Find The Others: Episode 3 – Peter J Carroll

Find The Others: Episode 3 – Peter J Carroll

balloonOMG Peter J Carroll.

The person whose early work ruined changed my life probably more than any other.

It was personally gratifying to ask him questions about their origins I have always wanted to know.

About magic, Pete once wrote:

There seems little point in practising magic unless you want to do at least a few extraordinary things with this incarnation.

Here is someone who certainly has.

Pleasingly, we met in a haunted seventeenth century public house known for its smuggling tunnels and association with pirates both real and imaginary.

This was a regular daytime drinking spot of mine when I lived in Bristol, largely because the only thing that disturbed your book reading was the ghosts.

But on a Friday at lunch time? I would probably recommend reading somewhere quieter… like one of those tunnels they use to test military jet engines.

Pete is, of course, the chancellor of Arcanorium College. He sometimes writes at his deliberately-difficult-to-navigate website. (Find out why below!)

He also has a much-anticipated book launching next month, Epoch.

I’m tempted to apologise for the sound quality because it’s a bit difficult toward the end during the lunch rush, but I won’t. Firstly, because I cleared it up as much as I could. Secondly, it’s Peter J Carroll, dammit. I’d translate it from Morse Code if I had to.



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  1. 1
    Ian Oakes

    This is good–my favorite so far in spite of the sound issues. The story of bumming it all the way from Britain to India…that was great.

    My primary complaint is that it was over too soon. I wanted to hear more about this Epoch project.

    Thanks for all of this–it’s been a real treat.
    Ian Oakes´s last blog post ..[NB]: Reading Frisvold’s Obeah

  2. 2
    Andrew B. Watt

    He sounds nothing like I imagined, but now I’m not going to be able to unhear his voice. Whenever I read Liber Null now, I’m going to hear him croaking away.

    His internet opinions are interesting, and match my own. When I left my blog open to any comments, I got massive amounts of spam-garbage on every page. Once I closed the page, it took weeks to find and delete all the crappy comments. Now, I have a “you must register” feature, and hardly anyone bothers unless they have something specific to say.

    One of the things that really got me, though, is the degree to which he shied away from taking over a magical order or becoming a professional magician. Not a cultist, as he puts it. We might worship at the works he created, but he’s off having his own adventures. Goa beach culture and trying to sail to the maldives against the monsoons. Yes, I know I’ve got life events out of order, but WOW. What a wild ride.
    Andrew B. Watt´s last blog post ..Tai Chi Y2D330: Kinda Weird

  3. 3

    Throroughly enjoying these Gordon and nice to think this was going on whilst I was a few streets away!

    Seems to cut off mid conversation, intentional?

  4. 5

    Really interesting talk and I did not imagine his voice to sound quite like that. The background activity didn’t bother me too much either and in no way did it distract from the conversation. And Gareth, more reasons for me to be SW.

  5. 6

    Add me to the chorus of those who thought he’d sound different, for whatever reason. I also find it fascinating how many of us tend to imagine how people sound when reading. Interestingly enough, Gordon, you sound almost exactly as I’d imagined.

    Although I’ll always respect Carroll’s pioneering work, I’ll always consider Phil Hine a bigger influence on my own personal practice. When can we start making interview requests? I’d love to hear you sit down for a chat with Hine.
    JP´s last blog post ..Green Gnosis II: We are the Immovable Race

  6. 7

    Me too on how he sounds, and me too on Gordon sounding like I thought. This is the only one I finished to the end so far. Can I ask what the title/artist is to the second song in the intro? Also, I really like the intro. I know you said you weren’t to sure about it in the first video, but I really like it.

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