Other Fronts In The Mind War

Other Fronts In The Mind War

mind war 1Of all Peter Jackson’s many deviations from the story of Lord of the Rings (to say nothing of The Hobbit), there is one that is relatively easy to stomach. The appearance of the elves at Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers.

His justification for this beyond a correctly-judged massaging of cinematic tension, and his overuse of the elves in general in the back half of the story, is that Tolkien mentions that the elves were actually involved in armed combat with the forces of Sauron, on the borders of their own lands, at the same time as the race of Men.

In the book, this serves to show that the War of the Ring was a much larger, world-encompassing, conflagration and that the story told merely follows but a few strands of it.

So it is with our own Mind War, which CS Lewis points out is actually the same conflict.

It will not have escaped your attention that people are finally turning on TED, home of “middlebrow megachurch infotainment.” This is a very pleasing -albeit indirect- fallout from their treatment of Dr Sheldrake and Graham Hancock.

Even The Guardian, home of dreary, oatmeal-tasting, Fabian-inspired, materialist orthodoxy admits through gritted teeth that the materialist-atheist position relies on straw man arguments.

But there is a front that most of us seem to have missed, one that requires immediate reinforcements.

You may all recall late last year when it emerged that “two German amateurs” had “illegally defaced the Khufu cartouche in the relief chamber of the Great Pyramid.” We all brayed along with the outrage and shared it via social media.

But this is Zahi Hawass’s version of the story.

And what he actually said, in mainstream media on December 3rd, was that “a Belgian Jew masterminded and paid for a German plot to steal the cartouche of Khufu.” Which is in keeping with his odious, anti-Semitic behaviour over the last few decades. Here he is  in 2009 saying Jews control the entire world. And see below, from minister-in-crime, Farouk Hosni:

Zahi being antisemitic

Wow. Stay classy, you absolute pieces of shit. (The Hosni connection is explored in Bauval’s book.)

You see, this is what he does. In the mid-nineties he trotted out the exact same line, claiming that the man who was currently in the top Antiquities job under the Mubarak regime was incapable of preventing Jewish attacks in Egypt’s culture. In Arab politics, no one fails to get ahead by making unsupported Anti-Semitic comments. And guess who ended up with the top job?

He’s doing the exact same thing right now. He’s even referring to what he hopes are his future paymasters as actual pharaohs. Throw in a little Jew hate and he’ll be cluttering up your NatGeo channel again before you know it.

Speaking of NatGeo… you’re aware they are paying him $200,000 a year for life? From Robert Bauval’s Facebook page:

Since 2001 Zahi Hawass has been an “Explorer in Residence” with the NGS, with a reported yearly stipend of $ 200,000. In 2011 his status was changed to “Explorer in Residence EMERITUS”. Zahi Hawass’s anti-Semitic remarks are well known since at least 1993. He has often accused the “Jews” to plot against “Egyptian Culture” and claiming the ‘construction of the pyramids”. He has even paraphrased the offencive Protocol of Zion claiming that the ‘Jews’ control the world economy and the media in the USA. His recent accusation against my person (a ‘Jew’ masterminding the alleged theft of the cartouche of Khufu’ by paying the ‘Germans’) have become viral on the Internet. In Europe such blatant anti-Semitism is against the law, and carries serious legal penalties. Of course there is no point trying to get any apology from Hawass for such anti-Semitic remarks. His inflated ego and arrogance will not allow him. But I certainly feel that at least National Geographic Society should apologise for this blatant anti-Semitism by one of their salaried “explorers in Residence”.

The Belgian Jew that Hawass refers to is, of course, Robert Bauval, a practising Roman Catholic who was born in Alexandria and currently resides in Spain. And it is such a dastardly accusation, because it pushes Bauval into a situation where he has to publicly assert that he is “not a Jew”… which obviously has nothing to do with anything. He also had absolutely nothing to do with the German expedition. More on that in a moment.

Here’s Bauval explaining to James Swagger his outrage at the current accusations, and what they really mean in context. It has gotten so that it was once suggested that Bauval should drop his trousers on Egyptian television to “prove he isn’t a Jew.” Which he actually agreed to do! I said last year that Breaking The Mirror of Heaven was the most important book I read the year before. It is now more important than ever. Buy it.

James is to be credited with staying with the story. It is outrageous but drearily unsurprising that the magical world has been entirely quiet on the machinations of a man who didn’t even write his own thesis for an honorary degree, gave gifts of priceless antiquities to violent Libyan dictators, was singly responsible for the dispensation of millions of dollars of international aid money for the preservation of sites that are now raided and filled with garbage, has triggered a DOJ investigation of NatGeo under bribery claims and swanned all over the world with Suzanne Mubarak under her personal protection.

Here’s some of that garbage I was talking about, from the sacred city of Memphis:

Memphis 2300Memphis300

Here’s more. All are from Bauval’s facebook page.

garbage 2300 garbage 1300

You’ll want to watch this inteview as well. And really all of the interviews James has done on this series.

Zahi Hawass. This is the same man who controlled all international and domestic access to all Ancient Egyptian sites by the end of his (most recent) reign. It is worth noting that Hawass is a millionaire and his government salary -when he was actually employed- is around £10,000.

In the first interview, Bauval expresses his incredulity regarding the wall of silence that this extreme Anti-Semitism has been presented with. Where is the British Museum in all this? Or the Smithsonian? Or the Neues Museum? Or Oxford? Or Harvard? Where do you fucking think?

The final interview is really important. Unfortunately, Osama’s audio is terrible so break out the headphones. Here is somebody from inside Egypt who has been close to the whole clusterfuck for years. Please, please listen.

In the mid-nineties, Hawass announced there were secret tunnels in the Giza Pyramids. You can see this below:

Zahi saying there are secret tunnels600

He has always denied that these tunnels and chambers have ever been excavated but Osama maintains they very much were. The plot thickens.

In May 1996 Dr. Hawass granted a special Permit to the Schor Foundation (apparently a cover for the Edgar Cayce Foundation) to do exploration at the Giza Pyramids. Their secret mission was to find the ‘Hall of Records’/Secret Chambers. One of the Schor Expedition consultant, accoustic engineer Thomas Danley, reported on the 27th July 1997 on the ART BELL SHOW, Coast to Coast, that when he was Giza, he investigated the Relief Chambers in the Great Pyramid and reported that fresh excavation had taken place in the so-called Cavilglia Tunnel on the south wall of the lowest Relief Chamber (Davison’s Chamber).
In June 1996 the Antiquities Chairman, Dr. Abdel Halim nour El Deen, suddenly revoked the special licence of the Schor Foundations. According to Hawass “the Schor Foundation was not following the correct procedure, so I removed their permit”. As for the debris/broken stones seen by Danley, Hawass, of course, denied that it had anything to do with recent tunnelling but rather claimed that the debris and rumble was from the 1836-7 tunnelling done by Italian explorer Caviglia and Col. Howard Vyse.

In early December 2013 Ossama Karar, and independent researcher from Cairo, demanded that the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) re-open this case.

On the 17 December 2013 three inspectors from the MOA were sent to examine the Relief Chambers. They reported that the large amount of stone was probably from the placing of a metal staircase (by Hawass in 1996-7). I was told by Ossama Kadar that the police are not satisfied with this conclusion and may soon send another team to investigate.

So, ‘unathourised’ excavations inside the Great Pyramid inevitably lead us to the so-called German “amateurs” who “illegally damaged the cartouche”.

As a matter of fact, Dominique Görlitz:

  • Is a long-time member of the famous Explorers Club in New York.
  • Is a long-time member of the European Association for the Advancement of Archaeology By Experiment.
  • Has conducted carbon dating tests on Egyptian samples on previous visits using the exact same visa and official permission.
  • Was accompanied inside the Great Pyramid during this most recent expedition.
  • Is associated with a reputable university who conducted the tests.
  • Has profusely apologised for any upset caused by this Anti-Semitic plot this after-the-fact eruption of outrage, and offered to return the samples to the Egyptian authorities.
  • Has removed the initial carbon-dating findings from his site and elsewhere on the internet and won’t discuss them until this has all been cleared up. (Although the dates were off from the Fourth Dynasty by a thousand years. Which is very interesting.)

As for “stealing the cartouche”? They went nowhere near the cartouche, and took 1.5 micrograms of ochre from elsewhere on the wall. Here is the actual sample.


James Swagger, bless him, allowed Görlitz to tell his side of the story.

Compare this accidental and vanishingly-minor infraction of procedure -and the concerted effort to make amends for it- with not only the decades of neglect of hundreds of historical sites, but also this hugely destructive installation of a metal staircase in the exact same part of this UNESCO site by… you guessed it… Zahi Hawass.

It was installed without permission, with no supporting documentation and was done by none of the companies licensed to work on the site. But I imagine the kickback must have kept him in stupid hats for a few months.


A PhD from Dresden wrote to Bauval saying it was hugely damaging and unprofessionally done. They actually broke the tunnel to fit the metal stairs in. They must have gone in with jackhammers, “as if they were breaking an old bathroom.” Bauval, who worked for decades in the construction industry said “I wouldn’t put this staircase in a dump, let alone the Great Pyramid.” In the interview above, he says he will be reporting it to UNESCO.

And so we have:

  • The removal of 1.5 micrograms of ochre to be carbon dated. Everyone involved admits this should not have been done and is deeply apologetic. Huge effort has gone into making amends.
  • The extreme Anti-Semitic reaction of an unemployed millionaire bigot who has personally done more damage to Egypt’s historical treasures than any other man alive.

Viewed together, and in the context of Hawass’s two decades of previous behaviour, you can see him rolling out the exact same plays for power here. A leopard doesn’t change its hat. In the words of Bauval, again above: “We have lost twenty five years of excavation at the pyramid because this man wanted to turn the whole thing into a show.”

Talking to Al Cummins (who wrote this book) over a few ales in Bristol on Friday, we remarked that there is a peculiar conservatism in the magical world when it comes to ‘expert historical opinion’. Each new discovery seems to be treated with the unexamined glee that accompanies new Holy Writ… and not even the academics involved are as confident as we appear to be in the reenactments we build out of the latest issue of KMT.

The reality is there is no history without historiography. And in the case of Egypt, both have been hugely damaged by the two decades (so far) of machinations from this awful, be-hatted, little man.

What can you do?

  • Listen to all the interviews above.
  • Find and follow Robert Bauval on Facebook.
  • Ask National Geographic to explain why they are paying $200,000 a year to an unemployed Anti-Semite. And finally…

Tell. Everyone.


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  1. 1

    What are your thoughts on the reality and state of the cosmic war between Freemasons/Zionists and Islamists/Nazis? Do you see the world hurtling rapidly toward another great war between these forces as I do? How would you characterize the two sides in occult terms? Whatever they are, I see it clearly everywhere, a global propaganda/magical war that the sleeping masses aren’t even aware of. But I think they will become aware of it very soon as hostilities escalate. What do you think?
    Sorcerer´s last blog post ..Dark Cults, Part I: The Cult of Xoth

  2. 2
    Jon S.

    Beyond Hawass, there is something quite purposeful about the way the Egyptian legacy is managed. He is the clown who distracts with garrulous recklessness. He waves the red cape. Just behind him are cabinets and pyramids full of artifacts crafted with industrial precision by a supposed clutch of copper hammer welding primates.

    It is the shape of this intention to occult that makes one curious. Why? What’s in it for the parasite class? I don’t ask this rhetorically. Having hammered through (for myself, at least) the first idea forms and cultural tulpas embedded in me regarding Egypt – with a little help from people like Graham Hancock and company, now I want to know more, but there is some kind of blockage, some curse, some string tied around the finger of the guy who runs the world and strokes his ol’ cat while waiting for the tea kettle to boil.

    Egypt is not a cartoon, but Hawass sure is. That is informational. There is a clue there. And stepping on people, destroying people, if not outright killing them, this type of blood ritual is a hallmark of the generational parasites.

    Anyways, I wasn’t going to post anything, but I was confused by the other post and some times with me confusion is the best way to get thinking. Tell me about the waters of your home world.

  3. 3

    Making my way through your links, Gordon. Gracias.

    WRT the unexamined cult of the expert you mentioned, yeah. It’s definitely there. I think it’s particularly bad, or most obvious, among recons, but I think we all fall prey to it from time to time. I know I do. On the flip side of that, though, that NatGeo connection pimps Hawass like a charm. I had one crap undergrad class on Middle Eastern archaeology some years ago, in which we watched no less than three documentaries that showcased Hawass as the premier authority on Egypt. (And I didn’t know any better at the time, so it didn’t occur to me to question the presentation.)

    There’s so much money resting on this. So very much money relying on the chronologies and interpretations not budging an inch. Not only regarding Egyptian antiquities, but in all the related fields pegged to Egyptian historical data. If the Egyptian thread was seriously tugged, we’d see the effects for decades in the sciences and arts. We’d possibly even see some of the chaos behind the scenes in the collecting world.
    Stacey´s last blog post ..Deconstructing Ayahuasca art

  4. 4
    Simon Tomasi

    Thank you very much for posting this. History is being destroyed and some paint fleck collection sparks international controversy. Hidden behind the headline is rubbish, quite literally piled up over the clues to our past.

  5. 5
    Designed By Instinct

    War you say? It’s a very literal one:


    Stelae P was dynamited around 1908, and Stelae S was extensively damaged in 1984 by looters and then dynamited in 2004, totally destroying it. The stelae were subjected to further vandalism in February 2013.”


    Look at Stelae S:

    Rays from the sun (direct beams!)…hand delivering little “packets” of light (photons as Ankhs) to the people giving them life.
    Science and the supernatural all in one rock carving.

    When did so called “modern” science finally discover all that?

    And the Arabs (or someone) blast it to oblivion with dynamite in 2004. Like, went out of their way to the top of the hill and BOOM. See pics at the previous link page.

    “The hole where Stela S stood for three and a half thousand years, until early 2004″

    Probably longer. Talk about flat out crime. Who is minding the store over there?
    Who *allows* this stuff to happen…and why?

    What was going on in Armana?
    Read this book and see if the info fits with what you know:

    “This fascinating reference fuels the passionate debate about the biblical Exodus with a provocative thesis: Not only was Moses an Egyptian but so were the Hebrew people who followed him to Canaan.
    Through linguistic, philologic, and religious explorations, the authors prove that the “Chosen People” were not slaves from a foreign country but high-ranking Egyptian priests and the adherents of the monotheist pharaoh Akhenaton. During a counterrevolution against monotheism, his followers were forced to move to the Egyptian province of Canaan.”

    Many key things happened in Egypt. Seems *everybody* has been trying to erase the past there.
    The French have a more than keen interest in documenting and getting hold of items from there.
    They wrote the Exodus book.

    And snagged this:

    “The Dendera zodiac, a relief dating to ca. 50 BC, is the first known depiction of the classical zodiac of twelve signs.”

    “The relief, which John H. Rogers characterised as “the only complete map that we have of an ancient sky”, has been conjectured to represent the basis on which later astronomy systems were based. It is now on display at the Musée du Louvre, Paris.”


  6. 6
    Simon Tomasi

    With regards to the rampant judenhas from Zahi Hawass, this is widespread in many of the Middle Eastern and North African countries. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an ally of the Nazis and that ideology has spread. Within the past few years the assault on minority communities has escalated significantly leading to an exodus of Christians from parts of the Middle East where they have lived for almost two thousand years.

  7. 7

    What’s in it for the parasite class? The unforgiven, and uninvited, and frustrated poison the well, and throw feces at the doors. That does not work at getting a rise from the breakaway civilisation underneath, that is still shiny.

    That surface magic is just sociopathic, above and below stuff stay neutral, makes it worse for those stuck in the middle. That hurts, but the innocent do not bleed alone, deeper stuff. Giza, some now want to nuke that, pretty much the last obvious penetration not underwater. Maybe this damned War is coming home to roost, after all.

  8. 8
    Cory Panshin

    Here’s a story that seems of interest — though it’s most directly relevant to last summer’s post on Crowley and the Nine, in which Gordon expressed skepticism about the so-called “workers village” near the pyramids:

    The remains of a mansion that likely held high-ranking officials some 4,500 years ago have been discovered near Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Bones from young cattle and teeth from leopards suggest its residents ate and dressed like royalty.

    Archaeologists excavating a city just 400 meters (1,312 feet) south of the Sphinx uncovered the house and nearby mound containing the hind limbs of young cattle, the seals of high-ranking officials, which were inscribed with titles like “the scribe of the royal box” and “the scribe of the royal school,” and leopard teeth (but no leopard). . . .

    “The other thing that is just amazing is almost all the cattle are under 10 months of age … they are eating veal,” said Richard Redding, the chief research officer of Ancient Egypt Research Associates. … “We have very, very, high status individuals.” . . .

    Besides cattle bones the archaeologists found two leopard teeth in the house and another two in the nearby mound. They, however, found no leopard bones, leaving them with a puzzle. Redding consulted ancient drawings that date to the Old Kingdom (the age when pyramid building was at its height), between 2649 and 2150 B.C. He found that some high-ranking individuals, including members of the royal family, wore leopard skin that still had the head attached.
    Cory Panshin´s last blog post ..Fans, Hackers, and Invisibles

  9. 9

    Zahi Hawass is a piece of work. Anyone who has ever had to deal with him or around him knows it to be true. It is well known around Egyptology as a whole that Hawass would continually “sit on” at least a decade’s worth of “discoveries”. He would dole them out to the general public only when he felt his public relations train was slowing and he needed more attention and more eyeballs on what he was doing. For a time, he was going after a NAGPRA-style campaign to try and re-appropriate all ancient Egyptian artifacts back to Egypt from around the world and further “copyright” and “trademark” any and all cultural symbols, images, etc.

    I was at the ARCE confrence in Atlanta where Hawass was due to appear – but at the last minute threw a temper tantrum because “he had not been properly invited” eg. they emailed his office rather than sending a formal invitation by post. Closer to the truth, however, I think it is because all of his professors that he received his degrees from were in attendance and more than a few wanted to take him to task on a few matters. ARCE conferences are not “Fandom Cons”, they tend to draw crowds of professionals, scholars and the like who are not easily impressed by PR machines such as the one Hawass had firmly in place,.

    Your rant is very erudite and extremely well done. After Hawass’ well-deserved fall, those of us who love Egypt for itself are wondering, what happens next? You’ve given me a lot more to think about, and a lot more reasons to know my intense dislike of Hawass was not far off the mark. Thank you for that.
    Francoise´s last blog post ..B is for Bennu Bird

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