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    Why I Am Rethinking Astrology

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    Fun astrology fact: This semi-naked man is pouring whatever that is all over my life right now

    You ever have one of those 72 hour periods that could be an indie Miramax movie? The kind of movie where everything goes wrong and Michael Cera plays himself like he always does? Let’s recap: Woke up at 6:30am on Friday to find that we had been robbed because my useless alcoholic flatmate came...

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    Have Your Own Festival Of Festivals

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    In the Palazzo Medici. The ceiling is a veritable deitypalooza

    Let me start this post by insisting you all go and subscribe to Devi’s newsletter. I just got the December issue and it’s fantastic. Something in it triggered a plan… An ambitious plan. Like most of you, this is one of my favourite times of year. And even though I’m insanely busy it occurs...

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