an honorable death, that would be nice.

  7. 7
    Designed By Instinct

    Ok. It’s done.

    Got some very personal synch-ey stuff going on right now so yeah it’s weird.
    Heck of a buzz going on at this second.

    2014…Freedom is on tap and going to flow….for everyone, everywhere.
    That is my serious *intent*.

    The pull on our side of the rope will be unstoppable this coming year.
    Mark my words.
    Evil is gonna take a backseat ;)

    Congrats to everybody that gives a shit! This will be *your* year.

  8. 8

    Lance: To be fair, there are certain kinds of Gnostics who don’t hate the world, nor are we trying to transcend it. Some of us still see it as a beautiful place – a living kosmos full of many glories. There are non-Christian Gnostics who seek Gnosis and would like to kick the archons in the teeth for fettering the Soul.
    VI´s last blog post ..Beyond Our Ken: Navigation is Mandatory

  9. 9
    Laine DeLaney

    So that was odd… I tried it by day, facing the sun and god a REALLY odd vibe, a very, “WRONG ENTITY” vibe from it. Not being very Jesus savvy I wasn’t sure but it felt heavy metal and archonic. I quickly withdrew.

    Then I tried it late at night with a glass or two of wine in me and it felt like butter. I didn’t feel a strong connection (I recited some stuff from Matthew and drew some symbols associated with him and poured some wine from him) and it was not at all creepy and rather friendly. So, mission accomplished, Merry Christmas.

  10. 10
    Suddenly loud lurker

    I did so tonight on Christmas while outside looking at the stars. The connection felt weak but I did get a tinge when I said “Freedom” I was lightly reminded about how open that word is.

    @Laine DeLaney- I think you may have tapped into Constantine’s Jesus when you reached out to the sun. I’m not fully Jesus savvy either, however I tend to link the solar Jesus to mainstream Christianity and celestial Jesus with more esoteric aspects. The Sun also visually blocks out other stars during the day, and if we take stars/the rest of space as a metaphor/thing to aspire to, then the Sun is kinda the thing that blocks other worlds. (Still some solar deity seem totally chil) I hope this made sense.

  11. 11
    Designed By Instinct

    Read the Gospel Of Thomas if you want to get a vibe of the “real Jesus”

    Not even going to call that document “Gnostic” because…it’s not actually.
    Think about where it was found. It was just one document found in a pile of many.
    The “pile” did not belong to any organized church.
    It’s our modern notions that screw things up.

    Read the GoT…and “The Dialogue Of The Savior”:

    Pretend you are there listening to the speakers of the sayings. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the people listening and FEEL what it’s all about. This is real heavy duty stuff.

    “Judas said, “Tell me, Lord, what the beginning of the path is.”
    He said, “Love and goodness. For if one of these existed among the governors, wickedness would never have come into existence.”

    “Then his disciples were amazed at all the things he had said to them, and they accepted them on faith. And they concluded that it is useless to regard wickedness. ”

    Why wouldn’t you want to hang around with that guy?

    Many, many important teachings and lessons.
    Too many to go into.

    So called “Christianity” has NOTHING to do with Jesus.
    Did he set up the whole franchise type deal? No.
    Jesus would show up today and denounce all this bullshit fabricated around his persona.
    If it’s labeled “Christianity” of any sort…beware. Somebody is getting ready to lie to you.
    Dying on a cross? Fake as hell. Most of the stuff in Mark and the rest seems like wild fabrication.
    The writings about his sayings found buried (and therefore not tampered with over time) are more to the point.

    Did the man even exist? We really have no idea. But some people wrote down specific teachings that are hardcore intelligent. To me, this points to a whole other scenario outside of the mainstream thought about the man.

    What did Rush say?

    “Those who wish to be
    Must put aside the alienation
    Get on with the fascination
    The real relation
    The underlying theme”

    Forget what you “know” about Jesus.
    Put aside the alienating lies of “Christianity” (Rhymes with Inanity BTW)

    “1. The condition or quality of being inane.
    2. Something empty of meaning or sense.
    “Inanity is intellectual or spiritual emptiness”

    Get on with the fascination…the underlying theme……

  12. 13
    Andrew B. Watt

    Merry Christmas, Gordon!

    The last few years, my mother has turned Christmas into a magical operation (though I doubt she’d call it that) to reconnect to her Swedish heritage: fewer presents, more food. And wonderful food, too: gravlax and meatballs, spicy mustard and beets and spicy cabbage dishes of various sorts. Even so, to cry out “God Jul!” and sing of Christmas’s 12 days after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and doing my tai chi or my Druid workings under palm trees, it’s hard not to feel a certain disconnect from the wheel of the year. In New England, of course, the wheel of the year is both obvious and reasonable. In Florida, not quite so much. So the wheel’s apparent universality very much depends on where one stands. :-)

    In any case, I will drink and pour libations as you suggest, by these warm waters of the gulf, probably tonight.
    Andrew B. Watt´s last blog post ..Tai Chi Y2D287: in a silent house

  13. 14
    Designed By Instinct

    Well, as for the whole “less restriction” causing harm…
    Not gonna happen this time. It’s not on the menu.

    You gotta add qualifiers.
    My “intention” was…more freedom and less restriction on all *good* people of the world.

    Remember the tug-of-war comment I made? When more good people pull than bad…the game is won.
    I’m going to keep up my end till the referee steps in…or the other side falls in spectacular defeat.

    More freedom and less restriction on the good people means an equal and opposite reaction on the bad people.
    This year *they* get *less* freedom…and *more* restrictions. Served with a smile by the universe ;)

    Your intentions are quite what *you* make them into.

    From the Dialogue Of The Savior:

    “Mary said, “Thus with respect to ‘the wickedness of each day,’ and ‘the laborer is worthy of his food,’ and ‘the disciple resembles his teacher.'” She uttered this as a woman who had understood completely.”

    Are you a laborer worthy of the food? Do you resemble the teacher that she was speaking of?
    If so…then anything you *intend* will be good and proper. Nothing you do can go wrong.

    If you are on the fence…or on the wrong side of the fence however…..
    It may suck to be you.

    Bonus info:
    How can you tell you are on the right path?

    “Mary hailed her brethren, saying, “Where are you going to put these things about which you ask the son […]?”
    The Lord said to her, “Sister, [no one] will be able to inquire about these things except for someone who has somewhere to put them in his heart.”


  14. 15

    This Christmas I took a long hike across the windswept desolate lands of my forebears. Along the way I met a flock of goats and a flock of sheep. Both, upon my walking by, approached me ever so reluctantly. The goats huddled around their Baphomet, following me with their stares, while the sheep, after greeting me, gorged themselves on a veritable tumulus of spoiled apples somebody must have left there for them.

    I asked the skies and the land what it all meant and I was told that the old ways were barred. And so they were. A lot of my secret childhood passages: gone.

    So I found new ones. They took me to my destination but it was hard going. I even bled. It was magic. When I got back home to my folks’ lair, I felt out of place. Things I’ve known all my life, they pulled at me all of a sudden with a sense of terrible gravity. It was a feeling of loss and renewal. Of struggle.

    And I thought to myself: This is what fighting for freedom feels like. Fighting for love. Scary. Wonderful. Elating and cathartic.

    And I prayed: Let this be the first year of our concerted counter-attack.


  15. 18

    This will probably sound corny. So I was outside and looking up at the sky, having not long read the comments, and was wondering whether to do it or not, when I saw a shooting star.

    So I did it. It felt very positive.

  16. 19
    Designed By Instinct

    “And I thought to myself: This is what fighting for freedom feels like. Fighting for love. Scary. Wonderful. Elating and cathartic.
    And I prayed: Let this be the first year of our concerted counter-attack.

    Sounds like someone getting on with the fascination indeed!

    “Mary said, “There is but one saying I will speak to the Lord concerning the mystery of truth: In this have we taken our stand, and to the cosmic are we transparent.”

    Take your stand behind the right things. Always.
    (Yes, there *are* right and wrong things.)

    And remember…fortune *does* favor the bold.

  17. 20

    Just wanted to add that in Chinese astrology 2014 is the year of the horse. From Kathryn Weber’s Red Lotus Letter, “The horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and represents high spirits, optimism, energy and beauty.” Gordon, I had a feeling last year about this time when you wrote about archonic power bases changing that you were trying to describe the annual shift. Getting same feeling this year, though I think you’re talking about other things as well.

  18. 21
    Darren B

    Great post Gordon.
    Being an Aussie I can relate well and truly to this post,but being straight I’ll have to take your word on the boys in the bar.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  19. 23

    I’ve been wondering how the Marxist concept of accelerationism applies to our magical fight against the archons. Should we join them and attack them from within, subvertising style? Should we try to burn down the whole soul-crushing thing just by fanning the flames? I know some of us already do. But is it possible to act from within the belly of the beast without becoming the beast?

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