• 5 Magical Libations To Rock Your Enchantments

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    I know a thing or two about booze. Not because I am a raging boozehound but because it is something I need to know for my job. Commercial media runs on ‘corporate hospitality’; ie drinking with clients during the daytime until they are drunk enough to like you and sign contracts. And this has...

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    A Digital Girls Night In

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    There is a heatwave on in London which makes using my already-warm Mac feel like trying to type on the sun so I shall be brief. Fortunately, I have been saving up a few fun videos for you guys. If you are in London, hit fullscreen, sit in front of a fan and suck...

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    Diplomacy’s Best Lesson

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    The thing about diplomacy is you don’t need to use it with your friends. By its very nature, diplomacy is something that is done with your enemies… People that in many cases have been trying to kill you for years. If they are already your friends, you don’t need it. It’s a coming together...

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    Why Richard Dawkins Is Your Friend

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    Remember that diplomacy quote I have used a couple of times? About how diplomacy is the art of the possible rather than the preferable. I want you to remember that in case you are freaked out by this post title. Because it applies here, I think. You see, from my perspective, Dawkin’s war isn’t...

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    The Trouble With Beginner’s Luck

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    Jow’s recent post about magical tendencies toward forming cliques has got me thinking about beginner’s luck. Why? Because entry into a group broadly follows what in marketing is called the purchase funnel. (Sometimes window.) You start wide and then you narrow in… And then eventually you commit to something. Be it an iPhone or...

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    What Wizards Taught Me: July 4

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    Suspicious wizard

    Firstly, happy July 4 to my lovely Americans. Does it strike you as weird that a number of Brits I know are using it as an excuse to have a Sunday BBQ/party? You know, given what the holiday actually commemorates? That’s a bit weird, right? Maybe I just know too many achingly trendy hipsters....

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    What Fictional Wizards Taught Me

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    Earthsea John Howe

    I’m still trying to work out what, if anything, is left of a magician if you remove the actual practice of magic. This is that ‘integration’ thing I have been looking at. Because, however many energy exercises you do on the tube or however many daily sigils you launch, you are still spending most...

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    Pet Dragons & Novelty

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    My publishing schedule was disrupted this week due to illness, a two-day conference and also because I went and did something really silly. But, as a result of the two day break, in which I didn’t touch any of my writing projects -including this blog- something strange happened. The meat for my pet dragon...

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    5 Steps To A Good Monthly Forecast

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    July, huh? Holy crap. Who let that happen so fast? No matter, I’ve quite enjoyed these last three month beginnings because I have been experimenting with a little forecasting. The idea came to me because my previous employer was obsessed with forecasting and reforecasting. There was the annual forecast, the quarterly forecast, the annual...

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    One Explanation For Sigil Bleed

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    My ongoing sigil adventures have got me thinking. I am dissatisfied with prevailing theories of accidentally launched signals because they rely on notions that I have no evidence for: Principal among these being my improvement as a magician. In one of those bibliomantic synchronicities that befalls voluminous readers such as ourselves, I may have...

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