A Year Of Ghosts

A Year Of Ghosts

45523_originalTechnically, every year is the anniversary of everything, I suppose.

However, like large, slow-moving planets in a natal chart, some years have a lot more large thoughtforms than others.

Cornerstone chaos magic tech provides some reasonably helpful tools in analysing what we might call an astrology of egregores, in particular, the hypothesis that ideas and thoughtforms possess an independent existence and an ongoing malleability.

And speaking of astrology, here is my plug for the excellent Austin Coppock’s even more excellent 2014 almanac. Buy it or I’ll slap you.

Onto some of the ghosts, then.

The cententary of World War I

Possibly the biggest. But it also forms something of a ‘grand trine’ with the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II and the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

We already begin to see rumblings in the Otherworld about this. Nazi paintings are found hanging in the Bundestag. (!) Japanese lawmakers are demanding California remove a War Memorial.

The other German anniversary

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the accession of the House of Hanover to the British Throne. The Hanoverians, of course, gave us Victoria… who gave lots of little children to the Great Houses of Europe… who started those wars whose anniversary it is. (I get the feeling Germany is going to have a very complex year.)


The Battle of Bannockburn

It’s the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn… pretty much the entire reason why Alex Salmond selected this year for his referendum on whether or not Scotland will secede from the Union.

The Empire Games Commonwealth Games are on in Glasgow over the summer. Don’t be surprised if The Lizzie Show -which will be out in full force- negates much of the psychic nationalism Salmond was hoping to capitalise on. HM has had a banner few years of hatches, matches and boatshows. No one does ritual quite like the Queen.

It would probably be quite helpful if Philip dies beforehand, allowing her to adopt the psychic mantle of the Widow Victoria, haunting the Highlands as a lonely matriarch of Empire. That went down great, last time. It’s not an earth shattering prediction given his age, but I kinda think Philip’s number is up this year… so it wouldn’t surprise me. (I also think the bell tolls for Bush Snr this year. Again, not earth-shattering. But in both cases, those Nazi ghosts could do with a few state funerals to feed off.)

The Star-Spangled Banner

It’s the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner… which commemorates what, again? Oh, yeah.


Magna Carta

It’s the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. And yes, I’m sure we all learned that the document was, in reality, an extraction of tax concessions from the King by the elite.

However, that’s an unromantic analysis. It was also the thin end of the wedge for modern, representative democracy. And given what’s gone on these past fifteen months, a psychic repeat of the begrudging rollback of totalitarian powers from the ruler under the threat of death is just fine by me. I’ll take it. ‘Consent of the Governed’, innit?

The Arts

Each year there are a load of Arts anniversaries, but of particular interest to the magically inclined are the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of The Earth and the 200th birthday of the Marquis De Sade. Also possibly Dylan Thomas but that may just be my stuff.

Further Out

The thing about slow-moving planets is that you start to feel their impact or their change further out from the relevant alignments. Continuing the hypothesis then:


Jedi ghost lessons

“Your focus determines your reality”

I do, but you don’t have to believe that certain thoughts and ideas have an independent existence.

It is enough that the impact of recalling certain ideas in the conscious mind has measurable and repeatable effects… by way of psychological priming and also in discernible psi results when large groups of people focus on a subject or outcome.

The state calendar and the media are going to be wrenching a whole bunch of different, potent concepts out of the background and presenting them before the eyeballs of the developed world. As Qui-Gon tells us, they will be foci. They will be hypersigils.

And it’s not even like you need to do anything but watch. These slow-moving idea planets will come round, refract and combine through human consciousness and things will tumble out as a result.

The long range space weather forecast is for an interesting year. Go buy an almanac. And maybe an umbrella.



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    Although we’re of course subject to these fluctuations in heimarmene, I do think this year holds some substantial potential for things that are entirely new– new patterns, new sensibilities emerging, more significant than the usual vagaries of the zodiac. After all, astrology is inherently archonic in the Gnostic system, better used for telling you what to avoid than what to do. :) This seems to be a common thread in a lot of the occult-y circles I keep up with– patterns outside of the norm and an increase in weirdness. New spirits are emerging to sideswipe the ghosts who are chained to the planets and zodiacal signs. What I’d like to see, or help manifest, is something as profoundly intriguing and odd as Dee’s Enochian revelations– something totally off the map.
    JP´s last blog post ..Something New

  2. 4

    @Jeremy that analysis of astrology holds. I don’t use it for me, but I use it for the same reason that Western Australia tags its sharks and has them on twitter: so that we know where they are.


    Freedom from the archonic system as manifested/implemented by the planets is also very Hermetic, of course. (Which I would argue is a continuation from the Book of The Dead and the Pyramid Texts.)

    However, here, the slow moving planets are used as a metaphor. I see ghosts ahead, doesn’t mean weirdness is decreasing. Probably means the opposite.

  3. 5

    :-) Oh, a loop! Culture flexing back to its own history to re-cycle some patterns meant to structure reality again. With some communication theory: Culture in-forming itself with differences that make differences again. Your spooks are ‘differences’ that are amplifying certain differences… So an astral entity is really something ‘in-between,’ and the appropiate question always is:
    – What is the split that you increase, the difference that you make?
    – What is the benefit for whom? What is the thing you take?

  4. 6
    Andrew Watt

    Happy new year, Gordon.

    Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the year exactly because the history of European/American contact is so much like playing a game of “Memory” with the cards upside-down and half-obscured, 2014 is also the approximate 400th anniversary of the plague that made the settlement of New England possible. Those cannibals were down in Jamestown by 1609, of course, and the Pilgrims wouldn’t arrive until 1620.

    But in 1613, visitors from England and France found Cape Cod, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut absolutely swarming with native peoples… and when they visited again in 1617, they found people sickly and much depopulated; and when they came back in 1620, virtually everyone native was dead. At least, that’s the Pilgrims’ recorded point of view, although archaeology and side-long looks at the records suggest that’s merely a Puritan’s take on things.

    In any case, talk about ghosts — it’s the four hundredth-ish anniversary of the extermination-ish of the native peoples of the Americas. Ack.
    Andrew Watt´s last blog post ..Tai chi Y2D298: removing blocks

  5. 7

    Cheers Andrew.

    You know I’m waiting for you to write a parahistory of the east coast right? In case there’s still time to amend your new year’s resolutions.

  6. 8

    Happy New Year, Gordon!

    I think it was W. B. Yeats who said that time moves in a spiral, which is why history seems to repeat itself. (I’m recalling this from a lit class about a million years ago, but I think it *was* Yeats. It’s the sort of thing he would say.) If the planets move in the slow dance of archonic power-plays, that would rather fit, wouldn’t it?

    Also, seconding the request to Andrew Watt to write a parahistory of the east coast. Pretty please?
    Stacey´s last blog post ..Re-membering

  7. 10

    I hate to do this, I really do, especially for my first comment, having lurked so long. However, it needs to be done: The House of Hanover rose to power in Britain in 1714, which is 300 years ago, not 200.

    So that my entire interaction doesn’t center on my complaining about your arithmetic, a question:
    These are all clearly Big Ticket Items, magically speaking, but how easy would this stuff be for wee little magi like me to tap for our much smaller uses?

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