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    Are You Calling Upon The Right Money Gods?

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    "Just give me your fucking email address, Herr Faustus. I'll take care of the rest."

    Even accounting for wars and famine and such our understanding of wealth has been reasonably stable since the development of agriculture. It wasn’t ever really all that mysterious. There were a small number of haves and then the rest of us are the have-nots. Wealth -or other system capacity- was accumulated in a more...

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    Eat A Prosperous 2012

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    The busiest Being in the multiverse right now. The busiest, grumpiest Being.

    Just having a look at Twitter, it seems we all haven’t clearly eaten enough over the last two weeks. So here are some food-based fortune suggestions to ring in a prosperous 2012! First, two points: One… a confession. I fucking hate New Years. Yes, that is as clichéd and obvious as saying “I really...

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    Occupy Ancient China

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    In battle, use the ordinary to engage the enemy. Use the extraordinary to secure victory. … The flavors are only five in number, but their blends are so various that one cannot taste them all. In battle, there are only the ordinary and extraordinary forces, but their combinations are limitless. So… inevitably it came...

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    Your True Market Value

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    That's MMTP in the middle of a Florentine market. She's a tiny, tiny person.

    The New Orleans Voodo Tarot deck’s depiction of the Wheel of Fortune card is probably my favourite: A transdimensional market modelled on an ancien régime city market provides more useful mental models to comprehend and overcome the vicissitudes of corporeal existence. To me, the market is a better entry point into the meaning of...

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    An Apocalypse Video Series

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    So Google Plus is rivalling Twitter in the game of “who can bring me the most interesting things whenever my microscopic attention span needs a break.” As such, here are several videos that have come through both that relate to our ongoing plan to develop apocalypse management strategies. Watch them in order. http://youtu.be/gIcqb9hHQ3E This...

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