• The ‘Hominid Diet’ Theory of Magic

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    early humans11

    I may not have mentioned this before but I like to joke that I work for a wizard. The founder of the company is apparently Buddhist, he does a lot of free global event work for worldwide thought leaders (including managing HH The Dalai Lama’s last couple of visits to Australia), the logo and...

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    Google, Google, On The Wall

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    Who needs mirrors to work out people’s heart’s desires anymore? Now we have search data. Today at work on a whim -and certainly not during billable hours- I typed “witches” into a couple of our keyword tracking tools. The returns were revealing in all cases and hilarious in more than a few. I want...

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    Why I Like Holy Places

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    St Nectan

    The lead photo for this post is one I took at St Nectan’s Kieve on a recent trip to Cornwall. It’s just down the road from Tintagel and is supposed to be the place where King Arthur baptised his Round Table knights. Obviously, a story like that is archaeologically inaccurate for a variety of...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 18

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    There’s a lot of tangential material in this WWTM. Just been one of those weeks where the pickings have been good out there on the wider internets. Let’s start with the future and work backwards. 40 Things about the next 40 years Thanks to the Smithsonian by way of the always-brilliant Technoccult. It’s not...

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    Spell Casting Lessons From The Movie Biz

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    There is a little trick I picked up in film school that has found many, many applications in my life beyond merely breaking writer’s block… Which was the reason I was initially taught it. I am going to share the trick with you but it strikes me that there are actually numerous parallels between...

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    Nobody Does Death Quite Like The Catholics

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    I guess the other highlight of the recent trip to Paris was a visit to the Peré Lachaise cemetery. Not that I’m being all emo or anything, but there’s nothing quite like a good graveyard when you want to pass some time. And given the audience my site tends to attract, perhaps some of...

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    How Card Readings Are Like Haircuts

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    Elvis Presley

    There are two reasons why you probably don’t cut your own hair. Dignity. The inability to see the back of your own head. It’s exceedingly difficult to form an accurate assessment of your own physical form, to say nothing of your psychological self. Here’s the next list. When you perform a card reading, either...

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    The Lost City of Western Magic

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    mystic persia

    We should know more about it. We know the usual suspects; Athens, Alexandria, Thebes, Rome, Babylon, Florence, London. Maybe it’s because we are taught history at school in chunks. Rome is a chunk. Europe is a chunk. Indigenous North America is a chunk. Aboriginal Australia is a chunk. Except I think it’s more than...

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