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    The Mathematics of Ancestors

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    Maybe “honouring” isn’t the right word? It has the potential to trip people up. “Honouring” risks implying that there is some sort of vetting process; like there is a cosmic Simon Cowell who decides who is in and who is out. The best phrase I have seen for what we could call an ‘ideal...

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    The Tolkien View of Destiny

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    I want to pick up on something Jack discussed that I didn’t get to cover in my previous post. It’s to do with destiny and the will of the gods. He quotes Crowley as writing “it is impossible to perform the simplest act when the Gods say no.” We have all experienced this. Sometimes...

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    The Book Game & Its Benefits

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    magic book

    So if you haven’t read it, I listed the details of a little book game I used to play. And so far there has been some really great responses. As Steve pointed out, it’s unbelievably helpful in working out what your core influences are. But it’s also a really good tool to assess your...

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    Chaos Magic Is 8 Things Right Now

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    Something I posted about prosperity magic a couple of months ago caused a bit of a stir but also included an excellent video (which you truly must watch) where Chris Anderson talks about the new economics of free. Chris opens by saying -somewhat facetiously- that his business model is just doing whatever Guy Kawasaki...

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    How To Hack The Retrogrades

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    There has been a bit of talk about how potent and generally shithouse this current Mercury retrograde is. Anecdotally, it seems more severe than any of the recent prior retrogrades -at least as far as I can remember. However, there are potential positive sides to retrograde planets if you know how to spot them....

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