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    Why Aren’t You Fighting Dirty?

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    It was -18 in Hamburg this week. This is how I should have dressed.

    Whatever word you use for whatever it is you think we do… we’ve been called a lot of things before. Poisoner, abortionist, false-speaker, traitor, charlatan. At least two of our most celebrated professional ancestors have been spies for the Crown. Magic’s waters are murky and its sea lanes unguarded. So it strikes me that...

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    Luminous Beings Can Build Dinosaurs

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    History Channel documentary, South Park style

    Our meat suits can seem really frustrating at times. The behaviour of other people’s meat suits can apparently collapse Europe into another pre-war economic superstorm that has a tendency to give rise to violent dictators. Too often our silly little monkey brains can get tripped up with conflated words or prejudices even when the...

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    The Wisdom of Refugee Totem Animals

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    Fuck. THAT.

    Discovery Channel’s London office is a fishbowl. Glass everywhere. You can see an image of it here. One day, outside my window, a flock of parakeets landed in the trees. Parakeets. In West London. It turns out London is awash with parakeets. The legend is that either they escaped during the filming of The...

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    Happiness Requires Repeated Disruption

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    Richmond Upon Thames. Reinforcing English stereotypes for 300 years.

    There’s a faint air of frustration around me at the moment. I missed another Crucible. Granted, it’s not exactly a local event in the strictest sense but my absence is entirely down to a lack of organisation and nothing else. There’s still a week of leave left on my payslips to burn through this...

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    Why Your Alleged Godliness Is Inefficient

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    “To claim power over what you do not understand is not wise, nor is the end of it likely to be good.” Ged -The Farthest Shore Here’s a TED talk about the pitfalls of believing in your own divinity or awesomeness. We can consider it magically relevant because, to my mind, it highlights the...

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