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    What Wizards Taught Me: August 22

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    You know those weeks where it seems like 109.3% of the people you know has a birthday? Yeah well, I just lived through one of them. And because I am the ‘optimal’ combination between lazy and opportunistic, I bowled over all the gift shopping in one evening: The British Museum had a ‘members only’...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: August 15

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    girl wizard1

    So I have been putting some strategy documents together for a British Lord this week. It’s been that kinda time. This means I’m one post behind -which really annoys me because it means until tomorrow two WWTM will show up at the same time on the homepage. They’re like never-ending telltale hearts. Except much...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 25

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    flying wizard1

    What a week! What a learning-filled, tumultuous, exciting week in these internetz. It’s like some kind of wacky, Aladdo-punk magic carpet ride. I think I have an image/app for that. Yep. I do. Now down to business. Talking Christianity was certainly the prevailing theme. In particular Evangelism… Which is a subject I genuinely learned...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 11

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    Like the new wizard? Thought I might go global for a bit. Especially as today brings us a total solar eclipse. It won’t be visible in London but these funny shaped heads should totally get a good view. Blasted eclipse. Blasted absolutely-spot-on-freakish monthly horoscope. (Looks like the stars are going to win it again...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 4

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    Suspicious wizard

    Firstly, happy July 4 to my lovely Americans. Does it strike you as weird that a number of Brits I know are using it as an excuse to have a Sunday BBQ/party? You know, given what the holiday actually commemorates? That’s a bit weird, right? Maybe I just know too many achingly trendy hipsters....

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