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About me? What are you, a cop?

What is Rune Soup About?

Rune Soup is about magic.

Clearly that’s something of a broad church -perhaps the broadest- so if we were to take it down a level we could say Rune Soup is about practical sorcery, entheogens, synchronicities, UFOs, ‘alternative’ history, career guidance, graphic novels, the future of media, probability, divination. There’s even a post about Nicki Minaj here somewhere.

There’s a strong chaos magic inflection to the whole thing because there is no part of me that is on trend or fashionable. (My wardrobe looks like the lost and found box in a poorly-managed hospital.)

Gordon looking at Mount Doom. Or Ruapehu if you want to be all correct about it.

I’m new here. What should I read?

Welcome! Here are a few of the more popular posts to get you started. If you like what you see then please subscribe and drop us a line. The blog has become kinda known for it’s sigil magic tech, so maybe start there:

Then perhaps either of the two most popular series in the blog’s history:

There’s also some sporadic interviews with other occultists to be found here.

And in no particular order:


Gordon shark diving in the Pacific. So, so handsome.

How do I get in touch?

Oh, we like you already! In no particular order, here is how you get in touch:

  • Comment on the blog
  • Follow me on the twitterz
  • Via the contact page
  • Carrier pigeon. (All pigeon-related costs to be fulfilled by the sender. Please rope a self-addressed pigeon to the first one if you would like them returned or just want to see what that would look like.)
You can tell this is art because it's in black and white. Also I'm in a kilt.

You can tell this is art because it’s in black and white. Also I’m in a kilt.

About Gordon

Be honest, you don’t actually care. I can’t even believe you read this far. Must be one long ad break.

Oh all right. The magic stuff you can work out from the blog. As for the rest: I work in media and live in London which is exactly seven different kinds of awesome. London is the undisputed home of western occultism and to a lesser extent domestic terrorism.

Fun trivia about Gordon:

  • He has been in both the actual DeLorean from Back To The Future and the Batmobile from the original Adam West series.
  • He is distantly related to Sir Isaac Newton.
  • He accidentally ended up at the same party as Prince Harry.
  • He has lived on two volcanoes.
  • He has dived on a sunken city.
  • Sir Richard Branson once bought him a bottle of champagne.
  • He is obsessed with sharks.
This is my 'liner notes to my indy Christian rock album' selfie. I had been drinking for ten hours.

This is my ‘liner notes to my indy Christian rock album’ selfie. I had been drinking for ten hours.



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    I think I am developing a smart crush on you. I stumbled upon this site by accident and now, a couple hours in, I am fascinated. I have been in a spiritual/magical slump as of late and I think your combination of intelligent thought, creativity, and magical thinking is what I needed. I would love to sit down and have some whisky and talk with you, but practically that may never happen. But, I do wish to know you better and would love to bounce some questions off you. I really admire what you have put together here and it was something that I needed. Much obliged and Namaste~Helen

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