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    Updating Various Rants

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    That was a gooooood day. *Sigh.*

    A few things have come down the wires of late that speak to some of my pet rants. So here are a few weekend links to consume with your coffee. A rant-based link roundup. Why not? Let’s begin with my longest running whisky rant: That accidental ingestion of hallucinogens is the most likely trigger...

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    The Hamburg Conjecture: A 98:2 Magical Ratio

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    When my father came to visit recently for my birthday, the topic of his AIDS hospice work in the 1980s came up in conversation somehow. (To be clear, this wasn’t actually at the party because, you know… downer.) This was the terrifying dark ages of a genuinely horrible disease. A lot of medical professionals...

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    How Wild Speculation Can Be Useful

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    Today was the second conference I have been to in two weeks where the topics discussed were so unbelievably above my head that I felt like a complete imposter. I started to fantasize that the speaker would stop what she was saying and stare at me until I left. Thankfully, she didn’t do that....

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    What Magic Comes From This Unrest?

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    What I like about chaos magic is that it is unashamedly a child of revolution. It is the spooky corner of the creative protest that emerged with punk into Thatcher’s Britain, frozen by strikes, stricken by unemployment and recession… An orphan of the winter of discontent. Like punk, it is called working class because...

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    7 Steps To Your Own Risk Adventure

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    A dear school friend accompanied me on my recent trip to Nottingham. Through a series of ‘random’ coincidences, he has ended up as the general manager of a large event construction business within three years of graduating from university. On the other side of the world. Over five to six hundred beers in the...

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    The Doc Brown Guide To Self Improvement

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    This morning I made a borderline witty comment on one of my friend’s Facebook status updates. He said he had just seen a steam train arrive at his station and wondered what century he had woken up in. My response: “That wasn’t a steam train. After I found myself trapped in 1885 I had...

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