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    Further Publishing Resources For The Occult Cyborg

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    There's off-brand and then there's off off-brand

    More people searched for the term “Kindle” than “iPad” both before and after Christmas. That never happens. It’s supposed to go “iPhone, iPad, world peace, a different baby sister that maybe isn’t so annoying, everything else.” Via search trends, twitter and such, the sentiment of entire nations is available for you to measure for...

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    Are You Publishing An Ebook In 2012? [Resources]

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    Reading too close can cause eye irritation and occasionally patriotic lasers

    It wouldn’t be the end of the year in media without a twitterstream clogged with trends, predictions and ‘Top 7′ lists. Probably the biggest one to impact the behaviours and aspirations of our magical internets is to do with publishing. Basically it’s fucked. Don’t argue. we have been here before a few times. But...

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    Review: Low Magick By Lon Milo DuQuette

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    Kudos to Llewellyn for the great book production

    How many people alive today fit the classic definition of a wizard? Like in the fairytale sense? Lon Milo DuQuette would probably fit the bill if he wasn’t so damn funny. (in my mind wizards are grumpy like Gandalf.) My Life With The Spirits was and is a regular re-read title of mine for...

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