Find The Others: Episode 1 – Jake Stratton-Kent [Audio]

Find The Others: Episode 1 – Jake Stratton-Kent [Audio]

find the others1A couple of countries ago, I was good friends with a Mauritian drug dealer/audio engineer who introduced me to the concept of son seule or son mode.

It’s the fancier French description of what production crews call ‘atmos’… a recording of background sound used to patch any gaps in audio editing during post-production.

But there is a little something lost in the translation here; a respect for or appreciation of the sound of a particular space.

Anyway, the idea really struck me and was the inspiration for several terribly pretentious film school audio projects recorded in abandoned and derelict hospitals, rough suburbs of Sydney, that sort of thing.

Having a bit of extra time on my hands at the moment, I thought to myself: “Gordon, you’re really annoying and were evidently born without shame glands. Why don’t you go and bother other magicians in their homes or places of work?”

So I did.

The creative goal, if you can call it that, was to deliver some of the immediacy and son mode that is lacking in a Skype interview. By and large, this was successful. Although I don’t recommend interviewing someone in a pub during the Friday lunch rush. La mode est trop forte!

Nonlinear editing has changed quite a bit in the decade since I last cluttered up Pro Tools with the sounds of a soon-to-be-demolished hospital, so I’m releasing these out of sequence, in decreasing order of audio quality.

Also, the tools available today really activated my latent ‘untalented hack’ tendencies, so the intro is overly long and dramatic and I don’t care one bit. Plus I totally stole an editing gag from my friend Heidi’s absolutely hilarious series of fake London tourism videos. Hopefully linking to them has balanced out the universe somewhat.

After the bombastic intro, the idea is to sort of drop into the conversation midstream, like an optimal urine sample, and take it from there. I was and remain particularly interested in people’s origin stories more than any potential book releases.

Many thanks to Jake, who actually came out onto the street to meet my car because, perhaps appropriately, he lives in some kind of geographic warp that set my satnav screaming and caused me to offend many neighbours with my slow, confused driving down tiny dead-end streets.



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    I *love* the beginning and it actually made me watch the video which is something I rarely do. I feel like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation with you and Mr. Stratton-Kent which is a strange but really fun feeling. Love the questions, love the answers. You may make me break my “I don’t listen to podcasts/watch videocasts” rule.

    Well done, PEH! <3
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  2. 2

    Great stuff! Thank you! I have been kicking around the idea of “magicians talking to magicians” for a little while now. A bit like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in cars getting coffee”. There is something really great about dialog that is missed in a lecture: The tangents, comments, agreements, disagreements, ect… all of these things add a dimensionality that is so important in our understanding of this art.

  3. 3

    Amazing how the years among the pommies has smoothed off the edges of your accent.

    What I liked about this interview was that it was challenging. Often you get occult personalities on podcasts who, in spite of whatever avant garde position they ostensibly occupy on the spectrum, end up preaching to the choir. Some of the things Mr Stratton-Kent says in this interview make me uncomfortable. Now I have to examine why, challenge myself to test some of what he says, adjust my views and practices if I conclude that he’s right.
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  4. 4

    @Scribs It’s weird you say that because Christmas among the Antipodeans really brought the accent roaring back. Still think I sound very “dingo ate moi baaaaboiy”. If I move countries again I will be literally unintelligible.

  5. 5
    R. Valentine

    That was absolutely excellent. Firstly, holy shit someone did an occult themed podcast with enough A/V experience that it didn’t sound like a skype conversation recorded on a karaoke machine in a closet somewhere. Secondly, I could swear I heard a joint being rolled at one point. I look forward to hearing more!
    R. Valentine´s last blog post ..On the Altar of Dead Presidents

  6. 6

    That was bloody excellent. I almost didn’t listen to it but I’m glad I did.

    I’ve been in this paradigm for a while where I think all “old” stuff can be discarded and replaced with new technology. I’ve had this idea in my head that everyone practicing magick that way is just doing historical reenactments(not that there is anything wrong with that or that it doesn’t work) and that approaching it that way is unnecessary because we have built newer better technology. He really challenged that idea for me. My view created a lot of blind spots and I’ve just been choosing to ignore older complex systems because I’m threatened by them.

    Also, really intrigued by his mention of English Qabalah. I’m going to pick up his book.

    This is going to be a great series. I’m looking forward to the next one!

  7. 7
    Suddenly loud lurker

    The study pod concept has actually been on my mind lately before I listened to this podcast for non occult topics. Often times I feel very overwhelmed with all the information out there and wish there was a way to have formalization effort to study a mass amount of information and put some facts together. I liken it to having the desire to be like Physarum polycephalum/slime molds and spread an amorphous intelligence through the labyrinth of data

  8. 8
    Jason Miller

    I think that the one thing that he leaves out, and that people are missing out on in the occult in general, is that not we should not only be looking to African Traditional Religions for living traditions of magic to dialogue with but Asian traditions. It is here that you will find more stuff about Alchemy, visualization, etc, as well as different takes on offerings and ancestors that would give a more well-rounded view than taking the que from ATR’s alone.

  9. 10
    Stephen Staple

    Amazing stuff. I am going to have to listen to this at least two more times to really savour all of it.

  10. 12

    It’s taken me months to finally get around to starting your podcast series (millenial laziness is to blame, no doubt) but I must say this is fantastic. I’ve tried several other occult-themed podcasts in the past, but as others have mentioned the sound quality on this is fantastic. I can hear what you two are talking about! What a luxury. Especially since this conversation was so fantastic to listen to. Thank you kindly for making it

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